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"The Most Unique Sports Show in the World"... We all second guess and pose “What if” scenarios over important world decisions. Our own sports experts and analysts, Alex Fitzsimmons and Andrew Te, predict and debate what could have been in the Sports Multiverse had pivotal moments in sports history gone a different way.

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"The Most Unique Sports Show in the World"... We all second guess and pose “What if” scenarios over important world decisions. Our own sports experts and analysts, Alex Fitzsimmons and Andrew Te, predict and debate what could have been in the Sports Multiverse had pivotal moments in sports history gone a different way.

    Ep. 091: Esports: Next Level

    Ep. 091: Esports: Next Level

    GGNP is joined by the hosts of the "Game Jawns" podcast to discuss the current state of esports and present their own concept for a new game... an esport to rule them all.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Ep. 090: MVP: Most Valuable (Sports) Podcast

    Ep. 090: MVP: Most Valuable (Sports) Podcast

    Our hosts reflect on the greatest miscarriages of justice in history in regard to awarding the MVP trophies in the major North American sports leagues. GGNP then awards the most prestigious individual award to their rightful winners.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Ep. 089: Pelé: Soccermania in NYC

    Ep. 089: Pelé: Soccermania in NYC

    GGNP relive the arrival of Brazilian soccer superstar, Pelé, to the NASL's New York Cosmos in 1975. We explore his impact to the growth of the game in America and wonder what could have been if he had stuck around longer.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    Ep. 088: Black Sox Redemption

    Ep. 088: Black Sox Redemption

    GGNP tell the story of the notorious 1919 Chicago White Sox and the Black Sox Scandal that changed baseball, sports gambling and America forever. Alex and Andrew then imagine what could have been if the infamous scandal was never uncovered.

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Bonus Show Sneak Peek: Sports Bucket Lists

    Bonus Show Sneak Peek: Sports Bucket Lists

    Special Sneak Peek at the Post Game Show for GGNP Episode 87
    Andrew and Alex share their ultimate sports bucket list destinations.
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    Alex Fitzsimmons, Andrew Té
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    Audio Engineer: Alex Fitzsimmons
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    • 30 min
    Ep. 087: Beyond the Arc: ABA vs NBA

    Ep. 087: Beyond the Arc: ABA vs NBA

    GGNP relive the ABA & NBA merger, while pondering what could have been if the two basketball leagues never combined.

    • 1 hr 19 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Dafferton ,

Great Podcast

These guys are entertaining and very knowledgeable. I first listened to GGNP for the Rocky podcast from a couple weeks back. It was enjoyable to listen to and I was impressed by their knowledge of other boxers from that era. Most likely because of my pro Rocky bias, I had some thoughts in regards to what would have happened to Rocky in real life. My view on Rocky is that he was reaching a point in life that he was no longer happy with being a club bruiser. He wanted to do something significant with his life and knew time was running out. His own trainer even told him he had what it took to be a good fighter but that he had squandered it. My view is that Rocky was indeed just another low ranked bruiser on his own. However, similar to the movie, once he had a trainer he was a different guy. He was able to put together a lot of those raw pieces and become a pretty good fighter. I compare it to Mike Tyson with Cus D’Amato. With him, he was nearly an unstoppable force. Without him he was a train wreck. Another example is Rocky without Mick in Rocky 3. Without him he’s done in two rounds. With a trainer he’s the world champ. While those are extreme comparisons, I think Rocky would have had a trainer that cared about him, and he could have helped him make a solid run with some refining and skill development. Rockys raw skills were pretty amazing to me and we know that when he’s motivated he is hard to beat! Get up you SOB, because Mickey loves ya!

Proud Father and Sports Nerd ,

Amazing Podcast with Relentless Analytics, Professional Banter, and Extremely Intelligent Debate!

First of all, I did my research on the podcast and found out that this is a relatively new podcast! Props on you guys for managing to market your podcast in an extremely effective manner, which is through a sports reddit. This is really smart and the sacrifice of the giveaway will seem small if this helps your podcast blow up. I listened to this podcast on my first car rides back to work after being released from furlough, and from an objective view, this is much better than listening to music! I think that stimulating the mind throughout a time that is usually taken for granted like driving to and from work is super useful. Thank you for helping me realize this! I’m going to continue listening to the rest of your podcasts so far on my drives, in fact, I’ve already started your most recent one!

I personally listened to the episode, “The GOAT is a Ram”, where Tom Brady and the NFL’s fate is discussed if he was drafted only one spot before to the reigning Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams. Living only half an hour from St. Louis, I have been a Rams fan since I first became interested in football more than two decades ago in middle school!

Hdjhfbx ,

Absolutely amazing for so many reasons:

WOW! What can I say other than this series is absolutely fantastic. First of all, the creative idea of discussing such integral parts of different sports is amazing. So many of these stories are ingrained in every sports fan’s head, that the idea that these could have happened differently (quite easily that is) is hard to wrap my head around. However, this podcast produces such amazing theories about each topic, completing a task I didn’t even consider before.

Just listened to the most recent podcast on Michael Vick. Through all the memes and jokes about Vick these days… this is one of the craziest stars turned criminal stories of our lifetime, especially that almost every football fan knows about it. Immediately I admired by both Alex’s and Reno’s voice! They sound absolutely perfect for all radio channels and podcasts. The use of a voice editor (at least I think it is?) in the beginning to introduce the episode is fantastic. While the voice is interesting and hooks the listener in right away, it also provides a great summary of what we will be listening to throughout the next hour. Many podcasts fail at hooking in the listener and seem boring in the beginning—this is the exact opposite. More specifically with this podcast, the use of an extended discussion on Vick through his collegiate years and into the NFL before his dog fighting is necessary and informative. Many fans, including myself, only focus on Vick for his arrest and all that, but we forget how great he actually was throughout college and NFL, especially with the racial movements Vick made as a black QB getting drafted so high.

This discussion prior to the actual fantasy/what if scenario in all the episodes provides information for some like me that don’t know all about the person/team. Thus, it also allows the listener to be informed and not confused once the actual fantastical conversation arrives. Furthermore, once we do reach the what if scenario, we have been getting hyped up throughout the first part of podcast and are easily satisfied by the amazing theories both Alex and Reno provide. Like I mentioned before, these never even crossed my mind.

What an interesting series. Everyone should give it a listen. Keep up the amazing production!!

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