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The Green Gab Podcast helps you GET the value of green: for you, your family and your community. Whether its green homes, green living or the people who make it happen, join Marla Esser Cloos to learn how green and sustainability practices and products work for you.

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The Green Gab Podcast helps you GET the value of green: for you, your family and your community. Whether its green homes, green living or the people who make it happen, join Marla Esser Cloos to learn how green and sustainability practices and products work for you.

    Prepping for Summer: Outside Maintenance with Tina Gleisner

    Prepping for Summer: Outside Maintenance with Tina Gleisner

    Tina Gleisner, our regular guest from Home Tips For Women, joins us again today to talk about home maintenance. For the last seventeen years, Tina has been working in a variety of different ways within the arena of home maintenance, so she has become a treasure trove of knowledge.

    She also knows how to relate all of this to women because she's aware of what they are capable of doing, and she understands the way that women get things done around the home.

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    First Saturday of the Month with Jessica Jacobs Thompson

    First Saturday of the Month with Jessica Jacobs Thompson

    Our guest for today is Jessica Jacobs Thompson, and today's podcast is about the product that Jessica and her sister, Jana, produce and sell, called First Saturday Lime. 

    First Saturday Lime is a healthy alternative to pesticides. It is a once-a-month application and is 100% non-toxic and non-flammable.

    Jessica and Jana suggest that it should be applied on the first Saturday of each month and on that day, they go onto social media platforms and do all kinds of fun promotions. 

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    Green Screen HVAC Filters with Gay Harris

    Green Screen HVAC Filters with Gay Harris

    Gay and her husband, Mickey, are the founders and owners of a company called Superior Air Quality, and suppliers of Green Screen HVAC Filters.   

    Gay and Mickey were able to go off their allergy medicine because the Green Screen helps to remove even the microscopic dirt particles. Their average customers have noticed that there's about fifty percent less dust in their homes when they use the Green Screen.

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    Plaine Products - Returnable Bottles for Shampoo and More with Lindsey McCoy

    Plaine Products - Returnable Bottles for Shampoo and More with Lindsey McCoy

    We are very happy to have Lindsey McCoy, of Plaine Products, with us today.  

    Lindsey got her idea because she realized that at some point, every piece of plastic we have ever used is still on this planet. And she wanted to do something about it.

    Plaine Products are toxin-free. They consist of natural ingredients and they are free of any chemicals that you can't pronounce. They are free of parabens, sulfates, and palm oil, and they're cruelty-free and vegan certified. 

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    Spring Home Maintenance with Tina Gleisner

    Spring Home Maintenance with Tina Gleisner

    Tina Gleisner is back with us today for her second interview in our series on home maintenance. In her first interview, Tina spoke to us about home maintenance in general. In today's podcast, she shares more of her deep knowledge about home maintenance, and she continues to empower women, in particular, to take good care of their homes.

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    Shabby Chick Natural Cleaners That Actually WORK with Amber Malcolm

    Shabby Chick Natural Cleaners That Actually WORK with Amber Malcolm

    Shabby Chick and Everyday Green Home are partners
    Everyday Green Home and Shabby Chick Cleaners have partnered up, and today, we have Shabby Chick, Amber Malcolm, with us to spend a few minutes talking about some of the seventeen Shabby Chick products that are featured on Everyday Green Home. These cleaning products have all been designed to make cleaning your home green and simple.
    About Amber
    Amber Malcolm is a natural lifestyle products enthusiast and entrepreneur. When she and her husband moved to a farmhouse, in 2014, to raise their three kids, they had a very hard time cleaning the house up properly on a tight budget. 
    Looking for a natural alternative
    After a fruitless struggle with trying to find commercial cleaning products that worked effectively without being hazardous to their health, Amber started looking for natural alternatives. She spent countless hours researching, trying out different combinations of ingredients, and product testing. Finally, her hard work paid off.
    A whole range of products
    Shabby Chick now has a whole range of pleasant-smelling, grime-busting products available, that can safely be used around children. Amber is committed to excellence and she takes utmost care in creating the very best and most effective all-natural cleaning products.
    About some of the Shabby Chick cleaning products
    There are 17 Shabby Chick products featured on Everyday Green Home.
     - The All-purpose cleaner is for non-streaking surfaces and for areas that can take soap, like your countertops.
     - The Amazing Stainless Steel, Glass, and Appliance Cleaner is for streaking surfaces like glass, mirrors, and appliances. It will clean them up and make them pretty and shiny.
     - There are room, air, and fabric fresheners, and also a poo spray called Stank Stopper.
      - The Snake Oil Antiseptic Spray is a pure and healthy antibiotic product made of alcohol and six essential oils.
     - The laundry detergent comes in a pouch with a handy tablespoon for measuring. (Two squirts equals a tablespoon.) The secret to success with the laundry detergent is that it has to go into the tub before the clothes go in.
     - The dish soap is different. It smells of vinegar, however, if you can get over the smell, you'll become obsessed with its cleaning power.
    Selling the natural cleaning products at local markets and craft shows
    Amber began selling a few bottles of her natural all-purpose cleaner at the local craft markets and craft shows over weekends. The sales went well and Amber went back to doing research, trying out different combinations of ingredients.
    Coming up with different products
    The next product that Amber developed was Shabby Chick's Dangerously Effective Glass Cleaner. That was followed by Shabby Chick's laundry detergent, and then Shabby Chick's very effective, all-natural kid's insect repellent, Critter Glitter. And the list goes on and Amber keeps coming up with new products.
    More and more demand
    As time goes on, there is more and more demand for Shabby Chick's popular, natural cleaning products. Before, the products were sold only at local markets. That grew to fairs, then to trade shows all over Oklahoma and Texas, and now Shabby Chick's cleaning products are also available in retail stores in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas. 
    Links and resources:
    Shabby Chick can be found on www.shabbychickcleaners.com or www.everydaygreenhome.com 
    This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. That means that if you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I believe in and usually use myself. 

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Stanley Cup 2019 ,

Green Education for FREE! Thank you!

I'm learning a lot and doing what I can to live greener. I got a copy of Living Green Effortlessly recently and it is super sharp with the Benjamin Franklin Award sticker. I'm glad I had listened to more than a few podcasts, because it made the book familiar and I could "hear" Marla's and Tony's voice while reading.

If I had money to spare I would buy and send political candidates (in any party) with Green messages and focuses (or jobs messages and local focuses) copies of the book (even if they already had one to show that it matters to constituents). Without getting too personal, it is remarkable that this podcast (and book) is so compassionate to all people. Even if that is good business, it is rare to be valued the same as, say, someone with Maroon's status and "purse" in addition to always getting an explanation of the technical language and a FREE! education without being condescended to as the audience because I just don't know or understand something.

For example, sadly, I have only used one super Green toilet at a Charter School in a New Orleans in 2013 or I would have had no idea what was being said without how Marla describes everything and links to pics.. On the other hand, my sister's HOA connected maitenance & repair in a Philly suburb replaced their old toilet with a green toilet! But she hates that it doesn't have a handle. Now I know they had more options so that green things don't get a bad rep from one experience and word of mouth! Likewise, I had a studio apt manager who dreamed of hot water heating by tankless (on demand). Now I want to go back and ask her if it was because a hot water heater in a studio is weird or if she was from Europe! I'm a dis- connected person, but I hope the podcasters are hashtagging or making stuff searchable and such. I always think of people when a city is mentioned in a podcast, like LA or Denver or Portland, but I don't know if I would be able to go back and find it by the podcast title. I have a decent memory, but I might still get which lighting guy is which and where messed up if I had to send someone their way. To my brain's credit, I think they have similar if not the same name. And YES, I really am listening to the Green Gab podcasts! ANYWAY...

Even if one topic or guest seems irrelevant to what you're interested in or doing yourself or your own specific work, I recommend listening anyway because it truly is inspirational! If the podcast host and guests weren't "custom"/ artists and passionate about Green living, I wouldn't have lasted more than one podcast, which is what I kind of expected to last. And now I'm listening to them all! GREEN GAB: GREEN SELF- HELP & LIFE COACHING. Who knew?! The approach Marla uses (and serious tone with generous humor of Marla and Tony and guests) is also super positive and encouraging when you learn like EVERYTHING has horrible fragrance/chemicals or most things are just garbage wrapped in garbage in a landfill no one thinks about ever. They are very positive about how many negatives this world has- I mean the "challenges" ;)

In the spirit of co- competition, or highlighting the great work of one sound engineer in St. Louis, the OK podcasts sound different? I don't know why. I thought it was my headphones or the laundrymat at first. But artists are always working things out! ! I saw a similar shared workspace showcased on the news way back in Seattle (I live in Syracuse now) and it didn't have a podcast studio. And now after learning about the space in OK, I think spaces like that should all have a podcast studio! How could they not?!

I'm looking forward to Green Gab involving people in your field and questions about disasters (like floods and tornadoes). I'm also looking forward to podcasts now about green in sports and stadiums and how the custom builder's world and the manufactured builder's world work together. I'm obviously "looking at the world differently". I'm a dis- connected person (like I don't use my cell phone like it's 2019 and I love paper books) but I now see where smart devices and connected homes and spaces matter. I thought of the Green Gab podcast during a Game 7! There was an Apple commercial where the man is using a sip-and-puff (SNP) assised device, the straw thing (I had to look it up)! Apple.com/accessibility He is going moutain biking but I think he could be doing so after programming a thermostat!!!

PS I had trouble writing a review/ giving stars and creating an account to do so (again, dis- connected) by clicking on "write a review" on the Green Gab page. I had to create an account from i tunes home page. It might just be me.

PPS. Be safe St. Louis! I'm thinking even Green people are all Blues there! Happy History!

-Amie St. Amour

Ty$-Kube ,


Inspiring and educating podcast. The two hosts have great knowledge and great guests!

Kat Curran ,

Inspiration for Change

Marla and Toni inspire people to do what they can. They bring diverse guests on to their show and illustrate a myriad of ways to make small changes that provide huge impact on the environment and our pocketbook

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