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A bi-weekly look into the world of technology and technology adjacent ephemera, from TSP LLC.

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A bi-weekly look into the world of technology and technology adjacent ephemera, from TSP LLC.

    #62 - Doomscroll Days, Doomscroll Nights

    #62 - Doomscroll Days, Doomscroll Nights

    Adam, Kelly, and Mike are back with a collection of quick-hit articles, bringing you that classic Grepcast energy while not being all too mired in the constant pandemic-related technology coverage. While we kick it off with everyone's new morning / evening routine, we take a glance at the past (2003 to be specific) before doing some future tripping.
    Links and Extra Reading
    Doomscrolling Is Slowly Eroding Your Mental Health
    Facemash Creator Survives Ad Board
    Beyond Zoom: The future of virtual meetingsMedivis - Pushing the limits of what's possible
    Looks like you need Iceland

    • 28 min
    #59 - Security is not a Band-Aid

    #59 - Security is not a Band-Aid

    The Grepcast is joined by a special guest today, Sarah Pruski, Director of Security Operations at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education for a conversation about all things cybersecurity. But! Before we get into cybersecurity, we touch back in with our best friends - Spot the Dog and Silicon Valley.
    Links and Extra Reading
    Spot the Coronavirus Doctor Robot Dog Will See You Now
    Is ‘dopamine fasting’ Silicon Valley’s new productivity fad?
    Telecoms paranoia, 5G vs Covid-19 (and phones turning into human heads)
    Radio Galaxy Zoo: LOFAR
    How to Feel Nothing Now, in Order to Feel More Later
    Indycar's Virtual Race Crashes Sparked Real-World Controversy Among Drivers

    • 49 min
    #58 - COBOL Cowboys

    #58 - COBOL Cowboys

    As we continue to record from our homes in the time of COVID, we start by chatting about VR once again, even though Adam continues to be unconvinced. From there, the gang talks through Contact Tracing improvements and then how COBOL and technical debt has brought about a new group of superheroes. 
    Links and Extra Reading
    @michaelfolkson: Yesterday I co-hosted a Socratic Seminar in VR
    Apple acquires popular weather app Dark Sky and will shut down the Android version
    Google And Apple Will Enable Mobile Phones To Trace User Contacts In Coronavirus Fight
    How Digital Contact Tracing Slowed Covid-19 in East Asia
    Our Government Runs on a 60-Year-Old Coding Language, and Now It’s Falling Apart
    Zoom Lets Attackers Steal Windows Credentials, Run Programs via UNC Links
    Network traffic insights in the time of COVID-19: March 23-29 update

    • 46 min
    #57 - Kelly Goes Off

    #57 - Kelly Goes Off

    In this episode of the Grepcast, we focus on all the things that feel worse than the new normal of self-quarantines. Come for the Bird smack-talk, stay for Kelly going off on the Internet Archive. 
    Links and Extra Reading
    My friend just got laid off along with 400 other employees by dialing into a pre-recorded Zoom message.
    It Felt Like a Black Mirror Episode' The Inside Account of How Bird Laid off 406 People in Two Minutes via a Zoom Webinar
    Internet Archive offers 1.4 million copyrighted books for free online
    The Pandemic Is Not an Excuse to Exploit Writers
    Twitter: Want to see the true potential impact of ignoring social distancing?
    Boston Public Library: Into the Water
    LinkedIn: Our strategy for COVID-19 layoffs

    • 40 min
    #56 - Privacy, but make it Fashion

    #56 - Privacy, but make it Fashion

    In this episode of the Grepcast, we check-in on how COVID is changing the landscape of the internet - especially as it pertains to Zoom and Netflix. From there, Adam gets mad at an article bemoaning the limitations of VR and then we dissect a new wearable that promotes privacy from Alexa and Siri. 
    Links & Extra Reading
    AT&T Suspends Broadband Data Caps During Coronavirus Crisis
    ‘Zoombombing’: When Video Conferences Go Wrong
    Netflix and YouTube are slowing down in Europe to keep the internet from breaking
    VR Was Supposed to Help Us Work Remotely. So Where Is It?
    Activate This ‘Bracelet of Silence,’ and Alexa Can’t Eavesdrop
    Rachel Barenbaum's 'A Bend In The Stars' Tells A Tale Of Injustice And Romance

    • 38 min
    #55 - Work in the time of Covid

    #55 - Work in the time of Covid

    As the world continues the change as part of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we here at the Grepcast are here to talk about how it may just change work forever. But before we dive into that, we follow up on an article from 2015 about how smart homes can improve the quality of life for those living with disabilities. 
    Links and Extra Reading
    An Instagram personality said he had coronavirus on a plane. The failed viral stunt got him arrested
    ImJayStation: YouTuber admits to faking girlfriend’s death to gain subscribers
    For the disabled, smart homes are home sweet home
    How coronavirus could force the work-from-home movement
    Coronavirus is the first big test for futuristic tech that can prevent pandemics
    The Zodiac Killer has been a mystery for 50 years – but one man thinks he's solved it
    Writers Bone Episode 402: Kelly J. Ford, Author of Cottonmouths

    • 34 min

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8 Ratings

att philipines suppot is awful ,

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Love the podcast! Yes Kelly, the internet is just like the sewage system.

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Authentic! And informative.

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