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Conversations in the grey

    EPISODE 24: The never-ending journey and adventures of an earth lover and captain with Captain Liz Clark - author, surfer, animal lover, eco-activist, and kind human

    EPISODE 24: The never-ending journey and adventures of an earth lover and captain with Captain Liz Clark - author, surfer, animal lover, eco-activist, and kind human

    Captain Liz Clark traveled over 20,000 miles Sailing to Surf and explore and wrote a book called Swell – a sailing surfer’s voyage of awakening. She is an incredibly gifted writer, a legit waterwoman, her first mate was a rescued Cat Amelia the Tropicat, and she absolutely rips as a surfer! She also has the most sweet and gentle energy and is a genuinely kind human committed to Loving our planet & animals completely. I discuss her book a lot amongst my friends and on this podcast because she illustrates so well through her writing the parallels of wellness maintenance of her vessel (her boat) and her human vessel and spirit.
    We recorded this episode in February 2020 with Liz live from the Island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. We had a bit of sound quality issues but I think it makes the recording sound so exotic!!! Today is April 1 2020 and I am referencing the date because a lot has happened and escalated in the world since our recording in February. We are globally and collectively experiencing a health pandemic so surreal it feels like an awful sci fi movie or an April fool’s joke! The Corona Virus – something that has us on lock down, quarantined and practicing something called social distancing. This virus is not only affecting our physical health – it is seriously affecting the mental health of so many. This podcast episode is SO timely!!!! This is Liz’s post on Instagram regarding our current situation:
    "Stormy times we’re in, my friends. Ironically, our Oneness is more evident than ever, even though the most compassionate action we can take right now is to stay separated from others.
    Self-quarantine reminds me a lot of a sea passage. Time slows down, you become very present. Simple daily tasks take on more meaning. Resources are limited. You deal with the gusts and squalls as they come, because there is too much uncertainty to plan a week or a month out. You just have to appreciate what’s good right now. The angst of hurry is gone, and what a luxury that is in our modern world ... time to stop and reflect on who we are, as individuals, as a society... what would we like to improve on, should we hold this course? Or alter it a few degrees ... or more? Time is a gift these days. May we slow down and enjoy the subtleties that we miss in our constant hurry. And do what we can from our confinement, to help those being severely affected by the virus and its widespread impacts. Beaming love to all, especially the world’s most vulnerable, and our healthcare workers. You are all heroes! "
    SO I hope you find inspiration, validation and comfort from this special podcast episode. If you are looking for a great book that you won’t be able to put down read Swell – you will not be disappointed.
    Make sure you listen to the song at the end of the episode. It is the song Liz chose as her life theme song right now.  Bob Marley’s Coming In From The Cold written by Bob Marley and performed by the uber-talented musician Will Kimbrough…..Thanks Will for cranking this out for me – what an incredible gift! To learn more about Will you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook or www.willkimbrough.com .
    Captain Liz Clark’s book may have an ending but her story does not!!!! Living on the Island of Tahiti in French Polynesia she is currently spearheading and a part of new organizations that will make the world a better, healthier, more beautiful place. Keep following her journey through the following links. Thanks, Liz, for all you do for planet earth and those that inhabit it. You are a genuinely kind and epic human!!
    Learn about and keep up with Captain Liz Clark :
    http://www.swellvoyage.com, Liz shares her journey with the world in an effort of inspire people to live out their passions, spend more time in nature, engage in self-awareness and personal growth, and develop a consciousness of their everyda

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    EPISODE 23: The Art of Exploring New Passages and Choosing Self Love with Inocente

    EPISODE 23: The Art of Exploring New Passages and Choosing Self Love with Inocente

    Inocente the documentary won an Academy Award in 2013, among many other awards, and should be a required watch for everyone! It is an incredibly important film and just as relevant now as it was when it was filmed as we are still struggling with a serious homeless crisis and lack of funding for after school programs and the arts.
    At 15 years old, Inocente the human courageously and vulnerably told her whole story to the world in hopes of putting a face with homelessness (among other huge challenges), bring attention to the importance of what works and to validate others going through similar situations.⁣ Her story did not start with the film nor did it end when the cameras stopped rolling . She stated that one of the most common misconceptions is that she became wealthy after the film won an Oscar. As the subject of a documentary she was not paid. As a matter of fact, The film was financed by Kickstarter and was the first crowdfunded film to win an Oscar. New doors and opportunities did open for her but getting through those doors and utilizing her opportunities on her own were challenging. She did it though and used her platform to become an advocate to end homelessness, keep the arts in schools and facilitate immigration education.
    Now 26, she opened up for the first time about the challenges and passages she has been experiencing now along with the details of her life story before any film documentation began. She is still willing to open up and be completely vulnerable in hopes of creating a greater good. Our very organic and candid conversation involved a lot of courage and processing. 
    Through this processing of childhood events that come up as we become young adults, she came to an understanding that self-care is the path to her newly evolving passions. Let me tell you when this young lady is inspired to do something- there’s absolutely nothing that’s going to get in her way she will push through anything to a higher order of thinking. 
    After recording an emotional conversation, we went outside into the sunshine and the energy felt light, hopeful and inspiring. At the beginning of the documentary when she was 15 she begins with dear people of the world …. so I asked her present self how she would begin her address… She said it is time to take care of herself before she can take care of anyone else. So… she said “Dear Me…”
    To Contact Inocente and or set up a screening facilitated by her:
    “Three Is The Magic Number” – performed by Canela Rose McCoubrey
    Recorded and sound wizardry – Arden Rock Records
    For more information about homelessness and domestic violence resources:
    Find your local Community Resource Center!
    https://www.thehotline.org/   (domestic violence hotline)
    Grey Matters Now Patreon - www.patreon.com/greymattersnow

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    EPISODE 22: Together We Are Better: Adventure Consciously with the Changing Tides Foundation with Becky Mendoza

    EPISODE 22: Together We Are Better: Adventure Consciously with the Changing Tides Foundation with Becky Mendoza

    Becky Mendoza was born and raised in Miami, Florida to parents who emigrated from Cuba, it wasn’t until she graduated from the University of Florida and backpacked through Europe, that her desire for an education through travel and adventure, was born. With a Law Degree and Masters in Sports Administration in-hand, she moved to Encinitas, CA and began her career as an action sports and entertainment lawyer, opening up her own firm, Action Sports Law Group (ASLG), in 2009. Through ASLG, Becky works with top companies, artists and athletes in action sports helping them with general contract matters and visas to the US.
    As she became more well-traveled, she began to seek more from her adventures. In 2014, she did her first Clean Water Courier trip through Waves for Water to Nicaragua, where she raised funds to purchase and distribute 54 Sawyer water filters on a surf trip. After that, she decided the following year to bring filters to Mainland Mexico, to the remote coastal areas of Jalisco, south of Puerto Vallarta, launching “Clean Mexi-Agua” with fellow CTF board member, Sam Bennett. After a successful first trip, their intent was to return to provide more filters for the surrounding communities. Unfortunately, Hurricane Patricia hit the Clean Mexi-Agua communities head-on just 6 months later and she returned for some very impactful disaster relief work.
    Through her work in Nicaragua and Mexico, Becky has realized her calling to help others around the world, which is where the idea for Changing Tides Foundation was born. Her goals are to inspire others to help while they’re on their adventures, because there is no better way to show your appreciation to the places you visit than to give back to its people.
    Changing Tides Foundation was born from the simple idea that the world would be a better place if we were all given the opportunity to give back. Established in 2016, by a group of water women and adventurers, they feel it is their calling to help others. They do this by teaming up with local organizations globally to raise awareness and address social, environmental, health and safety concerns in the places they visit, because TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER.
    Their mission is to bridge the gap between you, the traveler, and the causes on the ground. They are paving a way for you to SERVE NATURALLY, adding life-changing experiences to your journey.
    By collaborating with eco-minded brands,  ADVENTURE CONSCIOUSLY, leaving behind the smallest footprint possible, in an effort to preserve the beauty of the places we travel to.
    INSTAGRAM @changingidesfoundation @actionsprtslaw
    Every link discussed can be found on The Changing Tides Foundation website
    Instagram links discussed
    Ed Lewis: @enjoyhandplanes and @enjoy_the_farm
    Captain Liz Clark: @captainlizclark
    Kimi Warner: @kimi_swimmy

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    Episode 21: Creating an Epic Private Journey Through Conscious Living, Travel, and Growth with Bridgit Corbin Fried of Epic Private Journeys

    Episode 21: Creating an Epic Private Journey Through Conscious Living, Travel, and Growth with Bridgit Corbin Fried of Epic Private Journeys

    Bridgit Corbin Fried had a successful career in public relations and marketing before taking time to raise her four children. Bridgit recently combined her passion for travel and adventure with her sales and marketing skills and joined Epic Private Journeys.
    An experienced mountaineer, Bridgit has climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Whitney, several 14,000 ft peaks in Colorado as well as Everest Base Camp. She believes the best travel experiences have purpose, through authentic and conscious first hand local encounters, personal challenge and seeking new perspectives. Epic Private Journeys has been a great fit for Bridgit as she can apply her experience as a socially and environmentally conscious traveler with others.
    Epic Private Journeys designs trips by passionate and experienced professional guides. Having “lived” the product, they have a profound understanding of what makes the ultimate trip. They want their travelers to feel the same passion, awe and respect for the places that they love. This intimate and direct experience is fundamental to their ongoing success.
    Bridgit and I have known each other since we were teens and we have indeed been on our own epic private and collective journeys. It was so cool to be able to share a 41 year journey with my guest and have a conversation about the importance of our roots, our foundations, and our navigation tools. Bridgit – you are a badass! We want others to know that it is NEVER to late to enrich your journey with endeavors, adventure, nature, new cultural experiences and travel!!!

    More about Epic Private Journeys:
    To follow Bridgit and Epic Private Journeys:
    Instagram @epicprivatejourneysbridgit and @epicprivatejourneys
    Facebook: Epic Private Journeys
    Other epic things mentioned:
    Instagram: @4x4surftours
    Swell A Sailing Surfers Voyage of Awakening by Captain Liz Clark
    Instagram: @captainlizclark
    Contact me or Bridgit for our favorite books – we have SO MANY!!!!!!!!!

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    Episode 20: Making Mindful Decisions For Your Pets - Ingredients to Fuel Critter Wellness with Denise Clifton - Owner/Director/Animal Wellness Specialist, Pupologie

    Episode 20: Making Mindful Decisions For Your Pets - Ingredients to Fuel Critter Wellness with Denise Clifton - Owner/Director/Animal Wellness Specialist, Pupologie

    Does what we consume for our beloved pets really have an impact on not only their comprehensive wellness but the planet as well? The answer is yes! I found this out first hand after desperately figuring out how to keep my sweet dog Daisy Mae well in her advanced years. I dug deep, read everything and integrated eastern and western medicine. I basically started cooking for her and learned everything about pet nutrition from a local small business pet supply store called Pupologie. She lived to be 18.
    This is where I met the heart center of this business Denise and Brendon Clifton. Yes - Denise and Brendon are trailblazers in the holistic pet food arena but their passion for what they do lights and blazes that trail. Brendon even helped me save Daisy’s life at one time – it was a pure and profound experience I will NEVER forget – NEVER! Denise and I even share the experience in this episode.

    They are champions of TRUTH and empowering pet parents for a world free of toxic pet brands. They fill the shelves with products that prioritize pet-livelihood over profits. They value transparency and love sharing as much information about their offerings as you care to know. They do the investigating so you don’t have to.
    Join me, Denise, Sigmund The Seamonster, Big Lucy and ChaKa the cat for our first home recording. I did not edit out ANY of the pet noise – it is all part of the experience!!!
    This Episode is in memory of Daisy Mae who led me to these resources and to all the other animal soulmates that have crossed the rainbow bridge.
    Instagram: @pupologie and @denisecliftonofficial
    Facebook: Pupologie
    Web: www.pupologie.com
    Other links:

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    Episode 19: Healing from Mass Violence and Trauma with Dr Shiva Ghaed Clinical Psychologist, Trauma Specialist & Route 91 Las Vegas Mass Shooting Survivor

    Episode 19: Healing from Mass Violence and Trauma with Dr Shiva Ghaed Clinical Psychologist, Trauma Specialist & Route 91 Las Vegas Mass Shooting Survivor

    Dr. Shiva Ghaed is a California-licensed Clinical Psychologist, currently working for the Department of Mental Health in the Naval Medical Center San Diego healthcare system (Marine Corps Recruit Depot). Dr. Ghaed provides group and individual therapy to active duty patients in the catchment area, maintains ongoing involvement in academia and research, and has served as a voting member on the Institutional Review Board for NMCSD. Dr. Ghaed’s clinical experience includes several years of training and specialization in the Veterans Affairs Healthcare Systems of San Diego and Los Angeles. She completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the San Diego VA, specializing in anxiety disorders, non-combat trauma, and combat Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) veterans. Dr. Ghaed is a member of the American Psychological Association, and strives to maintain competency and excellence as a therapist and professional in her field. In 2015, she was presented with the Associate Master Clinician Award.
    Oct 1, 2017, Dr. Ghaed’s love of country music took her to Route 91 on the night of the shooting in Las Vegas and she, along with many others, witnessed the horror of that night as people around her were shot and killed. She found purpose and meaning in surviving the massacre, and made it her mission to give back to her community and help guide other Route 91 survivors in their healing. One week following the shooting, Dr. Ghaed launched a free weekly support group for survivors and their family and friends. She posted weekly therapy-based articles specifically catered to and witnessing the Route 91 community recovery process. Her goal is to help people better cope with the traumatic aftermath through education and support, and with the hope of preventing the development of PTSD. A website was created, www.route91therapy.com, to allow public access to these documents, and this information has been disseminated to the Route 91 community across the United States and Canada. In April, 2018, Dr. Ghaed was honored with the Citizens of Courage Award by the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, and the National Hero Award by the American Red Cross (Metro New York).
    There are still many people who have not connected to care or who do not have adequate social support or healthcare. Dr. Ghaed’s strong belief that healthcare is a basic human right, her faith in the resiliency of the human spirit, and her sense of obligation to serving others fuels a mission of destigmatizing mental illness through knowledge and awareness. In honor of the 1-year anniversary of the Las Vegas massacre (on Oct 1, 2018), Dr. Ghaed released her book, Route 91: Healing from Mass Violence and Trauma for free download https://route91therapy.com/route-91-book . The book documents her experience surviving the massacre, as well as the journey of recovery since then, for her and her Route 91 community. She hopes that her book will provide insight into the process of recovering from mass violence, expected reactions, barriers to recovery, and tools to heal. Furthermore, her teachings are applicable to a broader audience who may suffer from anxiety, depression, or other types of trauma.
    For anyone that has survived a traumatic event, you can find MANY resources on Dr. Shiva’s site: https://route91therapy.com/
    If you need help finding resources contact Dr Shiva through her website: https://route91therapy.com/contact-us
    To find a Therapist in your area: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists
    To find an online counselor: www.talkspace.com
    https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

BamKapow ,

Gifts for Growth and Hope in challenging times

Anne finds incredible guests from different walks of life, all with inspiring stories to tell. Their stories hold the underlying message of hope, and they share with us the tools and strategies they used to overcome struggles and navigate hardships in their lives. We all have gifts to share and things to learn from one another, and there are some incredible gifts being offered in Grey Matters Now. Thanks Anne!

Gabaccia ,

Anne and Sigmund are inspiring lights

I first met this pair while I was managing an ethical retail boutique in Leucadia (which they always supported and where they bought many of their gifts to friends during the holidays). I was always inspired by how Anne is a very involved person in the community and beyond, and always enjoyed her stories and point of view on current issues that surround us all. Sigmund, well, he’s my soulmate dog whom like me, loves to balance things on his head - we used to do it together all the time (for the gram and for ourselves).

I’m very happy to be able to take Anne and Sigmund on the road with me through their in-depth conversations with a diverse group of people on Grey Matters Now. No matter what the topic is, there’s always a lesson to be learned and to make you feel motivated to be a better you. Thanks for all the light you shine!

Greyhound66* ,

Love this Podcast!

While the Podcast has a running theme, every one has a different subject but always covers things that matter in a non political, non judgemental way. In a world so divided, if you are looking for answers or even questions listen to Anne and her guests!

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