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GreyCast hosts, Ari Firoozabadi and Mike Hehir, talk with business leaders and rising stars across real estate and other industries. Given their backgrounds, Ari and Mike bring a unique perspective that allows for dynamic conversations touching a variety of current and relevant topics. Thank you for listening!

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GreyCast hosts, Ari Firoozabadi and Mike Hehir, talk with business leaders and rising stars across real estate and other industries. Given their backgrounds, Ari and Mike bring a unique perspective that allows for dynamic conversations touching a variety of current and relevant topics. Thank you for listening!

    BPN w/ Karim Hutson, President & CEO of Genesis Companies

    BPN w/ Karim Hutson, President & CEO of Genesis Companies

    Welcome back to Greycast! Our guest today is Karim A. Hutson, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Genesis Companies, a renowned real estate development firm. With over two decades of experience, Karim shares valuable insights on self-reflection, aligning passions with careers, and creating opportunities. We'll also explore his dedication to community upliftment and addressing housing affordability.

    Advice for success and personal fulfillmentThe role of real estate development in building communitiesChallenges and opportunities in the real estate industryImportance of interpersonal skills and graduate education in businessStakeholder relationships and collaborations in real estate developmentQuotes

    "Connect the lines between who you are, what you excel at, and what brings you fulfillment."-Karim A Hutson

    "Rethink underwriting and services provision, intertwining departments to address people's needs and issues effectively."-Karim A Hutson

    Featured in this Episode

    Karim H. Hutson
    President & CEO, Genesis Companies
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karim-hutson-9334a/
    Personal Website: http://www.genesiscompanies.com/

    Romain Sinclar
    Co Host, Licensed Real Estate SalesPerson
    Profile: https://greysteel.com/team/romain-sinclair/

    Damani Strasner
    Associate, Investment Sales, Greysteel


    00:00 - Introduction
    04:43 - Growing Real Estate Wealth for Black Families
    11:16 - Family Sacrifices and Commitment to Giving Back
    16:33 - Delivering Quality Products and Services to Tenants
    24:09 - Affordable Housing Advocacy: The Need for Subsidies and Tax Credits
    29:37 - Aligning Business Plans with Long-Term Goals
    32:54 - Housing Issues and Policy Debates
    39:00 - Prioritizing Sustainability and Communication
    44:31 - The Value of Interpersonal Skills: Highly Esteemed by CEOs
    48:27 - Collaborating with Nonprofits and Housing Authorities: The Genesis Approach
    56:04 - Addressing Housing Segregation: Confronting Ongoing Societal Issues
    01:01:26 - Achieving Goals through Introspection, Focus, and Dedication
    01:04:05 - Conclusion

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    BPN w/ Don Peebles

    BPN w/ Don Peebles

    Welcome back to GreyCast! In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, the renowned entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and political activist, Don Peebles. We dive into a fascinating conversation with Don about his incredible real estate journey and groundbreaking achievements in the industry. From his transformative projects in major cities across the country to his advocacy for diversity and inclusion, Don has truly made his mark. Join us as we explore his inspiring story, the challenges he's faced, and his vision for a more equitable future in real estate.

    Breaking Barriers in NYC Real EstateInfluence of Diverse MentorsTackling Capital Access for Black EntrepreneursExploring Don Peebles' Multifaceted CareerMarion Barry's Minority Contracting LegacyFrom Political Passion to Real Estate PioneerLaunching a Fund for Office Buildings and Access to CapitalQuotes

    "Real estate is not just about buildings and developments, it's about transforming communities and creating economic opportunities for all." - Don Peebles

    "We need to shift the conversation around diversity from philanthropy to economic opportunity. It's not just the right thing to do, it's also a smart business move." - Don Peebles

    Featured in this Episode

    Don Peebles
    Chairman & CEO of The Peebles Company
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-peebles-0767769/


    00:00 - Introduction
    05:31 - Shaping Don Peebles' Path to Entrepreneurship
    08:48 - Marion Barry's Campaign: A Youthful Bet on Radical Change
    11:30 - Thriving in the Real Estate Market During the 1980s
    34:51 - Mayoral Visions: Atlanta & DC Entrepreneurship
    39:10 - Beyond Basketball to Real Estate Ventures
    49:45 - Scaling Success in Real Estate
    57:29 - Real Estate Essentials: Supply and Demand
    01:04:20 - Guided by Values: Family, Mentors, & Business
    01:12:20 - Equity in Capital for Black Entrepreneurs
    01:20:01 - Outro

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    BPN w/ Cedric Bobo

    BPN w/ Cedric Bobo

    Welcome to another inspiring episode of Greycast! Today, we sat down with Cedric Bobo, the co-founder and CEO of Project Destined. Learn about his journey from growing up on a farm in Mississippi to making a mark in the real estate industry. Cedric's story is a powerful example of how believing in someone and providing them with opportunities can change lives. Stay tuned as we explore his story and the valuable lessons he has to share. Let's dive in!

    -Achieving Greatness: Scaling the Inspirational Journey
    -Creating a Worldwide Real Estate Product
    -Venturing into Asia: Promising Plans Unveiled
    -Pioneering Education: Dominating the Real Estate Industry
    -From Humble Beginnings to Triumph: An Inspiring Background
    -Empowering Students: Mitigating Risks for Lasting Impact
    -Safety Nets and Support: Fostering Courageous Ventures
    -Optimizing Growth: Effective Scaling Strategies
    -Unveiling Success: Key Qualities that Unlock Opportunities

    “Our ultimate goal is to instill the seed of entrepreneurship through repetition and equip students with a solid framework for success." -Cedric Bobo
    "Our approach involves building a strong foundation in each market and strategically adding other relevant products."-Cedric Bobo

    Featured in this Episode
    Cedric Bobo
    CEO & Co-Founder of Project Destined

    ​​00:00 - Introduction
    07:39 - Fostering Ownership Mindset
    11:07 - Mitigating Risks in Entrepreneurship
    14:19 - From Layoff Fears to Teaching Kids
    17:11 - Steph Curry's Safety Net
    20:01 - Sponsorship & Curiosity: Six-Week Program
    25:14 - Hiring Challenges in Real Estate
    27:35 - Building Confidence through Jobs
    34:16 - Scaling Dynamics: Learn, Apply, & Bet
    37:24 - Hiring Alumni & Project-Based Labor
    42:28 - Inspiring Literature & Motivating Podcasts
    46:48 - Selfless Men Making Impact
    49:00 - Transformative Support: Michael Conley's Influence
    53:12 - Drawing Inspiration from George Washington's Wisdom
    54:24 - Outro

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    BPN w/ Daryl Carter, Chairman and CEO of Avanath Capital Management

    BPN w/ Daryl Carter, Chairman and CEO of Avanath Capital Management

    Tune in to Greysteel's GreyCast podcast! CEO of Avanath Capital Management, Daryl Carter, joins us to share his experience in the debt and equity businesses. Listen as he discusses the challenges of starting a business in 1991 and 2008, and how the financial services industry has evolved. Discover how Avanath focuses on acquiring, rehabilitating, and preserving affordable housing, and even pursues ground-up development opportunities. Carter emphasizes the importance of building strong communities and debunking misconceptions about evictions in the multifamily business industry.
    Don't miss this valuable conversation about entrepreneurship and long-term thinking.

    -Starting a Business in Different Economic Landscapes
    -Transforming the Financial Services Industry
    -Revitalizing and Preserving Affordable Housing
    -Avanath's Approach to Ground-Up Development
    -Building Strong Communities: Avanath Capital's Key Focus
    -Dispelling Myths: Evictions in Multifamily Business

    "Building communities is more important than just making profits. If you focus on building communities, the profits will come." - Daryl Carter
    "The multifamily industry needs to improve its public perception and tell its story better. We need to focus on the good things we are doing in terms of housing safety instead of emphasizing the supply angle." - Daryl Carter

    Featured in this Episode
    Dayrl Carter
    Chairman and CEO of Avanath Capital Management
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daryl-j-carter-b18941116

    00:00 Introduction
    06:41 Banking: Unconventional Path to Success
    10:48 Pioneering Affordable Housing: Journey and Triumph
    15:54 Evolution of Real Estate Business: Then and Now
    31:12 Darryl Davis' Strategy for Affordable Housing Expansion
    36:48 Addressing the Affordability Crisis: Role of Private Capital
    39:36 Tackling High Turnover Rates in Real Estate
    44:05 Innovative Solutions for Affordable Housing Crisis
    49:38 Shifting Industry Messaging for Resident Prioritization
    52:11 Housing Concerns Unite Congress Members

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    BPN w/ Donahue Peebles III

    BPN w/ Donahue Peebles III

    In this episode of Greysteel's GreyCast podcast, Our host Donahue Peebles III, a real estate entrepreneur and executive vice president of Peebles Corporation. Donahue Peebles III shares his experience growing up in a family of real estate entrepreneurs and how his father's teachings helped shape his career. They also discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the real estate industry and what to expect in the post-pandemic future. Donahue Peebles III emphasizes the importance of considering the needs and desires of communities and the people when planning and building structures, as they are the ones who will ultimately benefit from them. The conversation also covers New York City's skyline and the significance it holds worldwide. Finally, Donahue Peebles III shares his insights and tips on motivation and success.


    Donahue Peebles III story as a 2nd-generation real estate entrepreneur

    The current status of the real estate market during pandemic and post-pandemic

    Sustaining local market expertise and affordable housing allocation and promoting diversity in Washington D.C.

    New York’s symbolism for real estate and its skyscrapersThe drive and motivation into achieving goals and success


    When we enter a market, we commit to acting ethically towards everyone involved, including the policy makers and our competitors. We aim to do our best for ourselves, our investors, and our community. - Donahue Peebles III

    Developers should listen to communities about what they want and have a service mindset when working on projects, rather than thinking they should show people what they want. - Donahue Peebles III

    Featured in this Episode

    Donahue Peebles III
    Executive Vice President, The Peebles Corporation

    00:00 Introduction
    02:38 Donahue Peebles III background
    09:54 Growing the business as 2nd generation entrepreneur
    13:16 The status or real estate market nowadays
    23:42 Sustaining local market expertise in Washington D.C.
    30:48 Affordable Housing and promoting diversity in D.C.
    40:05 The skyline of New York City
    44:00 The drive and motivation
    46:13 Wrap-up
    48:12 How to invest with People Corporation
    51:55 Conclusion

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    Greycast: BPN w/ Chris Mfume, Managing Partner of CLD Partners

    Greycast: BPN w/ Chris Mfume, Managing Partner of CLD Partners

    Welcome back to Greysteel's GreyCast podcast. In today’s episode, Chris Mfume is our guest. Chris Mfume is the managing partner of CLD Partners. He is responsible for leading all development and investment activities and guiding the firm’s projects through inception to completion. He is also a member of the Urban Land Institute and Thread, a volunteer-driven mentor program. In the episode, Chris discusses his life background and how he started his real estate journey by job hunting for almost 7 months to founding his own business today. He also discusses the challenges as well as the benefits that he faced for being an African-American in the industry. Moreover, he talks about the things that make him and his company different from other developers as well as his system to be better with others. Lastly, he gives some advice to young aspiring entrepreneurs just like him who want to explore real estate and how to be successful in it.


    How Chris Mfume started his real estate journey from humble beginnings
    The benefits and the challenges that Chris experienced as an African-American developer
    Things Chris is passionate about in life
    The right time to on making deals and sells the real estate
    The important elements to be successful in the real estate business
    Advice and wisdom from our guest


    While I was trying to get a job for 7 months, I was sharpening my skill set. I look for ways that can add value to myself. - Chris

    There has never been a better time to be a black entrepreneur in real estate than in 2022. - Chris

    Featured in this Episode

    TC Cosby
    Capital Markets, Greysteel

    Aaron Inman
    Senior Investment Associate at Greysteel, Baltimore Multifamily

    Chris Mfume
    Managing Partner at CLD Partners

    00:00 Introduction
    02:06 Chris's background and how he started
    07:09 Chris gives insights on how he become successful
    10:50 Thoughts about the market today?
    14:13 How to approach capital on the equity side?
    16:09 The challenges and benefits faced by Chris
    19:15 The neighborhood and areas that are being underserved
    23:32 Are you having trouble as a black developer?
    25:58 What separated Chris from other developers?
    29:48 What are the things Chris is passionate about?
    34:22 Chris’ advice to all aspiring young developers
    39:49 Balancing between aggressively buying and conserving capital
    42:12 Great and bad deals that Chris had
    44:46 Chris's takeaways for young entrepreneurs to be successful
    50:26 When is the right time to make a sell and trade
    52:47 Adjusting the market value based on different factors
    55:08 Important elements to be successful in business
    59:55 What are the missing tidbits for African-Americans to enter the CRE

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    • 1 hr 2 min

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