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PaddyRock.com is your source for the best in Celtic Rock and Punk from around the world. Now bringing you Paddy Rock Roots & the Rocksteady Tonight Podcasts too!

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #57 – The One Night Stand

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #57 – The One Night Stand

    So it is starting to look like 2020 is cancelled. Even if it wasn’t I am not sure I could find the desire to go out in public and interact like I did before it all hit the fan. While I am not old, nor would I consider myself unhealthy, I still don’t care to unnecessarily put myself at risk of getting sick or worse. It was with this reasoning I decided to put together an awesome Online Celtic Festival unlike anything ever seen before. The Paddy Rock – One Night Stand. It was always my intention to have a festival and with Paddy Rock turning 20 this was really the only way to get everyone in one spot. So I took the idea and ran with it. I thought what do folks like at a festival.? They like Trad, they like Rock and The like Celtic Punk so I went out and get the best of all of it! I have everything from newly formed acts to well established performers to absolute legends. Don’t believe me?
    This is the list of performers: Mickey Spain, Mike Oberst of The Tillers, Raymond Coleman, Clover’s Revenge, Sean Suttell, Hair Of The Dog (NZ), Mike Rivkees & Jake Sullivan of Mickey Rickshaw, Bill Herring of 1916, Grass Mud Horse, The Muckers, The Ramshackle Army, Handsome Young Strangers and The Mahones.
    I am still impressed when I look at the list. So before you ask it is happening this Saturday June 13, 2020 and you can watch the live video from the Paddy Rock Facebook page – www.facebook.com/paddyrockradio – This is new to me and probably many of the performers so please bear with us and excuse the hiccups. Regardless this is for all of you and anyone else who wants to watch or listen on the website.  If you want to tip the performers, I would encourage it. If you want to donate to Paddy Rock you can do so at www.paypal.me/PaddyRock More than anything though I want you all to tune in, have fun and just do your best to forget about everything outside for a few hours. This is about taking care of our mental health and just enjoying some time with one another. As an added bonus will also find a new show here (Episode #57) for your listening pleasure! Hope to see you all Saturday and I really hope you enjoy the show.  Stay safe Paddy Rockers, much love!
    Big shout outs to Celtic Life Magazine and Folk N Rock Webzine or their help promoting this event.
    As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar).
    http://www.paddyrock.com/grinning_beggar/GBPR/GBPR_E57.mp3 | Open Player in New Window
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    The Playlist:

     Burning Ships

    The Lucky Pistols
     Regrets are a Waste of Time

     Ordinary Man

    Mickey Rickshaw

    The Ramshackle Army
     Back Up Again

    Handsome Young Strangers

    The Mahones
     Is This Bar Open ’til Tomorrow

    The Mahones
     A Great Night On the Lash

    The Muckers
     Let’s All Go To The Bar

    Black Rawk Dog
     Brand New Day

    Ferocious Dog
     The Enemy Within

     This Dog Will Have Its Day

    The Rolling Kings
     The Bastard in Our Soil

    The Irish Descendants
     Rollin’ Home

     Tell God And The Devil

    The Dreadnoughts

    Lexington Field
     Poor Troubled Life

    The Dangerous Folk
     The Brigade

    The Bottlers
     Hades’ Way

    Jack Flash
     7. Where Ya Gonna Run

     No Change

    McDermott’s 2 Hours
     All In Your Name

    Circle J
     The Road, the Stage, the Bottle

    Mick O’Toole

    Bruce Spiringsteen
    American Land

    The Vansaders
     Dancing In The Dark

    The Vansaders
     Everything We’re Not


     Total Catastrophe

    Jason Bennett And The Resistance
     Hope Dies Last

     Moment Of Truth

    Harrington Saints
     Working Class Friday Night

    Bishops Green
     We Got Nothing

     Tomorrow Isn’t Yours

    The Caponez
     Rockaway Beach

    Paddy Rock Roots: Episode #22 – The Forever Episode

    Paddy Rock Roots: Episode #22 – The Forever Episode


    It’s been a long while again, since October to be exact. And man have things gotten crazy since then! I sit here at home going on 6 weeks I think? I may be suffering from a little PTSD but who isn’t,  we are all are safe!  Anyway I figure music heals the soul and we can all use a little healing so it was time to throw down a new Paddy Rock Roots show for you. This is an all vinyl episode so I apologize for the crackle and hiss if it bothers you, but it is one of my favorite sounds in the world. I stuffed this show full of some of my favorites and spun some albums I have not really had time to give a proper listen to.  Needless to say I have now!  Anyways friends please stay safe, wash your hands and please stay home until this business is under control. Massive thanks to all the health care workers around the world. And one more thing, don’t forget to turn this up loud!! And a Happy Belated Birthday to Bob Wayne!
    As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)
    http://www.paddyrock.com/grinning_beggar/Roots/PRR_E22.mp3 | Open Player in New Window

    Click Here to Download
    The Playlist:

    Red River Dave
     A Hundred Years From Now

    Uncle Wade Ward
     Cluck Old Hen

    Uncle Wade Ward
     John Lover is Gone

    Uncle Wade Ward
     Sourwood Mountain

    Hank Williams
     I just Don’t Like This Kind Of Living

    Willy Tea Taylor
     Bull Riders & Songwriters

    Reverand Peyton and His Big Damn Band
     Mississippi Boweavil Blues

    Reverand Peyton and His Big Damn Band
     You Can’t Steal My Shine

    Bob Wayne
     Ghost Town

    Johnny Cash
     Orange Blossom Special

    Pine Hill Haints
     Scarlet Fever

    Charlie Parr
     Up Country Blues

    Left Lane Cruiser
     Tres Borrachos

    Shawn James
     When It Rains It Pours

    Townes Van Zandt
     Poncho & Lefty

    Tim Barry
     Older & Poorer

    Possessed By Paul James
     Come To The Water

    Goddamn Gallows
      Dreadful Sinner

    Amigo The Devil
     The Weight

    Sean K. Preston

    Larry & His Flask


    Hooten Hallers
     Garlic Dream

    Bridge City Sinners
     Run From The Sun

    Gallows Bound
      Broken Glass

    Tejon Street Corner Thieves  5 Foot 2

     Tonight Ain’t Gonna Be Good

    The Devil Makes Three
     Ten Feet Tall

    Urban Pioneers
     Apparition in The Fog

    Jim & Jesse
     Great Speckled Bird

    Merle Travis
     John Henry

    William Elliot Whitmore
     Johnny Law

    Hellbound Glory
     Delta Dawn

     Fallen Heroes

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #56 – The 6 Hour St. Patrick’s Day Mother F&*ker!!

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #56 – The 6 Hour St. Patrick’s Day Mother F&*ker!!

    So the CoronaVirus has us all a little bit freaked out, maybe a lot of bit.  Shows cancelled, bars closed and what the Hell has happened to St. Patrick’s Day?  Maybe some of you intrepid ones will find something to do, but I will keep my ass at home and wait for life to return to normal.  With everything closed in NJ and PA there isn’t feck all to do anyway.  So this year I put together a Paddy Rock Stimulus Package. That is right, I have replaced the usual Epic 4 Hour Podcast with a the 6 Hour St. Patrick’s Day Mother F****r – The only show you will need! I have it all covered, the Trad Tunes, The Drinking Songs, The Celtic Rock and Heaps O’ Celtic Punk. So get ready people it’s our 20th Birthday and we are going out with a f*****g BANG. We are either gonna get through this together, or I will see you in Hell.  Stay safe everyone and enjoy!
    As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar).
    http://www.paddyrock.com/grinning_beggar/GBPR/GBPR_E56.mp3 | Open Player in New Window
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    The Playlist:

    Great Big Sea
     End Of The World

    Black 47
     Rockin’ The Bronx

    The Logues
     Better Man

    The Mahones
     Rise Again

    Kilmaine Saints
     McGowan’s Wake (Acoustic)

     The Next One Down

    Alternative Ulster
     LIE, Cheat, Steal

     No love in the city

    Black Water County

    Finnegan’s Hell
     Work is the Curse of the Drinking Class

    Happy Ol’McWeasel
     See You Tomorrow

    The Clan
     Another Fake Irish Pub Song

    Mr. Irish Bastard
     We’re All Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

    The Deadlys
     St Patrick’s Day

    The Chieftains, Sinaead O’Connor
     The Foggy Dew

    Luke Kelly
     Song For Ireland

    The Dubliners
     The Town I Loved So Well

    Christy Moore
     The Raggle Taggle Gypsy

    The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem
     Whiskey, You’re the Devil

    Silly Wizard
     The Ramblin’ Rover

    Ronnie Drew
     The Irish Rover

    The Wolfe Tones
     Sean South of Garryowen

    The Dublin City Ramblers
     19 Men

    The Wolfe Tones
     Come out Ye Black and Tans

    Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones
     The Partin Glass

    Seamus Kennedy
     The Old Dun Cow

    The Whistlin’ Donkeys
     The Craic Was Ninety In the Isle of Man

    The Elders
     Men of Erin

     Tell God and the Devil

     Almost Irish

    The Men They Couldn’t Hang

    The Saw Doctors
     Sing a Powerful Song

    Seven Nations
     Waiting for Midnight

    Corktown Popes
     I’m Not Lucky

     Pretty Too

     Pretty On The Inside

    The Town Pants
     The Weight Of Words

    Shilelagh Law
     Celtic Symphony

    The Biblecode Sundays
     Walk Like Kings

     Pour That Whiskey

    Dust Rhinos
     I Should Behave

    The Macc Lads
     All Day Drinking

    The Bastard Suns
     Irish Drinking Song

    The Real McKenzies
     Pour Decisions

    Potatoe Famine
     Drink the Pub Dry

    The Mahones
     Drunken Lazy Bastard

    Enter The Haggis
     One Last Drink

    Irish Moutarde
     Eat, Drink and Be Merry

    Irish Stew of Sindidun
     Drink and Sing

     Me and a Bottle of Jack

    The Drunken Lazy Bastards
     How to Start a Barfight

    Stiff Little Fingers
     Drinkin Again

    Alternative Ulster
     Drunk as F**k

    The Pourmen
     What Did I Drink Last Night?

    The Ramshackle Army
     Drink It Dry

    The Welch Boys
     Whiskey and Beer

    The Welch Boys
     I Feel Like Drinkin’

    The Scarlet Scallywags
     Another Round

    The Kreellers
     Johnny Jump Up

    Jolly Jackers

    The Peelers
     Farewell to Clean and Sober

    Hoist the Colors
     Tonight We Drink, Tomorrow We Die

    Raymond Coleman

    Dylan Walshe w/ James Fearnley
     Where Dublin Meets Wicklow

    The Mighty Stef  (feat. Ronnie Drew, Dave King & Bridget Regan)
     The Mero

    Coming Up Threes
     American Land

    The Narrowbacks
     Bastards of the Boroughs

    The Humble Hooligans
     Sick to Death

    Flogging Molly
     (No More) Paddy’s Lament

    The Pogues

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #55 – Loud, Proud & Punk!

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #55 – Loud, Proud & Punk!

    As promised the New Year is here and so is a new Podcast. After last year I have decided to change things up a bit. Despite being here for 20 years Paddy Rock is still King among Celtic Music podcasts, make no mistake!  Albeit the scene has slowed down more than a little bit in the United States. but that is not to say it’s dead and neither are we.  Far from it in fact!  But to compensate for this downswing and to bring more listeners into the fold the Paddy Rock Podcast is expanding its listening selections. We have always embraced Paddy Punk and as such that typical has included Punk Rock and Working Class Anthems. So now you will find a heaping helping of Celtic Punk, Punk Rock, Street Rock & Roll and maybe some Metal on occasion. But do not worry, the focus is going to remain on Celtic Punk and Rock as it comes in!  Point in fact this episode I am debuting new tracks from Black Water Country and The Kilmaine Saints. So Paddy Rockers lets celebrate this new direction together. Crank up this episode and be Loud and Proud and Punk !

    As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar).
    http://www.paddyrock.com/grinning_beggar/GBPR/GBPR_E55.mp3 | Open Player in New Window
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    The Playlist:

     F****d with an Anchor

    The Business
     Loud Proud Punk

    Dropkick Murphys
     Smash Shit Up

    Black Water County

    Mickey Rickshaw

    Greenland Whalefishers

    The Deadlys
     Work to Be Done

    Born Again Heathens
     Selling Salvation

    The Rumjacks
     Uncle Tommy

    The Gobshites

    The Roughneck Riot
     This Is Our Day

    Stiff Little Fingers
     Barbed Wire Love

    X-Ray Spex
     Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

    Agent Orange

    Iggy Pop
     Lust For Life (Rare Version)

     Media Blitz

    The Narrowbacks
     The Bitter End

    The Wakes

    Sisters of Murphy
     You Had Me At Goodbye

    Ferocious Dog
     Fake News

    Paddy And The Rats
     The Captain’s Dead

    McDermott’s 2 Hours – Levellers / Oysterband
     All In Your Name

    Evil Conduct
     Working Class Heroes

    Lion’s Law
     City Streets (Bonus Track)

    Bishops Green
     Tumbling Down

    The Business
     Spirit of the Streets

    Seaside Rebels
     Changing Times

    Booze & Glory
     London Skinhead Crew

    The Workin’ Stiffs
     Bugs, Bigots And Bastards

    The Killigans
     Liquor Store

    The Fisticuffs
     We Are the Workers

    The Mighty Regis
     Celtic Storm (2010)

     Loud ‘n’ Proud ‘n’ Bold

    The Skels
     I’ll See You in Hell

    Flogging Molly

    Cock Sparrer
     Take ‘Em All

    Cock Sparrer
     One by One

    Kilmaine Saints
    Off The Wagon

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #54 – Fancast #2

    Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast: Episode #54 – Fancast #2

    Its taken a while, but Fancast #2 is done.  Massive thanks to my friend and supporter Johnny Piper for the awesome playlist. For those of you who do not  know,  Johnny is the power and the pipes behind the NY Based Celtic Punk band Alternative Ulster and as such has a Hell of an ear for the music. So this years second and final Fancast comes compliments of Johhny Piper. I think it’s a great way to see out 2019 and see in 2020. Pints and Pipes, truly a Celtic Punks dream come true! Thanks to all of those that have stuck with us over the last 20 years! Yes that is correct, Paddy Rock turned 20 this year! We are the ones who first made our mark in support of this genre and we will be here last!  At the end of the day, we will be standing tall. See you in the New Year Muckers and thanks again for the love! Much respect.

    As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar).
    http://www.paddyrock.com/grinning_beggar/GBPR/GBPR_54.mp3 | Open Player in New Window
    Click Here to Download

    The Playlist:

    Lexington Field
     Christmas at the Pub

    The Deadlys
     Work to Be Done

    Pipes And Pints
     Raise our Flag

    Bastards On Parade

    In for a Penny
     Your Claddagh Heart

    Flatfoot 56

    The Sidh

    The Pourmen
     Day Drinking

    The Cloverhearts
     Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

    Black Tartan Clan
     Standing Strong

    Alternative Ulster
     Pog Mo Thoin

    The Clan
     Pocket Money Heroes

    Dropkick Murphys
     The Warrior’s Code

    The Go Set
     Raise A Glass

    Mickey Rickshaw
     Not My Problem Now

    The Go Set
     Raise A Glass

    Alternative Ulster
     Drunken English Punk

     Drink & Fight

    Right Said Fred
     You’re My Mate

    Celtica Pipes Rock!

     Scottish Whiskey

    The Clash
     Lose This Skin

    Brutus’ Daughters
     Born a Girl

    The Real McKenzies
     The Night the Lights Went out in Scotland

     Going Home

     Clumsy Lover

    The Rabble
     The Coast Song

     Sept. 1994

    The Gentlemen
     War Time In North London

     Je Mi Jedno

    Tortilla Flat
     At The Tavern

    The Cundeez
     Ehm Aff It

    Alternative Ulster
     Punch a Nazi

    The Rumjacks
     Cold London Rain

    Rocksteady Tonight: Episode #26 – Mix and Match

    Rocksteady Tonight: Episode #26 – Mix and Match

    We are back with another mixed bag of Ska this week. Figured you were about overdue with a new show so Rick and I got together, threw back a few Guinness and spun a boat load of tunes for you all. This episode is a true mixed bag ranging from that classic old Skinhead Reggae to what is being dubbed as 4th Wave Ska and just about everything in between. So put your braces together and your boots on your feet and give us some of that ooooold moon stompin!   And don’t forget Rocksteady Tonight is Syndicated on Boot Boy Radio. Make sure to check our show out Every Tuesday at 5 pm EST @ www.BootBoyRadio.co.uk – They also stream a slew of other killer shows 24x7x365 so make sure you check in daily.
    If you perform Ska, Soul, Skinhead Reggae, Bluebeat, Northern Soul or any other sub genre let us know! We want your music CD, Vinyl, Digital we play it all.  Drop us a line at the address below, and also give the Facebook page a like, feedback is always welcomed: ww.facebook.com/RocksteadyTonightPodcast
    Thanks for listening!
    Phil & Rick
    You can reach us at RocksteadyTonight007@gmail.com 
    http://www.paddyrock.com/grinning_beggar/RT/RST_E26.mp3 | Open Player in New Window
    Click Here to Download
    Dont forget to check our YouTube channel (Link)

    The Playlist:

    Alton Ellis
     Ska Beat

    Toots & The Maytals
     Having a Party

    The G.G. All Stars
     2,000 Tons of T.N.T.

    Jackie Mittoo
     Get Up and Get It

    Derrick Morgan
     I Want to Go Home

    Toots & The Maytals
     Love’s Gonna Walk Out On Me

    Susan Cadogan
     Gloomy Morning

    Derrick Morgan
     Moon Hop

    The Spanishtonians
     Rudie Gets Plenty

    Eric Morris
     Strongman Sampson

    Denzil Dennis
     Mama We’re All Crazy Now

    Prince Fatty, Horseman
     Insane in the Brain


    King Django
     Anywhere I Roam (feat. The Forthrights)

    Death Of Guitar Pop
     You’ll Be Fine Sunshine

    The SkaLites
     Ska Rebels

    The Interrupters
     Judge Not

     Skinhead Reggae

    Subject A
     The Sufferers

     Sunny Tubby

    Wicked Dub Division
     Roots and Wings

    Wicked Dub Division &North East Ska Jazz Orchestra
     You Can Fly

    Rocker-T and the Version City Rockers
     Wicked Man Run

    The Void Union & Friends
     Build a World

    Mango Wood
     Never Grow Old

    Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation
     This is Ska

    Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation
     Oi Oi Oi

    Macka B
     Step Up

    Ranking Roger
     Muscle Ska

     Bullingdon Boys

     Amphetamine Delight

    The Scotch Bonnets
     Another Saturday Night

    The Hacklers
     Always on My Mind

     Price We Pay

    Lollypop Lorry
     Circus “Magical Muffin”

    Chris Murray
     Everything’ll Be Alright

    Babylove & The Van Dangos
     Never Cry Again

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Wolfmansax ,


always a good time. was surprised to here my Hometown Band The McKrells.

elvisann92 ,

Great variety

I like how Grinning Beggar focuses on the music. There’s a lot of music, not much talking. I enjoy the theme shows, like pirate songs for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or St. Poguetrick’s Day in honor of Shane McGowan’s 60th birthday and St. Patrick’s Day.
I also enjoy the variety, sometimes it’s less Celtic punk and more of other genres. I’m always pleasantly surprised by the music on the podcast.

Joemuldoon ,

amazing Celtic Punk podcast

love the show, love the music look forward to every episode

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