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Funny people talking about funny things. Hosted by smartbunny and SlyBattery.

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Funny people talking about funny things. Hosted by smartbunny and SlyBattery.

    Episode 8: Goth Dad!

    Episode 8: Goth Dad!

    Meet Brodie. Singer/Songwriter, actor, writer, reality TV expert, guitarist, podcaster, horse, vegan and beard aficionado. We talk about sitcom writing, earthquakes, magical unicorns in Griffith Park, bathtubs in Brooklyn, goths, Nicole Ritchie and getting in the van.





    • 55 min
    Episode 7: Morning Zoo!

    Episode 7: Morning Zoo!

    Due to some really bad audio quality, this episode is pretty much a non-sequitur morning zoo with sound effects. Jeremy and I yuk it up with San Francisco comic Ivan Hernandez, aka Cuban David Cross, Latin Michael Winslow and Brown Spider-Man. Topics include but are not limited to: Bridgetown, bowling comedy, mariachi bands, Inceptioning Jeremy, Doug Benson, marrying potatoes, comic-cons and MAN does Ivan hate The Green Lantern movie. Holy. Crap.

    • 47 min
    Episode 6: Homeless Punks!

    Episode 6: Homeless Punks!

    Talking to Cameron Buchholtz, NYC-based comedian and host of the podcast CB Radio. Discussing Austin, GWAR (again!), Jonah Ray, punks and Brooklyn.

    Twitter: @CBuchholtz

    • 38 min
    Episode 5: Schmucky McGee!

    Episode 5: Schmucky McGee!

    In this, the fifth episode of whatever this is, Stephen Hicks, stand-up and student from Kentucky gives me insight on The South, Blue People, cops, phresh comedy and his wish to someday be Mr. Bamford. Impressions of Greg Proops, Maria Bamford, Ben Affleck, JFK, John Lithgow and a Jewish Leprechaun ensue. Along with a laugh track. Except for the laughs heard in his stand-up clip, which are real actual people that I assume are still alive to this day.

    Twitter: @stephenthicks

    • 50 min
    Episode 4: Taken!

    Episode 4: Taken!

    Get under the bed with Alex Mac (@AlexMacIntyre on Twitter; I got it wrong in the intro!) and let him show you his particular set of skills including stand-up, writing, acting and looking like Fred Figglehorn's older brother. I learned that Providence is a city, and Bill Hicks was big in England! Also: impressions of Andy Kindler and Cobra Commander...And then the KICKER!
    (P.S. The giant termite's name is Nibbles Woodaway.)


    • 41 min
    Episode 3: Wakka Wakka Wakka!

    Episode 3: Wakka Wakka Wakka!

    In a surprising Twilight Zone-esque twist, I am joined by potential co-host Jeremy Strickland (@SlyBattery) when his microphone actually works. As a result, he gets a boatload of shit from me. "We" talk to James Schlarmann; comedian, writer and musician based in San Diego. You can visit him at http://www.thegarbagechute.com, on Twitter: @JamboSchlarmbo and on AST as James Smann.

    • 51 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

SWS.manda13 ,

Great Podcast

Love this podcast, listen to them all the time. They're great people

AlecRobbins ,

If you like funny things...

As a guest of the podcast, a review coming from me might be considered biased... but I've been listening ever since I've been on and truly love every episode. A really great chance to catch a glimpse into the minds of funny people and comedy fans as they chat aimlessly about their love for all things hilarious and their attempts to bring some comedy of their own to the table. If you like funny things, you will enjoy this podcast - especially the one with me on it.

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