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This podcast connects artists and collectors of Halloween art. You will experience the stories and inspirations behind some of the best Halloween art being created today. You’ll hear from dedicated collectors who capture their dream pieces. You will add to your Halloween travel bucket list as we explore Halloween-centric destinations.

Halloween Art and Travel Kristen Stafford: Halloween Art Collector and Podcaster

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This podcast connects artists and collectors of Halloween art. You will experience the stories and inspirations behind some of the best Halloween art being created today. You’ll hear from dedicated collectors who capture their dream pieces. You will add to your Halloween travel bucket list as we explore Halloween-centric destinations.

    Joey Marsocci: Curioporium Creative Director

    Joey Marsocci: Curioporium Creative Director

    Artist Joey Marsocci is a story teller who uses the mediums of theme park and haunt design, creature fabrication, illustration, writing, acting, cosplay, and more to tell his stories. He’s passionate about building immersive experiences for those who enjoy his strange worlds. He is the Creative Director and Co-Creator at the Curioporium, New England’s Premier Haunted Shopping Experience in Hartford, CT.  
    The Curioporium is an immersive, 5 senses experience (some say 6) brought to fruition by Joey and owner/co-creator Nathan Nunez. Guests leave the normal world behind and become part of the story. The experience blends the stories of Nathan’s Havisham Society (a family of collectors of the strange and unusual) and Joey’s Dr. Grymm steampunk character. Guests can shop oddities and spooky goods and participate in everchanging theatrical experiences. In this episode, Joey gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into running this experience and how light and sound drives the tone and timing of the shows.  
    As history buffs, it’s Joey and Nathan’s mission to entertain as well as educate. When you pull in from history and other cultures, it’s important to be respectful and accurate. Throughout the Curioporium are QR codes guests can use to look up stories behind the objects – or ask any staff member. 
    To make darkness more palatable, the Curio team mixes in humor. Their Grim Reaper is from New Jersey and part of a union. He’s merely a hard worker with a job to do, and at the Curioporium he adds in a little song and dance. In all his years of haunting, Joey hasn’t lost a guest.  
    Joey was originally on the October 31, 2020 release of this podcast. Check out that episode to learn more about his steampunk, theme park, and other haunt work.  
     You can find the Curioporium at https://www.curioporium.com. 
    Check out Joey and his work at http://www.grymmstudios.com.  

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    Mushroom Muse

    Mushroom Muse

    The Amanita Muscaria is the most famous mushroom in the world. Even if you don’t pay much attention to fungus, you’ve seen them in fairy paintings, Alice in Wonderland, Super Mario Brothers, and as the mushroom emoji. Also known as “fly agaric”, they are found all over the Northern Hemisphere, August through November.   The most recognizable part of the mushroom is its stunning bright red cap with white spots. They also have little cute white skirts on their stems and a bulb at their base. While Amanita Muscaria is commonly thought to be poisonous, they are not fatal. They cause intoxication when consumed. Other members of the Amanita family can cause liver failure and death.  
    Amanita Muscaria appears all over in folklore. Many believe they are the source of the legends behind Santa Claus and flying reindeer. They are also associated to magic and fairytales, especially when they grow in fairy rings. 
    The North American Mycological Association maintains a mushrooms in art registry. The registry is full of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. With the influences of the Cottagecore aesthetic and Harry Potter running strong, it’s not surprising that many contemporary Halloween artists are incorporating them into their work. I’m enjoying collecting pieces by @CalamityKim (Kimberly Sherrod), Folk Art by Penny Grotz, Dustin Yoder (bydustin on Etsy), just to name a few.  

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    Introducing Season 4 of Halloween Art and Travel

    Introducing Season 4 of Halloween Art and Travel

    This is Kristen Stafford, your host of the Halloween Art and Travel Podcast. This is where you get the stories behind the best Halloween art being created today. I couldn’t think of a better day than Friday the 13th to drop this preview of Season 4 into your ears.  
    Did you notice my new logo? It’s evolved from its original US passport inspired design to one that harkens back to luggage stickers from travel’s golden age. Speaking of travel, with events coming back, I’m excited to add more travel into the show. 

    This season, I’ll be releasing new episodes on the 13th and 30th of each month, from now to October. I’ll also drop bonus episodes in-between those two dates. Subscribe and follow in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss a single one. 

    This season I’m bringing you new artists, that are creating work that ranges from bright and cute to dark and creepy. I’ll have a former guest return to catch us up on his immersive experience project. There’ll be new mediums, like neon! We’ll also examine some of the folklore behind popular visuals in Halloween art, like poisonous mushrooms.  

    At the end of June, I’ll launch my first ever monthly companion newsletter. Visit www.halloweenartandtravel.com and put your email address in the subscribe box so you don’t miss a single edition.  

    Now, go forth and start getting ready for Halloween. Now that we’ve passed Halfoween, it’s just around the corner.  

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    Isaias Hiram Urrabazo: Celebrating Life

    Isaias Hiram Urrabazo: Celebrating Life

    Isaias Urrabazo uses his diverse skill set to create stunning visual art that celebrates life. Isaias is an accomplished artist, singer, actor, speaker, and costume designer.  

    Isaias is well-known for his elaborate ofrendas that he exhibits in Las Vegas for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead (DotD)). DotD is a bright celebration, in which we wait for our deceased loved ones to return to earth. His ofrendas are jam-packed with marigold flowers, a symbol of the Aztec sun god. The smell of the flowers helps guide our deceased loved ones back to us. Butterflies represent rebirth and transition. He also incorporates items that belonged to the people he is honoring.  

    His family helps him build the ofrendas, with a great level of trust as there are no written or drawn plans. Isaias plans it all out in his mind. DotD is two days. November 1 is for children who have passed and November 2 is for adults.  

    He is also known for his altar dolls, which he’s made available at shows like Hallowbaloo and All Hallow’s Art Fest. When he first started making the dolls, his sweet mother said, “that is so ugly, but what do I know?” She came around to loving the dolls, and even took on the task of lovingly making their necklaces. It was a joy for her to join in the creative process.  

    Looking at all the bright colors in his work, it’s no surprise that Isaias loves the whimsical side of Halloween. He enjoys decorating and creating Halloween art based on vintage German Halloween. As a child, Isaias was afraid of stories about La Llorona (the Weeping Woman). She is a ghost who murdered her children and is now woefully looking to replace them. This spooky story has worked its way into his art.  

    Isaias is an expert in costumes. He collects theater costume renderings and has worked on several Las Vegas shows doing costuming and wardrobe. Currently he is working with “Magic Mike Live.” Visual art is a key factor in audience engagement.  

    His web site is: http://www.bootifulthings.com 

    You can find the online Halloween art magazine at https://autumnbrilliancemagazine.blogspot.com. They are on Facebook as: https://www.facebook.com/Autumn-Brilliance-109572784206139.  

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    Jorene Lomenzo: Whim-spook-ical

    Jorene Lomenzo: Whim-spook-ical

    You can be sure Jorene Lomenzo’s heart is racing in excitement whenever she’s clicking refresh in anticipation of a shop update or standing in line to get into an art show. Jorene is a Halloween art collector and blogger. “There’s so little in life that brings me this much joy,” sums up how she feels about collecting.  

    Jorene’s superstitious grandmother sparked her obsession for all things spooky. Her grandmother believed her colicky uncle was cursed by a witch. If you’ve ever known a colicky baby, that’s a great description of how it feels to care for an infant suffering with it.  

    Jorene is energized by the community of Halloween artists, collectors, and bloggers. She is a member of the Samhain Society – a group of Halloween content creators. Her blog features artists creating original Halloween art and is filled with pictures of art that Jorene loves.  

    She calls her style “whimspookical” - a combination of whimsical and spooky. Jorene only buys works that she absolutely loves. Her collection stays up all year in a “museum room.” She loves to watch the reaction of people when they see her art collection for the first time.  

    Jorene’s town of Windsor, CT has a few interesting facts for spooky lovers. It was the site of the first person executed for witchcraft in the colonies (Alse Young in 1647) and is home to the Archer-Gilligan House, the real “Arsenic and Old Lace” house. 

    Visit her blog at: https://shiversofdelight.blogspot.com 

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    Paskalini Savopoulos: Broomsquire

    Paskalini Savopoulos: Broomsquire

    Picture a broom in your mind. Did it have glitter and dried flowers on it? Have you ever even dreamed those were possibilities? Creative Paskalini Savopoulos (Lena for short), is obsessed with crafting decorative and functional brooms by hand.  

    She recalls falling in love with a broom at a Renaissance Festival. She didn’t buy it at first – but she found as she was walking around she couldn’t get it out of her mind. When she returned to purchase it, she was disappointed to discover it had been sold. This inspired her to enroll in a broom making course.  

    Lena covered the basic types of brooms she creates: 

    Hand whisk: small brooms without sticks; they come in a variety of shapes inspired by bird wings and tails  Cobwebber: long slender brooms with lightweight sticks used to get into high corners   Hearth broom: small brooms used to sweep out fireplaces  Sweeper: long handled flat brooms for sweeping  Besom: a gathering of broomcorn wrapped around a stick (associated with witches) 
    Lena loves to transform forged sticks into her broom handles. Her supply pile looks like a beaver dam. Traditional brooms are made out of wood and broomcorn. She loves to incorporate unexpected materials like glitter, crystals, dried flowers, and ribbon. Lena is inspired by the cycles of nature, colors, and animals. 

    Broom care is simple. Either hang your broom or store it upside down to prevent the bristles from warping. Store brooms in a cool, dry space. 

    She also shared a sample of fun broom folklore: 

    Sweeping over someone’s feet will keep them from getting married  Flipping a broom upside down lets guests know it’s time to leave  Sweeping on a Monday is bad luck   ...and more  
    Her web site is: https://vagabondspun.com 

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22 Ratings

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This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for. Just binged every episode available and can’t wait for next season. For the Halloween- and Halloween art-obsessed, podcasts don’t get better than this. 👻👻

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