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Entrepreneurs in the Health, Active Lifestyle and Outdoor ("HALO") sector sharing their stories

HALO Talks: Elevating Wellness Pete Moore

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Entrepreneurs in the Health, Active Lifestyle and Outdoor ("HALO") sector sharing their stories

    Episode #349: Katy Richardson, Neighborhood Barre, CEO

    Episode #349: Katy Richardson, Neighborhood Barre, CEO

    Recorded in NYC at the Boutique Fitness Solutions Summit in April 2022, Katy Richardson, Founder of Neighborhood Barre, a (barre studio franchisor) talks with Pete Moore about her (briskly growing) portfolio of 23 studios, which still remain self-funded. Katy was also the recipient of the highly regarded Pinnacle Business Award in the Young Entrepreneur category in Knoxville, TN.
    As a former cheerleader who suffered a severe accident, Katy got into yoga and other lower-impact modalities to aid in her recovery. She did not have an extensive barre background. "I didn't want to be influenced by what someone else was doing necessarily. I wanted to find the style of barre that connected the most with me and then research it. I had that yoga teacher training background and started to build my own program without too much outside influence . . . you definitely don't have to have everything figured out before you get started," she states.
    She talks about what she did to get through COVID and some of the lessons learned. (They're currently back to "less clients but at a higher value who stay longer"), how they're maintaining success on the retail side with branded apparel, ways to test out retail without a big upfront investment,  and other lessons learned. ("A big one? It's definitely not true that if you build it they will come!") she jokes.  
    Franchisor, franchisee or not . . . Katy gives us a great number of takeaways and value relevant to any entrepreneur looking to scale in the HALO space.
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    Episode #348: Monique Nadeau, EatLove Co-Founder & Board Member

    Episode #348: Monique Nadeau, EatLove Co-Founder & Board Member

    Monique Nadeau is the Co-Founder of EatLove
    a company whose, "best-in-class technology delivers personalized, on-demand meal guidance that adapts to all lifestyles and food preferences and helps guide the 200 decisions we make around food each day."

    As a former investment banker, Harvard University graduate with an MPA in Economic Policy, Nadeau is well aware of the critical importance of nutrition and the obesity crisis currently facing America. "I've always been attracted to people who want to solve the hardest problems, even though it could take many years to actually come to fruition. Did you know, for instance, that the number one reason for rejection to the military is actually obesity," she states. 
    EatLove has 7,000 dietician approved recipes, 6,000 healthy restaurant options, AI to crunch the data, and more. It's a product that's "created to drive behavior change, it has the ability to process tremendous amounts of data, and it feels like we're just at the beginning," says Nadeau.
    She and Pete also talk about the (rather substantial distinctions) between RD's (Registered Dieticians) and nutritionists, her company offerings on the medical and fitness sides, their current work with over 500 health organizations, and much more.  
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    Episode #347: Mary Parray, InTouch Technology

    Episode #347: Mary Parray, InTouch Technology

    InTouch Technology is a business very familiar to the Milkie family. As the current CEO, Mary spent 15 years on the vendor / CMS side, and has about 30 years total in the sector. She owned health clubs prior and worked in nearly every position.
    InTouch recently secured additional investment capital and is now branching out into the consulting and call center side. Mary provides some very valuable intel into the changing landscape of the CRM world.
    Regarding pricing she states, "I've been in the industry for about 30 years and I've said it's a race to the bottom as far as price goes, a race to zero. I just feel like we've really hurt ourselves sometimes . . . if we are focusing on customer service and helping people get results and offering people, things that they need to obtain their goals, I just think that's a better value and better option than going into a club where there's no hand holding at all." 

    There's a lot of valuable takeaways in this one! Listen now to learn more.
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    Episode #346: Ari Tulla, CEO & Co-Founder, Elo

    Episode #346: Ari Tulla, CEO & Co-Founder, Elo

    "I'm a tech guy / ex-athlete who became a big believer in this idea that food can get you sick, and food can also become the best medicine that you have," states Ari Tulla, CEO and Co-Founder of Elo. On their site they mention their vision is to "transform food from the cause of disease to medicine." 
    Ari is a serial entrepreneur and was an early investor in the (now very popular!) Oura ring. 
    When it comes to nutrition, where there's so much information changing (it seems!) weekly. Tulla says, "There's so many people who are giving you guidance and-really-it's like, 'I already have enough information!' So it's not about that. I can go online and find what I need, but to change behavior? It has to be made so easy that the new change makes your life easier than it was before."

    Elo aims to be the flag bearer for becoming the first "biomarker-first" and "smart nutrition" company. They built a cutting edge AI from a proprietary analysis of 3,000 peer-reviewed studies, and by looking at various biomarker data, Elo takes "custom" to another level. They look at sleep activity, recovery, glucose, weight, and much more. There is nobody else doing exactly what Elo is doing and everything was built from the ground up. 
    As a special offer for HALO Talks listeners, Ari is offering up something you should jump on!
    How does it work? Go to https://www.elo.health/ and signup with code HALOTALKS to start the Elo program with a free biomarker test and nutrition consult.
    Here's what’s included in the Elo biomarker test:
    Definitely check them out! 
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    Episode #345: Robbie Bent, Co-Founder & CEO, Othership

    Episode #345: Robbie Bent, Co-Founder & CEO, Othership

    Robbie Bent is the CEO and Co-Founder of Othership. As one of the first employees with Ethereum, Robbie is extremely well versed in community building and galvanizing people around a particular cause. When it came to what is now Othership (with a brick and mortar location in Canada and a highly successful app,) he built this community initially in his backyard which grew to 400 people (and then a few thousand) with ~$20,000 a month in revenue. 
    His initial entre to breathwork was, "As a way to continue to stay sober and build up a social community that focuses on other things besides alcohol. I left the Ethereum foundation and started with an ice bath in my backyard, just building crazy community of neighbors, people coming in using the ice bath every night, doing these crazy bonfires and just creating a really nice social environment without alcohol. . . I just realized that the hot and cold could be used to build amazing class-based experiences for people and a whole new way to socialize," he states. 
    In one of those "clearly meant to be" moments, it also turns out one of Robbie's goals is the exact same as Pete's--to help solve loneliness! He's definitely on his way and has big plans to grow--mindfully! Robbie is extremely hands on (they tried over 50 types of tiles for the floor!) simply because he's that passionate about what he's built. He uses the space every day and it's baked into his daily life.
    "It's really more about creating the best possible experiences where people will actually change their behavior. And then for me, it was always, the revenue will come later. It's always secondary for when you're working on your passion."
    He and Pete chat about how to release the "DNA of your business" while still scaling it, how breathwork effects your nervous system, how it can be used to (literally!) change the way you live your life, how to cultivate community by "providing experiences that create awe and bring you joy," and more! 
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    Episode #344: Dr. Laurie Whitsel & Tom Richards

    Episode #344: Dr. Laurie Whitsel & Tom Richards

    In one of our most important podcasts released to date, we're proud to talk with Dr. Laurie Whitsel, Vice President of Policy Research and Translation of the American Heart Association & Senior Advisor to the Physical Activity Alliance, a non-profit that, "Brings together stakeholders in the physical activity communities for us to speak with one voice on significant policy and systems changes," states Whitsel.  Joining her is Integrity Square's own Chief Political Architect and policy veteran, Tom Richards, JD who also heads up Activist in Motion.
    It is critical everyone in the HALO sector know about the work going on behind the scenes in something called the HL7 process (Health Level Seven International) and the steps currently being taken to, "Build standardized measures for assessing, prescribing, and referring physical activity for patients."
    Concurrent with that is the Time To Move initiative, a multi-year, multi pronged approach which (among other things) involves bringing in and standardizing billing codes for physical activity, connecting wearables so the data can flow and follow the patient through healthcare delivery, but also working with with CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services) to get coverage determinations for the exercise prescription for health and fitness professionals to offer it and more.  

    These things are happening now and Dr. Whitsel is the tip of this particular spear. Pete Moore, host of HALO Talks, mentions early on that this is indeed like "moving boulders" but they are moving. . . perhaps further and faster than we all thought. 

    Policy conversations may not be everyone's particular cup of tea when you have a business to run and 100 other things demanding your attention. However, what Dr. Whitsel discusses here and what is literally happening right now will have incredibly far ranging positive effects for the entire industry-and probably sooner rather than later. 

    This is one of our longer episodes and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. All the resources mentioned are available at the links below. Get involved now! 
    PAA Letter to the White House PAA HL7 Slides PAA Action Plan Click here to download transcript. 

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4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Jennifer Physique 57 ,

A must for fitness professionals

I have listened to Pete’s podcast throughout the pandemic and consider this an imperative learning tool. He has a variety of speakers from across the fitness spectrum and I always pick up a useful idea. As we enter the next phase in the fitness industry, listening to this podcast will give you a competitive advantage.

Bill McBride ,

Love It!

Love the HALO Talks!

Jeffrey Kazmucha ,

Entertaining and a Value Add

I thoroughly enjoy HALO talks. The guests are top notch and always share valuable information or stories about things related to the fitness industry. Pete is also charismatic, dynamic and fun to listen to. I’d recommend HALO talks to anyone in the fitness and health space.

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