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Hank provides marketing and business tips to small and mid size business owners to help them grow. Anyone can benefit from these tips and there are frequent guests on the show that provide even more value.

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Hank provides marketing and business tips to small and mid size business owners to help them grow. Anyone can benefit from these tips and there are frequent guests on the show that provide even more value.

    HMBT #249: Trisha Lewis – Embrace Your Inner Toto

    HMBT #249: Trisha Lewis – Embrace Your Inner Toto

    I am joined by the communications expert, Trisha Lewis. If you want to be listened to more and have people engage more with you, you need to listen to this episode.

    We hop right in and talk about what people struggle with when they communicate. 

    One challenge is having your voice heard in meetings by overthinking how you will be judged.

    To rectify this, make sure to know how to listen well and speak with clarity. You need to find a balance of both. I mention some of my experiences in the past. 

    Then we spoke about communicating at networking events. Relax and use humor to start discussions. It will help you break the ice. If people do not respond to your efforts, move on. It was not worth your time then. 

    To  get better at communicating, use role play. I love to facilitate role play sessions! Learn how to speak with knowledge and authority by practicing. 

    Trisha offers up a couple of strategies that she uses, including TOTO: Try Observe, Try Observe, vulnerability weaving, conscious tweaking.

    You can also work with coaches, mentors, and accountability partners to help you communicate better. Also, keep Trisha in mind ;) 

    I love the idea that Trisha uses an alter ego, Investigator Lewis. I encourage you to find your alter ego!

    The Make It Real Podcast: https://www.trishalewis.com/make-it-real-podcast/

    Website: https://www.trishalewis.com

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trishalewistalk/

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    HMBT #248: Adam Mendler – Leadership in a Pandemic

    HMBT #248: Adam Mendler – Leadership in a Pandemic

    In this episode, I am joined by Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group

    Adam is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and speaker with a national platform on business leadership. 

    Adam is on a mission to create better, more resonant leaders by distilling lessons learned from building three successful businesses in three different industries and from interviewing hundreds of America’s top leaders. 

    We talk about leadership in today’s environment.  Times are tough right now. We have reasons to be upset, frustrated, and sad, but we have to remember to stay positive and control what we can. Your mindset and how you spend your time can be controlled.

    When something bad happens, it is ok to reflect on that, but do it for a short period of time and then move on. Make sure to adapt to your challenges rather than complain about them. 

    Here are a fe things that Adam has done to get through this pandemic:

    * Stopped watching cable news. It has not been great for his mental health.* Set personal and professional goals

    We also discussed what Adam has learned from numerous top leaders in the country. Adam has had many leaders on his podcast, 30 Minute Mentor Podcast, where he has learned a lot. 

    He has learned that leadership is universal. It is your job to inspire and motivate others using persuasion. Life long learning is also key to being an effective leader. 

    Learn from your failures, but you need to try new things. Remember that failure is not permanent. 

    Lastly, Adam tells us the importance of building your personal brand and what it can do for you. Writing blog posts and being a speaker will help more people learn about who you are and “expands your brand”.  But remember that you are also your brand. 

    Website: https://www.adammendler.comAdam meddler

    Podcast: https://www.adammendler.com/podcast and https://www.thirtyminutementors.com

    Instagram: http://instagram.com/adammendler

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/adammendler

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/adammendler

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amendler

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    HMBT #247: Should You Change Email Service Provider?

    HMBT #247: Should You Change Email Service Provider?

    I am back to providing a tip for this week. I was recently tagged in a post on Facebook where a person was asked what email service provider to switch to since they had an issue with emails going to spam.

    Let's talk about that.

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    HMBT #246: Nina Froriep – Deal With Your Video Demons

    HMBT #246: Nina Froriep – Deal With Your Video Demons

    Nina Froriep from Clock Wise Productions joins me to talk about great video content. 

    Nina is a visual storyteller, video democratizer and has 30+ years experience as filmmaker and producer. Today, she enables mission-driven entrepreneurs to grow their company with consistent and easy-to-implement video content through one-on-one coaching and peer-learning. 

    Nina focuses on mission driven entrepreneurs in the services field. She helps them grow with consistent video content. She helps make it easy. 

    Getting started is easy, use the technology you already have and when it comes to editing, there are free and paid programs and apps to help you crate professional looking videos. We discuss some of them. 

    To be consistent, you need to have workflows that help you deal with your “video demons”.  Nina, developed a challenge system that helps her clients get into the habit of developing consistent content. 

    We also discussed posting to LinkedIn vs Youtube natively and video metrics.


    Website: http://wwwclockwiseproductions.com

    Make sure to inquire about the content challenge!


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    HMBT #245: Michael Hession – Be the Bank

    HMBT #245: Michael Hession – Be the Bank

    Michael Hession with Private Banking Strategies and an authorized practitioner of IBC (Infinite Banking Concepts)

    Let’s talk about money. Some people are losing money, while others are making money. 

    Make your money work for you. Start to think about and handle your money like a bank would. 

    Michael talks about investing money in fully underwritten life insurance mutual funds. It is a safe investment and there is guaranteed growth.

    Stocks and 401k investment can be risky, but can also be lucrative in certain times. One thing with IBC is that you can always have access to your money, where with stocks and 401k, it is more complex and usually involves fees. 

    Email: Mhession64@gmail.com

    Website: privatebankingstrategies.com

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    HMBT #244: Liz Bull – Lose That COVID Weight

    HMBT #244: Liz Bull – Lose That COVID Weight

    Liz Bull from LizBull.com joins me to talk about managing stress and losing that dreaded COVID Weight. Liz offered up some great information and techniques that I even found to be helpful!

    Make sure that you eat less food/drinks that have sugar. Nothing soothes better than sugar, but you need to stay away!

    Recognize that stress is there, because it affects everything. We were taught to just deal with it, but it needs to be dealt with. We are all dealing with losses. Rub your arms soothingly to de-stress yourself. 

    We can also “make a panini our of our head”, as Lis would say. This was a great technique to calm yourself and focus. 

    Another technique is “tapping”, where we tapped close to our heart and breathed until we felt better. 

    We also discussed getting better sleep with you are a deep creative thinker, like myself. I tend to think about everything that I need to do and I end up dreaming about it. Liz told me to write down what is on my mind to help create a brain dump. This will help clean your mind.

    Magnesium can also help you get a good nights sleep. Liz recommended a couple of products. 

    I loved that Liz had a great planner page that reminded me of the one I created for myself. Write down your important tasks! Here is a link to my daily planner: https://hankhoffmeier.com/downloads/daily-planner.

    Website: https://www.lizbull.com

    Make sure to grab Liz’s e-book: 10 Biggest Fattest Weight Loss Lies Ever! https://www.lizbull.com/10-biggest-weight-loss-lies-e-book/

    Make sure to book a breakthrough call with Liz!

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3 Ratings

AdamLeadership ,

Great stuff

I guested on this podcast and had a great time talking business with Hank. Lots of relevant content for those interested in business and entrepreneurship.

Peterans ,

Good marketing advice given here

Hank does a good job doling out marketing advice here. I like that they aren’t too long and the topics very greatly. Variety is key. He even talks about non marketing topics like the latest one on mental health and sleep!

TheMyoSpot ,

Exceptional advice that’s concise

Hank is an expert in marketing and provides tips to help business owners without wasting time with fillers. Would highly recommend!

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