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This podcast is for entrepreneurs and creatives growing an online business. Each week we bring you a new episode to inspire you to go beyond and create the business and life you love.

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This podcast is for entrepreneurs and creatives growing an online business. Each week we bring you a new episode to inspire you to go beyond and create the business and life you love.

    Jaclyn DiGregorio: How to Stop Getting In Your Own Way

    Jaclyn DiGregorio: How to Stop Getting In Your Own Way

    On this episode we talk about clarity and vision and how to really be the visionary of you life. How to fail fast (and be patient enough to allow it to happen) and grow from it and how to handle and get past the fear that’s stopping you!

    If ANYTHING is possible, what is it that you really desire, but you are avoiding actually choosing and going FOR IT??

    Aligning with your vision starts first with an ASK! It’s so much easier to take aligned action when you actually know what it is!!!

    If you are afraid to get clear on the vision of your ideal life. Here are 3 things that will help.

    1. Listen to this podcast

    2. Ask yourself when you decided it wasn’t possible and let that go.

    3. Choose and ask the universe to support you in your next desire and dream.

    Stop Getting In Your Own Way Paperback – $14.99

    more about Jaclyn DiGregorio

    Jaclyn DiGregorio is a business coach, speaker and best-selling author. As the founder of Clarity and Action Consulting, Jaclyn helps women build successful businesses so they can positively impact their family, their community and the world. At age 21, Jaclyn started her first business from her dorm room at Georgetown University. Jaclyn has been featured by Forbes, Elite Daily, Bustle and Washington Business Journal, and her book has been featured on Good Morning Washington.

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    Christina Jandali: How To Grow Your Facebook Group

    Christina Jandali: How To Grow Your Facebook Group

    Free Facebook Group on Growing Your Facebook Group

    Tired of being the only one posting in your FB group?

    If you’re like a lot of online entrepreneurs I know, you might be spending entire days attached to your laptop while life goes on without you.

    + Creating content.

    + Taking courses.

    + Trying to determine your space in the marketplace

    + Trying to NOT get overwhelmed and frustrated

    But somehow, no one knows who you are, and when you try to launch a program? Crickets.

    Maybe you already have a Facebook group, but you’re treating it a liiiiittle like a booty call: only showing up when you want something from your audience or when you have something to sell.

    Or maybe you’re stuck in ‘the friend zone’: investing all of your energy into building friendships and being of service, but still not seeing the results you know you’re capable of.

    No matter where you are, you might be wondering: why isn’t this working!?

    How are other people growing their Facebook groups in leaps and bounds and generated record breaking profits?

    And if you don’t have a group yet but don’t know how to start one the right way.

    If any of that sounds familiar, you’re definitely going to want to catch this live video training series that my friend Christina Jandali.

    About Christina Jandali (in her words)

    I’m a Success Coach for entrepreneurs whose dreams stretch way beyond a corporate career.

    I totally get what it’s like to want something better for yourself. When my daughter was born, I looked into her eyes, and I said no more am I willing to settle. It was up to me to pave the way of possibility for her. She was the inspiration for me to leave behind the 9 – 5 and start my own coaching practice. Because when you go after your dreams, you create space for other people to go after theirs.

    It can be overwhelming to start a business.

    You have to think about replacing your income, planning for your future, standing out as a brand, coming up with magnetic messaging and finding clients who not only love you but who love just as much. It’s a lot to go through alone.

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    Chelsea Clarke: Pinterest Marketing + How to Create Revenue As A Blogger

    Chelsea Clarke: Pinterest Marketing + How to Create Revenue As A Blogger

    On this episode with Chelsea Clark. Chelsea focuses on teaching women how to grow and sell their blog. She's a master at growing an audience and making revenue as a blogger. She is a leading authority on getting digital attention. On today's show we are discussing special Pinterest tip and tricks, how make money as a blogger and what to focus your investment and time on.

    Get a Pinterest marketing strategy that works for you and for your business!


    Chelsea Clark's Pinterest Marketing Course for just $67

    Watch on YT

    About Chelsea Clark

    Chelsea Clark is the blogging and online business development strategist behind HerPaperRoute, a community resource for entrepreneurs to learn marketing, business and blogging strategies to growth hack their online business.

    She's been a professional Marketing Strategist and blogger for over 10 years, and earns a full time living from blogging. She founded HerPaperRoute as a way to inspire other women to believe in their business idea, and show them that they can do this.

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    Kristin Kirk: Deepening Enlightenment Daily

    Kristin Kirk: Deepening Enlightenment Daily

    How do we transition from ​cycling ​inner repetitive stories ​to living the freedom and radiant brilliance we truly are each moment?

    Please join Kristin Kirk in this healing transmission amplifying the blueprint of divine embodied enlightenment to support your remembrance and integration of absolute freedom and joy every day. Kristin will share her journey through healing and surrender that has unfolded into a profound depth and acuity of sustained multidimensional awakeness. She's also put together a spectacular offer $99 with over 25 hours from her live course in Hawaii. 

    About Kristin Kirk

    After an initial awakening in 2003 and 16 years of surrendering in lucid fluid multidimensional awakeness, Kristin now shares live stream healing sessions and awakening classes internationally and is currently writing a book series to support the awakening process and self realization. Her authentic heart-centered teaching, acuity and embodied presence reside in direct experience of the Absolute independent of any spiritual tradition.

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    Christopher Macklin: Profound Energy Healing Session to Amplify Your Divine Presence, Purpose and Power

    Christopher Macklin: Profound Energy Healing Session to Amplify Your Divine Presence, Purpose and Power

    Special Offer Learn More →

    Experience Melchizedek healing energy first hand and delve into the divine spiritual aspect of healing that has the power to positively transform every aspect of life. Christopher Macklin is an internationally recognized energy healer who will share with us his insights and deeper truths about his amazing energy work which is uplifting and healing people all over the planet.

    On this call you will:

    -Gain an understanding into the power of spiritual healing and how it can help shift and transform every area of your life.

    -Learn about some of the "little known" negative common causes that create blockages and resistance in every day life.

    -Learn about Melchizedek healing, how it can support you and what makes it so different from other forms of healing.

    -Understand how using your gifts and harnessing your personal power are related to stepping into divine alignment.

    -Experience a powerful Melchizedek healing process.

    -Learn ways to keep your vibration and frequency high and how this works to help you manifest more love, joy, balance and abundance.

    About Christopher

    Born as a highly aware psychic child in Chester, England, Christopher Macklin was able to perceive energy fields, geometric patterns, spirit activity and other-dimensional phenomena from a very young age.

    After many decades of attempting to fit in and live a more conventional and responsible life as an aviation industry engineer, Christopher went through a spiritual growth period not for the faint of heart and was abruptly called to leave behind every aspect of his life as he knew it.

    Through years of accelerated training, energy activations and system upgrades, Christopher learned how to access his divine wisdom, knowledge and profound healing abilities by working directly with a team of higher dimensional teachers, guides and guardians known as the Melchizedek beings.

    It was during this intensive time of spiritual awakening that Christopher was shown his true lineage as one of only five Melchizedek beings, who have embodied on Earth to assist all of humanity during this most important lifetime of healing, growth and planetary ascension.

    Christopher has since dedicated himself to strengthening his abilities by providing divine healing work directly in alignment with Source-God and All That Is Holy. His healing style and technique evolved into a very unique approach, which combines God’s angelic light beings in the clearing of negative energies, entity attachments and frequency interference.

    Today, Christopher continues to work with these forms of divine healing directly supporting his soul purpose as a Melchizedek being who has volunteered to come to Earth in order to teach and heal using Sananda energy from the Ultimate Dimension.

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    Matt Corker: Ignite & Reveal Your Limitations about Yourself by Yourself.

    Matt Corker: Ignite & Reveal Your Limitations about Yourself by Yourself.

    "Over the years, having now studied different yogic philosophies, world religions, neuroscience, and leadership philosophies — combined with my personal passion for reflection and the holistic approaches to movement and health — I’ve developed a greater appreciation for the messengers.

    In the early years of my coaching practice, I often laid out key principles I believed in on cards in front of me while I took calls with my clients. They served as guides to our conversation whenever things seemed to go off track.

    As I continued to explore the use of cards in different traditions, I kept seeking a deck that wasn’t designed to tell me my future, or tell me if I should leave my job or my relationship. I wanted a deck rooted in principles.

    And I knew it was up to me to create it.

    After weeks of massive waves of inspiration, this deck came to life in the form of a really detailed spreadsheet. I called up Nadine Nevitt (a local Vancouver artist I am ridiculously inspired by) to ask if she wanted to work on this “small project” of bringing this spreadsheet of ideas to life. She was an enthusiastic yes … with neither of us realizing that it’d be a two-year adventure in the making.

    And now, it’s yours.

    It feels surreal to be able to share this creation with you. Nadine has done an amazing job capturing all the nuances, the playfulness, the detailed requirements, and the feel of each card. My hope is that they are as pleasing to your eye as they are to your soul.

    Enjoy your inquest." ~ Matt Corker

    Matt Corker's Background

    Matt Corker is the CEO of The Corker Co and creator of The Inquest Deck, a set of cards designed to create deeper conversations about yourself with yourself. He holds an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School, is a certified international yoga teacher and author, and loves sharing that extra scoop of ice cream with the love of his life.

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