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A podcast designed to explore a variety of business strategy topics and a place to hear practical tips for building and implementing sound business strategies.

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Harbourtime Strategy Talks Collin Harbour

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A podcast designed to explore a variety of business strategy topics and a place to hear practical tips for building and implementing sound business strategies.

#strategy #business #management #smallbusiness

    29 - Creating Culture and Pivoting to New Services – Serving Clients with Precedent Management

    29 - Creating Culture and Pivoting to New Services – Serving Clients with Precedent Management

    Rob Dewald and Erika Garcia from Precedent Management are this week’s guests. We discuss:

    Creating strategic differentiators
    Pivoting to new business opportunities
    Going above and beyond for clients
    Creating and maintaining an employee-focused culture.

    Creating strategic differentiators are key to growing a business. In the age of technology, a differentiator may just be “the human touch.” Technology can be used to provide services, but the human component is a strategic differentiator that is often overlooked. It is important to combine the high touch/human element with other aspects of providing service to clients.

    Pivoting in business is key. Many individuals and businesses were forced to pivot in 2020. Precedent had the right processes and people in place to handle the unexpected pivot. For instance, they have expanded their services from industry specific to a broader approach of providing services in various markets. When the pandemic hit and the volume dried up in their industry, they made a strategic pivot by provisioning their people, processes and proprietary technology to serve other companies. These services are critical for companies that don’t have the existing people, infrastructure, time or capital. A key lesson from this is that you need to have the right team in processes in place for any unforeseen crises that may come your way.

    As they provided services to other companies, a key component of the service is the “onshore” aspect. Their people are located in the United States, which can provide benefits to their potential client base.

    As entrepreneurs, they understand the importance of:

    Speed: Make sure you have the ability to provide the services quickly when requested by clients.
    Flexibility: Don’t simply focus on your services agreement. Be ready to go above and beyond for you clients when they make requests outside of your existing scope.
    Relationships: Both internal (i.e. employees) and external (i.e. clients) relationships are key in growing a healthy business. Show them that you care. Create open environments for both employees and clients. The benefits are immeasurable.



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    28 -Kate Bradley Chernis - from Rock N Roll DJ to CEO - Creating Evangelists for your Business

    28 -Kate Bradley Chernis - from Rock N Roll DJ to CEO - Creating Evangelists for your Business

    Kate Bradley Chernis is the co-founder and CEO of Lately AI, also known as the only social media management platform that creates content FOR you with the power of A.I.

    In this week’s session, we discuss her journey from DJ of one of the biggest XM Radio shows to Marketing Agency (managing marketing and social media on spreadsheets), to capital raiser, to Start Up Founder and CEO (and then hopefully to DJ again, when she can afford her own private island!)

    Focusing on a variety of topics, we discuss overcoming personal roadblocks, taking advice from dad, and always be networking – because you never know when your next lunch might be your seed investor.

    Marketing any sized business is tough. How do you produce the right content? How do you distribute the content once it is ready? How do you manage the schedule? How do you know which posts have the biggest impact? Kate had some great ideas, and turned them into an incredible business.

    We also discuss how to turn customers into EVANGELISTS. Imagine that -- your customers selling your business for you!!

    I, for one, am glad that she did because Lately AI makes my life easier.

    In case your wondering, she loved being a DJ and wouldn’t mind doing it again.

    Harbourtime Strategy Talks Podcast



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    Episode 27 - Empowering Prosperity For Every Business with Leslie Hassler of Your Biz Rules

    Episode 27 - Empowering Prosperity For Every Business with Leslie Hassler of Your Biz Rules

    Leslie Hassler of Your Biz Rules yourbizrules.com) speaks with me about her experience guiding women owned service-based businesses into more profits cashflow and success.

    Leslie applies over 14 years of entrepreneurial experience to help business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the waters when things go “sideways”. Her experiences helps companies overcome the obstacles and continue to thrive and grow.

    We discuss her “Scaling Rich Personality Quiz” (scalingrich.com), which focuses on personality type and help you achieve the highest level of business for yourself.

    We take a deep dive into how Leslie came up with her business concept and after a two-year journey and discovering that she did not “love” her business at the time.

    There are many methods to start, run and grow your business. Leslie’s business focuses on women entrepreneurs because she has been there, done that . . . juggled the roles, raised a family, while running a business! Hey, but don’t worry guys . . . she can help you focus on your business growth, too.

    As Leslie says, good marketing picks a spot in the sand and plants a flag, but that doesn’t mean that people that are a little difference can’t come into it.

    Helen Keller’s quote about vision: The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision.

    A guiding vision is necessary to flourish in business.  Vision = Beacon  For instance, Leslie’s guiding vision is “empowering prosperity for every business”.  So many things are out of our control, but a vision can help stay on track.

    Regarding strategy, some can be implemented quickly and some can take quite a while. Go for the easy wins first. But, as your business matures, you will need to focus on some longer-term strategies.

    What the biggest obstacles to success for entrepreneurs in 2021?

    The Three M’s:


    Business owners need to have a Dashboard. Look at the KPIs, cashflow and a strategic plan. This will allow you to measure where you are and where you might have gone off track. Strategic planning is necessary for business growth, and a Dashboard can keep entrepreneurs on track.

    Always be learning . . . and always be implementing. Take nuggets, ideas, strategies from books, podcasts, videos and implement them. Learning without implementation is useless.



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    Episode 26 - Vulnerability Tour 2021 - Dealing with Communication in 2021.

    Episode 26 - Vulnerability Tour 2021 - Dealing with Communication in 2021.

    Vulnerability Tour 2021 – Dealing with Communication Issues in 2021!

    Can you think of a time or would you even admit to it a time when your, your communication, your words, or your, your style of communication caused damage to you or to someone else?

    In this session, I discuss overcoming the “communication roadblock,” aka “when you can’t say what you really mean.”

    Based on the book by Brian Harbour, 17 Roadblocks on the Highway of Life and How to Overcome Them.

    The “roadblocks” we are covering in the Vulnerability Tour 2021 are:


    We cannot escape the responsibility of our communications. Our communications have consequences, but we do have the ability to make good choices when it comes to commuting.

    Great leaders are quoted, including Peter Drucker, Tommy Lasorda, Peter Drucker, Plato, Mark Twain and others.

    Most of the quotes focus on “listening.”

    Four Strategies for Overcoming Communication Issues in 2021:

    Learn how to Listen, and listen with the intent of understanding: Do you really want to understand someone when they're talking to you? You should. And if you, if you listen empathetically, and if you listen with the intent to understand, it's going to improve your ability to communicate.
    Develop relationships: If you don’t know the person you are trying to communication with, it’s going to be difficult to connect with them.  What are we doing right now?
    Face-to-Face Dialogue is key: in 2021, even if you're ready to go out and have a face-to-face dialogue with someone, they may not be ready. We’re all encountering that right now. But you can gain a different understanding of your communication if you are in person.
    Be sensitive to Non-verbal clues: Tone. Body Language. Other NVC’s can tell a story. Pay attention to these clues.


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    Episode 25 - Leadership is Always Relevant - With Tim Kintz, Kintz Group

    Episode 25 - Leadership is Always Relevant - With Tim Kintz, Kintz Group

    Leadership is Always Relevant as a Strategy!

    The speed of the team is all about the speed of the leader.

    You’re not really a leader if people aren’t following you.

    In this episode, leadership, motivation, and overcoming your fears to get things done is discussed with Tim Kintz of Kintz Group

    Buzzwords aren’t necessary for good leaders.

    Managers are often the least trained people at companies. Even if they are trained, it doesn’t mean you they have what it takes to be a leader.

    Five years from now. If someone asked your people, who was the person who made a difference in your life, will they remember your name? Leaders should strive to be the one who is remembered as impacting and influencing lives.

    We discuss Tim’s “Leadership Quadrant”: Lead, Manage, Coach, Train, and how each of these is different based on individual skill sets. We discuss ways to determine which area is your strongest and where your individual skills are on the quadrant.

    Leading is setting the vision.
    Managing is the detail side.
    Training is giving knowledge.
    Coaching is developing skills.

    Tim discusses dreaming big and leading big.

    Leaders leave people better off than before they met. A good leader is in the trenches and focused on the people he or she is leading.

    Being “fearless” plays an important role in leadership. Fear holds people back. Being fearless is about not being afraid to make mistakes. Stop being afraid. Take Charge. Dream Big. Have a big passion and a big purpose.

    We also discuss the concept of an “Emotional Bank Account.” As a manager and as a leader, you will eventually have to get tough on people. Great leaders need to earn the right to have tough conversations with people. Do a good job of catching people doing things right. (Based off of a concept from John Maxwell.)

    Determine where you want to be in 5 years and act on a plan to get there. Have a big vision. Paint a big vision for your followers. Make sure they know how they will fit into that vision

    Tim also provides steps to take for a great employee one-on-one.



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    Episode 24 - Personal Branding and Social Selling - Strategy Discussion with Olesija Saue

    Episode 24 - Personal Branding and Social Selling - Strategy Discussion with Olesija Saue

    #strategy #personalbranding #socialselling #brand #smallbusiness

    Many of us have a strong physical brand, but a weak digital brand.   This session of Harbourtime Strategy Talks discusses various strategies to enhance your brand (personal and corporate) and defines social selling. Strategies are presented to help with social selling and personal brand building, with a delineation between a physical brand and digital brand.

    What are you doing to build your personal brand?

    Do you even care?

    Guest on the podcast today is Olesija Saue (olesijasaue.com)

    “I don't want to be a superstar I just want to do my job is personal branding for me.”

    Personal Branding and how it is tied to Social Selling

    Olesija has been in the business world for over 20 years, during which time she has have experienced both very quick high rises, and then also very big lows.

    It is easy to be in business when everything is thriving,  but we really learn our lessons and we evolve when life gets tough as it is right now.

    We all have experiences that we can use our advantage business and in marketing, and also our unique strengths, our values, our why, and most importantly, our story and story that we have to own and we have to share.

    People and Social Media combined make for a great passion.

    The most important part of personal branding is actually your substance: what is inside the story, your strengths, your values, your why, because they really talk to our subconscious mind, which draws on emotions, which is how decisions are made.

    Personal branding is putting together our uniqueness and packaging it in a way that that our ideal customers can resonate with.

    Think about Audi or Porsche.  These brands actually create certain emotions.

    Keep in mind that we all have a personal brand from the moment we do anything.

    In 2021, personal branding is now what other people know about you before you actually enter the room.

    We have two worlds . . . the physical world and the digital world.  We must make sure that our digital and personal brand are at the same level.

    Make sure your personal brand is telling the story that you want it to tell.

    Balance growth, fun and achievement for success.

    Enjoy the process. The process and the end results are equally important.

    In order to stay relevant in today's environment, we really have to learn not all the time.

    Make sure that you are balancing work and “life” to make sure you are covering the things that are important to you.

    Social Selling: Social selling is in our DNA. Now, we build the relationships online.

    Content Marketing is communicating “one to many,” but social selling is communication “one on one.”

    Trust is built through digital/online social selling.

    According to Olesija, Social Selling is like dating.  The relationship takes time to develop.

    Businesses in 2021 can stand out by implementing a social selling/social media strategy by taking care of their social media profiles. Stand out. Be visible. The buyers have to know you exist. Webpage, Articles, Podcasts – online conversations – thought leadership.

    Olesija co-authored a book, “The Brand Named You”, is to help individuals with social media strategy and exposure. They fight the misconception that personal branding is “bragging.” The also provide a step-by-step process (Roadmap) to help with personal brand strategy.



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