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Join Quincy Jones and Vernon Brown answer questions about pest problems for residents of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. If bugs and pest are problem, Harpoon Pest has the solutions. Come join our regular conversations on how to solve pest problems.

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Join Quincy Jones and Vernon Brown answer questions about pest problems for residents of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. If bugs and pest are problem, Harpoon Pest has the solutions. Come join our regular conversations on how to solve pest problems.

    Philadelphia & Lansdowne PA Flea Problems Solved!

    Philadelphia & Lansdowne PA Flea Problems Solved!

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Harpoon Pest solutions Pest Control podcast. Today, I’m going to answer the question about fleas. Very simple and short, how to get rid of fleas in your home? Well, there’s four steps that you you need to take, if you have a fleet issue, I would say, actually, it’s five. The very first step is that you want to take care of your animal, your cat or dog, you want to make sure you’re able to get them to a qualified vet, and, you know, get whatever medications are needed to take care of your animal to make sure if you if you have a flea issue in your home, because you own a cat or dog, you want to make sure that that animal is taken care of, in a way that’s not going to bring any harm to that cat or dog. That’s very important. You know, we want to put your animal first as a priority, make sure that they’re healthy. And if they have an issue with fleas, you know, that is going to make sure they get the medication that they need. That’s the first thing. How did you get fleas to begin with, is always important. It could be that you have an animal that has fleas, maybe both fleas in the house, it could be something weird on the outside of the house, maybe you know there’s grass, you know, our lawn area that needs to be taken care of may need to be treated even on the outside, you know desks. So step number one is really just trying to pinpoint you know, what’s going on, you know, as my cat or dog, okay, is there’s issues on the outside that need to be addressed. For the inside of your home. The number two thing is you want to use a powerful vacuum on any of the floors, upholstery to mattresses, the bedding, a very a good vacuum to suck up those fleas, get those eggs up out of the you know the crevices of the wood flooring or the fibers of the carpet, you want to try to get get as much of that stuff up as possible. Take that vacuum outside and change out the bag or, you know, or empty it out when the outside of the house. So that’s step number two, which is getting a powerful vacuum and just go to work. Step number three is the use of a steam cleaner on carpets and upholstery, including the pet bedding. She’s trying to destroy as many eggs as possible. I know we use high powerful steam, high heat steam for the control of bedbugs to destroy those eggs. And in this case, that’s what you want to do is just be really thorough, and try to really eliminate as many eggs it’s possible that fleas leave fleas lay a lot of eggs, okay, to female fleas, they definitely leave a lot of eggs. So you want to steam clean as much as possible. The next step is step number four, you want to wash all bedding, including your pets bed in hot water. You know, wherever the cat or dog if they have bedding, you know, toss that thing in the washer and and and handle it you know, so that they have a nice, clean bedding in the destroys any any fleas, want to pet bedding. And then number five. Number five is the use of chemical treatment. This is important because at this step, you can decide whether or not you want to treat it yourself or call on a professional. Those are the two options you have. For a fleece situation. I’m going to say it’s probably best to call in a professional. And the reason why is because a lot of times with a cell over the counter or foggers or bombs. Now most people that’s the first thing they grab is oh I got fleas, you know, I need to get some foggers or bombs and they set them off. And oftentimes we end up coming out to that customer’s home after they’ve made several attempts to use fibers or bombs and they don’t work. Part of the reason why it doesn’t work is because fires and bombs they releases the material up into the air towards the ceiling and then it falls all down on everything. You know it falls on the tables, chairs, furniture bedding everywhere,

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    Ants Are All Year Long in Philadelphia and Landsdowne, PA

    Ants Are All Year Long in Philadelphia and Landsdowne, PA

    Hello there, this is Quincy with Harpoon Pest Solutions. And this is the Harpoon Pest Solutions Pest Control podcast. Today, I’m going to answer the question, why do I see ants in the winter? That’s a good question. You know, typically we see ants that pop up in the spring, summer, the ants are out in full force, very busy, you know, the trailing looking for food, you can see them trailing up and down. Homes, buildings on the sidewalk, they’re in a grass. Pretty much you see everywhere, you know, you’ll get random ants here and here on t

    he countertop bathroom. But why do I see them in a winter? I understand the warm weather. But what happens with the winner? Seems like the ground is frozen. The outside is cold. There shouldn’t be anything moving crawling around. So to answer that question, just a few quick facts. Unlike other animals, ants don’t fall into like a deep slumber. For the winter. They don’t go hibernate. But what happens, what answers that they’re finding a way inside, or they’ll rest way under the ground in the soil, you know, and when I say they find it, we’re inside, what could happen is that some species of ants are able to make above ground nest, and it could be a wall void. Or it could be an appliance or something along those lines that ants can harboring and survive through the winter months indoors. When it comes to the soil, what could happen is that I’ve seen this happen in many neighborhoods where two homes are built on like a concrete slab. There are things that keep that concrete slab warm and heated. And so the soil underneath is warm. And it allows termite I’m not termite, it allows ants to survive, that allows them to thrive and maintain activity through the cold months. So while the ground and the outside might be frozen, and it might be solid, underneath slab underneath that concrete slab or in that foundation, in certain places, it just may be warm. And, you know, if there’s moisture to air and there’s warmth there, and there, it’s the nose, it’s would be able to survive and answer cold blooded. So their bodies react to temperatures when the outside, of course, you know, the temperatures on the outside would cause them to become very sluggish and slow them down. So sometimes when people see ants in like December, January, February, the ants are kind of like sluggish, and it just kind of move and they may only see like one or two here or there but they see it. And then sometimes we get those kind of weird unseasonally warm days in the middle of winter. You know, like you’ll get like a 60 degree day or something like that. And then boom, you know, you got all this crazy activity. We’ve had customers reports it Yeah, you know, the other day when it was the other week when it was warm. You know, we just had all these ants everywhere. And I don’t understand what’s going on because it’s December it’s, January and we got ants everywhere. And that’s why because and sure enough, I remember talking to one customer and that was the situation, the house sitting on a slab and right underneath where her her sink is. And her stove. She always she has an issue with ants all year long, or she had an issue ants all year long. We’ll get to that later. And what happens, they’re able to do this because this is what they were designed to do. They were designed to survive. Most species of ants will consume large amounts of food and a winner so they can put on fat. And they’ll eat as much as they can. And much as food is they can or they can go without food a winner basically. But you see them put on a lot of eat a lot of fats, you know, that’s what they do.

    And they feed off those fats, they feed off the carbohydrates and the protein that they stored through the fall and they do that in the winter.

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    Termites, a Problem in Philadelphia and Landsdowne, PA

    Termites, a Problem in Philadelphia and Landsdowne, PA

    Vernon Brown

    Hello again, everyone. Today we’re going to discuss termites. And how can we prevent termites in our home. It’s not a guarantee prevention. But what I want to share with you can really help you keep termites out of your home. Termites we know they eat wood from the inside out, they call us homeowners thousands of dollars, especially commercial properties can call us in the hundreds of thousands even. It can be hidden for years until they’re found out. They travel deep below the surface of the ground. And North America, particularly as arid east coast of North America, we have the subterranean termite. So they come from deep underground. I’m not going to bore you with a lot of termite facts give you that I just want to help you out a little bit here. So believe it or not, your roof plays a vital role. In termite prevention and urban areas, you have two flat roofs, some of your roofs are tarred, some might have a rubber roof on it. Now you want to make sure on those roofs that your downspouts lead directly into your sewer pipe that the water coming from the rain the rain water goes right down into your sewer of the city code allows it that these that the water does not just pour out into your concrete or pour out into your yard. You want to if it doesn’t go into the sewer line, have the downspout go away from your home. Draw that water away from your home. Broken downspouts they cause a heavy rain much puddling against your home. Now if you have a pitched roof, you want to make sure your gutters are tight. They’re not dripping a lot of water down onto your concrete or your grass. You want to make sure that the leaves don’t clog the downspout areas. If you have a cellar or a basement in your home you want to and if you take on regular water in your basement, then you really want to readily inspect your floor joists and your wall studs each year. Termites love water, heavy moisture areas. That’s what draws into your home in many ways. So this is just something that I wanted to share with you guys. A lot of people do not know when they purchase a home. You know you get to turn my certification and as good. We do termite harpoon pest solutions, we do termite certifications but just a crucial, very important is your inspector should inspect your downspouts and gutters. Make sure those things are in good repair to prevent termites in the future at the determination of vacation so once again this is just a short little podcast I wanted to share that glow gem with you this is Burnham with our Cooper solutions signing off again, saying keep peace of mind and a place you dwell

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    Philadelphia and Landsdowne PA, Mice are a Problem Here As Well!

    Philadelphia and Landsdowne PA, Mice are a Problem Here As Well!

    Vernon Brown

    Hey, this is Vernon I’m back again. I want to talk about mice mice in the home. On my last podcast, we focused on urban areas we’re going to continue to do that Philadelphia for example. By the way, Philly don’t get enough love man on podcasts and YouTube. Not at all just saying my comment about it, but come on. Anyway, we’re going to talk about mice in the home. I was gonna join rats and mice maybe named this the rodent podcast, but really, rats mice. One is the Incredible Hulk folks. The others David Banner, which is green eyes. Rats deserve their own podcast episode by themselves. So Mike’s folks, so many Philly urban homes, we have boiler heating, which means you have a radiator in every room of your house. Now each radiator has two pipes, and those pipes run throughout your house in your walls into your basement. It’s like a superhighway in your home. It’s like Star Wars Episode One or two. You know when and again young will be closing that car chase that was driving on floating cars. And again, he was jumping on different cars. There was a superhighway seen flying colorful cars zipping all over the place. beautiful scene by the way. I love those kind of futuristic scenes. I say we can get there but no, I’m not saying that anymore. technology’s just amazing. Anyway, radiator pipes are everywhere in your house. And the mice are riding them bad boys like interstate 95 Highway. You’re your couch. Watching your 65 inch equals his own shout out the Carson Wentz go birds. And here comes from under the love seat. This mouse and you weigh in 225 pounds grown man jumping spilling your IPA beer all over your new white throwback jersey. You don’t run because you’re not scared. You just start. There’s a difference. Girlfriend ran first by the way. Oh, you’re scaring mice? No, I’m not scared. It just surprised me. So you got to sit around and pace folks take your time sit around both pipes and check under a radiator to it gets pretty nasty under radiators. The baseboards they tend to separate from the floor and mice can easily get through those holes. We said last podcast my first podcast that these homes are separated by red brick and sold. I just want to briefly explain something very very important to you homeowners out there. Perhaps you’re in the process of renovating your home. You want to remodel your property you love your property. So you you hire a handyman. And you want to make your house look more modern. Most of these houses. They have one single light in the middle of the ceiling or some houses they don’t have any lights at all in the ceiling. But recessed lights is the thing so you want to get some recessed lights installed. So the handyman is the handyman he got to rip down your old plaster because he needs to run some electric.

    Now here’s the deal with plaster.

    plaster is the underrated eyesore. Nobody wants but it’s thick. It’s durable. And here’s something else you might not have realized about plaster. It’s very very quiet.

    When mice walk on it and I said when

    because mice pass between homes rooms. They walk on the ceilings in between the Joyce most rowhomes have mice running in between the ceilings. They pass into that old red brick and here you are you’re sitting down on your couch. You got this new ceiling with these recessed lights. The handyman took good care of you so you think winter comes mice are coming back in the house heavy

    and you hear

    scratching sounds and you look up you saying what in the world is that noise? I’ve never heard that before.

    Here’s the deal.

    dry wall is thinner than plaster. Everything you the mice do in between your choice, you’re going to hear it so Mr. handyman charged you full price and he took shortcuts date these handyman do not like this subject.

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    Philadelphia and Landsdowne PA, Rats in the City

    Philadelphia and Landsdowne PA, Rats in the City

    Vernon Brown

    Okay, folks, I’m back again. Good to talk to everyone again. This is Episode Four of the harpoon pest solutions podcast. We’re gonna get right into it. We’re talking about rats, rats in a city. Rats is probably the most feared pest according to many homeowners that we talked to. And in Philadelphia rats is a big problem. Particularly in South Philadelphia, rather like a big percentage of rats in Philadelphia. The majority is in South Philadelphia. Now, there’s a few reasons for this. And you know, this podcast is not to scare anyone from moving to South Philadelphia, softly delfy is a great place great area. Some of the best restaurants is their very clean part of this city. South Philly Philadelphia is very nice. But here we go. So South Philadelphia, one of the problems with it, is that it’s adjacent to the rivers. So you have the Delaware River, in school. So racks is a breeding place. These rivers are a breeding place for these rats, these rats come out of this river, and they’re looking for a home to get into. By the way school cool. little silly fact. School means hidden River. So used to say Schuylkill River, you’re saying hidden river River. Just a little side note for those visitors that don’t know what the worst school means. Okay, so here is another reason why rats is a problem in Salford. This is a story that our religion gave me. I had to check it out for myself, it’s a very good story. So if many of you who live in Philly, but you don’t have to live in Philly to know or recall veteran Stadium, many of you recall, the vet as is known throughout the sports world. It’s where the Philadelphia Eagles used to play the football team. But it was knocked down some years back veteran stadium. And so the story goes that I’ve had the privilege of going to the vet quite a bit as a young guy. And he not not just football games, but even outside other events, was able to go to the vet. And the lower level. It’s true. I mean, you could just go in a lower level and you know, rats there, you only have to see them, you know, they’re down there. And then they had a level below that level. So when the event was being planned to be demolished, the construction companies were out there. They imploded the building. And there they said that when they did that, there were thousands of rats running from the stadium. So apparently, under the vet, there were a lot of rats, and they use the vet as a breeding ground. And when they knocked down the stadium, these rats had no place to go. Now, they said it was so bad that these rats started to go to these homes and sell Philadelphia. The city was paying for homes to get treated for rats. That’s how bad it was. I don’t I don’t think they’re the city’s paying for that anymore. But fact that No, they’re not. But there was a time where you can get a little bit of grant money to pay towards your pest control guy to get rid of rats. So anyway, another reason why. Here’s something else about South Philly. That’s a little different from the other areas of Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia, the new stadiums, so you got the new football stadium, got the baseball stadium, you have the basketball slash hockey arena.

    Philadelphia is one of the few cities that all the stadiums are within a stone’s throw of each other. All the stadiums are very close. There’s not many cities in this nation like that. And these are new buildings, but let’s face it, you know there there’s holes. And I’m sure rats tend to be under these buildings also. Now right up the street from the stadiums is another problem. It is a huge food distribution area. You can see through building you got other buildings over there. And you best believe again, under the old buildings registry for the stadiums in South Philly is a breeding area for rat...

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    Bed Bugs in Urban Philadelphia

    Bed Bugs in Urban Philadelphia

    Vernon Brown here.

    I just want to briefly talk about bedbugs in the urban market, the urban neighborhood.

    I was born and raised in Philadelphia,

    Philly, many of you know.

    So for those listening from other areas to the phrase row home, that might not be familiar to you. I was talking to a young lady once in Altoona, PA, that’s about five hours from Philly. She literally never heard of a rowhome ad to show a picture in my phone of my house. She couldn’t believe it. So in a row neighborhood, you literally can fit 100 homes in a square block.

    They only take you about 10 minutes to walk in.

    The upside, you get to know your neighbors pretty quick. The houses stay pretty warm in a winner. And there’s not much grass to cut or snow to shovel. The downside? If your neighbor is suffering from some kind of bug,

    there’s a stream possibility so will you.

    For example, bedbugs the superbug can walk through walls. Well, we know it can’t walk through walls, but it is able to find the smallest crack a hole. But here’s the main question. How do bedbugs even know to bother you in the first place? Keep the place clean and good repair. If you are currently living in a rural neighborhood, you will totally get the parable that I’m giving you.

    My previous neighbor I used to live in West Philly.

    He was a daily pothead

    for the younger crew who smoke weed.

    Now my windows can be closed, my doors can be shut and I guarantee you weed smell marijuana smell will be in my house. It is the most irritating, angry, so disrespectful.

    It’s the thing I hated about my neighbor.

    I would literally have to try to go to a different room in the house. And if I really got mad, I just leave all together and go for a ride.

    For bedbugs, it’s similar.

    When we sleep, we exhale a scent from our lungs. That is as strong as Maris marijuana smoke to a bedbug the smell guide them and even shows them the way to your home. Which is not hard to believe. And what’s really red brick and plaster is the only thing that’s separate the homes. The red brick veneer 1680 years is crumbling behind your smooth price walls. Comes with age nothing we do about it.

    But what can we do

    to prevent bed bugs or to lower or lessen the chance of you getting bedbugs? What can you do? Well, one, study your neighbor’s trash. That’s right. If you purchase a new bed or a couch, chances are you get it delivered. The delivery man will take the old furniture and many times. However, people with bedbugs they can wait that long.

    They thrown the furniture out.

    You see beds chairs on the curb, be where they may have bedbugs

    to intersects them

    or they can do a slanted door in your face curse you out taking mind your business lie.

    Or they might just tell you the truth

    helps you take preventive measures for yourself. The third thing you can do is inspect, inspect inspect your own property your own rooms. Do not rely on bites on your skin. Remember, not everyone has an allergy to bedbugs some don’t even know they have them until they are completely infested with them. So live your mattress folks, bedbugs like to flap towards seams on your mattress on your boxspring tread points thread points use me thread points on your mattress. mattress tags they like to get under the mattress tag. They like to hang out behind picture frames on your wall, maybe your headboard against the wall they like to get behind the headboard. If it’s the sofa, unscrew the legs if you have legs and your sofa check on the between the legs in the couch. There’s a mattress or sofa cover. Lift the zipper pull Velcro back

    Are you good hire professional.

    bedbug inspections are free do not pay for a bed bug inspection. We do bed bugs, inspections, harpoon pest solutions.

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