Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
1.2K Ratings

1.2K Ratings

Hotrod&dolce ,


Riveting. Thank you!

The system is broken fix it ,


I love the story

MLG_fries ,

this is awful

they’re trying to make you like miriam when she did a horrible thing for MONEY AND TV FAME! she humiliated these guys, especially tom, all for money and fame. she is a terrible person and so are all of the producers!

samgraves2 ,

Straightforward story; not much of a deep dive

The narrator, throughout the entire podcast, seems to want us to feel bad for Miriam but with each episode the narrator continues to tell us stories which show how vain and money hunger Miriam actually was. Then she goes on this reality show whose, let’s be honest, sole purpose is to embarrass all of the contestants. Then we are supposed to feel bad for her when a group of young men have it revealed to them that she was/is a man? I don’t feel bad for Miriam at all. She knew full well what she was getting into.

NaturallyK ,

Touching and memorable

After listening to this I want to “see” more people. Miriam will always be in my heart.

Ma.Shellyz ,

Do not consider acting as a profession!

It would’ve been a great podcast, had the narrator not mixed metaphors, mispronounced words, and had a little training on voice.



A must listen. Incredible how far we’ve come with trans acceptance, especially considering how impossibly far we still have to go. Keep telling trans stories and bringing trans history into the light.

HeatherGMF ,

She’s not BORED

She just is not a narrator. I can’t listen to anymore of this because I can just see her reading a script and it’s excruciating. Wondery, just hire a professional. You know better.

chelle4282 ,

Well done

I stumbled upon this looking for something to listen to while grocery shopping. I could not put it down and finished it all in one day. Such a tragic story, beautifully told.

Jani 88 ,

Playing a Victim

The ones I feel bad for are the men. They were lied to and strung along all for entertainment. Miriam played along in the deception. She’s just as bad as the TV producers for lying. I am all for someone living their truth but she went along with TV shows plots not once but twice. All to become famous.