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The school of Business and Personal Development for Africans, by Africans.

Headstart Africa Masterclass w/ John Obidi John Obidi

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The school of Business and Personal Development for Africans, by Africans.

    HAM 003 - How to secure fully funded international opportunities w/ Grace Ihejiamaizu

    HAM 003 - How to secure fully funded international opportunities w/ Grace Ihejiamaizu

    On this episode, Grace Ihejiamaizu teaches us How international opportunities can transform your life, business or cause for good; Where to spot hundreds of openings for international opportunities well in advance; What international organizations are looking for in applicants; How to professionally apply for opportunities in a way that greatly enhances your chances of selection; and How to prepare your mind and personal brand in order to best position for international opportunities

    • 54 min
    HAM 002 - Profitable Public Speaking w/ Joyce Daniels

    HAM 002 - Profitable Public Speaking w/ Joyce Daniels

    A mentor once told me, "John, for every business, there is a fast track. The first thing I do before venturing into any business is to ask about the fast track".

    Tonight on the Headstart Africa Masterclass, we'll be leveraging on the knowledge, experience and expertise of the best in the business to hand you the fast track to building a WILDLY PROFITABLE PUBLIC SPEAKING BUSINESS.

    Tonight on the Headstart Africa Masterclass, we're hosting the Queen of Talk herself, the Trainer's Trainer and your Quintessential Master of Ceremonies Joyce Daniels.

    She is a Senior Trainer with the prestigious 106 year-old Dale Carnegie and Associates, and is the founder Talkademy Training School for Masters of Ceremonies - Africa’s Premiere Training School for Masters of Ceremonies, training over 300 MCs till date.

    For over 10 years, she has facilitated trainings in Presentation Skills & Public Speaking, Sales, Effective Communication and Human Relations, Team Building and more.

    She is actively involved in the training of top management personnel and some of her clientele include Diamond Bank PLC, Union Bank PLC, Main One Cable Company, MAERSK, Tolaram Conglomerate, IHS Towers, NNPC, Coca Cola International, Interswitch and others, including business owners and individuals who seek self-development.

    As a speaker, she delivers superlative keynotes, steers engaging panel discussions and directs events as ‘The Quintessential Master of Ceremonies’.

    Today, she is undoubtedly amongst the top Event Host MCs in Nigeria, hosting a long list of high-profile events for Oil & Gas Companies and Institutions, Financial Services, Multinationals, NGOs, Religious Organisations and discerning individuals.

    Her first publication, MASTERY, which was launched to mark her 10th year anniversary as a speaker, is widely acclaimed as a comprehensive guide for MCs and individuals who need to earn more from their speaking prowess.

    On this masterclass, Joyce Daniels will be teaches us:

    - How to build your confidence and competence in Public Speaking

    - How to position yourself in the marketplace as a highly sought-after Public Speaker

    - How to get speaking engagements, build influence and make money as a public speaker

    • 1 hr 15 min
    HAM 001 - Hyper Productivity w/ Dr. Malik Haruna King

    HAM 001 - Hyper Productivity w/ Dr. Malik Haruna King

    If you had the power to add more time to your typical 24-hour day, what would you accomplish?

    How much more money would you be able to make?

    While it may not be immediately possible to create more hours, it is possible to create the same result by getting a lot more done in less time.

    As working professionals, our active income is directly dependent on our creativity and the quality of our productive hours.

    Unfortunately, many precious hours are spent battling avoidable illness, lack of focus, low energy and other health conditions that prevent us from giving and living our best.

    What's the best health routine and diet for an entrepreneur, employee, CEO, public speaker, musician, driver, etc.

    How can you stay fit, even when you don't have time to hit the gym?

    How do you get the best of nutrition into your diet without breaking the bank?

    What exactly do you need to do when during the day, you feel slow, tired and cannot seem to focus?

    Tonight on HEADSTART AFRICA, we're hosting Dr. 'Malik Haruna King, founder of Dr. Malik's Perfect Health Community.

    Dr. Malik Haruna King is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and Founder of Medmia Health Services — a health body that provides health training and consultancy services to both individuals and corporate organizations with the sole aim of helping them achieve and maintain physical (and mental) health, improved performance, and enhanced productivity -- both individually and corporately.

    He achieves this by helping them increase health knowledge, develop health habits, build solid relationships, and improve personal (and workplace) performance and productivity.

    He has rendered these training and consultancy sessions for corporates such as First Bank, Diamond Bank and many others.

    On this episode, 'Malik Haruna King teaches:

    - Simple exercise routines for the busy professional

    - Foods you MUST eliminate from your diet TODAY if you want to live long

    - Foods you can add to your diet in order to boost mental fitness, focus, creativity and productivity

    - How to re-create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family

    • 1 hr 4 min

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