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Built for boomer women looking to reinvent, become a podcaster, entrepreneur. How? Weekly convos with guests sharing how-to instruction, info, inspiration. Ask us questions!

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Built for boomer women looking to reinvent, become a podcaster, entrepreneur. How? Weekly convos with guests sharing how-to instruction, info, inspiration. Ask us questions!

    Former news anchor Lena Nguyen speaks her mind!

    Former news anchor Lena Nguyen speaks her mind!

    Emmy award-winning journalist and host Lena Nguyen shares her story of reinvention. How do you walk being the history-making news anchor working in the number two market in the country, working primetime on two networks?
    1:18 - Nearly 50 years old when she questioned, "is the money worth it?" Her dream job was no longer a source of fulfillment.
    4:59 - TV anchor & reporting were her identities. When she reinvented herself, Lena recognized her many skills; communication was a vital tool. Today she is podcasting - Consenting Adults.
    13:01 -Lena speaks on how she survived reporting death and mayhem for two decades.
    "Now I'm able to speak my mind."
    15:45 - Today, her paychecks come from commercials, corporate podcasting
    24:54 - Lena's final words of wisdom - measuring success and happiness.
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    Giggers, Startups and Shark Tank

    Giggers, Startups and Shark Tank

    Award-winning producer and director Mary Scott teaches on laying the foundations for giggers, startups, and company builders.
    Mary's industry and life experiences contribute to what she teaches on her website https://businessriff.com/. Great news, she offers a free business resource guide for those in St. Louis, Il area.
    From our conversation:
    1:55 - 10 mistakes you don't have to make when building a startup
    3:09 - There is a difference between a business, employees, and scaling to become a company vs. being self-employed in the gig economy.
    3:57 - The value of being part of a resource guide and why use one.
    8:23 - Shark Tank is not designed for all startups to approach.
    10:25 Entrepreneurs Mary can assist.
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    • 13 min
    Black Female Ambitious in the 60s

    Black Female Ambitious in the 60s

    Growing up in the 60s and finding their professional space in the 70s, their story landed these three women a feature magazine spot!
    Educators Sharon McKinney, Jackie Patterson, and psychotherapist Frances Pitt share their story. WomLead Magazine shares their journey in the March issue (magazine sold out) in the column Boomers' Voices With Margo Lovett.  Be sure to meet these ladies as the video version of this conversation is released on YouTube. https://youtu.be/1IevN9QPO_8

    • 53 min
    Taking a Guided Health Journey

    Taking a Guided Health Journey

      Melissa Deally, Integrative Health Practitioner, gives us insight into how the body will heal if brought back into balance. Toxins, being a trashcan, aging, living until 101, and yes, concussions, she touches on these states of being and situations. The fascinating story of how her reinvention makes a global impact outside Western medicine.
    Melissa Deally 00:46
    “Big fish bought little fish. And big fish didn't need me anymore. And I was given one hour to clear out my desk. And no word of thanks for 24 years of service.”
    1:22 – Her interest in brain health
    A grandmother living an independent life at age 99
    A daughter's concussion led to her becoming a certified health coach and integrative health practitioner.
    7:26 – Promoters of why the body gets sick.
    How the body heals itself.
    11:20 – What it’s like to work with Melissa
    Her free Toxic Load quiz - My email address is Melissa@yourguidedhealthjourney.com or website https://yourguidedhealthjourney.com/
    Her Podcast – Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call - https://yourguidedhealthjourney.com/podcast/

    • 16 min
    Diana Lidstone - Simplify your business.

    Diana Lidstone - Simplify your business.

    Diana Lidstone is proof that women can work less, earn more, and build a successful business without falling prey to common but deadly mistakes.
    Five areas where we can simplify our business
    1- Micro-niche
    2- Focus on solving only one problem
    3- Sell one thing and keep making it better
    4- Find your best way to generate leads
    5 - Focus on one social media platform

    • 22 min
    The Dr. and manifestation. How ?

    The Dr. and manifestation. How ?

    This physician also studies positive thinking, faith, and visualization. "The manifestation expert," Dr. Angela Harden - Mack is no stranger to manifesting in her own life. Dr. Angela shares personal stories of manifestation and the practice of manifesting, and speaks of Live Great Lives LLC.

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

lfosterak11 ,

Amazing Podcast!

If you’re looking for inspiration to move forward, this is the podcast for you!

Margo Lovett has such a calming voice! She invites guests who bring amazing information and topics to the table. Margo asks great questions during her guest interviews which brings out the best in her guests!

I highly recommend this podcast to everyone!

Cloris Kylie ,

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs

Margo has captured some of the most important concerns and goals of women entrepreneurs on her podcast. She candidly explores them and inspires us with ideas to continue moving forward. I enjoy her energy and style. If you're starting a new business or want to tap into some inspiration for your current business, this is your show.

Duffash ,

Wonderful Show

Listening daily has been a great way to reinvent myself in 2021! Thank you Margo! Keep up the great work!

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