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A podcast for female Christian entrepreneurs desiring to run their business peacefully.

Join the fun as we chat business from a faith perspective and also from an Enneagram and Intuitive Eating perspective! Woo who! Are you excited yet?!

Her Holy Hustle Podcast Nyla Wiebe

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A podcast for female Christian entrepreneurs desiring to run their business peacefully.

Join the fun as we chat business from a faith perspective and also from an Enneagram and Intuitive Eating perspective! Woo who! Are you excited yet?!

    8. Being Kind and Bold

    8. Being Kind and Bold

    Hello friends! Welcome back to the show!

    You are in for a TREAT today. My friend Tanika is here with me, sharing her wisdom on how to boldly share online about controversial current events, while maintaining a kind and grace based attitude towards those who may not agree with you.

    The Holy Spirit directed our convo and had us ditch our planned question outline for awhile, mid conversation! So we also chatted about how to hear from God. What that feels like. Our tips for hearing from Him more etc.  

    Enjoy! Take a screen shot and let us know on IG stories if you listened! Be sure to tag us both!

    Connect with Tanika: 

    Tanika's IG: https://www.instagram.com/tanikamarie/
    Tanika's Blog: https://tanikamarie.com/
    Tanika's Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/get-hutched-with-us/id1514335479

    Connect with Nyla:

    Nyla's IG:https://www.instagram.com/nutritionwithnyla/
    Nyla's Website: https://www.nutritionwithnyla.org/

    Believers Authority Free PDF Book Mentioned: https://www.restoredtofreedom.com/Kenneth-E-Hagin-The-Believers-Authority.pdf

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    7. The Simple Beauty of Saying No and Doing Less

    7. The Simple Beauty of Saying No and Doing Less

    Howdy, H3 Fam!

    Today I have SUCH a wise lady on, sharing how to give yourself permission to say NO. I’ve been following Katherine Herbison for a few years now on IG and she is such a role model in being vulnerable, authentic, listening to your body’s needs and choosing simply in a world that over values busy.

    Tune into to today’s episode to hear her speak on how to simplify different areas of your life (fashion, cooking, work, exercise, time with God etc.) and how to be bold enough to value things that the world does not, like rest and simple.

    Connect with Katherine on IG:https://www.instagram.com/katherine.herbison/
    Connect with Katherine on her website/blog: https://www.katherineherbison.com/my-blog
    Apply to join Nyla’s 6-week Coaching program: https://form.jotform.com/200826504779057
    Learn more about Nourish, Nyla’s Group Coaching program: https://www.nutritionwithnyla.org/nourish-group-coaching
    Connect with Nyla on IG: https://www.instagram.com/nutritionwithnyla/

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    Bonus Episode 6. How to Stop Rushing: The Power of Wiggle Room!

    Bonus Episode 6. How to Stop Rushing: The Power of Wiggle Room!

    Recently, I found myself RUSHING hard core. 

    It was a very full day. I was finishing up a project that had an approaching deadline that I was doing for another business owner. I was writing guest blog posts for a friend's website. I was prepping a bunch of overnight oats to try and make my mornings easier. I had Intuitive Eating coaching calls with clients that I was prepping for and then also writing up session recap notes for, post our phone session. Then I needed to pick up loved ones from work, play with the pets, do my workout, get supper on the table, go to my Zoom Bible study .... WHEW! It a jam packed day and I was FEELING IT.

    But full days don't have to be frantic days. Or days that we don't enjoy. 

    When I noticed I was exhausted only midway through my busy day, I realized why: I hadn't intentionally added any Wiggle Room into my day. I'd just been flying from one task to the next, with no breathing room in-between. Resting BEFORE your to-do list is done is OKAY! And when we don't, oh boy, do we feel it! 

    Tune into today's Bonus Episode and hear me explain what The Power of Wiggle Room is and how it will change your life! 

    Resources by Nyla: 

    Buy my Joyful Eats Journal here: https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10h5k?card=&ltclid=caee80f1-53a7-44b7-91cc-014ff43b07f7

    Buy my two week body image devo for Christians here: https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10eu5?card=&ltclid=2230fed9-4c01-4094-b439-b8024031afea

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    6. Spirit Led Social Media Presence

    6. Spirit Led Social Media Presence

    Hello, hello! 

    I'm baaaaacck! Wow, it felt SO good to ditch IG for a month. Highly recommend doing so!

    Today I have on a SUPER AWESOME guest. CAREN FEHR! We chat all things about having public accounts on social media for business and how to post what God would have us post. She also shares tips for getting in the Word often. 

    Guys, this girl has soooo much godly wisdom and I've loved following her the last four years. It was such a treat and blessing to finally meet her over Zoom as we recorded, after years of messaging via DM on IG. Enjoy! 

    Link to buy my NEW memoir/workbook "The Bible, Your Bod & Broccoli": https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10w32?card

    Link to follow Caren on IG: https://www.instagram.com/carenscorner/

    Link to follow moi on IG: https://www.instagram.com/nutritionwithnyla/

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    5. Working With Controversial Topics as a Christian

    5. Working With Controversial Topics as a Christian

    Fun Fact: 
    Right before recording the intro to this episode, I ate an ooey gooey brownie. Yum-town! Just letting ya know since I realized in editing my voice sounded a bit funny. Ha! Just was a bit sticky from all that deliciousness! Like eating PB before you are about to give a speech! 
    But, I digress :)
    Today’s episode actually was originally set to air mid fall 2021, but it was FIRE so I decided to make it my July guest interview! Why not bump it up a few months when it’s that good?!
    My new friend Denika is full of wisdom and candidly shares in this episode about being a Christian in a controversial field of work. We talk all things owning your unique God callings, even if others don’t get it. How to deal with criticism when others don’t think you should be doing certain things (like yoga, enneagram etc.) and how to only care about His opinion.
    Truthfully,  this was one of my favorite episodes ever! So much fun to record and Denika is an amazing teacher to learn from!

    Read Deinka’s blog (once a month I’m a guest blogger for her!):https://www.standunshaken.com/blog
    Deinka’s membership: https://www.standunshaken.com/membership
    Deinka’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/istandunshaken/

    Buy Nyla's body image devo for Christian women: https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10eu5?card
    Buy Nyla's guided journal to reduce overeating and emotional eating and become a joyful eater instead: https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10h5k?card
    Nyla’s on IG: https://www.instagram.com/nutritionwithnyla/
    Nyla’s website:https://www.nutritionwithnyla.org/
    Nyla’s blog:https://www.nutritionwithnyla.org/blog

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    4. Planning Sermons and Conferences With God

    4. Planning Sermons and Conferences With God

    Hello! So glad you are back! I have my good friend Kaitlyn on the podcast today, sharing all things planning sermons and conferences with God's leading. I definitely learned some things from this conversation and so will you. Even if you aren't a pastor or don't plan conferences like Kaitlyn, we all do make plans and have countless decisions to make in a day. This convo will help equip you with tips for Spirit led decision making, in any area of life!
    Kaitlyn is also generously giving away one free spot to her online course FLOURISH! All you have to do to win is go to her IG page and tag someone in the post that talks about the course/contest to be entered. She goes into more details about the course at the end of the episode. 

    Enter to win a free seat in the FLOURISH course: https://www.instagram.com/kaitlyn.cey/
    Purchase Nyla's body image devotional for Christian women: https://www.fatfreecartpro.com/i/10eu5?card

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Amanda Warfield ,

THE Podcast for Christian Entrepreneurs!

Nyla is the real deal y’all. Her heart for Jesus overflows into every conversation she has, and she is so genuine and joyful. If you want to have someone in your earbuds talking business from a faith perspective, this podcast is definitely for you!

martastr ,

5/5 stars is an understatement

I don’t even have the right words to express the joy in my heart I felt when listening to this podcast. Nyla’s energy and authenticity truly radiates as she speaks with so much grace and love for God. As a young woman myself, she is an amazing role model that speaks about business from a perspective that isn’t typically seen in mass media. She inspires me to follow my unique path led by God in all that I do. Being surrounded by such beautiful words allows me to not only feel inspired to follow my business journey, but want to ensure I make God the centre of all that I do. I’m so excited for the next episode and this podcast is truly a must listen!

Mom with lots of laundry ,

Fun and Faith-Filled

Nyla is so fun, full of faith, and offers great business help. She’s such a sweet encourager for business owners.

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