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HerbMentor Radio, by LearningHerbs, explores the simplicity and accessibility of edible and medicinal plants in peoples lives. Interviews with herbalists explore herbs, herbal home remedies, herb gardening and more. Hosted by John Gallagher.

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HerbMentor Radio, by LearningHerbs, explores the simplicity and accessibility of edible and medicinal plants in peoples lives. Interviews with herbalists explore herbs, herbal home remedies, herb gardening and more. Hosted by John Gallagher.



    7Song is an herbalist, naturalist, and director of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY.

    He is known throughout the herbal community as someone passionate about meeting new plants, someone who loves to help people whereever he travels, and as the “herbal first aid guy.” He has run the first aid tent at the Rainbow Gatherings for years.

    7Song is an herbal practitioner and Director of Holistic Medicine at the Ithaca Free Clinic. He also teaches nationwide at herbal conferences and gatherings, as well as the California School of Herbal Studies.

    In this interview we discuss herbal first aid, go over a case study, and chat a bit about learning plants.

    You can visit his site at http://www.7song.com

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    I am truly honored to share with you a mentor that…well, let’s put it this way. There would be no HerbMentor.com without her. Also, I doubt I would be an acupuncturist as well if I had never met EagleSong.

    EagleSong is not only an extraordinary herbalist and gardener, but also one of the most grounded teachers and mentors you’ll ever meet. She has an eloquent way of sharing her views of health, herbs, sustainable living, gardening, and so much more. EagleSong was the first to teach me how to step back and look at the bigger picture when it comes to health. She has a way of “bringing it all together” and making sense of what can be an overwhelming course of study.

    Sure I had lots of influential mentors, but when it comes to herbs and health, EagleSong’s guidance became a foundation for me. It is the bedrock that LearningHerbs.com is built on.

    It is my hope and dream that YOU continue this lineage and one day teach others in your communities about herbs and health.

    In this Interview, some of what we cover includes…

    * What gardening and plants can teach us about health
    * The importance of community herbalism
    * A VERY unique look at Black Cottonwood

    EagleSong, CCH is a Community Centered Herbalist who started RavenCroft Garden in the Seattle area in 1991. Though she has been a practicing herbalist for over 30 years, she has also been the chief gardener at the world famous HerbFarm Restaurant as well as the environmental horticulturalist for Willows Lodge, ranked the #12 hotel in the U.S.

    Visit http://ravencroftgarden.com

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    James Jungwirth

    James Jungwirth

    James Jungwirth and his family run Naturespirit Herbs, located in the Siskiyou Mountains of southwestern Oregon. They are harvesters of edible and medicinal wild seaweed, herbs and mushrooms. They are also clinical herbalists and producers of high quality herbal medicines.

    I met James at the Northwest Herbfest in Oregon last summer. I was immedietly drawn to his table, which was filled with the most beutifully harvested sea vegetables I have ever seen. If you have ever ordered kelp or other seaweed from Mountain Rose Herbs, there is a good chance you have purchased their handy work.

    I FINALLY caught up with James to ask him some questions about sea vegetables. We cover medicinal and edible uses, as well tips on harvesting. There is PLENTY of useful information even if you do not live near an ocean with cleaner waters for harvesting. I made sure our conversation was mostly geared towards folks who would not be harvesting their own.

    Visit http://naturespiritherbs.com

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    Kiva Rose

    Kiva Rose

    Kiva Rose is an herbalist in the Anima Medicine Woman Tradition. She teaches and practices down to earth herbalism, nutrition and healing based on the same principles our ancestors followed within an adaptive and contemporary context.

    Kiva is the author of The Medicine Woman’s Herbal, an in depth guide to common nourishing herbs, traditional and wild foods, and healing the Medicine Woman way. She makes her home in the Mogollon Mountains of the Gila bioregion of New Mexico, where she and her partners, Wolf and Loba, live in a small off the grid cabin at the Anima Botanical and Women’s Sanctuary.

    Visit http://bearmedicineherbals.com

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    Maria Atwood

    Maria Atwood

    Maria Atwood, CNHP is a Certified Natural Health Professional, and has produced a DVD called Cook Your Way to Wellness. Her focus is on fermented foods and nourishment, in the tradition of our ancestors, the Weston Price Foundation and Sally Fallon. Sally Fallon is author of the celebrated book Nourishing Traditions, who said Maria’s dvd is "A great companion to Nourishing Traditions! Perfect for beginners new to Nourishing Traditions principles."

    In this interview, Maria and I talk about the origins of this traditional style of nutrition, why it’s so good for us, as well as some ideas on how to bring it into your life. We discuss kefir, beet kvass, bone broth, fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, how to eat well on a budget, and where to begin. We also answer questions gathered from HerbMentor.com members, which includes weight loss in relation to this style of eating.

    You can check out Maria’s DVD and lots more at http://TraditionalCook.com

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    Richo Cech

    Richo Cech

    RIcho Cech is a village herbalist, conservationist, and expert on making herbal extracts. For many years he was a developer at HerbPharm. He and his wife Mayche are owners of Horizon Herbs, an organic medicinal herb seed company based in Williams, Oregon. Their mission is to sow seeds worldwide for the benefit of people plants and the planet.

    Richo is author of the books Making Plant Medicine and Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs. His Horizon Herbs catalog is well known not only for its variety of hard to find extracts and seeds, but also as a treasure trove of information.

    In this interview we discuss not only the basics of herb gardening, but also answer some excellent questions from HerbMentor.com members. Of course, Richo infuses his amazing insights on working with herbs. Also, Richo and I talk a bit about comfrey. And as you might expect, another knowledgeable and wise herbalist with yet another varying opinion. :)

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

Kimberly Kling ,

So much goodness!

Thank you for the awesome podcast. I've learned so much and I love the mix of practicallity and "woo woo". John is a great interviewer and offers a lot of different view points through his guests. Love it!

Wild Rose Apothecary ,


I love herbmentor and am so excited about the podcasts!

Noeliajoy ,

My favorite podcast!

I clean houses as my part-time job while I am in school and I listen to podcasts while I work. John's herb mentor podcasts are my favorite!! I even went to his learning herbs website and downloaded all of his older podcasts to listen to. Every single interview is informative and inspiring. He makes working with herbs seem attainable. This is a great podcast!!

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