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HerCsuite™ Radio - For Women Leaders On The Move
This podcast is inspired by you and the many women who are looking to feel inspired and gain a competitive advantage at every career level. Join Host Natalie Benamou, Founder of HerCsuite™, as she interviews industry experts and leaders who share inspiration, stories and resources. Now more than ever, women need to feel valued, find optimism, and increase career satisfaction. Episodes are short and packed with information you can use in your daily life right away .

HerCsuite™ Radio - For Women Leaders On The Move Natalie Benamou, CEO, HerPower2, Inc. CGO, HerCsuite™

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HerCsuite™ Radio - For Women Leaders On The Move
This podcast is inspired by you and the many women who are looking to feel inspired and gain a competitive advantage at every career level. Join Host Natalie Benamou, Founder of HerCsuite™, as she interviews industry experts and leaders who share inspiration, stories and resources. Now more than ever, women need to feel valued, find optimism, and increase career satisfaction. Episodes are short and packed with information you can use in your daily life right away .

    An Insider View of FemTech with Bethany Corbin, Founder and CEO, FemInnovation

    An Insider View of FemTech with Bethany Corbin, Founder and CEO, FemInnovation

    You may have heard a lot about FemTech in recent months. Did you know that the phrase has only been around since 2016? This week on HerCsuite™ Radio we dive into the details and give you an Insider View of FemTech with Bethany Corbin, Founder and CEO of FemInnovation. She shares with host Natalie Benamou, all the ways women’s healthcare is impacted from clinical trials to data privacy and more.
    Bethany is a healthcare innovation and FemTech attorney on a mission to help thought leading companies revolutionize women's health. Through her company FemInnovation, she partners with emerging companies at the forefront of healthcare transformation to ensure they are building robust, scalable, and legally compliant businesses focused on enhancing health equity.
    5 Fast Facts about FemTech
    1.    FemTech is also a relatively new industry.
    2.    The term was only coined back in 2016, and it was really coined because we needed to give a definition and dialogue to women's health care, and so whenever we talk about FemTech, we're talking about anything that's digital health related for women's health conditions.
    3.    Beyond period tracking apps, ovulation apps, fertility apps, FemTech is branching out beyond reproductive care.
    4.    There’s been a huge emphasis on menopause and longevity.
    5.    Chronic care conditions especially with breast and uterine health coming into play.
    “One of my personal favorites is a company called AOA that is actually trying to do a blood test for ovarian cancer, since there's really no early-stage detection.” Bethany Corbin
    Access to Clinical Trials
    It wasn’t until 1993 that women were allowed to participate in clinical trials. There was this a longstanding FDA prohibition from 1977.
    When we think about it that way, we have a huge gender data gap when it comes to healthcare, and one size fits all solutions have been applied from male physiology to the female body. A lot of the interventions that we've had have been male designed, not necessarily designed for females. This is contributing to the growth of the FemTech industry and the emphasis on personalized care for women.
    HIPPA and FemTech
    ·      There is a very common misconception that exists over what HIPAA does and doesn't cover.
    ·      A lot of women think that the same data that they give their healthcare provider and they put into their FemTech app, that it's going to be covered by HIPAA, because it doesn't make sense that all healthcare data wouldn’t be treated the same.
    ·      HIPAA, in the privacy rule, is only protecting your protected health information when it's possessed by a covered entity, and by covered entity what they mean is your healthcare provider, your health plan or your healthcare clearinghouse.
    ·      The majority of the FemTech apps on the market today don't fit in that definition. So that means they fall entirely outside the bounds of HIPAA.
    ·      You could give that exact same data to your healthcare provider, and it's protected.  That same data shared with your healthcare app, is not protected.
    ·      The biggest risk to your healthcare data happens when it is sold to data brokers.
    Actions To Take
    Reach out to your elected officials about healthcare data privacy and restrictions on what can be shared or sold without your knowledge. 
    This podcast is sponsored by Her Health Equity Council. Take the Pledge #HerHealthEquityPledge. Share Your Healthcare story, we would love to also know why women's health is important to you. You can record a message right there on HerCsuite.com and let us know what about women's health matters to you. We would love to have you join Her Health Equity Council. Schedule a call to learn more.
    Thank you Bethany for being a guest on the show!
    Her Health Equity Council

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    The Power of Being Intentional with Wendi O. Brown, Lt. Colonel (Retired)

    The Power of Being Intentional with Wendi O. Brown, Lt. Colonel (Retired)

    Have you ever experienced a time when you felt your career advancement was hindered?  You are not alone. In this interview with Wendi O. Brown, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) shares incredible tips, insights and actions that she took to create opportunities to grow her career. Find out how the power of being intentional not only advanced Wendi's career, it led her to pursue being and an expert in Cyber Security and achieve two master degrees.

    3 Power Tips To Be Intentional and Advance Your Career
    Be ready for opportunities. Practice your elevator pitch and be ready to respond to introductions with a charismatic and engaging response.Dedicate time to learning. If you see a new trend, explore what you need to do to become a subject matter expert.Believe you have everything you need to create a new way to solve challenges and share that knowledge with confidence.
    "People are always watching you. Be ready to be interesting naturally. Have things to say about yourself in a charismatic way. When you are conversational, it draws people in. "- Wendi O. Brown

    In this engaging episode with Wendi O. Brown, you will discover how she learned about Cyber Security and received two Master's Degrees. Wendi shares the moment she realized Cyber Security would be a growing field.

    Find out how you can evaluate opportunities and expand your knowledge to become an industry expert like Wendi O. Brown.
    Discover Wendi's examples of leadership, grit and how being intentional in your career will lead to big opportunities.

    Strategies to Leverage Your Communication Skills with Senior Management to Protect Your Position in The Workplace:
    Effective communication is key to safeguarding your position at work. Start by aligning your conversations with management to the company's goals, showing you understand the bigger picture. Regularly update leadership on your projects' progress, highlight how it contributes to overall objectives. This not only illustrates your competency but keeps you on their radar.

    Demonstrate your problem-solving skills through effective communication. When issues arise, bring them to management's attention along with proposed solutions, rather than just complaints. This portrays you as a proactive, solution-oriented employee.

    Additionally, articulate your career aspirations, showcasing your long-term commitment to the organization. This also helps management consider you for future opportunities that align with your growth path.

    By leveraging communication strategies, you can strengthen your relationship with management, enhance your visibility, and fortify your position in the workplace.

    Wendi delivered one of the most popular presentations about Confidence and Visibility. Thank you Wendi O. Brown for being a featured guest and speaker for HerCsuite™ mentorship program.

    HerCsuite™ Radio is sponsored by HerCsuite™ Leadership Development programs and Circle 8 Mentorship Program designed to advance women at every career phase. Schedule a call and learn how you can advance more women in your organization with HerCsuite™ Mentoring Programs.
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    How to Move Past Fear and Do It Anyway with Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite

    How to Move Past Fear and Do It Anyway with Natalie Benamou, Founder, HerCsuite

    Have you ever experienced self-doubt? What did you do to take action and move past it? In this special behind the scenes episode, host Natalie Benamou shares how she overcame obstacles, fear and most importantly pushed past fear, and 'did it anyway'.

    Everyone has self-doubt and it can stop us in our tracks. The most important thing we all can do is move through, not over or around but through the fear. In the end we have two paths to take. The first takes us on a courageous journey where we do "something that scares us every day" - Eleanor Roosevelt Even, when it is hard. When we feel like we are bungie jumping off a bridge, and we don't see the safety net. For many of us it can feel the way Denzel Washington describes it as "Fall Forward". The second path is to allow our fears to stop us. 

    This week, HerCsuite™ launched Her Health Equity Council. I had anxiety about this launch. As Meghan Draper, our Creative Director shared with me-when something is close to our hearts it is the hardest to do. I meditated and prayed on the idea. For me there was only one way forward and that was through.

    I know that for many who have anxiety it isn't simple. It can be daunting. You may surround yourself with positive words like 'Fear is Boring' and still fear can grab a hold of your heart and make everything seem like it is out of your reach.

    Do you know that feeling? Despite all the data - or evidence to the contrary about how we are worthy, in our minds we think, yes but... instead of yes and-to quote Karen Hough , Founder and CEO of Improv Edge.

    What should we do when this happens? Is it as simple as mindfulness, meditation and taking walks? Probably not.

    Here is what I know. We are the result of the people we surround ourselves with. In my case, I have surrounded myself with many amazing women in HerCsuite™. I have a small and mighty team, advisors, friends, cheerleaders, mentors and truly amazing women and so many have stepped in to be speakers, coaches, facilitators and more. Our newest programs have Chair roles and Cathy, Eliza, Lydia, Naomi, Elaine, Margaret, Melanie, and Laurie, you all add a next level of expertise!

    When I was getting ready for the launch event, I had a total panic and thought what if...and when I started the virtual program, despite having prepared, rehearsed and feeling ready with what I wanted to say. I rushed. I felt not in my zone.

    What do you do when that happens? Here are my 5 Tips to get back on track in any situation.

    5 Tips to Move Past Fear and Do it Anyway
    1. Know You Are Not Alone.
    2. Slow Down. Don't Go Fast. 
    3. Stay present and listen.
    4. Open It Up to Others to Participate.
    5. Take up Space.

    Circling back to our topic today which is truly about Fear And Doing it Anyway.
    I want you to close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let it out and then let your mind see the possibilities. What if you Succeed? What if you helped one person today? What if whatever you share, even if it isn't perfect really makes a different.
    Then imagine what would happen if you didn't do those things.

    Today's podcast is sponsored by our new program Her Health Equity Council Join the Movement and share your #HerHealthEquityPledge on social. Send us an audio message and share your story of why Her Health Equity is important to you.
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    Keep shining your Light Bright. The World Needs You.

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    5 Ways To Use Improv For the Future of Work with Karen Hough, Founder and CEO, ImprovEdge

    5 Ways To Use Improv For the Future of Work with Karen Hough, Founder and CEO, ImprovEdge

    Access the full transcript at HerCsuite.com/podcast
    As leaders, we have to be ready for any situation. It can be difficult to know the best way to respond to unexpected situations. Discover the best ways to respond and be ready for the unexpected using Improv with host Natalie Benamou and Karen Hough, Founder and CEO of ImprovEdge. In this episode, Karen explains how we can leverage Improv to help respond to disruptions happening at the speed of change and why adaptability is essential for leaders in the workplace. 

    Improv can be used in professional and personal settings to show resilience and empathy in any situation. Being an improviser has never been more important, take a listen as we discover all the ways to use these skills for the Future of Work. 

    5 Ways To Use Improv For the Future of Work

    1. Be ready to adapt to different meeting environments: Hybrid, Virtual and In-person.
    2. Apply flexibility to keep pace with change and demonstrate your resilience.
    3. It is better to slow down to go fast.
    4. Good meeting hygiene: set an agenda, assign topics to other people, and finish early.
    5. Ask open ended questions to stay on topic and in the moment.

    Learn how leaders across the globe use these principles to be more effective at what they do every day with Improv.

    Quotes from Karen Hough:
    "It is much more exhausting to be on camera than to be in-person, the brain has to work on over time."
    "We need to make clear decisions about who needs to be in a meeting"
    "If we empower ourselves as an improviser, we are never alone"
    "Be willing to be creative and ready to fail. It is how we experiment."

    “It is so important to our health and well being that we try to see silver lining even in difficult moments.”

    “As we think about the future, it's never been more important to be an Improviser.”

    Quote from Natalie
    "You have to listen attentively, so that you can follow up with the next question."


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    The Art of Public Speaking with Bobbie Carlton, Founder, Innovation Women

    The Art of Public Speaking with Bobbie Carlton, Founder, Innovation Women

    Public speaking is one of  the fastest ways to accelerate career opportunities. Having the ability to present ideas in a compelling way and engage an audience can be applied to any meeting and event.  Listen to this podcast interview with featured guest Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Innovation Women and TEDx speaker as she talks with host Natalie Benamou about all the ways being an engaging speaker will accelerate visibility and help you to be viewed as a thought leader.

    This is a special episode as HerCsuite celebrates our alliance partnership with Innovation Women's 8th anniversary. This speaker bureau is helping more women be featured speakers on stage. Take a listen as we explore all the ways you can leverage your voice to gain visibility to learn the art of public speaking.

    5 Speaker Power Tips:
    Know Your Audience. Find out what matters most to them and connect in meaningful ways.Prepare, Practice, Anticipate. Make the delivery of your presentation feel natural and effortless.Be brief and keep it simple.  Fewer slides and more stories help the audience relate to your content.In a Hybrid presentation, ask a question to the online audience first. Seek and receive genuine feedback from other speakers.
    Bobbie and Natalie uncover helpful tips to make the right impression:
    How to leverage your speaking at work and become a sought out expert on topics.Introverts can ask a question at a program and gain visibility as an engaged participant.Real world examples from Innovation Women’s more than 2,200 speakers.
    Bobbie Carlton LinkedInBobbie Carlton TwitterInnovation Women WebsiteHerCsuite™ Website 

    Quotes from Bobbie Carlton:
    “Ask a question at an event, and you have just become a public speaker.  This is the first way to speak to an audience in a professional setting.”

    “A speaker friend will share real feedback that you can use to improve your speaker skills.”
    Quotes from Natalie:
    “If you are nervous about being solo on the stage, an easy entry point is being a moderator.”

    “I prepare a lot before I speak, and then make it seem like a conversation that is between me and an individual rather than a large group.”

    This podcast is sponsored by HerCsuite™ Leadership development programs. Retain and engage your top talent with an executive coach led mentoring program. Find out more here: Group Mentoring

    Schedule a call and learn more about what program is right for you.
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    Lean In To Your Customers With Meridith Elliott Powell, CSP, CPAE

    Lean In To Your Customers With Meridith Elliott Powell, CSP, CPAE

    Now is the best time to add value to your customers by leaning in and becoming a resource during turbulent times. Today organizations need a guiding light, and in this interview Meridith Elliott Powell shares how when the market is challenging, it’s the time to support your customers and navigate through uncertainty. You have to believe in your bones that your customers need you show to them that how you are invested in solving their pain points. Join in as Meridith and host Natalie Benamou take a deep dive into uncertain times and how you can thrive in your organization and with your clients.

    How Can We Lean In to Customers In Uncertain Times?
    Fear is the biggest obstacle out there. If you don’t address uncertainty and create a culture that says, “It is okay that we don’t know what is coming at us in the marketplace.” If you don’t focus on mindset, uncertainty produces one emotion in yourself and the organization. That is fear. Research backs it up. Fear shuts down innovation and creativity. It is the skill you need to come up with new ideas to get around obstacles. It shuts down engagement. When people are fearful, they are trying not to be seen and heard. They don’t want to get fired. All of that shuts down bottom-line results.

    The biggest obstacle is that leaders are not recognizing that people are coming to work fearful. When they come to work fearful and if you as a leader are fearful, you need to address that and find a way to get beyond your fear. When you do, it is going to put you in a position to be successful. There is so little we can control in this marketplace, more than any other time I have been in business. You can control the quality of the people around you and the level to which you are engaged. If you do that, you are going to be in the best position to handle any obstacle that comes your way.

    Quotes from Meridith:
    “Your customers need you now more than they did a couple of years ago. It's not the time to pull back; it's the time to lean in.”

    “When the marketplace gets challenging, that is your greatest opportunity.” 

    Visit HerCsuite™
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    Thank you to Meridith for being on the show and for being a featured speaker of HerCsuite™, and to you for listening to the show and shining your light in the world! Special

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5 Ratings

Dr.Erika ,

Feminine leadership start here

Natalie and her guests offer such valuable insights into the power of authenticity. Listening to others stories inspires me to be myself too.

KSlovespodcasts ,

Be empowered as a woman leader!

So thrilled to discover Natalie’s show to hear her and guests inspire us women to grow in our careers. So many tips and strategies to empower us, but also appreciate her open and honest “bold your brave” episode.
Kim Stewart/Velma Knowles

Anna Runyan ,

Inspirational and helpful!

I love the inspiring guests and topics that Natalie brings to her podcast. Her energy is so positive and I love pretending that I’m meeting her in person for a chat every time I listen to her podcast. Thanks Natalie for putting this show together. Make sure you listen to this podcast!

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