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The all things video game related podcast with your BEST FRIENDS Lemonsmith and Gimmick!

Hey You Video Game Hey You Video Game

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The all things video game related podcast with your BEST FRIENDS Lemonsmith and Gimmick!

    #77 - We're LIVE on Twitch

    #77 - We're LIVE on Twitch

    Every Thursday 7-11PST.

    The BIG announcement. (Give us a follow on Twitch & we'll be happy.)Lemon's Chaco Taco IssueFall GuysGaming in a Covid World w/BusinessDr. DisRespect is back & the boys very happySkateboarding in the 90's

    • 59 min
    #76 - Military Esport Teams

    #76 - Military Esport Teams

    Gimmick & Lemonsmith cover....
    Esports, Politics, Twitch, and Army RecruitersAmerica's ArmyPUBG (they're back at it)The Last of Us 2 (Lemon hasn't finished it - no spoilers)Taking the Covid TestNo Man's SkyGrounded (Survival Game)Hyperscape is dead dead dead

    • 52 min
    #75 - Hyper Scape

    #75 - Hyper Scape

    What a week it has been! In this episode Gimmick & Lemonsmith cover the following:
    Tales of HamstersInternet StrangersNew Consoles$70 AAA gamesHyper ScapeGoFundMe for Detective and the DocOri and the Blind ForestSad news in the streaming world

    • 1 hr 11 min
    #74 - DrDisrespect Ban

    #74 - DrDisrespect Ban

    The Champions Club is in disarray and mourning as DrDisrespect has been permanently banned from Twitch. Information is sparse. Gimmick and Lemon dive deep into speculation into what they think happened.

    Games are talked about at the end of the podcast:
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    The Last of Us 2

    • 1 hr 35 min
    #73 - Valorant Beta

    #73 - Valorant Beta

    We're grinding out episodes one by one. Here's what we cover in this episode:
    FF7 RemakeValorant BetaInterviewing a Chair GuyGimmick and Westworld (again)7 Days to DieThe WitcherWarzone AudioFallout 76 Nightmare

    • 58 min
    #72 - Satisfactory & the Tiger King

    #72 - Satisfactory & the Tiger King

    Gimmick and Lemonsmith are still "sheltering in place" to avoid Covid-19. They talk about what it's like visiting the grocery store, Lemon's son, the Tiger King, Satisfactory (factory builder), the Darkest Dungeon, Warzone Audio, and Westworld season 3.

    • 54 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Imdonetryingtogetanickname ,

Feels like hanging with friends

Lemon and Gimmick make this pod feel like you’re all hanging out in the LAN den over a beer shooting the breeze about all things gaming. I have had many literal lols.

RhodyChro ,

Funny and informative show about the “Nintendos”

A good crew of hosts who’s personalities gel create a very funny and entertaining take on all thing gaming, while taking the occasional turn on everyday life to entertain non gamers as well. Looking forward to more episodes!

ThisIsAPaidReview ,

Wrong Way

I’ve been with you guys for a long time, and I’ve loved your (mostly) light-hearted gaming content. However, Gimmick’s latest PoliCe BrUtaLiTy rant really, really knocked this show down a couple pegs for me. The facts aren’t on your side Gimmick. For someone who often paints themselves as an intellect, you sure did cling to the narrative being spoon fed to you by the talking heads. Maybe go watch some Donut Operator to ground yourself.

It was a good few years, but I’m hopping off here boys. Best of luck in the future.

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