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Hey everyone this is hey heart 143 - with Nataly Tavidian, 143 means I love you, tell your own heart I love you.

Together we're learning to love ourselves and stay in love no matter what life throws at us.

We are constantly evolving, changing, growing - emotionally, spiritually & physically, and we have to remember to check in with our own heart as we're propelled forward.

When you love YOUR own heart you heal better, you do better and you live a more fulfilled life.

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Hey everyone this is hey heart 143 - with Nataly Tavidian, 143 means I love you, tell your own heart I love you.

Together we're learning to love ourselves and stay in love no matter what life throws at us.

We are constantly evolving, changing, growing - emotionally, spiritually & physically, and we have to remember to check in with our own heart as we're propelled forward.

When you love YOUR own heart you heal better, you do better and you live a more fulfilled life.

    Ep. 21 Energy of 2020 | Releasing What no Longer Serves Us To Open Space for What's For Us

    Ep. 21 Energy of 2020 | Releasing What no Longer Serves Us To Open Space for What's For Us

    We have to reevaluate everything that’s going on in our society in our world, in our own personal lives, leading to the changes that are required.

    Francine Ang came on Hey Heart 143 to speak to me about the global experience.Francine is a psychic medium and healer in Pasadena. She grew up in a Buddhist family and started her spiritual journey at a very young age. After college, she traveled extensively, seeking knowledge and training with various masters of different traditions in China, The Region of Tibet, India & Japan.


    During this period, she came to develop awareness of her heightened senses, allowing her to receive information from the spirit world. After she returned to the United States, she continued to develop her skills with training from world-acclaimed spiritual teachers and mediums. She has developed her special blend of healing modalities along with her intuitive skills to help you find your true higher self.



    “Healing has always been for me so many different levels. Spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional.”


    The year of the rat: metal energy.


    This year started off with Kobe’s death - On this collective connection, on the metal year of the rat, it’s all abut new begging are re-setting and dissolving what didn’t work before. That’s what the collective is about. We’re not independent. Everything we do affects other people and situation. It’s like a ripple effect.


    If we understand that dynamic we understand the collective energy we have with each other. Then we moved into the pandemic, and we moved into March. What happens when you keep doing something. Like what Albert Einstein says “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    If something is not working, and culturally and collectively we’re doing it over and over again, something needs to happen to give us a different result. This is what the collective evolution is with this pandemic. Things that we thought are working out, our we think is working, it’s a very complicated interconnected web. This is a way of resetting, hitting the reset button and recognizing that it’s not working out.


    We have to reevaluate everything that’s going on in our society in our world, in our own personal lives, leading to the changes that are required.

    There is the energy of people moving around a lot.


    We have to look at it in the microscopic level. What’s happening in the world, and what’s happening in the country, and what’s happening in your family, and what’s happening to you all is quite connected. We’re re-evaluating our systems. People are moving homes, quitting jobs, relationships etc.

    This is mother earth telling us, “I’ve given you plenty of time to reevaluate this whole system but this is the opportunity to refresh and recalibrate.


    How do we deal with the fear of the unknown:


    Fear is a very good motivation from keeping us from doing what we need to do. Fear based emotions are part of our DNA. We first have to accept that it’s very much a part of us. There is nothing wrong with having fear, because it is self preservation. What happens is that in our brain, we have a frontal cortex telling us whether we have to fight or flight. Tee frontal cortex gets stuck and we get into this limbo state of freaking out. If you take time to think about fear based emotions, you will recognize you’ve been there before. When you get stuck in the motion of not being able to rationalize fear. You have to recognize that you have the tools to deal with fear, to conquer fear. We wouldn’t have survived for millions years without knowing that’s in our power.


    We have to recognize the rational and irrational fear ba

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    Ep. 20 Generational Trauma Healing and Clearing Centuries Old Wounds

    Ep. 20 Generational Trauma Healing and Clearing Centuries Old Wounds

    Spiritual Activism | Peace for Armenians  Peace for Artsakh | Spirituality and Politics | Generational Trauma Healing  | Healing OLD wounds | Being and ACTIVIST AND taking care of yourself
    In this two guest episode I speak with Wahe Guru Kaur and Ani Lalazarian about spiritual activism and generational trauma & healing.
    I felt it was very important to highlight what is going on in Armenia and Artsakh.
    It’s been about one month now - on September 27th Azerbaijan with the backing of Turkey launched attacks on the region of Nogorno-kharabagh - recognized by Armenians as Artsakh. The Armenian diaspora all over the globe has been calling for help.  This for me is PERSONAL - The silence is deafening and the hearts of every Armenian around the world is aching. Yes ally’s are stepping in educating themselves, celebrities are speaking up, but the international community doesn’t seem to care.
    By staying silent the international community and world leaders are  allowing a genocide again. The 1915 genocide of Armenian people remains unrecognized and unpunished. History is repeating itself and the world once again more than 100 years later staying silent.
    We’re fighting against misinformation in the media -  social media. High profile celebrities and digital media pages spreading misinformation.
    In addition to the war on the ground, where There’s been evidence of Azerbaijan and Turkey using mercenaries and cluster bombs on civilian neighborhoods, churches and schools for 3 weeks straight, there’s also been a cyber war, with thousands of Azeri accounts, both real and fake, posting misinformation and propaganda content produced by the government to distract and confuse the global audience.
    Armenians are feeling fear heartache and they feel unheard.
    A few weeks ago we gathered for a prayer and meditation circle for Artsakh and the women I spoke with who tell me they feel fear, anxiety and I started to wonder if there is such thing as “ancestral trauma” and “generation trauma” being reactivated.
    This is a podcast about self-love self care healing and growth and I feel like I cannot practice self-love right now if I’m not talking about what is going on in the world.
    I feel is very important to keep track of because this is part of our growth people are realizing what is important to them and why the choices we make affect everyone and we are all connected
    Wahe Guru Kaur speaks about how her inner activist has awakened during the pandemic. “I’ve gone through a lot of anger, rage, frustration and guilt that I never took and stance before. I was in this position in the spiritual community. I always had this projection that I had to be of love and light and never say anything negative. Through a process of the breakdown in the community, I have realized it’s not one or the other. There is a time to be activated and take a stand for what you believe in and there is a time to project healing and peace in a neutral way and hold space for others who are going through a lot of pain.”
    Wahe Guru says she’s had the privilege to work with many people of Armenian heritage.  She says she’s noticed similar threads of experience and trauma. In general. “What I have seen is that there is this very common generational trauma that shows up in the Armenian community. It’s a vibration. I can pick up on an energetic level. It’s  “A feeling of very deep wounding, fear, panic, extreme grief. The worst of it.”
    Wahe Guru says this is passed down not only in the DNA but also stories told. It’s in our blood, it’s in our DNA and it’s also in our brain. These become deep seeded grooved in our brain that tell us “We are not safe, our voices are not heard, we have to fight to survive. We need to provide for our family so we need to make good money.” This is across the board in any background she says

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    Ep. 19 The power of Togetherness | Keeping Your Dreams Alive | & In the End We All Become Stories

    Ep. 19 The power of Togetherness | Keeping Your Dreams Alive | & In the End We All Become Stories

    Guest Episode: Kristine Kumuryan | Kandid Koffee Creator/Host | Multi-published pin up model 🌹 📸
    “In The End We All Become Stories.” Kristine Kumuryan has that tattooed on her as a reminder that we all carry a story in our hearts.
    After you’re gone, she says we all become stories, and your family, friends will carry on your stories.
    Kristine and I met at 'Women Move Mountains' event in Burbank CA.




    Kristine is the creator and host of Kandid Koffee, a an online program designed to shed light on influential Armenians in Southern California. She aims to interview and showcase inspiring stories.
    Kristine launched “Kandid Koffee” after she closely watched the revolution in Armenia in 2018. She says it was the 'people in the streets stories' that inspired her to share stories of Armenian people in her local community. “You saw these kids, moms with strollers, & not one bullet was shot, not one knife hit someone's skin. It was so peaceful… it was so inspiring for me.”
    She later went to Armenia to interview people. It was 'fueling love and energy' seeing it all, she said.
    Kristine says all this was going on during a rock bottom in her life. “It was an avalanche of s****y things happening for me.” This was the time she wanted to do something to share stories of her community.
    “I wanted to show Armenian’s in that really good light, in that positive light, there are so many Armenians that barely get screen time. I wanted that fuel of that Armenian pride with everything going on with the revolution to continue with my show.”  
    Q & A with Kristine  

    What are some interviews that left an impact you’d like to share?  
    Kristine: There are so many that stand out to me, they all have great stories. I’ll give you one male and one female. The male: Last year I interviewed a young man named Arman Vardanyan, who is a veteran of the 4-day-war in Armenia. He shared his experiences of a life threatening situation where he was stuck in the tank with bombs going off. We lost 106 people. I told his story and paid homage to the others. He’s such a good man, and we really connected and I felt so much love for him for doing what he did. Coincidentally my cousin in Armenia was on the frontlines of that war. It was sad and emotional, but it had a happy ending because he came out of it, and he is doing great things.
    Another one is Talar Keoseyan, she befriended me so quickly and we clicked so well. She is like my soul sister. When we connected she told me a lot of things about her life. I love that even after the interview we stayed friends. It’s organic. So I love when people become friends with me through my show and I can say she’s someone who is a friend, someone that comes over and we have wine and cheese night.


    Where did Vintage Kriss begin?  
    I had some doubters as to how this career is going to go. I’m 4’10, not a runway model. But I found this niche where I feel I represent vintage clothes well. I shop at vintage places. There are also many boutiques here in Burbank. I’ve been published with several of them. I may be contracting something with one of them soon.
    “We’re going to make this setback a major comeback!”
    What lessons, or stories would you want to be remembered by? I loved Joan Rivers. God rest her soul. I love fashion, the runway, the red carpet and the spicy things she’d say. I would say I wish I could do something like this. It’s what I felt genuinely. I have two little girls. It’s tough being a mom. I don’t just want to be admired and loved as a mom. I am a woman. I am an entrepreneur. I want to be remembered as someone who did it all to the fullest of my capability.
    What do your girls say when they see that?  
    My older one who is 7, says mommy, I’m so happy you’r

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    How Going for the EFFORTLESSNESS in your life could lead to fun, inspiration and purpose PLUS Get rid of the ‘Should’s’ in your life

    How Going for the EFFORTLESSNESS in your life could lead to fun, inspiration and purpose PLUS Get rid of the ‘Should’s’ in your life

    Allowing ourselves to be human | Looking for the effortlessness | Building Momentum | & The Forced Self Reflection

    I feel as though I am entering a new phase in my lif, and I thought I’d call this the unofficial season 2 of the Hey Heart 143. Remember 143 means I love you so we’re saying Hey Heart, 143.


    My First guest of 2020 is Beatris Karaoglanyan, her spiritual given name is Sat Avtar Kaur, but she likes to call myself Be, because it reminds her to just be.


    Beatris or Be, is the the creator of Relationships and Yoga, Healing and Awakening!


    She helps guide her clients into wholeness through Shamanic Coaching, Spirit Journeying, Soul Retrieval and clairvoyant divination.


    She weaves  spirituality with science, connecting many different technologies to bring wholeness and healing for her clients and students.

    She is passionate about discovering and providing what is needed for healing and real transformation to take place. 

    I loved what Beatris said in one of the yoga classless I attended with her where she said to the class...

    “ Life should be 90 %effortless and 10 % effort.”

    I think I’ve tried to carry that in a lot of things I do.

    How can we brig that into our daily life?

    B says she learned this mantra on a retreat with another teacher who would push them on their run in Big Bear, California. Her teacher told her to look into nature, and receiving effortlessness and inspiration from nature, and to keep that 10 percent effort going. “I brought this into my life, I noticed how much more fun life becomes. A lot more inspiration came in.


    There was a lot more ease a lot more play,” says Be. She says she learned to be more aware.


    “We as a society push ourselves. We’re taught to work hard, and if you’re working hard enough maybe you’ll be successful, and you will be worthy of the reward, but this 90 percent effortlessness inspiration threw that old power out and made life more about what calls me forward, and what makes me want to live my life.”


    Q: During this COVID19 pandemic, I’ve noticed social media is saturated with this ‘work hard’ and ‘come out of this with a side hustle,’ and more messages that could make some feel badly.




    It is okay to rest.


    “If there is a ‘should’ in a sentence, forget about it. This should, could, would, stuff takes us out of our truth and makes us do what other people think is right.”

    Let the “SHOULD” go. “The should’s are basically in the way, by sucking your energy out. It makes you feel like you’re not enough. If you can, let go of the should, and receive the inspiration. Does it inspire you to get the new skills going or does it make you feel like it’s too much work and it’s not aligned with you. If it throws you into overwhelm you need to let it go.


    If you’re inspired to hustle, to create a website, to go on a run, to do workouts go for it! But don’t do things because others are telling you to. This is what creates that effort.


    If it throws you into overwhelm, you need to let it go for now. Overwhelm means you already have too much on your plate.


    Daily habits Be sticks to.

    1- Morning Yoga practice

    2- Evening hike/walk in the mountains.

    Be says this is her alone time with herself, and this helps her be her true self to not be distracted by the ‘should’s’ of other peoples’ opinion. This allows her to see who she truly is.


    Be has a government Job, working for the EPA, and teaching yoga in the evening.

    You can find B teaching Yoga on ZOOM through the Awareness Center.


    Beatris says the pandemic has expanded her practice through what’s possible through technology.

    Q: You mentioned this is ‘waking us up? What does that mean to you?


    Be: This is a full on death and rebirth of hu

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    Gentle Reminder: Avoid Food Guilt for the Holidays and Beyond

    Gentle Reminder: Avoid Food Guilt for the Holidays and Beyond

    Topics covered

    Healing your relationship with food

    The connection between - Nutrition + Movement+ Emotion


    What does a holistic health coach do? They look at a person as a whole and how other areas of their life are affecting what they are dealing with.


    This month, I wanted to address the topic of health. So many people are 'guilted' into going to parties, attending pot-lucks, and drinking around the holidays. Whether you're all for the fun or go because you have to, many can't help by feel the 'guilt,' when indulging.


    This goes year round, but it's particularly heightened this time of year.


    Some psychologists say a little bit of guilt is normal, but to feel that shame constantly can lead to unhealthy patters and bad feelings about food.


    It could lead to emotional or eating disorders overtime.


    Jessica Nusbaum speaks with me about finding the balance when you can and the importance of healing your relationship with food.


    Many clients come to her when they've reached a place of 'can't do this anymore,' so she works on creating a consistent healthy lifestyle for her clients.


    She says you can’t treat the holidays any differently than the rest of the year. When it comes to New Years resolutions, the all for December and nothing for January isn't the best option. "Let's bring it together,' she says about bridging the all or nothing gap.


    Listen to episode 17 to hear Jessica's story.


    Find Jessica on www.NourishWithJess.com and on Instagram.com/NourishwithJess.





    Exercise moved me out of depression.

    Heal your relationship with yourself first.

    Say it out loud.

    Do acts of self care that create things in your favor. For yourself as opposed to against yourself.





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    Ep. 16 Recurring Life Lessons | Worthiness

    Ep. 16 Recurring Life Lessons | Worthiness

    Dan has such a light energy to him. He’s always making others laugh around him.

    In this episode we speak about his transition from Australia to the States. How it’s like to live and work in the TV industry in Los Angeles. Navigating through pain.


    Dan says he had a great childhood but as a gay boy he felt he didn’t fit into his school setting. He is from Geelong, Australia.


    He says most of the bullying that took place in Junior and High school he felt it was the whole school against him. When you’re so used to the whole school being against you he says he never wants to see anyone hurting.


    “I’m very sensitive, and I never want to hurt anyone, I always want to make them laugh.”
    When he switched schools, he decided he’d change his attitude and come up with a survival method to avoid bullying.


    His life lesson through all of this has been “worthiness.”


    It’s probably still there deep down you think it’s gone because it was so far away but it’s still very much there, worthiness is what I struggle with from that. I grew up in a household where I was told I was worthy. My parents always instilled worthiness into me but having been unworthy time and time again for a decade to my peers it didn’t matter how worthy my family made me feel.

    He shares a story of his mother who he says weighed up to 300 lbs at one time and did everything she could to lose the weight but even at 300lbs she’d walk into a room like she’s a rockstar.


    Everyone else in the world that I deal with on a daily basis is telling me I’m not worthy. I feel this lesson will follow me for the rest of my life.


    “You make sunshine out of rain.”
    “Rooster one day and feather dust the next day.”
    Los Angeles is a city that’s constantly telling you you’re not enough. It’s not just Hollywood. But Hollywood is magnifying what everyone is going through.


    I get rejected a least 10 times a week from roles because I am considered not enough for that role. It doesn’t make sense with this upbringing that I had.


    Dan Babic says it comes naturally to put on a show for him. It is my form of meditation he says.


    It’s interesting I chose show biz. A lot of people who work in Hollywood want to feel worth.


    Dan says his form of meditation is working in show business. He says he feels most present through his line of work. He says his job keeps him grounded, sane, and the chatter of his mind. This and being in nature he says.


    Tips for self love from Dan Babic:


    Stay off your phone for 24 hours. Go into nature, go somewhere with no cell service “It’s the most relaxing thing in the world.”
    Do what makes you happy (ice cream? Movies? etc.
    Be kind to yourself.
    Everyone always says the one thing to do when you look back in your life is to just relax.


    Dan says to him happiness and love and light is always around the family. That’s why he’s spent his sick days binge watching the Sound of Music he says the movie is a giant symbol of through darkness there is light.


    Dan shares he struggles with wrapping his mind around why many of us are so blessed in the states and in third world countries people cannot even get water. He speaks to me about the sorrow he’s felt visiting orphanages and villages where people struggle with disease and hunger.


    He says there is a lot he’s seen with his own eye that he’s felt helpless about. “It just seems like it’s in Western countries that everything happens for a reason. There are so many people who are just trying to survive.”


    He says he loves to give back and it brings purpose to his life.


    To learn more about Dan Babic, find him on Instagram @DanBabic.
    Please Rate and review Hey Heart 143 here - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The

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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Natashajohn ,

Binge listing

This show is amazing. Every episode is like have a talk with a best caring friend. I have been experiencing anxiety and just using work and being on the go to mask it. Just listing to you and your guest saying take a breath has helped me. Thank you and your wise guests for sharing.

Sopie04 ,

Radiating Happiness!

I love how Nataly has always radiated happiness. I found her first episode very inspirational and look forward to hearing the others <3

NurseCeCe ,

Self Love

Started with a heavy reminder that a beautiful soul is no longer with us...but the message of finding and loving yourself through that pain... it was a much needed podcast today...looking forward to more episodes!

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