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Hindsight is Horrifying is the podcast where two allegedly grown-up (and certainly somewhat cynical) hosts discuss life as members of the TV generation. Recorded in Alpharetta, Georgia.
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Hindsight is Horrifying Darth Jader & Jason Mitchell

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Hindsight is Horrifying is the podcast where two allegedly grown-up (and certainly somewhat cynical) hosts discuss life as members of the TV generation. Recorded in Alpharetta, Georgia.
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    Tremors (1990)

    Tremors (1990)

    Tremors: “This Valley is Just One Long Smorgasbord.”
    In 1990 America, no one could ever have predicted that a movie about subterranean penis monsters would not only attract the acting talents of Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, but also inspire almost as many sequels as Highlander.
    For real, what Freud-obsessed writer decided to create a film franchise featuring the leviathan version of an unsolicited dick pic? At the very least, Darth can cackle at the silver lining of witnessing her male guest-hosts being subjected to a woman’s experience in dating.  The important lesson to glean from Tremors is that it’s completely acceptable to be an idiotic seismologist with zero knowledge of vibration or sound so long as you have stunning blue eyes and refuse to wear a bra. Add some utterly random pole-vaulting skills to that equation, and you just might get Kevin Bacon to cut foot loose.
    On the other side of the spectrum, thank God for legitimately badass women like Reba McEntire. The queen of country music won’t hang up her boobs in times of crisis; Reba will bust out an elephant gun, stuff some pipe bombs, and kick some graboid ass alongside the dad from Family Ties.
    As easy as it is to pick on Tremors, the franchise is much beloved. Tremors encapsulates trope monster horror with true 90s nostalgia. In fact, your favorite podcasters suspect that this movie might be where denim was last worn.
    Regardless of your feelings about this cult classic, you have to admit that Tremors is nothing if not entertaining. Admit it. When the Corona pandemic broke out, you were kind of hoping for giant worms to battle; at least it would have given us all something to do besides listen to this god-forsaken podcast. 

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    Signs (2002)

    Signs (2002)

    Would you murder a perfectly good dog to rescue your sibling? More importantly, would you continue to patronize your vet’s practice if they were responsible for the death of your spouse? These and so many other questions arise from a viewing of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs. 
    One thing is certain. When aliens OR cats start rattling on closed doors, you gotta get two beers and jump. The references on this podcast are nothing if not topical; your beloved podcasters blame the quarantine day drinking. The irony is not lost on Darth or Jason that they decided to release their Signs episode the very same week that the U.S. government confirmed the existence of UFOs. So hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ dogs, and bust out the water, because the aliens GON’ FIND YOU! Just don’t forget to cook one last, labor-intensive meal for your children before you all die.
    Adam Brown may not know how to make fancy food, but he sure does know how to make food fancy.
    Humanoid breakfasts are just the initial evidence of these podcasters’ waning mental health during week seven…hundred and forty five of quarantine. Signs certainly makes for relatable material amidst the current circumstances of isolation, UFOs, and total uncertainty.
    Don’t panic yet, #Hindsighters. Your persevering podcasters have yet to bust out the tin foil hats, and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that grocery stores are completely out of tin foil.
    In these trying times, we are all doing our very best not to go full Mel Gibson. You NEVER go full Mel Gibson. However, Darth would like to make it abundantly clear that her tombstone epitaph will not be changing. #DiedBetweenMelsThighs
    No matter your psychological state, there’s nothing like an extraterrestrial attempting to murder your asthmatic child with wrist poison to help you suddenly remember that most beings, no matter how strange and startling, are susceptible to blunt force trauma.
    During this age of unending quarantine and countless tornadoes, Darth, Jason, and Mr. Brown won’t let you down. Your adored podcasters will continue to entertain you one episode at a time, so stay tuned, stay safe, and stay sane.

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    Batman & Robin (1997)

    Batman & Robin (1997)

    Batman & Robin: “What Killed the Dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!”
    …and what derailed the Batman franchise for nearly a decade? This movie!
    Darth and Jason host a record amount of virtual guests as they discuss a Joel Schumacher dumpster inferno of the 90s, back when Arnold Schwarzenegger commanded higher billing than George Clooney and a scantily-clad Uma Thurman drove a Yoko Ono-sized wedge between the Dynamic Duo.
    Poison Ivy might be a super villainess, but her costume still doesn’t have pockets. Darth and Jason suppose she must not need them since she has Bane to carry her purse. Batman certainly doesn’t seem to carry a wallet, but you really don’t need to when you have a utility belt and super roomy codpiece.
    As it turns out, falling into below-freezing water will give you epic shrinkage, yet make loyalty to your wife your new super power, just not in real life (sorry not sorry Arnold).
    Not much makes sense in this movie, especially the “science”. It appears that Super Soldier Serum has wildly different effects on each individual person; after all, the serum turned Steve Rogers into Captain America and turned Bane into El Santo.
    Nonetheless, your favorite podcasters have to give credit to Mr. Freeze; he takes the “in sickness and in health” part of his vows rather seriously. When your wife contracts MacGregor’s Syndrome, you gotta put that bitch into a medically-induced coma! Bitches LOVE medically-induced comas!
    It’s debatable whether Batman is the good guy in this film. At least Mr. Freeze had the courtesy to put his wife into a coma; Bruce just lets Alfred waste away Woodhouse style in his fancy mansion. Darth and Jason can only assume that he blew his monthly budget on freeze rays and giant telescopes. Mr. Freeze might be a villain, but he’s still a better boss than Joe Exotic. Sure, he feeds his employees crappy frozen dinners instead of spider webs, but he doesn’t seduce them with meth and tigers. Darth and Jason feel that Freeze’s worst crime was his abuse of ice puns.
    The argument could be made that when you realize mankind is slowly destroying the Earth and her greenery, it’s time to start cross-breeding plants with snakes, because LOGIC.
    Lastly, let Darth and Jason know if you guys want to see “Old Adam” shower in the cowl. That’s some Patreon content, but only if your pockets and self-loathing are deep enough. Do as we say and not as we do. Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay safe.

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    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

    Robin Hood Prince of Thieves: “I’m Gonna Cut Your Heart Out with a SPOON!”
    Week 5 and quarantine continues!
    Adam B. (the only surviving guest host) calls in this week from his bunker to help Jason rip apart a childhood favorite of Darth’s, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
    As we as a society discover the real danger behind the Corona Virus (self/government-inflicted confinement), Darth and Jason brazenly embrace the first step of devolvement: drinking prosecco out of coffee mugs. Don’t worry; it gets so much worse.
    The social distancing mandate has shut down nearly all public businesses and schools. As a result, children AND parents are working/schooling/coexisting from home on a constant basis. Adam Brown hasn’t bathed in days and Jason can barely remember how to dress. The only thing Darth can think during this panic-inducing pandemic is, “What a time to be childless.”
    Speaking of Quarantine Craziness, who was YOUR first animated Disney crush? They can be human or animal. No judgement in this corner, but extra points to the #Hindsighter who can properly guess which podcaster was enamored with the correct animated character!
    Discussing the movie in question has become a problem even in the show notes… *sigh*
    In this 90s “epic” starring that guy from Dances with Wolves and Mary Elizabeth Macaroni and Cheese, your favorite podcasters discover that only SOME Robin Hoods are required to speak with an English accent. Oh, and Michael Wincott was DEFINITELY in The Crow.
    #Hindsighters, your darling Darth and Jason (along with the guest star that they can’t seem to get rid of), have a rare, shared opinion on this particular film, which is that Alan Rickman made this movie absolutely unforgettable. That’s a difficult feat, considering that God is also in this movie.
    In spite of Jason and Adam B. kicking Darth in the teeth over this film (she got so flustered by their Statler and Waldorf heckling that she interchanged the word “rope” for “arrow”), your most beloved podcasters will continue cranking out episodes for your entertainment during the Corona pandemic. Count on it, even when Jason goes full Joe Exotic and threatens to murder that b**** Darth Jader.
    Until then…stay tuned, stay safe, and stay sane.

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    Shaun of the Dead (2004)

    Shaun of the Dead (2004)

    Shaun of the Dead: “You’ve Got Red on you.”
    Nothing is sacred on this inconsistent farce of a podcast, so Darth and Jason decided to discuss Shaun of the Dead while the world is under quarantine due to the #CoronaVirus. C’mon … like it isn’t funny to discuss the Cornetto in the chaos of Corona?
    Like it or not, your favorite podcasters have to believe that this pandemic will produce something good; rather, a large group of parents will produce their “Coronita” babies in December 2020. On this particular episode, Jason regrets creating a running quarantine gag! Why, you might ask? He had to put in some effort, and putting in effort is so passé.

    In similar fashion, Adam B. makes zero effort to drive to the studio for this episode. Rather, he calls in from his bunker under the protection of his gas mask because he doesn’t love the #Hindsighters like Darth and Jason do. You learn who your real friends are during a quarantine, listeners-turned-viewers. We’re sorry you had to find out this way. Darth and Jason are attempting to recover from this devastating blow amidst the already imposing contagion.

    No one handles quarantine claustrophobia quite like a submariner…
    Boredom-induced questions abound amidst the #CoronaConfinement:
    If you’re not preparing your children (if you’re unfortunate to have them) for the inevitable demise of their friends and upcoming concerts, are you even BEING a responsible parent?Did Courtney kill Cobain? #TopicalDo generation categories even make sense?Darth is NEVER revealing Adam’s true age; she’ll die on that hill even after he’s buried under it.Why hasn’t Bill Nighy been knighted yet?
    Ultimately, Darth and Jason realize that everyone is struggling with social distancing. At times like these, it’s important to keep yourself entertained with your favorite music, television shows, and obviously the greatest podcast of all time. And there’s no need to thank us; we’re no heroes. We wear on bras on our heads just like everyone else.
    Stay tuned and stay safe during these troubling times, and do your best to stay sane. Special Forces will show up to save us all, eventually. In the meantime, mix yourself a nice quarantini and wait for all this to blow over. 😉

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    Weird Science (1985)

    Weird Science (1985)

    Watch this episode on YouTube! https://youtu.be/xPnM3aq8-R4
    Weird Science : “I Want to Butter Your Muffin!”
    #Hindsighters, Darth and Jason know that it’s been a rough couple of weeks for everyone facing the #CoronaVirus pandemic. It’s no fun when the world goes full Outbreak, but don’t let the deadly Motaba monkey on your back get you down! Your favorite podcast is still plugging away with new content, and that’s enough to make anyone smile (or to send Darth and Jason even MORE hate mail).
    This week, Darth watches a movie about two nerdy boys with her two favorite nerdy boys! Adam B. joins Jason and Darth in the studio to discuss a bizarre John Hughes film, Weird Science!

    There’s nothing like a man in taped up nerd goggles to make all the ladies go wild.
    When he’s young and desperate to get laid, what geeky lad wouldn’t stoop to Victor Frankenstein levels to “simulate” himself a girlfriend? Moreover, who cares about the embarrassment of a head brazier when they’re cooking up a smoking hot sorceress girl on their outlandishly expensive 80s computer?

    Darth’s burning question is…who wore it better? Just kidding, RDJ all the way.
    Just keep in mind, #Hindsighters, that creating the perfect girl with “computer science” is all fun and games until that girl goes full Cat in the Hat and destroys your house by inviting over Mad Max bikers. The bad news is, she won’t stop there. In fact, when your grandparents try to bust up your sick ass 80s house party, your computer simulated girlfriend will freeze those bastards in Suspended Animation and shove them in the pantry.
    Needless to say, this super 80s film is a tad random and somewhat polarizing. However, Weird Science does allow viewers to walk down memory lane with quite a few actors that you just don’t see anymore. R.I.P, Bill Paxton. 
    Furthermore, Weird Science commits itself to fulfilling the dreams of young male virgins everywhere. In what other world would any adolescent dude find himself blessed with the presence of a girl who has Albert Einstein’s brain, Kelly LeBrock’s body, and insane magical powers?
    Weird Science is a crazy ride of a movie, #Hindsighters, and just the kind of distraction that the world needs right now. So grab an Icee and curl up in quarantine as your beloved podcasters simulate a brand new episode.

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4.3 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Badam Arown ,

I wanna go back...

And do it all over, but I can’t go back, I know...

If you love to reminisce about classic movies, then your Hindsight May Be Horrifying too…. From Shakespeare to Shivers…Darth Jader and Jason know how to pick em’. No topic is off limits as they dissect your favorite oldie but goody. Before you listen and glimpse the twisted minds of these two (and their guests) be sure to alert your therapist…

Youthful Adam ,

Young Adam loves this show!

I have loved being a guest on this show! Nothing beats drinking a cold one and talking about a movie I love. It’s perfect for a movie nerd like me! You never know where the conversation is going to go with the goofy tangents but the film is also discussed from beginning to end since it is played in the studio. I love trying to impersonate a character from the movie whether it’s Pennywise the clown or Arnold Schwarzenegger. My favorite one was the Jingle All the Way episode for Christmas because my girlfriend joined as a guest and all 4 of us had so much to say about it. I look forward to the upcoming all Adam episode and doing some more crazy movies in the future. I also look forward to choosing some messed up horror flicks to get under Darth Jader’s skin.

C.Elise ,

A playful look back at movie favorites

Do you often confuse people by answering them in movie quotes during everyday conversation? Then this show is for you.

Just when you think no one else knows your favorite movie like you do, Jade and Jason put you to shame! Plentiful sarcasm, occasional inappropriateness, and nonsensical banter combine with little known facts, nostalgic anecdotes, and thoughtful insights to make even the most avid movie buffs wish they were there in the studio having a beer with them.

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