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The History of Pirates Podcast

    Episode 17.R (as in Arrrgh ) – A special update

    Episode 17.R (as in Arrrgh ) – A special update

    Good afternoon crew!
    I have some good news for those of you who’ve requested “more episodes, more often!”     As my schedule doesn’t allow me to record like I used to, I’ve found a crew member who can help me sail HoPP and add to its content in new and interesting ways.     Introducing….Captain William Drummond…. Quartermaster of HoPP.
    You may have already met Captain William when we released a special episode of HoPP on Pirate Video Games which was a bit hit with the crew.
    William will help your humble Captain by recording and producing smaller Episodes for the HoPP feed that will be released more frequently.  He will also work on a Video game portion of HoPP that will allow everyone in the crew to meet up online and play video games that are pirate related…together!   #SeaOfThieves anyone?
    Don’t worry, Captain CB ( and joey of course ) will still work on the normal chronological episodes, but this will just add more to the mix.
    Please comment on our Facebook page, follow us on twitter and please let us know what you think.
    More to come,
    until next time crew….
    keep your hands inside the boat…and keep an eye out for the Navy!!
    Captain Cb

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    Episode 17 – The Jolly Roger – A Pirate’s Best Friend

    Episode 17 – The Jolly Roger – A Pirate’s Best Friend

    On today`s episode of HoPP we look at the Jolly Roger;  The nickname given to the Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag.   We’ll look at some of the well known Pirates and the types of flags they used and cover some of the flags that weren’t actually used and were later creations from the 19th and 20th century.    We’ll focus on Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack, and Blackbeard’s flags as well as others, and we’ll also cover the terms used for different flags. Then we’ll talk about the myths behind the nickname “Jolly Roger” and where it may have came from.
    The Author E.T. Fox and his excellent book ” The Jolly Rogers: The True History of Pirate Flags” was a great resource for today’s episode.  The book covers a lot more Pirate Flag lore than we’ve covered today, so make sure to grab a copy from the link’s below.  Being in Canada, i have the Canadian Amazon link, but you should be able to find it the same way on the American Link or European Link.   If the link doesn’t work, try the “E.T. FOX” and “Jolly Rogers The True History of Pirate Flags” into the search.

    After the wave’s I’ll update the crew on the future of HoPP and the success of the Go Fund me Page.
    If you’d like to donate still to help HoPP Along, follow the link below.
    Now Grab your Eye Patch, and your Bandannas…Let’s go out a Pirating….

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    History of Pirates Podcast New Computer fund

    History of Pirates Podcast New Computer fund

    Good morning Crew,
    Today we’re here to talk about the future of the History of Pirates Podcast, but first…how did we get here?
    In 2013, My love of History, Pirates and Podcasting all came together and with absolutely no idea what I was doing, and using an old Dell computer from 2008, I decided to write, record and edit a podcast on Pirates.
    In November 2014, I released the first 2 episodes of the History of Pirates Podcast and over 700 people listened to it that first month.
    Then things got Crazy!
    By the 3rd episode HoPP had won the  runner up spot on Zugme’s Next Big Podcast competition.
    By the 6th – 8th episode we had to move the podcast off of the private server it was on, since our loyal crew had downloaded the episodes a lot!
    Around May of 2015, we hit the 29th spot on US itunes for ALL podcasts and was given a Banner spot on the front page of the US itunes.
    In June of that year, in a span of 15 days, we had half a terabyte of downloads of the podcast’s first 8 episodes.
    Around that time we were in the New and Noteworthy section and by 2016 we were nominated for the Academy of Podcaster awards. ( We didn’t win, but we only had 10 episodes at the time, so its understandable)
    Early 2017 HoPP was featured along side Dan Carlin in the best-history-podcasts-right-now-to-listen-to article on Uproxx.com ! Very cool stuff.
    Then the hammer fell…and the Dell computer died. It was a long time coming as it was insanely laggy, the fan sounded like a jet engine and it took me hours to edit 1 episode of HoPP and a few hours more to upload it.  ( It was so old the IP address was 1 )
    I was given an old computer from my Brother, but it too wasn’t up to the task of Audio Recording and Editing, and I was unable to use it very long before it died.
    That brings us to 2016 when i was without a computer and had no way of getting one.  Since then i kept the podcast up and running as best i could, and always kept an eye out for a computer.
    Also around then i became engaged to the love of my life Sarah and our new goal was saving every penny we had (or didn’t have) towards a wedding.  We were married this October, on the 19th, it was a great day!
    Now it’s 2019 and with the wedding over, I realized I was no closer to a computer and had no way of getting one to restart HoPP and continue our journey together.
    I felt ashamed about this and didn’t want to give up HoPP, but i had no way to continue it.
    I didn’t mention it to the crew, however over the last few years I’ve received emails, messages and letters from countless Crew members asking where it was and if it was coming back.
    My answer was always the same ” Once i can find a computer that won’t catch on fire ” , to which most replied to me that I should start a Go Fund Me Page to get a new computer.
    It’s taken me a while to decide if I wanted to put that request out to the crew, as I felt weird asking for help.
    But it comes down to fortune favoring the bold.  As of now I can’t record an episode, but with your help, I can!
    Together we can sail again and learn more about Pirates, and see how big we can get this Podcast.   What we’ve done in the first 16 episodes is impressive, but I’m sure we have plenty more to do.
    With a new computer, I’ll be able to record new episodes, more often, following the chronological story line we are used to.
    Also I’d be able to record some special episodes including a few secret Super Omnibus episodes that I can’t speak too much about but the writing is already done, its just a matter of recording it.
    If you want to donate to the go fund me and help HoPP reach its goal and sail once again, i humbly Thank you. If you can’t, HoPP will still return one day, bu[...]

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    Episode 16 – Pirate Video Games w/ Captain William Drummond

    Episode 16 – Pirate Video Games w/ Captain William Drummond

    Afternoon Crew,
    on today’s episode Captain William Drummond will cover Pirate Video games…
    5: Pirates of the Burning Sea
    4. Mount and Blade: Warband
    – Viking Conquest Expansion
    3. Tropico 2: Pirate Cove
    2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
    Also available on Playstation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox 1
    1. Sid Meier’s Pirates! (Original)https://store.steampowered.com/app/327380/Sid_Meiers_Pirates_Gold_Plus_Classic/
    Sid Meiers’ Pirates! Live the Life
    -Also available on Xbox, and the Wii
    Recent and In development:
    Naval Action:
    Sea of Thieves:
    (Also available on the Xbox 1)
    Blood & Gold: Caribbean
    Skull & Bones:
    TBD: may also be available on PS4 and Xbox 1
    Her Majesty’s Ship:

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    Episode 15 – Eustace (Eustache) the Monk aka The Black Monk

    Episode 15 – Eustace (Eustache) the Monk aka The Black Monk

    On today`s episode of HoPP we will look at Eustace the Black Monk!  He worked a pirate for the English and French before being taken care of….  He lived from 1170 AD to 1217 AD and his life has become that of a myth and legend.  Some compare him to Robin Hood and other `Outlaws` which many still know of today.
    But what of the real Eustace and the real “historical” life of this man? Well that’s the fun/tricky part we’ll have to get into.
    Special things to our friend of Ninja’s “Mike Duncan” from the History of Rome Podcast and the Revolutions Podcast for doing todays intro!  I can’t believe that actually happened…
    Join us on the Crew today, visit www.historyofpiratespodcast.com and become a PIRATE LORD and join the “Brethren of the Coast”.  To join, leave a 5 star review on itunes and mention that you wish to join the Brethren of the Coast, or if you’d like you can donate to HoPP on the www.historyofpiratespodcast.com website, along the right hand side.
    Let’s go out a Pirating….

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    Episode 14 – PART 2 – Blackbeard – Fav Male Pirate – International Pirate Awards Results

    Episode 14 – PART 2 – Blackbeard – Fav Male Pirate – International Pirate Awards Results

    Part 2 of these special episodes of HoPP is focusing on the International Pirate Awards and the winner for Favorite Male Historical Real Pirate !
    The winner as we mentioned on the last episode, is a one Blackbeard
    Was he really as scary as everyone thought…
    Cheers to
    Gasparilla Media Website Design
    Renaissance Festival Podcast
    Under The Crossbones Podcast
    for this excellent opportunity to be part of such a great group of Pirates.
    Captain Cb’

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4.5 out of 5
394 Ratings

394 Ratings


Great history podcast

Great history podcast that focuses on the subject of pirates, starting from their beginning. The host, Craig Buddy, is a fine narrator who enjoys his subject, along with putting on plenty of information (the methods of pirate punishment are pretty disturbing). The only bad part is that it doesn’t continue further. For anyone interested in pirates, a great listen.

Bozzmu ,

Ahoy me mates

A fun walk thru the pirate history, touches the old Sea People thru the Golden Age. We always want more sea fairing. Keep it going

AtlantisMage ,

Glad you’re back Captain!

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast! I’m a retired US Navy Chief and I find this podcast to be entertaining, factual and a joy to listen to. I hope to become one of the crew soon! Keep up the good work!

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