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Explore the moments leading to exponential growth in technology, business, science and more.

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Explore the moments leading to exponential growth in technology, business, science and more.

    HockeyStick #11 - MLOps essentials

    HockeyStick #11 - MLOps essentials

    The Essentials of MLOps: With Eric Riddoch
    Join Miko Pawlikowski as he dives into the world of MLOps with Eric Riddoch, a machine learning platform engineer and MLOps practitioner. In this episode, they discuss the differences between MLOps, DevOps, and platform engineering, tools and practices in MLOps, as well as Eric's journey into the field from studying applied math to becoming an MLOps expert. They explore automated workflows, experiment tracking, model serving, and monitoring, while considering the evolving landscape of MLOps and the challenges of integrating various tools. Tune in for an in-depth look at the technical and non-technical aspects of MLOps, and learn why this field is critical and exciting.
    00:00 Introduction to MLOps
    01:20 Eric Riddoch's Journey into MLOps
    08:12 The Emergence of MLOps
    10:23 Comparing MLOps and DevOps
    10:53 Challenges in MLOps
    21:15 Tools and MLOps Maturity
    25:57 Building an ML Platform with Orchestrators
    26:35 Experiment Tracking and Model Performance
    27:08 ML Flow and Alternatives
    29:18 Serving Models with BentoML
    31:49 Challenges with SageMaker and GPU Quotas
    32:54 Monitoring Tools and Their Limitations
    36:48 The PyTorch vs TensorFlow Debate
    42:41 Challenges in MLOps Roles and Leadership
    50:42 Advice for Aspiring MLOps Engineers

    • 53 min
    HockeyStick #10 - Generative AI in Fintech

    HockeyStick #10 - Generative AI in Fintech

    Exploring FinTech and Generative AI with Industry Experts Mark Brouwer & Chris Cardell
    Join Miko Pawlikowski in this episode of HockeyStick as he delves into the world of FinTech with industry veterans Mark Brouwer and Chris Cardell. Drawing from their collective 50 years of experience, Mark and Chris share insights about their new book 'Build Financial Software with Generative AI.' They discuss the evolution of FinTech, from ancient coin purses to modern AI-driven solutions, the challenges of writing a book together, the importance of adapting to new technologies, and the intricate culture within the FinTech sector. Learn about the unique obstacles faced by financial technology, regulatory impacts, and the cautious embrace of generative AI. Perfect for anyone curious about the intersection of finance and technology.
    00:00 Introduction to the Episode
    00:05 Meet the Guests: Mark Brower and Chris Cardell
    00:35 The Story Behind the Space Shuttle Wallpaper
    01:08 The Journey of Writing a Book Together
    02:34 Why Write a Book on AI in Financial Software?
    05:52 The Evolution of FinTech: From Coin Purses to Cryptocurrencies
    08:47 Challenges and Innovations in FinTech
    29:23 The Role of Generative AI in FinTech
    48:09 Advice for Aspiring FinTech Professionals
    51:27 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

    • 51 min
    HockeyStick #9 - AI reshaping Medical Imaging

    HockeyStick #9 - AI reshaping Medical Imaging

    How AI is Revolutionizing Medical Image Analysis
    Join Miko Pawlikowski and Anuradha Kar, a researcher from Institut Pasteur in Paris, as they discuss the incredible advancements in AI-driven medical image analysis. Discover how technologies like x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds work, and how AI is enhancing their capabilities to accelerate drug discovery and diagnose diseases with unprecedented accuracy. Learn about Anuradha's fascinating journey through various research fields, the potential of AI in healthcare, and the promising future of AI-assisted medical technologies. Don't miss this deep dive into the intersection of AI and medical science!
    00:00 Welcome to HockeyStick: AI's Impact on Medical Imaging
    00:48 Deep Dive into AI-Assisted Drug Discovery
    03:15 Anuradha Kar's Journey: From Atmospheric Research to AI in Healthcare
    07:43 Exploring Medical Imaging Modalities: X-Ray, MRI, and Ultrasound
    13:27 AI Revolutionizing Medical Image Analysis
    24:02 The Future of AI in Medical Imaging and Beyond
    32:24 Manning Live Projects: A Hands-On Approach to Learning AI
    43:56 Career Advice: Diving into AI and Deep Learning

    • 47 min
    HockeyStick #8 - Generative AI in Action

    HockeyStick #8 - Generative AI in Action

    Demystifying Generative AI: Insights from Microsoft's Amit Bahree
    In this episode, Miko Pawlikowski interviews Amit Bahree, a principal group technical program manager at Microsoft and the author of 'Generative AI in Action'. They delve into the complexities and applications of generative AI, particularly in a professional setting. Amit shares his journey into AI, the motivation behind his book, and provides insights into the future of AI technologies, including Large Language Models (LLMs), Small Language Models (SLMs), and the significance of prompt engineering. They also discuss the importance of multimodal AI for future developments and the role of open-source models in the AI community.
    00:00 Welcome to Hockey Stick: Diving into Generative AI
    00:59 The Genesis of "Generative AI in Action"
    02:11 Amit Bahri's Journey into AI
    03:36 The Multifaceted Role of a Technical Program Manager at Microsoft
    06:20 The Sam Altman Saga and Microsoft's Position in AI
    08:45 Why Generative AI is a Game Changer
    13:07 The Evolution and Impact of AI Technologies
    15:14 Exploring the Landscape of AI Models
    18:22 Introducing Phi-3: A New Benchmark in AI
    24:36 The Future of Small Language Models
    32:33 Real-time AI: The Quest for Seamless Interaction
    35:04 The Evolution of User Interfaces: From Apps to Voice Commands
    36:49 Democratizing Technology: Real-World Examples of AI in Action
    40:09 The Dark Side of AI: Ethical Dilemmas and Security Concerns
    41:44 Navigating the New Landscape: Security and Ethical Considerations
    45:06 Generative AI in Action: A Guide to Practical Applications
    49:51 Exploring Image Generation Techniques and Their Applications
    52:26 The Art and Science of Prompt Engineering
    01:00:37 Future Predictions: Multimodality, SLMs, and System Improvements
    01:05:55 The Role of Open Models in AI's Evolution
    01:08:03 Reflecting on the Rapid Advancements in AI Technology

    • 1 hr 9 min
    HockeyStick #7 - Generative AI for Data Analytics

    HockeyStick #7 - Generative AI for Data Analytics

    Leveraging Generative AI in Data Analytics: Insights from Industry Experts
    In this episode of HockeyStick, host Miko Pawlikowski interviews Artur Guja, Dr. Marlena Siviak, and Dr. Marian Siwiak, the authors of 'Generative AI for Data Analytics.' They discuss the impact of generative AI on data analytics, their collaborative background, and their book's focus on utilizing AI tools efficiently rather than seeking them out as silver bullets for complex problems. The conversation also delves into process optimization, the challenges and realities of academia, the potential and limits of prompt engineering, and the future of AI in data analytics. The importance of understanding the nuances of using generative AI as an assistant rather than a replacement for human creativity and insight in data analytics is highlighted throughout the discussion.
    00:00 Welcome to HockeyStick: Unveiling Generative AI's Impact on Data Analytics
    00:17 Meet the Minds Behind the Book: Diverse Expertise Uniting for Innovation
    01:11 The Genesis of a Groundbreaking Book: Collaboration and Inspiration
    02:07 Demystifying Generative AI: Beyond the Hype and Into Practical Use
    04:34 The Essence of Process Optimization: Bridging Gaps and Enhancing Efficiency
    09:58 Navigating the Complexities of Academia: A Personal Journey
    24:13 The Intriguing World of Pharmacon: A Techno-Thriller Born from Experience
    26:00 Crafting a Book on Generative AI: A Collective Venture into the Future
    33:55 Exploring the Impact of AI on Data Analytics and Programming
    35:56 The Skepticism Towards LLMs in Development
    37:04 The Role of Healthy Paranoia in AI Assistance
    39:41 Defining and Discussing Artificial Sentience
    46:14 The Practical Use of Generative AI in Data Analytics
    01:00:15 The Future of Data Analytics and AI Integration
    01:04:24 Final Thoughts and Book Promotion

    • 1 hr 6 min
    HockeyStick #6 - AI-powered Developer

    HockeyStick #6 - AI-powered Developer

    Generative AI in Software Development: A Future Without Coders?
    In this episode of HockeyStick, Miko Pawlikowski interviews Nathan B. Crocker, CTO at Checkr and author of 'AI-Powered Developer,' exploring the impact of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot on software development. They discuss the book's insights into using AI as a junior developer, its appeal to different levels of software practitioners, and experiences with generative AI for coding tasks. The conversation covers AI's role in designing, testing, refactoring, and understanding code, addressing job security concerns for software engineers. They also tackle the effectiveness of local LLMs versus online models, the evolving landscape of AI in coding, and future directions for developers using AI tools.
    00:00 Welcome to HockeyStick: Exploring Generative AI for Code
    00:23 Diving Into AI-Powered Development with Nathan B. Crocker
    00:44 The Practical Guide to AI in Coding: Insights and Experiences
    02:47 The Revolutionary Impact of AI on Software Development
    04:46 ChatGPT: A New Era of Coding Assistance
    08:57 The Magic of Copilot in Your IDE
    10:40 Navigating the Challenges of Custom Code with AI Tools
    14:46 Designing Software with AI: Beyond Just Code
    17:45 Refactoring and Upgrading with AI: A New Frontier
    20:27 The Quirks of AI: From Training Data to Practical Use
    23:34 Exploring the Limits of AI in Software Testing
    24:01 Exploring AI in Testing and Development
    24:25 Harnessing AI for Software Testing
    25:08 AI's Role in Code Depreciation and Asset Management
    25:59 Understanding and Describing Code with AI
    28:47 Security Insights and Ethical Considerations in AI
    32:05 AI in Infrastructure and Deployment
    37:36 Evaluating Local LLMs and Their Capabilities
    42:18 The Future of Coding and AI: Predictions and Perspectives
    44:01 Closing Thoughts and Next Steps for the Author

    • 45 min

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