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A spiritual (?) podcast where each week screenwriter Joshua Conkel discusses his intetest in/ambivalence toward woo-woo topics with Hollywood types including tarot, astrology, crystals, ghosts, psychic phenomena, and more!

HOLLYWOO with Joshua Conkel HOLLYWOO with Joshua Conkel

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A spiritual (?) podcast where each week screenwriter Joshua Conkel discusses his intetest in/ambivalence toward woo-woo topics with Hollywood types including tarot, astrology, crystals, ghosts, psychic phenomena, and more!

    "Baha'i and Brokedown Dating" with Jeffrey Reddick

    "Baha'i and Brokedown Dating" with Jeffrey Reddick

    Ms. Joe Biden will bee our next president and Josh predicted it with tarot! Josh is joined by screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the classic Final Destination franchise. Remarkably they're from the same Isolated part of Eastern Kentucky and they talk a bit about Appalachian woo-woo like water witching, granny magic, and a terrifying experience of speaking in tongues Jeffrey had as a child. They discuss economic injustice and how it affects elections before diving into Jeffrey's career and how it from sneaking into A Nightmare on Elm Street to working for New Line in its heyday. Finally, they get into the meat of the show, where Jeffrey teaches Josh all about the Baha'i faith, to which he's belonged since he was a teenager. Finally, Josh gets into Jeffrey's chart (Cancer sun, Gemini moon), his tarot card of the year (Temperence for 2020, The Devil for 2021) and then Josh predicts that Jeffrey will NOT meet a man soon womp womp but that's only because no one is good enough. 

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    "Fighting the Malocchio" with Lucy DeVito

    "Fighting the Malocchio" with Lucy DeVito

    Oh no, it's Election Day! Josh is very anxious, but at least he has an update about the ghosts in his apartment. His guest is actress, producer, child of Hollywood Lucy DeVito. These two old friends discuss (of course) election anxiety, Lucy's psychic vision of Brittany Murphy's death, Josh's dead grandmothers visiting him in his dreams, past lives, the Evil Eye aka Malocchio, the Saints, Santeria, Lucy's childhood in Beverly Hills as the daughter of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, their joint fear of outer space, Lucy's chart (Pisces sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio rising), crippling self-doubt, we get into her tarot card of the year (the Moon) and finally, Josh gives Lucy a tarot reading for her love life. 

    His card for you, the listeners, is The Magician!

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    "Janky Ass Skunk Crystals" with Dylan Dawson

    "Janky Ass Skunk Crystals" with Dylan Dawson

    Happy Halloween, witches! Josh talks Samhain and AllSaints before being joined by Sagittarius Dylan Dawson, co-creator of Syfy's new animated series, Wildlife. They discuss Dylan's youtube wedding, crystals, giving up meat, how meat Is murder, growing up vegetarian and Unitarian, having a great 2020, other dimensions, aliens, Time Life spooky books, Buddhism, how having a podcast is embarrassing,  Josh's militant atheist phase, the Amazing Randi and his check for a million dollars, a cottage in Cornwall, The Wicker Man and Ne*l L*bute, astrology (Dylan is a Sagittarius sun, Aries moon, Virgo rising with a cardinal t-square and more!) They also discuss their numerology of 2020: Dylan is a 7/The Chariot and Josh is a 1/The Fool. Dylan mentions right at the end that he used the same animal psychic as Ali Anh and finally Josh gives Dylan's dog a tarot reading. Your tarot card of the week: Queen of Swords. 

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    "Meditation, Magick, and West Side Wellness Witches" with Gabriela Herstik

    "Meditation, Magick, and West Side Wellness Witches" with Gabriela Herstik

    Josh talks about his road trip of ghost towns (Salton Sea, California City, and others) before briefly mentioning his newfound Interest In Buddhism. Then he's joined by columnist, author, and witch Gabriela Herstik. They discuss animal prints, meditation, Buddhism, defining god, understanding something unknowable, Bahai, Naha Armady and 22 Teachings, the ups and downs of being a pro witch, copycat witches, glamour/fashion magick and materialism, Gabriela's devotion to Venus, sex positivity, selfie art, dating In LA and how men are Insane, occult bros, Gabriela Is a 12 on the woo-woo scale, privilege In the woo-woo world, West Side wellness witches, cryptozoology and If bigfoot exists, Last Podcast on the Left, the liminal space and astral plane, Gabriela's chart (Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Libra rising), Josh embarrasses himself by getting a house wrong, Dolly vs Elvira, Gabriela's alarm goes off for her Solar Adoration, and then as a fun treat, both being tarot readings, Gabriela and Josh read tarot for each other. In the outro, Josh pulls Six of Swords for the week ahead. 

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    Last Podcast on the Left

    • 1 hr 9 min
    "Numerology and the Sweetest Scorpio" with Philippe Bowgen

    "Numerology and the Sweetest Scorpio" with Philippe Bowgen

    Josh talks Witchie Awards, the election and not giving his energy to dum dums online, and discusses his upcoming road trip to various ghost towns. Then he's joined by Instagram gay and actor Philippe Bowgen. They discuss: being an Influencer and getting free shit on Instagram (speedos for Phillipe, demonology books for Josh!) They discuss the election and how awful queer conservatives are, being an ethnically ambiguous actor and how our looks affect casting, Veronica Mars, Chaldean numerology, self-discipline in 2020, tarot cards of the year, and Phillipe's chart (Scorpio sun, scorpio rising, Gemini moon.) Then they take to the tarot and Josh predicts that Trump Is going to lose but lol what does he know. 

    Chaldean Numerology

    Tarot Card of the Year

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    "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Gate" with Claire Kiechel

    "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Gate" with Claire Kiechel

    We're nominated for a WITCHIE AWARD! Josh talks about astrology house systems, the full moon In Aries, and numerology before welcoming his guest, OA, Watchmen, and Circe writer, Claire Kiechel. The pair discuss getting canceled, Ted Bundy glasses, Netflix, the weird Emmys of 2020, Netflix, Space Jam, and then do a deep dive on cults: Scientology, nxivm and The Vow, and Heaven's Gate. Finally, Josh gets Into Claire's chart. She thought she was an Aries but she's a Pisces! Finally, Josh pulls The High Priestess for you. 

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    Heaven's Gate

    Space Jam 

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

Echo Parker Posey ,

Perfectly combines two deeply wild worlds

Every week Josh delivers a show full of both hollywood insight and woo woo exploration. It’s a very lighthearted and never-too-serious approach to magic/tarot/astrology/etc that even the biggest skeptic can follow along.

ParkerBrennon ,

Enjoying every episode :)

A lighthearted approach to the mystic side of life. Every episode is a joy, and I look forward to more.

bertobob ,

These are my people!

This podcast was made for me. I’d say I’m a 7 on the woo woo scale since childhood. Not only is the pod entertaining and funny, but it’s also great listening to conversations with kindred spirits. Love it!

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