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We are a small podcast review content created by the Dungeons and Dragons community. We test the content in an actual play form at each tier of play.

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We are a small podcast review content created by the Dungeons and Dragons community. We test the content in an actual play form at each tier of play.

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4.9 out of 5
9 Ratings
9 Ratings
Stygious ,

Homebrew Review is worth the listen!

A clever take on home brew play and analysis featuring a diverse rotating cast, a clever and entertaining DM, and great info for players all wrapped up in a short and sweet podcast over 4 sessions per chapter. Loving the episodes! Keep it up.

Cellescent ,

Not what I expected, but this is fine too

This podcast presents players using homebrew content for one session at each tier of play. It's an excellent idea, and gets right to the actual-play without too much setup. There are no problems with audio quality, and the episodes are about the right length to run household errands to. Small skips in the audio suggest that the inevitable pauses to calculate damage or lookup spell descriptions are being cut out for the sake of the listeners, which is a big plus. While the first arc is almost entirely combat, the second is much better about different types of encounters.
I don't feel convinced about this as an in-depth content review podcast: the sessions are too short to deal with attrition of any kind, the players make many common mistakes about the rules, and we receive fairly little explanation about the material being tested. As an example, the Treant race playtested in arc 1 suffered no problems from need for sunlight or doubled water needs, and was described as being able to add half CON to their AC, which the player claimed made it great for Unarmored Defense and unarmored casters. At max CON, this is +2 AC, same as a shield; decent for casters, but outside of very lucky starting stats, very difficult to get to the AC that the Treant had. The current version's AC feature makes the Treant's AC much more probable, and is indeed great for casters, but as a different base calculation Unarmored Defense doesn't even come into the equation, so it doesn't really have the interaction described. Simple questions of understanding rules like these can completely change a feature's functionality and balance.
However, this podcast really shines at one aspect: it's a very good example of actual play. It feels like sitting in on one session of a friend's campaign, but without all the hassle of waiting for people to arrive, not knowing what's going on, or watching someone roll and then add up 20d6 over the course of ten minutes while the DM tries to look up obscure rules. You're just listening to people play D&D. As a result, though I don't know if the Physician class is balanced, I know that based on arc 2, I don't want to play one with nothing to do but flat healing outside of specific situations. Similarly, I get the sense that the Cardmaster plays very much like a Warlock, so if I like those then this is a class that might interest me. This may not be the best content review podcast, but it feels like a great content teaser podcast for introducing content you'd recommend to people in a fun and palatable way.
Going forward, I think if you want to work more on reviewing balance and mechanics, I would recommend playing with more subclasses; whole homebrewed classes have so many new mechanics that it's hard to get to everything, while homebrewed races aren't likely to affect much if they're balanced, but subclasses present simple, important features that should be a snap to use once or twice even in a oneshot. That said, if you let the review title slip, I think you've already found a decent niche.

Kearney_Bob ,


A new take on talking about Homebrew, hope it keeps making episodes

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