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HomeFront Sitrep was created to discuss and talk about current issues within the veteran communities. HomeFront sitrep invites veteran service organizations, veteran business owners, and veterans to come on and tell their story.


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HomeFront Sitrep was created to discuss and talk about current issues within the veteran communities. HomeFront sitrep invites veteran service organizations, veteran business owners, and veterans to come on and tell their story.

    HomeFront Sitrep with Freedom Alliance

    HomeFront Sitrep with Freedom Alliance

    When America’s military was sent to liberate Kuwait in 1990, Freedom Alliance determined that our troops would receive the respect and support their Vietnam-era predecessors were denied a generation before. The organization, which had just been founded, assembled and shipped 125,000 care packages to our troops in the field. Each box was filled with items to help servicemembers fight the desert heat, stay healthy, and convey the public’s overwhelming support. It was one of several projects we initiated to care for our war fighters.
    After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, America’s military was sent to fight again. In the long war on terrorism, Freedom Alliance has lead the home front efforts to honor the fallen, support fighters in the field, help wounded troops rehabilitate, and assist families struggling with the wounds of war. We support our troops with direct assistance, and advocate for policies that protect our troops and allow them to be successful in their mission.
    We also recognize that the defense of our nation and the attainment of “a more perfect Union,” is the responsibility of every American, not just those who serve in uniform. As such, Freedom Alliance supports a free and sovereign nation in which “We the People” determine our own destiny. We defend America’s history and her heroes. We encourage service to our country and her communities. And we believe that the United States is the greatest force for good the world has ever known.

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    HomeFront Sitrep with Veteran Hundo Club

    HomeFront Sitrep with Veteran Hundo Club

    We Have Set Our Entire Structure Around Building The Next Generation Of Veterans Enhanced For Taking Control Of Their Lives. This Will Reverse 2,500 Years Of Human History. We Aim To Be The Number One Social And Educational Source Globally For Veterans. We Aim To Ensure No One Is Ever “Air-Dropped” Back Into Society Again Without Being Prepared Before They Leave Military Service. We Begin By Assisting Veterans Before They Even Leave Active Military Service. Preparation For Success Is Our Mission Because We Are A Proactive Organization.

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    Two Wolf Foundation

    Two Wolf Foundation

    Two Wolf Foundation exists to serve members of the warrior tribe on their healing journey. At the root of our mission is a passion to offer continued support for combat veterans and former first responders seeking purpose and belonging. We want to ensure that the torch continues to be carried forward in recovery and post-traumatic growth.
    Two Wolf Foundation offers the warrior a new mission.
     We mobilize our nation's combat veterans and first responders to serve with new purpose towards the protection, conservation, and sustainment of our US public land systems. Two Wolf Foundation brings our country's incredible warriors together to connect, serve, and grow stronger in unique and inspiring landscapes through overland adventure and land stewardship.

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    INVETS with Jerry Young

    INVETS with Jerry Young

    INvets is made up of a dedicated group of veterans, military spouses, career development experts, and content specialists who understand how important veterans and their spouses are to our Indiana workforce.
    Jerry retired from the military after a dual-branch career in both the active-duty Air Force and the Indiana National Guard. Jerry has also had a diverse civilian work history that he draws upon to connect veterans and their spouses with employers and resources across the state.


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    Guitars 4 Vets with Gruven Tom Lamog

    Guitars 4 Vets with Gruven Tom Lamog

    Music helps decrease anxiety, increase self-esteem, and reduce episodes of panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks. A research study of Guitars 4 Vets students showed a 21% improvement in PTSD symptoms and a 27% decrease in related depression symptoms. The study attributed learning and playing guitar as the primary catalysts for these improvements—and we want to ensure as many vets as possible have that opportunity.
    More simply, playing a guitar can help veterans safely connect with their surroundings and other people.

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    Monica Sanford, Doctor of Nursing to Veteran Advocate

    Monica Sanford, Doctor of Nursing to Veteran Advocate

    Monica is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, with specialty practice in Cardiology and Hospitalist services.
    Graduated from Johns Hopkins University with her Bachelors, Georgetown University with her Master’s and Vanderbilt University with her Doctor of Nursing Practice. She is active in local, state and Federal legislative affairs and advocating for NP Practice, Cardiology issues, Veteran Affairs and increasing access to care for minority and underserved populations.
    She received the 2020 American Association of Nurse Practitioners State Award for Excellence, and the National Heart Hero Award from Mended Heart Organization in 2023 for her advocacy efforts to cardiac patients and their families.
    She served 3 years on the FL State Board of American College of Cardiology and continues to serve on the Education and Legislative Affairs Committee. She was Gubernatorial appointed to Pediatric Cardiology Technical Advisory Panel and is an Assistant Editor for ACC CardioSmart. Multiple publications and local, state and national presentations.
    She is Faculty at University of West FL as an instructor in Leadership and Health Policy in the nursing programs.
    Active in the West Florida Defense Coalition that advocates for NWFL bases Legislative priorities.
    She sees Veterans for VA disability claims and is the current President of the Northwest FL Nurse Practitioner Network in Pensacola, FL.
    She as been married to a Marine for 35yr, he was prior enlisted and retired as the G2 of 2nd Mar Div Camp Lejeune.

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