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Join Antonia Nelson for Honor Your True Story; A podcast dedicated to sharing inspiring stories of hope, kindness, love, courage and compassion. You’ll also receive tips for relieving stress, anxiety, increasing resilience and, taking care of your body, your sweet self, and more.

The stories we carry, the baggage, and the B.S. are not our true stories! We grow up to mimic all we have been taught, but this mimicry is not us, and learning this truth is liberating!

This really short life, full of adventures and experiences, all transforming and growing us so we each live and experience our own personal blueprint.

Every Monday, Antonia’s guests share pivotal moments, forks in the road, ups and downs, and wisdom earned on the road of life. Listen in!

Honor Your True Story Antonia Nelson

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Join Antonia Nelson for Honor Your True Story; A podcast dedicated to sharing inspiring stories of hope, kindness, love, courage and compassion. You’ll also receive tips for relieving stress, anxiety, increasing resilience and, taking care of your body, your sweet self, and more.

The stories we carry, the baggage, and the B.S. are not our true stories! We grow up to mimic all we have been taught, but this mimicry is not us, and learning this truth is liberating!

This really short life, full of adventures and experiences, all transforming and growing us so we each live and experience our own personal blueprint.

Every Monday, Antonia’s guests share pivotal moments, forks in the road, ups and downs, and wisdom earned on the road of life. Listen in!

    Discover and Connect with your Inner Wisdom with Lori A. Andrus

    Discover and Connect with your Inner Wisdom with Lori A. Andrus

    today. Our guest is Laurie Andrus. Laurie is an artist and their wisdom teacher, and she offers creative and inspiring online programs where she blends her background as an occupational therapist, and two decades of deep study in the areas of spirituality earth based healing ceremony and Crystal wisdom. Welcome, Laurie. Thank you for being here.

    I was thinking when I first met you, which was I don’t know a couple of years ago in a class with a lady from Florida that was teaching and there were probably I don’t know, maybe 20 people in the class from all over everywhere. And as I scroll down, I’m like, Oh, my God, she’s from Green Bay.

    Where I live you know is that was that’s just always surprising because that doesn’t usually happen. So I was excited to find that you’re right here and what you’re doing and

    I’m inspired by the beautiful jewelry that you make. I think it’s the jewelry that you make really ties in with your work with you know, with the gems and with the programs that you teach, you know, it really is bringing all those pieces of the earth and spirituality together. And I see that you know, like I said in your jewelry it’s it’s certainly there. Mm hmm. And I’ve been inspired by your adventures in the summer where I found out well, you and your husband go north. Yeah. Or the summers can what what prompted that for you?

    Yeah, it feels like it in some ways it feels like the most random thing that we could be doing in that, you know, a lot of times we have visions for life. And I think Chris and I had lots of visions for and imaginings and you know, thoughts of what we could be doing. And that was it felt like this is really what we’re doing and it feels so right. It’s like, kind of a question sort of thing, but we we’ve been camping and traveling for about a decade and together and we’ve long talked about wanting a piece of land. And most of the time we had focused on trying to find a place that we would that would be near the city that you know, Chris could work and we could be in the country and like we had, you know that kind of a plan and then COVID happened and some lots of things in my world were shifting and shaking up and his as well and you know, as was happening for everyone and while we were up north, we were camping at this little itty bitty little little county park up in northern Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior. And we were just in a place of complete relaxation and awe and ease and flow and deeply connected as a couple and as you know, to the earth and one of the things we kept hearing while we were there was conversations that we’re having with people around beginning new chapters. And it was just this repeated phrase, the camp host was talking about her new chapter. Someone camping three sites down and talked about her and her husband’s new new chapter.

    A cute little restaurant that we fell in love with that we were frequenting and we met the owner one afternoon and he was talking about his new chapter. And it just it was the phrase was just repeated over and over and over. And so we started to ask that question, what is our new chapter what is because it felt like we were at a place of a new chapter and we didn’t really know what that was. Yeah. And we, as we were wrapping up the trip, we kind of just got kind of punchy and goofy and silly and we’re like, Well, what if we what if we looked for land in the up in Upper Michigan and we decided to just start scrolling through I had an app on my phone because I was probably for many years looking for land. So I had this app like ready when I when I would be in a place or an area that inspired me and just pull it up and so we were pulling it up and we were like well where because the up is huge and there’s so many different towns and stuff like that. And so we just picked one that we love to visit and we looked kind of in that area and the land that we purchased, popped u

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    Erin from Ohio - Being in the right place at the right time

    Erin from Ohio - Being in the right place at the right time

    Unknown Speaker 0:00
    Welcome to honor your true story. This is Antonia Nelson. And today our guest is Erin . Erin is a woman I met at a workshop online a few weeks ago and she shared a story that was I thought was really cool. And I asked her if she would please come on and share. Share that story with all of you. So I’m going to read Erin’s bio so you have a little information about her. Erin is a firm believer that you are always exactly where you’re meant to be. Her life has been full of experiences which have shaped her existence, profound loss, world travels and chance meetings have all played a part in the unique stories she has. Erincurrently lives in Ohio with her husband and her two children. So welcome, Erin. So glad you’re here.

    Unknown Speaker 0:52
    Thank you. Thank you for having me. It’s an honor and exciting and I’m excited to share just a little bit about myself.

    Unknown Speaker 1:02
    Awesome. Awesome. Well, I would love if you would share to start out anyway, share that story that you shared in the workshop that we were in together.

    Unknown Speaker 1:11
    Yeah, absolutely. It’s actually very, very appropriate timing as it was. So my husband Mike and I, we met in Vermont on a snowboarding trip 10 years to the date. You know, we always joke around because it was actually a leap year. That year. That we met so February 29. So we tend to celebrate the last day of February with which we did we both took the day off yesterday and went snowboarding

    Unknown Speaker 1:42
    So yeah, that was really good timing. Yeah, and I you know, just by chance, ended up meeting in Vermont. So I’ll take you back a couple of years. I’m originally from Florida. Born and raised. I lived there for 20 years. And a fellow that I was dating for quite a significant amount of time. We were had been together for 10 years. You know, he he had grand aspirations and so I just sort of followed him wherever he went and, you know, work brought him to New Jersey. So I subsequently went with him. And we learned how to snowboard and started snowboarding up in Vermont, which is how I sort of met people there and learned about Vermont and started going back pretty regularly. As fate would have it. We were we were engaged to be married. Back in 2010. A week before the wedding. There’s just your situation that happened and we had a friend over and there was just an argument broke out and I remember standing there in the kitchen. I’m thinking you know, I can’t like what am I doing? Like this is I just saw my life flash. You know, this, this grown man and yelling at me and in front of our guests who really couldn’t leave because we had picked him up and I just remember that moment I said, I can laugh. I can cry or I can yell back. And so I just started laughing because that seems the most appropriate in the moment I said I’m leaving you let me know when when you’ve brought in our friend home calling home and I’ll come back and and that we did and I just it just you know we just like to say I can’t marry you for this not happening. And so we didn’t we didn’t go through with it. And we went our separate ways. But I continued to snowboard in Vermont. And so it was, you know a year and a half later. does. You know I was scheduled to go on this trip to Vermont. My almost didn’t go it’s a nine hour drive. I was by myself this snowy conditions. I guess I really don’t want to drive to Vermont right now, but I had already paid so I said what the hell I’m just gonna do it. I’m just gonna go skin to dry. If I did, you know, I arrived pretty late at night. like 9:10pm and because a lot of people are already showed up, they’re already there. And you know just casually said hi to people I’ve known and you’re just making small chit chat and hanging out with people and I looked over into a corner and I saw Mike you’re sitting at the bar, this purple hat his gray hoodie I just remember going wow. Wow, g

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    No one should give birth or die alone with Linda Aileen Miller

    No one should give birth or die alone with Linda Aileen Miller

    Welcome to honor your true story. I’m Antonia Nelson and our guest today is Linda Eileen Miller, after a 32 year career as an international Delta flight attendant, and 24 years supporting those healing from post traumatic stress disorder. Now working as a certified birth doula and advocate for the unborn, while lovingly holding space for those in birth, and loss in life. Linda’s a three times self published author and poet, her first book, who is that woman, Second Life is the muck magic and the miracles. Third book free fallen into and out of banana pudding dreams. And the latest book, which is now number one ranking on Amazon, The Ultimate Guide to self healing volume for Linda’s chapter is on doula support during the COVID time and for all women who need support. Now Linda is teaching through the Institute for the Study of birth, breath and death and sharing the sacred work. I’m so glad you’re here. You have so many wonderful stories to share. You shared a phrase when we talked before, that really impacted me because I’ve been with two people as they passed. And it was the most profound experience. And along with the birth of my nephew to be there. You said you said the phrase no one should give birth or die alone. And that was just so profound to hear. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, that that came to me very clearly in 1969 when I was an unwed mom, living in a strange town, getting ready to gift my child to a stranger. And I thought, you know, this, this should not happen. No one should make this choice alone or be alone. And the same thing with birth..

    When you said in, you know, instead of putting somebody up for adoption, you say you gifted your child? Mm hmm. That was it was interesting, because for so many years, I could not talk about the experience at all. during that timeframe. It was not socially acceptable to be pregnant and unmarried. And so you just didn’t talk about it. It was all hush hush and, you know, whispered if anything, and I did not name my son. I never saw him. And I think one thing that I would encourage in a woman that is choosing to make that same choice is to do that, too, because it brings about a certain amount of closure. As for the word gifting when I went through my Doula training in 2000 2013, I believe Ray Davies, who is a donor certified trainer, Ray suggested to me that I consider using the word gifted rather than giving him away or gave him up or lost, whatever, you know, all the things that people use. And I loved it, I really loved it because it felt it felt right. It was a gift it was, it was a gift for me to have a family that had their arms open and willing to give my son the home that that I could not give him at that point in time. And it took me almost 20 years to name him. When I spoke about him, I always said him and never said a name. And one day it dawned on me. And I think that that’s another thing. I would encourage mothers, whether it’s adoption, or if they lose a child in birth, to name that child and have ritual and ceremony around the birth. I celebrate Michael’s birthday every year, May 14, and and I do something special, whether it’s something special for him, like planting a tree, or something special for me like a walk on the beach, or, you know, just taking time to journal and remember that there is a young man on this earth that is soon to be 53 years old. And I hope that Michael was happy and that he was loved. And given wonderful opportunities. Yeah, I’d love I love the celebration of it all. Like we’re close in age. So like you said back in the day, getting pregnant, unmarried was not celebrated at all. And you just kind of I remember friends getting you know, charter chapter. Yeah. Yep. And shut away for you know, six months, whatever. And so the celebration that you talk about, and the acknowledgement of that soul and of you and what a beautiful thing. Beautiful thing.

    Thank you. Thank you. It was quite

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    The gift of a burnout and discovering your true calling with Katie Stiel

    The gift of a burnout and discovering your true calling with Katie Stiel

    Back to honor your true story Podcast. I’m Antonia Nelson. And we’ve been talking about how, how it is when we need challenges in our life. You know, there’s a fork in the road or something comes up and you know, how it shows up what it looks like, what it feels like, how we need it, or how we don’t need it. And you know, what is our response to it? So today, our guest is someone who is has been through a lot of those things. And she’s going to share with us her life and some of her true stories. Her name is Katie style. Welcome, Katie.
    Yeah. It’s wonderful to have you. Katie has a master’s degree in clinical social work. She has experience in various settings including case management, counseling, supervision, organization, management, and macro level practice. Her work history led her to seek alternative ways to heal burnout and sleep deprivation. And after reading all those things that you were you’ve been working on, I’m like, Man, I need a day up. I know that getting a master’s degree in anything is a big deal and it takes a lot of work. And a lot of discipline to stick with it. And and you have done that. And so I would love to hear about your story. And whatever you’d like to share about, you know, the challenges that that came up in your life that you were you had to look at

    Yeah, there’s definitely so many hours in a day that you can fit so many things and I I started wanting to go for my master’s degree to be a counselor at that time, I had worked in foster care and with homeless populations, and I felt that it would want to continue that journey. And I noticed through the process of getting a master’s degree I was working, I was doing an internship and I was going to school. And so at the end of it, I didn’t realize how many times I just in order to do something I would stay up an hour or two or I would go wake up early to get things accomplished. And so that took a toll on my body and I was looking into medications and as a social worker, you often look at research medications that your client is taking just to make sure that their behaviors are on track or if there’s any alerts that you need to be aware of. And so I was doing research on sleep medications. I was doing all sorts of research on what I could do like with like take melatonin or things like that and that just didn’t work out for me. And so I ended up speaking with a mentor that was my supervisor for my clinical social work internship. And she actually suggested sound healing. And I just did a couple sessions. And I just noticed the immediate improvement. I noticed that I used to have I guess it would be called anxiety but it was kind of racing thoughts where I just would think about multiple things in my brain. What I needed to do that day, different, just like it wasn’t like a calm thinking it was more about rapid, rapid, circular thinking, as being a thought was always like what what am I going to do next? What’s the next step? And so I noticed what the sound healing it very much calmed. That rapid thinking and I was able to just experience life in a calm way. And I noticed that the rapid thought process that I had kind of just shut off. And then I was able to just observe life and just calmly moved towards my next step. And I ended up just liking energy healing a lot. I wasn’t familiar with that concept. I know in school I talked to a lot of Native American furnace, First Nation people within my experiences and I learned a lot about energy healing, but I still not sure what it meant just because at that time, I was very much an advocate for mental health and just self care and that process, but actually going through another modality of healing really opened up my eyes to other energy healing, so I practice shamanism, or I went to a shaman to receive healing and I also tried Reiki but I ended up just loving it so much that I wanted to train him or Reiki so that’s how I started and then So


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    Solace cards for those who have lost a loved one to suicide with Lisa Iverson

    Solace cards for those who have lost a loved one to suicide with Lisa Iverson

    welcome to my podcast.

    The podcast that is yet has no name. This is my very first one. My name is Antonia Nelson and today I have a wonderful guest with me. Lisa Iverson. Lisa is a mom, a grandmother, a healer intuitive and she’s also someone that I get to call my sister which I’m very grateful for.

    So today is our this month is national suicide awareness Prevention Month. And unfortunately, today or fortunately we’re going to be talking about a tragic event that happened to Lisa’s family. When her son died by suicide a couple of years ago. beautiful young man Conor, who’s my also my nephew. And so welcome, Lisa.

    Thanks Toni. Thanks for having me. On here as your first very, very first podcast guest Thank you. I’m very lucky to have somebody that I know and love and trust to come on and be with me and I know it will be gentle. So thank you. Yeah. And also it, what you’re doing and you know, the who you are and how you’re living through that witness and through this, I think is really important for people to know and to learn about so.

    So let’s get let’s get into it. So would you like to share a little bit about Conor Sure, Conor was

    he was fun. He had the funniest laugh in the whole world and the most beautiful blue eyes ever. And if he had something to say he was un stoppable. But if he didn’t have anything say he didn’t talk, he was a very quiet guy. Um, and you know, things. His life just kind of got away from him two years ago in October and he decided that he’d had enough like it was too hard for him and I could see that. I didn’t think he would, you know, do what he did, but he did. So we have to learn how to live with that. And through that, which is what we’re doing, you know.

    Yeah. Which, for those of us who aren’t, you know, that it’s not going to us as you know, the parent.

    It’s very different from the outside. I mean, I was close to your sister, I was . And, and there’s, you know, you hear people talk about it all. The time. There’s nothing like this that you’ll ever go through in life. No, and there I you know, there really isn’t I thought I you know, before this happened, I thought I knew, you know, because of all the healing work I’ve done with people, including myself, but I thought I knew and you know, honest to God, I had no idea that this level of pain existed. I had no idea.

    Yeah. And I am grateful that you’re willing to talk about it.

    Yeah, you know, my thing to talk about it is to let other people that are going through this and know, you know, I don’t want anybody to ever have to go through something like this and think that they’re alone. You know, it’s kind of like those of us who have gone through this and are going through this. We’re kind of all in it together, if you will, you know, it’s kind of like a big family that unfortunately, nobody wants to be in but yet we’re grateful we all have each other. So, you know, yeah. So have you feel like you’ve found some good support and help from being belonging to the groups? I do? Yeah, there’s, um, let’s see what it’s called. parents who’ve lost a child to suicide group. And then there’s mothers of suicide group. I think those are the names I’d have to look for sure, on Facebook. And I am in both of those groups. I’m actually in a couple more. There’s one called SOS and another one and, um, well, most days, it’s helpful to know that you’re not alone, especially in the beginning. But on some days, it’s like you just you can’t even just go on there and look because it’s just too painful. And you know, we’re seeing Oh, my gosh, I mean, it’s crazy how many children have passed in the last year? I’m at we’re over 5000 members on one of the groups and I think when I started we were at like, 2020 500, maybe, and you’re just seeing them getting younger and younger. Like, I think the youngest one I seen was

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    Introducing Honor Your True Story with Antonia Nelson

    Introducing Honor Your True Story with Antonia Nelson

    Join Antonia Nelson for Honor Your True Story; A podcast dedicated to sharing our guest's inspiring stories of hope, courage, love, and compassion on their life's journey. You’ll also receive tips for relieving stress, increasing resiliency, taking care of your body, your sweet self, and more.

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5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Tennis star 8 ,

Wonderful: A balm for these times

Antonia Nelson’s soothing voice and her ability to ask questions without getting in the way of her guests as they tell their story is masterfully done!
Her topics invite a gentle thoughtfulness to areas I would not have otherwise been aware of.

Guests on these episodes have been insightful, humble, and fascinating. A breath of fresh air and balm for these time.

Lori Andrus ,

The gift of story!

Love how this show is kicking off and excited to see how it grows! ‘Stories of hope, kindness, love, courage, and compassion’ is exactly what we need to hear right now. Thank you for bringing these forward in such a beautiful way, Antonia! <3

rootedinstarlight ,

So Moving!

I found this first episode to be so moving and inspiring! I would think that to interview a family member would be challenging enough but to interview your sister about the most painful experience of her life and do such a compassionate job in the process reflects the nature of this podcast. Antonia will do a tremendous job holding space for her guests to share their heartfelt stories. I am looking forward to the next episode. Thank you for bringing light to this topic and helping others in the process.

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