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Craft beer and comedy podcast covering news and silliness from the world of beer and homebrewing.

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Craft beer and comedy podcast covering news and silliness from the world of beer and homebrewing.

    Episode 156: Barbarism Begins At Homebrewing

    Episode 156: Barbarism Begins At Homebrewing

    Tom, Pittsburgh area homebrewer and co-coordinator of the Little Beer Tasting Group, joins Adam and Steve to talk mostly about homebrewing in the time of quarantine. We highlight the Terrestrial Brewing Company's donation to their local homebrewing group, what Tom's been brewing and where he's been getting his ingredients, and the plans for the online Homebrew Con. We also talk about the possible coming replacement for Brews Brothers, then new Amazon series Poured in PA based off the movie. Then we get into the dregs of streaming television, episode 7 of Netflix's Brews Brothers. It's appropriate it's streaming, because this show is piss.
    Alibi Ale Works Mr. Tartacular's Forbidden Fruit Threesome
    Logyard Brewing Bucking Birch
    Tired Hands Alien Church IPA
    Four Points Brewing Twilight Hollow Raspberry Stout
    Cinderlands Pancake Galaxy Blueberry Tartshake IPA
    Noble Stein Hold the Foam Cappuccino Stout

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Episode 155: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Your Beers

    Episode 155: Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Your Beers

    Eric and Nikki from A Little Beer Tasting Group return to talk about beer delivery service, Pennsylvania gets liquor to go, and a correction on some City Brew Tours news we talked about last week. We also go in depth into the Untappd Beer Festival and the Great American Beer Festival shifting to online solutions. Is the virtual beerfest the latest craze waiting to happen? Is $90 worth the price of having a Stay at Home tasting of beers you wouldn't normally have access to? This week's guests are also the latest victims to Netflix's bad programming decisions as they review Episode 6 of Brews Brothers.
    Voodoo Brewery They're Good Hops, Brent (Batch 9)
    East End South Oakland IPA
    Stone Diehard Fan IPA
    Fair State Brewing Cooperative Pecan Maple Vanilla Imperial Stout
    Insurrection Aleworks Just Like Mom Used to Make Stout

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Episode 154: A Slush of Blood to the Head

    Episode 154: A Slush of Blood to the Head

    Jason Cercone of BreakingBrews.com returns and finally isn't forced to talk wrestling with Adam and Steve. He is however forced to talk about Episode 5 of Brews Brothers. But first, they talk about the hot (cool? cold?) new trend in PA of alcoholic slush machines in beer distributors. The latest is a 20 tap wall at Shangy's. Then they discuss City Brew Tours pivoting their business model to include virtual beer & cheese pairings and homebrewing classes. Insurrection is getting a new taproom. Americans take their freedom for granted, again, as South Africa is plunged into chaos over total prohibition of beer and cigarette sales. Then it's time to review the fifth episode of Netflix's 20th biggest regret, Brews Brothers. Things have changed though. After 4 episodes of not even laughing once, Steve actually laughed twice at this episode...sort of. Listen now to find out what was funny.
    Sixpoint Hootie Hazy IPA
    El Segundo Broken Skull IPA
    Eleventh Hour Dreamcannon Black & Blue Weizen
    Levity Brewing Hoodlebug Brown Ale
    Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA
    Dogfish Head Sun Day Feels Beermosa Sour

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Episode 153: Virtual Festivity

    Episode 153: Virtual Festivity

    In every dark cloud, there is a silver lining or some crap. This week's silver lining to the quarantine is we were actual able to get First Sip's Dennis and Sam on the same episode for the first time... even if they've never been in a room together. Steve and Adam are also present to drink beer, and they all talk about the emergence of the virtual beerfest. The first one they've heard of is being put on by Gathering Place brewery for their 2nd Annual Lager & Friends. Then they go down a rabbit hole of discussing how to improve beerfests for a corona world. Parades, pick up trucks, uber drivers, and drink at home concerts all get involved. Then it's on to reviewing Episode 4 of Brews Brothers. Dennis has only seen this episode and Sam has seen every episode. Both come to the same conclusion. However slight improvements in the show maybe slowly eroding Steve's hardened exterior and hatred for the show. Find out more on this episode of Hop Nation USA! Sick Jamiroquai reference in the title by the way.
    Butler Brew Works La Noche Triste Coffee Stout
    Ever Grain Brewing Bingo Pajamas NEIPA
    Collective Arts + Southern Grist All the Things Pastrystout
    New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin
    Free Will Brewing Garcia's Forest IPA
    Hitchhiker Brewing Tiny Guavas IPA

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Episode 152: Haven't Had A Drink All Damie

    Episode 152: Haven't Had A Drink All Damie

    Special guest Anthony from The Main Damie and They Called This A Movie podcast joins regular guest host Kelsey, plus Adam and Steve for a rousing Zoom meeting. All podcasts are zoom meetings in this new world. They talk about the fun ways to past the time with emergence of digital age drinking games including solo beer pong, zoom pong, power hours, and general gaming. Also talk of baking, Altered Genius brewing opening in the midst of quarantine, Wrestlemania and Steve has a deep cut reference. Does anyone remember WMAC Masters? Then they review Episode 3 of the Tour de Farce Netflix sitcom Brews Brothers. Last week the show was all about pee, does this week's episode have a bodily fluid theme or is it as offensive as packing peanuts? Or did it actually get good? Find out this week on Hop Nation USA.
    Cape May Brewing Crushing It IPA
    Dancing Gnome Bifocal Feline IPA
    Saucy Uber ASAP Blood Orange IPA
    D9 Brewing Whiskers on Kittens
    Goose Island IPA
    Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Episode 151: My Old Kentucky Foam

    Episode 151: My Old Kentucky Foam

    Michael Moeller of BuildingBreweries.com joins Steve and Adam on this week's podcast. We talk about the Kentucky beer scene and how it's adapting to quarantine, revisit the Stephen Foster (not that one) story, get pumped for Bloom Brew cans, and learn more about Michael's podcasting career with Building Breweries. Then it's on to reviewing Episode 2 of the Netflix "comedy" sitcom Brews Brothers. Has it gotten any better from the abysmal first episode? Do they flesh out any of the characters? How is it unnecessarily gross this week? Find out the answers to these questions and more this episode.Beers:
    Gravely Brewing Sprockets Lager
    Mile Wide Beer Co Force Ghost NEIPA
    Victory No Brainer IPA
    Jackie O's Razz Wheat Ale
    Southern Tier Cold Brew Pumpking

    • 1 hr 5 min

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5.0 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

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We love beer people.

Great podcast with an awesome dynamic and the ability to talk about beers that doesn't come across as conceited, but rather in a way that makes me feel like I can taste what they're describing. Will be subscribing!

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Great show!

Fantastic show and great content, keep it up!

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I've Hopped On Board

Adam and Steve bring their Pittsburgh flavor to the wonderful world of beer. Their voices soothing, their descriptions captivating, their pun titles...refreshing. Overall, a great podcast that I've now subscribed to - you should, too!

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