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Your hosts Dan and Vicky take you on a hot date through movie history. They'll choose a random month, day and year and pick a favorite movie released on or near that date. It could be a love fest, it could get heated or it could turn into a threesome! Take a wild and funny ride in Dan and Vicky's movie time machine. You're invited on their Hot Date!

Hot Date Dan Domingues & Vicky Aguero

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Your hosts Dan and Vicky take you on a hot date through movie history. They'll choose a random month, day and year and pick a favorite movie released on or near that date. It could be a love fest, it could get heated or it could turn into a threesome! Take a wild and funny ride in Dan and Vicky's movie time machine. You're invited on their Hot Date!

    Don't Answer The Phone

    Don't Answer The Phone

    Originally a screenplay titled Nightline, 1980's Don't Answer The Phone was shot under the title The Hollywood Strangler - perhaps a nod to director Robert Hammer's stated purpose to make a film exploring the proliferation of serial killers in the 1970's.  The eventual title was a bid to get the audiences that had made 1979's phone themed thriller When A Stranger Calls a success.
    Dan and Vicky discuss this notorious early eighties cheapie along with a bunch of recently seen including The Omen trilogy, Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor, this year's drive in success story The Wretched, Hitchcock's Topaz, 1973 oddity Fleshpot on 42nd Street and The Wicker Man.  
    BUT you must listen to hear the EXACT moment Dan and Vicky discover who won the 2020 presidential election!  It's right there, on the podcast, captured in the moment.  Biden/Harris 2020!!
    Hot Date 116:  Don't Answer The Phone brings the exploitation and the nomination!  Leave is feedback and visit our website www.hotdatepod.com. 

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    Jewel Robbery

    Jewel Robbery

    Released in 1932, Jewel Robbery flaunted the sexual chemistry between it's two leads, introduced marijuana as a comedic motif and had it's debonair criminal escape police capture at the end -- all things that wouldn't have been allowed only a few years later under the restrictive Hayes code.  The film stars William Powell and Kay Francis - their sixth film appearance together -- and is ably directed by William Dieterle (The Life of Emile Zola).
    Dan and Vicky discuss the film and lots of recently seen including 2019's Cats, 1957's Vincent Price vehicle The Story of Mankind, influential documentary Titicut Follies, and 1968's Corruption with Peter Cushing. 
    Check out Hot Date 115: Jewel Robbery and leave us some feedback.  Our website is www.hotdatepod.com 

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    The Haunted Strangler

    The Haunted Strangler

    At 73, Boris Karloff was looking for material that would finally give him the chance to show his range as a performer.  He knew he couldn't escape his reputation as a reliable box office horror star but he hoped for a role that would allow him to play more than the sympathetic monster.  1958's The Haunted Strangler, written for the actor by friend Jan Read, gave him that opportunity -- partly. 
    Dan and Vicky pay tribute to Karloff and this film, one many consider to be his best.  They also give us some of their recently seen including the films Swallow, Red Sun, Vivarium, Mark of the Vampire, Boys in the Band, Enola Holmes and the series Death Comes to Pemberly and Monsterland.  
    The Haunted Strangler is your Hot Date Halloween treat.  Enjoy the show and leave us some feedback.  Check out our website at www.hotdatepod.com

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    By Night's End

    By Night's End

    Courtesy of TriCoast Entertainment, Dan and Vicky review By Night's End from director Walker Whited.  The home invasion thriller, co-written by Whited and Sean McCane, stars Michelle Rose and Kurt Yue as a couple in trauma facing financial ruin and deep personal loss.  A violent intruder unknowingly offers them a way out but they must first fend off the intruder's cronies and survive the night.  
    By Night's End hits on demand services (Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, FlixFling, Google Play, Vudu and AT&T) on Tuesday, October 6th.  For more information visit the film's website at bynightsend.com.
    Thanks for listening.  Leave us some feedback and check out our website at hotdatepod.com.

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    Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots

    Your Hot Date hosts travel back in time to 1561 and the tumultuous return of Mary Queen of Scots from France to stake her claim to the English crown from her cousin Queen Elizabeth.  It's a story of sex, religious intolerance, and female empowerment told by two of the world's rising stars in Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronin, fledgling film director with a background in British theater Josie Rourke and House of Cards creator Beau Willimon.  
    Along with the Oscar nominated 2018 film Mary Queen of Scots, Dan and Vicky discuss lots of recently seen including Dave Franco's directorial debut The Rental, HBO' Coastal Elites, 1937's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1949 Bobby Driscoll thriller The Window, and the 1970 Sammy Davis/Peter Lawford film directed by Jerry Lewis (!) One More Time among others.  We also read some viewer mail responding to our 1980's themed Hot Date episode 110.
    Check out Hot Date 113: Mary Queen of Scots and leave us some feedback.  Visit our website at www.hotdatepod.com

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    The Crime of Helen Stanley

    The Crime of Helen Stanley

    At just under an hour, the 1934 murder mystery The Crime of Helen Stanley hardly overstays it's welcome.  It was the fourth film in the Inspector Steve Trent series with Ralph Bellamy playing the always able and ready gumshoe. This time he's investigating the murder of a famous, and infamous, movie actress who leaves a trail of suspects in her wake.
    Fitting that the shortest movie they've every discussed yields Hot Date's shortest podcast.  But it's still jam packed with lots of recently seen including 1969's Sweet Charity, giallo The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, and recent horror films 1BR and They Should Have Left.  Dan also sounds off on the New York Sports Club's customer service and Vicky tells us about her jaunt through Central Park and a very pampered kitty.
    Hot Date 112: The Crime of Helen Stanley.  Listen, give us some feedback, and visit our website at www.hotdatepod.com.   

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Lovechild1262 ,

Awesome show!!

I love these two people! Their POV are interesting and exciting. Not only do they pick a variety of movies to discuss, they also touch on current affairs of that time, popular music and books. Entertainment in all forms which I think is a brilliant format. I am thrilled and excited to continue on this journey of discovering film at a deeper level than I typically experience. As well as experience movies I wouldn't normally see. Thank you for your interesting and enlightening show.

mysterBe ,

Fun and educational

I love learning about the films they choose AND just hearing what Dan & Vicky are up to. They always make me laugh and inspire me to seek out new media.

@sean_lough ,

Dan needs to make Vicky laugh more!

There is something that brings me joy every time Dan makes Vicky laugh on this podcast. Can’t get enough. Love The Thin Man episode, now working my way though the earlier episodes.

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