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Twice monthly doses of punk, hardcore, hip-hop, and other far-out sounds from around the globe.

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Twice monthly doses of punk, hardcore, hip-hop, and other far-out sounds from around the globe.

    HDD Radio #125: Beats, Raps, Etc.

    HDD Radio #125: Beats, Raps, Etc.

    Just in the nick of time, HotDogDayz Radio is back to wrap, er, rap up the month with a new episode. If it sounds like I recorded this while whipping across Lake Bemidji on the back of a jet-ski it's because I did.* Hippity-hoppity, you don't stoppidy. 
    Defame – Ninja Crime Jazz
    Brycon – Pardon Our Dust
    Nimzo – 1200 Tape
    Jungle Brown – We On
    Naughty By Nature – I Gotta Lotta (feat Sonny Black)
    Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps (feat LL Cool J & Lloyd Banks)
    Jazzsoon – ’84 Doctor K (Away side excerpt)
    IAMPAUL- Windyvibe
    108 – Inner City Parasites
    Damu the Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic – Head On
    Leonard Simpson Duo (Guilty Simpson & Leonard Charles) – Friends
    Bas Blasta – Ain’t Whatcha Do
    Kurious – Uptown Shit
    Cella Dewllas – Medina Style
    Originoo Gunn Clappaz – No Fear
    Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedu
    LL Cool J – I’m Bad
    Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work it Out
    3rd Bass – Word to the Third
    Slick Rick – Behind Bars
    *Not really.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    HDD Radio #124: Punk, Hardcore, Other Stuff, Etc.

    HDD Radio #124: Punk, Hardcore, Other Stuff, Etc.

    HotDogDayz Radio is back with an hour of mostly new punk and hardcore. There's one death metal song and some post-punk too. And preceding all the fun stuff is some other stuff. But mostly new punk and hardcore. As always, thanks for listening.
    Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk
    Niel LeVang – Ghost Riders in the Sky
    Flatt & Scruggs – Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
    Roy Clark – Folsom Prison Blues
    Zyanoose – Parasite
    Nosferatu – Life of Murder
    Alter of Eden – Eternity
    Miserable Creature – Wishful Death (By Proxy)
    Spräckta – Nuke Your Life (It’s Alright)
    Destruxion America – Donde Esta La Esperanza?
    Perro De Prenda – Perro Del Consumidor
    Android – First Kill
    L.U.S.T. – No Resolution
    Nuclear Mutants – Stop Cap System
    Maufrais – No Lease on Life
    Buggy – Flesh Prison
    Burn My Eyes – Keep it Real
    Dollhouse – Making New Friends with Other Losers
    Laffing Gas – On Your Own
    Pisse – Drauben Zuhause
    Liquid Assets – Never Enough
    Rated X – Firing Line
    The Annihilated – Body Count
    Fyzical – Die in Your Arms
    T.S. Warspite – The Scam
    C-4 – Time to Eat

    • 1 hr 4 min
    HDD Radio #123: The Helix Mirror Mixtape

    HDD Radio #123: The Helix Mirror Mixtape

    A reflection: an extended spiral chain of atoms in a protein, nucleic acid, or other polymeric molecules. 

    • 1 hr 3 min
    HDD Radio #122: Punk, Hardcore, Hip-Hop

    HDD Radio #122: Punk, Hardcore, Hip-Hop

    On this episode I play new punk and hardcore, some new rap, and some old rap. Hefty doses of UK stuff, Spanish stuff, and old Rhymesayers stuff. But really, just lots of stuff. Hope you dig it.
    Lisa Loeb – Stay (I Missed You)
    Bikini Kill – New Radio
    Dollhouse – Shadow Baby
    Liquid Assets – Don’t Wanna
    T.S. Warspite – Tough Shit
    The Annihilated – National Anthem
    Rated X – Here Today
    Muro – La Ciudad Es Hostil
    Irreal – Inutil
    Foc – Culpabilitat
    Lux – Combat
    Duplo – Dance
    Lohesh – You Can’t
    Raw Poetic & Damu the Fudgemunk – Hello
    Brycon – The Reason We Have Drifted
    Luke Sick & Wolfgram – 4-Inch Comb Handle Zaxxon Sentinels
    Your Old Droog – 42 (Forty Deuce)
    The Game – F**k Orange Juice
    Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats – So Many Styles (feat Pscyho Les)
    Mobb Deep – Survival of the Fittest
    Czarface (7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck) – Czarrcade 87
    Beyond – Preparation
    Micranots – Slaves
    Atmosphere – Multiples Reprise
    The Dynospectrum – Industrial Warfare
    Atmosphere – 7th St. Entry

    • 1 hr 9 min
    HDD Radio #121: Jamz 'n' Slamz

    HDD Radio #121: Jamz 'n' Slamz

    You're stuck inside, why not listen to an hour of hip-hop and metal, and a little talking.
    Jaimie Branch – Twenty-three n Me, Jupiter Redux
    Nimzo – True to This
    On Tilt – Hella Tinted Windows
    Damien – 296.89
    Jazzsoon – Beastie Brown The R Side (excerpt)
    Beastie Boys – Hold it Now, Hit it
    Tuff Crew – Momentum
    Biz Markie – Pickin’ Boogers
    Mendacium – Make No Grave in My Name
    Void Ritual – The Frozen Altar
    Necrogosto – Ritual and Decay
    Immortal Fate – Sliding Panels
    Hateful Transgression – Slammed for Eternity in the Blackened Abyss
    Hush – Liquified Genetalia of a Domestic Abuser
    Tentacle Centipede – 57
    Nihilith – Ember

    • 1 hr 5 min
    HDD Radio #120: Punk, Metal, Rap

    HDD Radio #120: Punk, Metal, Rap

    HotDogDayz Radio is back with an hour of punk, metal, and rap. Play loud.
    The Skoptzies – Dead Meat
    Bene Gesserit – Funny Toy
    Pisse – CO2 Bilanz
    Foc – Impossibles Sentiments
    Skate Death – My Parents are Disappointed
    Skate Death – Better Not Snake Me
    Eskupitajo – Anti Poder
    Fyzical – Why Not Now?
    C-4 – O-Zone
    Laffing Gas – Same Cycle
    Nihil Invocation – The Agony that Rots Beyond
    Human Agony – Master’s Abhorrent Bleats
    Undeath – Unadorned Coffin
    Feretory – Ground into Pulp
    Head Eruption – Red Brigade
    IAMPAUL – Monday Evening
    108 – Black Plague
    Jazzsoon – ’84 Doctor K Home Side (excerpt)
    Nems – Heavy Metal
    Defame – Every Different Way of Killing
    Heltah Skeltah – Understand
    Shadez of Brooklyn – Wanted Men
    Ghetto Concept – E-Z on the Motion
    J-Live – The Best Part
    The Leonard Simpson Duo – Breaking Bad

    • 1 hr 1 min

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8 Ratings

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