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Welcome to Dr. Hyman's weekly house call. Your chance to ask him your questions.

House Call With Dr. Hyman Mark Hyman

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Welcome to Dr. Hyman's weekly house call. Your chance to ask him your questions.

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4.5 out of 5
259 Ratings

259 Ratings

jadepower22 ,


Dr Hyman is inspiring! He explains the issues in a simple way and you can’t help but want to follow his teachings. I’m so glad to have found his podcast. Thank you Doctor!

Wordmasterr ,


Very helpful and informative for anyone looking to take control of their own health.

Cori M, Bailey, CO ,

Dr. Mark Hyman Has the Answers!

Four months ago, I was overweight, overwhelmed, and “over it”. I was suffering from intense brain fog, moderate depression, probable autoimmune issues, a quick temper and excessive fatigue/forgetfulness/confusion.

One weekend, I decided to drag myself out of the house and I wound up in Barnes and Nobles. Browsing through the Health and Wellness section, my hand landed on Dr. Hyman’s book, Food. What the Heck Should I Eat?

Desperate, I decided to take the plunge head first and adopt all of the principles that he outlined in the book. The first benefits happened pretty quickly after changing my diet. I gained more energy and I lost 13 pounds almost immediately.

Encouraged, I began listening to every podcast that Dr. Hyman broadcasted. (It’s easy. I just listen to them when I’m traveling to and from work). I listened to the entire Broken Brain series as well.

To keep the momentum going, I found a Functional Medicine doctor in my area that helped me in my journey by suggesting vitamins and supplements that benefit me (Vitamin D3, fish oil, B vitamins, etc) based on my blood tests. He also suggested that I work out. (Drat! Not what I was hoping to hear. Lol). So I jump on my stair stepper for 30 minutes each night. I’m not “getting after it” by any means. I’m just MOVING.

And lo and behold, after all of that, I am remembering things that I thought were long forgotten (like the names of my grade school teachers!)

I believe with all my heart that Dr. Hyman and his staff REALLY want to help us! Not only is he insanely logical and smart, but he is also caring and compassionate.

He changed my life and he can change yours too!

Bailey, CO

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