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House studio mixes presented by One Phat DJ and Souljackerz. Great for parties, gatherings or even just for that brisk jog around the block. Join us on http://www.facebook.com/housefinesse and http://twitter.com/housefinesse

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House studio mixes presented by One Phat DJ and Souljackerz. Great for parties, gatherings or even just for that brisk jog around the block. Join us on http://www.facebook.com/housefinesse and http://twitter.com/housefinesse

    House Finesse 85 – Spring Break 2020

    House Finesse 85 – Spring Break 2020

    We’re back after a Winter break with a brand new extended format to bring some joy through difficult global times.

    Following some unexpected demands over the Winter with personal and professional challenges, we’ve decided to revive the podcast in the face of the global Coronavirus pandemic with a slightly different format.

    Rather than the traditional monthly hour-long dose, we’re going to bring you four seasonal 2 hour shows throughout the year with Lemon Yellow Pea, Gweilo and One Phat DJ taking it turns to go back-to-back.

    * Spring Break 🌻 – typically around Easter when many people are starting travels and parties* Summer House 🏖 – kicking off the Summer holidays around July* Halloween 🎃 – as the darker nights approach in October* New Year 🎆 – wrapping up the year with a Christmas & New Year party special

    Track Listings

    Hour 1 with Lemon Yellow Pea

    * Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (LYP & Imoni Refix)* LYP – Breathing Under Water* Dwson. – Nobody Else (feat. Sio)* Christine and The Queens – Intranquillité* LYP – Dusty (Orignal Mix)* Choices – Less Is More (Original Mix)* William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got (FKJ Remix)* Giman, Chic_Ago – Le Chic (Vocal Mix)* Selace, ATFC – Hooked On Bad Habits (Mousse T.’s Extended Edit)* Michael Gray, Kimberly Brown – Brother Brother* Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray Remix)* DJ Mark Brickman – Again & Again* Double Exposure – Everyman (Joey Negro’s Salsoul Strut)* Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

    Hour 2 with One Phat DJ

    * The Vision, Andreya Triana – Mountains (Extended Mix)* Purple Disco Machine – In My Arms (Extended Mix)* The Shapeshifters, Kimberly Davis – Second Chance (Club Mix)* Carolyn Harding, Freeform Five – Strength (The Shapeshifters Club Remix)* Barbara Tucker, Teddy Douglas, Zhana – You Can Do It (Teddy’s Main Mix)* Bobby D’Ambrosio, Lasala – Runaway Love (Michael Gray Extended Remix)* Inaya Day, Soneec, DeVonde – Life (ThomChris Soulful Remix)* Donna Allen – He Is The Joy (Alan Dixon & Darren Morris Extended Disco Mix)* Seamus Haji, Bryan Chambers – I Got You (Dr Packer Extended Remix)* David Penn, Kevin McKay – Hallelujah (Sebb Junior Extended Remix)* Aki Bergen, Carmen – Into My Soul (Full Intention Remix)

    • 2 hr
    House Finesse 84 – November 2019

    House Finesse 84 – November 2019

    This month, we warm up the Winter months with some uplifting tunes selected by our very own LYP.

    Track Listing

    * LYP ft Elliot Chapman – When It’s Over

    * Havoc & Lawn, Jinadu – Give It Up (Extended Mix)

    * The Vision, Andreya Triana – Heaven

    * HP Vince – Soda Baby (Original Mix)

    * JKriv, Adeline – Vertigo (Yuksek Remix)

    * Freiboitar, Claus Casper – Sunshine Day (Extended Mix)

    * Haji & Emanuel – Weekend (Seamus Haji Extended 80’s Remix)

    * Purple Disco Machine – Emotion (Extended Mix)

    * Angelo Ferreri, Seph Martin – Magic (Original Mix)

    * Block & Crown, Chris Marina – Glad to Win (Original Mix)

    * Roberto Surace – Joys (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)

    * David Penn, Ramona Renea – Stand Up (Extended Mix)

    * Charles J – Do You Want (Original Mix)

    • 1 hr
    House Finesse 83 – October 2019

    House Finesse 83 – October 2019

    One Phat DJ is back with an hour of soulful, disco and jackin’ house, just in time for the Hallowe’en season. 🎃

    Track Listing

    * George Benson – Love X Love (The Reflex Revision)

    * David Anthony, Latreda Maxie – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me (D&D Mix)

    * Hardsoul, Ron Carroll – Back Together (Moplen Extended Remix)

    * Bobbe Green – Survival (Georgie’s Soulful House)

    * David Penn, Ramona Renea – Stand Up (Extended Mix)

    * Qwestlife + Sugarhill Gang, GrandMaster Melle Mel & Scorpio – Fever (Laroye Powerfunk Mix)

    * House Gospel Choir, Adelphi Music Factory – Salvation (Extended Mix)

    * Sophie Lloyd, Dames Brown – Raise Me Up (Alan Dixon 12″ Version)

    * 7L – So Deep (Georgie’s Jackin’ House Dub Vox)

    * Maya Sh’Von – Steady Going (My Dream Mix)

    * Roberto Surace – Joys (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

    * Paul Kalkbrenner – No Goodbye (Paul Woolford Extended Remix)

    • 59 min
    House Finesse 82 – Freedom Of The Mind (EXCLUSIVE Preview)

    House Finesse 82 – Freedom Of The Mind (EXCLUSIVE Preview)

    This month, we bring you an EXCLUSIVE preview of Lemon Yellow Pea’s new album Freedom Of The Mind.

    The album came about as a collection of feelings and memories I had of the year to this point (2019). Having lost my Step-Father, Father and Uncle within months of each other my mood was rightly reflective, sometimes sombre. The music captures these and how these events were also changing my own outlook and relationship with others.

    Release Date: 19th December 2019More info: The album will be available to buy and stream in all the usual places (links TBC)


    * Youtube

    * Soundcloud

    * Instagram

    * Facebook

    * Twitter

    Track Listing

    * I Will Miss You – The title says it all.

    * Been A Long Time Without You – Even though I have relatively recently only lost these people, it feels like it has been so long since I have seen them. I wrote the lyrics by the beach, which is referenced in the track and time stamps the track to that exact period in time.

    * Deep Sweet Dreams – Shortly after losing my Step-Father and Father I had dreams about them. The dreams were vivid and highly realistic and I woke up questioning reality. I had to talk myself through the parallel feelings I was getting.

    * Tough Love – It’s up to you. The more you love, the more you have to lose, but it’s worth taking the risk for the pain. You can’t have one without the other.

    * God Knows – Whether God exists or not is not the question. Changes I saw in some people caught me off guard and left me stunned. I was lied to, deceived and made to question relationships and reality. The truth exists out there in it’s purest form. People distort that reality to suit their circumstances. The notion of God really is a metaphor for a single truth existing.

    * Heaven Wins –There is only one place that wins out of life and that is heaven.

    * Let Me Hold You (‘Til The Pain Goes) – The sense of feeling useless when you watch people you love disappear in front of you. There is nothing you can do about that other than hold them and hope.

    * Off My Mind – Grief can be so consuming (always on your mind) that you don’t recognise you are suffering and you can’t see through it. I called it ‘The Fog’. The only time I could think clearly was by making music.

    * Unanswered – Questioning yourself can make you fall deeper into a darker place unless you find answers or learn to let those unanswered questions go.

    * Another Day – This track has 2 meanings; one day everyone will have their last day, but others who remain will always be looking for one extra day. It also considers that if there is another world that exists then we all might meet again.

    * Thought Of You – How beautiful life can be whilst you keep the images of goodness and light in your heart. Remember the good times. Those will serve you through life and death.

    * Eyes Are Open Wide – The song is about understanding terminology used by doctors, where you have to read between the lines. The lack of information drives you to speculate. You must remain positive but you can’t help feeling all is not well. The ‘Calling My Name’ line refers to my Uncle becoming confused and disorientated in his final few days trying to pull medical equipment out of himself and calling out my father’s name.

    * On My Way – I received a call at 05:45 on Sunday the 17th of March calling me to the hospital. The music represents the thoughts that were running through my mind and the levels of anxiety, not knowing what to expect when I arrived.

    * Not Going Under – I wrote this as soon as I got the...

    • 1 hr 6 min
    House Finesse 81 – August 2019

    House Finesse 81 – August 2019

    One Phat DJ wraps up the summer with a selection of his favourite house delights over the past couple months.

    Track Listing

    * Alan Dixon – Bless Me Today (12″ Version)

    * The Vision – Heaven (feat. Andreya Triana)

    * Z Factor – Gotta Keep Pushin’ (Grant Nelson Remix)

    * Mark Lower – Express Yourself

    * Purple Disco Machine – Emotion

    * Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge – Falling Deep in Love (Joey Negro 12″ Disco Blend)

    * Glenn Friscia & Alex Kouros – Nothing Is The Same (Jackin House Club)

    * Purple Disco Machine – Where We Belong

    * Loods – Walking Away (12″ Version)

    * Stretch & Vern – I’m Alive (Illyus & Barrientos Refix)

    * Chandler Taylor – Room Shaker (Extended Mix)

    * Duke Dumont, Shaun Ross – Red Light Green Light (For Club Play Only, Pt. 6)

    * LYP & Fletch ft Nate James – L Generation (LYP Remix)

    • 1 hr
    House Finesse 80 – July 2019 with Hutch

    House Finesse 80 – July 2019 with Hutch

    This month, we welcome back Paul Hutchinson (aka Hutch) to play us an hour of disco delights with his Mi Casa Es Tu Casa style.

    Hutch can currently be found hosting his Mi Casa Es Tu Casa events whilst also producing his own house music podcast.

    For all his latest updates and music, be sure to follow Hutch on Spotify, Mixcloud, Insta, Facebook and Twitter.


    * Vigi – Together

    * Samo – You Make Me Feel So Good

    * Raquel Rodriguez – We Go Together (Joey Negro)

    * Debbie Jacobs – Do You Want My Love

    * Joe T, Vanelli Project – Sweetest Day Of May (Full Intention)

    * Disco Town – Running Out

    * Hatiras – 1000 Years

    * Peter Brown – I’m Gonna Hold On

    * Danny Cruz – Waiting

    * Z Factor – Gotta Keep Pushin’

    * Paul Hutchinson – Pioneers Of House

    * Coeo – Native Riddim

    • 59 min

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8 Ratings

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