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Continuing Education for Home Inspectors and Real Estate Professionals. From Teardowns to Timber Frames. Your Podcast for houses, house construction, home inspections, and the profession of real estate. We’re growing the next-generation online community for Realtors and Home Inspectors Join us!

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Continuing Education for Home Inspectors and Real Estate Professionals. From Teardowns to Timber Frames. Your Podcast for houses, house construction, home inspections, and the profession of real estate. We’re growing the next-generation online community for Realtors and Home Inspectors Join us!

    Water Testing with TapScore

    Water Testing with TapScore

    SimpleWater is an award-winning science and health services company founded at the University of California in Berkeley with the mission of improving your drinking water and long term health.
    Tap Score is a service for easy home water testing and reporting, created by SimpleWater.
    Sample Report
    TapScore Media Coverage
    Entire TapScore Team

    John Pujol - Chief Executive Officer
    John is a water expert experienced in contaminant research, testing and treatment. He has developed several new water treatment technologies for arsenic, fluoride and heavy metal remediation as well as advised on UV LED technology for pathogen and pharmaceutical inactivation. John has a Masters in Engineering from UC Berkeley and Bachelors in Economics from Boston University.

    Julio Rodriguez - Chief Technology Officer
    Julio is responsible for Tap Score software engineering, product design, data analysis, and online marketing efforts. He has a background in software product development and information technology, with a 15 year history of successful enterprise and startup projects. Julio is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

    Jessica Goddard - Chief Science Officer
    Jess' oversees SimpleWater research and data science with the ultimate goal of increasing access to water testing and environmental health knowledge in the U.S. She has an interdisciplinary background with 8 years of research on water issues at the intersection of policy, environmental health, and engineering. Jess received her PhD from the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California Berkeley, as a Berkeley Dissertation Year Fellow and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. During her PhD, Jess developed measures for household water affordability and sustainability in California and Mexico. Jess received Masters degrees from Berkeley in Energy and Resources and in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Water Quality track).

    Kate Wisialowski - Chief Operations Officer
    Kate manages Tap Score fulfillment and logistics as well as social media and blogging activities. She is responsible for scaling Tap Score fulfillment operations to accommodate our rapidly growing customer base. She has a BA from the University of California in Berkeley.

    Jorgen Stovne - Artistic Design
    Jorgen is responsible for graphic design and artistic direction for all SimpleWater products including Tap Score and ArsenicVolt.

    Christina Chavez - Financial Advisor
    Christina is an MBA candidate at the Haas School of Business in UC Berkeley. She has extensive experience with large technology businesses with strengths in strategy, financial planning and analysis, sales operations, corporate finance, audit and business process improvement. Pioneered key metrics and reports to analyze Microsoft's cloud computing business.

    Jackie Brosamer - Data and Technology Advisor
    Jackie advises SimpleWater on complex technology problems and data analysis challenges. She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of California in Berkeley and has previously worked with the ATLAS experiment at CERN. She currently works as a Data Scientist at Square Capital.

    Dr. Susan Amrose - Science Advisor
    Dr. Susan Amrose oversees the technical development of the ArsenicVolt at SimpleWater. She has worked on scientific, social, and economic aspects of electrochemical (EC) water treatment since 2006. As an inventor of ECAR technology she has published research on both applied fundamental science relating to EC methods for arsenic removal. As a result of her water research, she received the Daniel Cubbiciotti Award from the Electrochemical Society. Dr. Amrose received her PhD in Physics from the University of California Berkeley in 2008.

    Edna Nyangau - Laboratory Liaison
    Edna coordinates with laboratory partners to ensure smooth collaboration and enforce testing standards. Edna has a background in laboratory operations and qu

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    Top 5 Claims Against Home Inspectors

    Top 5 Claims Against Home Inspectors

    Listen and learn - jump to our podcast page for a full accounting of the 5 claims against home inspectors. TodaysHomeInspector dot com front slash In The House

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    America's Call Center - Interview with Paul Zak

    America's Call Center - Interview with Paul Zak

    Hi I’m Gary Smith - welcome back -
    My next guest is Paul Zak. What a treat it was to speak with Paul. He manages the largest office support services company in the home inspection profession.
    America’s Call Center or ACC is more than a “call center”. It’s a 60+ employee and growing “Home Inspector Partner”.
    Whether you are a one may shop or a growing multi-inspector company their approach and commitment to your business success is something they take very seriously.
    So - - enjoy my conversation with Paul Zak.


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    Vendor Spotlight - Smoke Detector Pole

    Vendor Spotlight - Smoke Detector Pole

    Our vendor spotlight features James Truscott - over the years James worked as a building inspector in the Dallas Metro -
    Often his job included testing smoke detectors - sometimes he’d ask a tenant to borrow a broom or mop or walking cane - anything that would help get to the unit in out of reach spots. I’m sure you’ve been there - - if not a stick - you’re carrying a ladder or a stool. In some cases the housing unit was vacant - so...no broom or mop or cane.
    To fulfill the need - he invented his own - but it’s not just a pole - it’s collapsable and - - - there are a few other features - we’ll let him tell you in his own words...enjoy our conversation with inventor of the Smoke Detector Pole - James Truscott.

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    How a Report Review Video Adds Value

    How a Report Review Video Adds Value

    1) What sets you apart? Why should I hire you? Keep reading and listen/watch - - because you want to give the client a "Unique" value proposition.  
    2) Who is your target audience? If you can't answer this question you can't answer Question #1. 
    3) What are your client's pain points? How well do you know your client? You should be able to very quickly identify with your client's challenges.
    4) How will your inspection service remedy the issues? Once you have a good understanding of how your services remedy your target audience's pain points, you can begin to present your opinion in a way that is meaningful and delivers value.
    This episode is also available on our YouTube Channel. We have a HOW TO video that dives a bit deeper into the tools we used to create the video reviews and offer a few tips and tricks. Our Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/todayshomeinspector 
    Video Part I: https://youtu.be/WMhjN8vsBKU 
    ...and Part II: https://youtu.be/gcJmaJG_T2k 
    We mentioned HomeBinder in this episode: https://homebinder.com
    Need an inspector? GO HERE and find them on a interactive easy to read MAP: https://todayshomeinspector.com 

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    5 Ways Competition is Good For Business

    5 Ways Competition is Good For Business

    Competition leads to innovation. If you’re the only inspector in your area it’ll be difficult to improve. And if you’re working in a crowded market, you won’t succeed by doing what everyone else does. Healthy competition encourages change.
    Customer Service
    Home inspectors offer similar products - they compete for customers. Improved customer service leads to loyal followers and the best marketing in the marketplace - word of mouth.
    Competition shakes off complacency. If your inspection company is consistently trying to innovate and better itself, you’ll be encouraged to push yourself - leave complacency to a rock.
    Understanding Your Market
    Competition forces you to focus on your core audience. Inspectors target local markets and your competition will encourage you to better understand that setting.
    Watching your competitors do well can teach you things about your business. Their practices will provide you with valuable insight into the state of the market, and help show you what works – and - more importantly - if pay attention - what doesn’t.

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3 Ratings

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