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How Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Inns and Small Hotels can learn the skills for the digital age, so they can make more money, with less work, attracting guests they love directly, and when they want them, while paying less commissions to online travel agents,stand out from the crowd and charge more

How Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Inns Can Make More Money with Less Work Yvonne Halling - Bed and Breakfast Coach

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How Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Inns and Small Hotels can learn the skills for the digital age, so they can make more money, with less work, attracting guests they love directly, and when they want them, while paying less commissions to online travel agents,stand out from the crowd and charge more

    Be Ready for the Changes in the Bed and Breakfast Industry

    Be Ready for the Changes in the Bed and Breakfast Industry

    Hello I’m Yvonne Halling and this video is about the changes already taking place in our industry, and those I see coming, so if you own or are planning to own and run a B&B, guest house or Inn, then please pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal.
    First, let me speak to you if you’re an established owner, and have become demoralised with the online travel agents, and the way they’ve positioned themselves between you and your guests online, and in many cases intercepted what should have been direct bookings for their own benefit.
    This is going to continue.  And even though they’ve been slapped recently for making false claims and offering fake discounts, and as a consequence the public have lost trust, resulting in fewer bookings via those channels, they will be back.
    And they’ll be more aggressive than ever in my opinion.  They want to completely dominate the market making it impossible for you to be seen on Google.  And Google is already preventing you from using some of the tools available to other small businesses, because they can see the enormous potential cash available to them if they manipulate the searches to their advantage.
    You cannot win in this game, so I encourage you not to play it.
    I’ll tell you how in a minute because there is a way, and it’s easier than you think
    Now let me speak to you if you have a dream to run a B&B, guest house or inn and you’re in the research and planning stages.  
    My one piece of advice to you is this.
    This business is NOT what you think it is.
    If you think you can invest in a beautiful property in a touristic area and make people happy with your stylish rooms and delicious breakfast and all will be well.  It won’t.
    It’s way more complicated than that these days.
    Now, I’m not here to burst your bubble, or destroy your dream.
    So if you’re established or brand new, then here’s what I see coming and how you can take advantage and have the business you dream of.
    First, build a brand and a platform for yourself.  By all means use the online travel agents if you need to, especially if you’re in the starting out phase, but know that they are not your friend and to depend on them year after year will be disastrous for you in the long term.
    Second, more and more people are travelling.  That’s one good thing to come out of the online travel agents’ activities – they’ve opened up the travel market.  It’s never been easier to book a weekend away at the drop of a hat.
    But more and more travellers are looking for an enriching experience, and that’s where you can really shine.  Larger hotels cannot offer personal experiences.  That’s not what they do.  But you can.  So give some thought to the actual experience you offer, beyond the stylish rooms and delicious breakfast, and lead with that instead.  This is your unique value that only you can offer.
    And third, put your unique value out there online.  If you’re giving out local knowledge over the breakfast table, then write about it, or better still, shoot a video about it and put it online, so those looking will find it.  The internet is not just for the online travel agents, it’s for everyone and that includes you.  Don’t hide behind your property.  Come out and show us what you’ve got.
    There’s a huge shift in human consciousness going on right now and from what I’ve seen from trusted astrologers, this will continue for many years.  Many of our trusted structures of the past, such as banks, governments and systems are breaking down, which means that new ones will emerge.  Be part of the new rather than clinging to the old way of doing things.
    Learn, grow, contribute and bring all of you to the online stage, so we can get to know you, like and trust you, and then book with you.  
    I’m taking a handful of owners through a brand new process called “From Commodity to

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    Commodity to Celebrity

    Commodity to Celebrity

    Hello I’m Yvonne Halling and in this video I’m going to show you how to take yourself from a commodity to a “celebrity brand” in 3 easy steps, so you can attract the guests you want to welcome and charge the rates you want to charge.
    So if you’re frustrated by the guests you’re getting from the online travel agents and the commissions you pay to them for those guests, then this video will help you see why.
    First, let’s define what I mean by a commodity and a celebrity brand and why it matters.
    A commodity is something that can be bought anywhere usually at low prices, and has nothing much to differentiate itself from its competitors.  It usually looks the same as everything else in its market.  
    A celebrity brand is something that is exclusive, is rarely discounted and has a higher perceived value so it can command a higher price.  It usually looks and feels completely different from everything else in its market and it’s well known.
    So why is this important for you as a B&B owner or innkeeper?
    If you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to attract enough guests yourself, and you’re still relying largely on online travel agents to bring you guests, even after many years, then you’re probably looking like a commodity in the marketplace.
    I see very few owners building a “celebrity brand” and yet it’s the quickest and easiest way to attract guests yourself, without using the OTAs.
    Here’s the steps:
    Step 1
    Decide on who you want to welcome.  Really dig into this, and you’ll probably feel some resistance to doing this, because you may think that honing in on a certain type of guests means you’ll be turning people away.
    But the truth is you won’t have to turn anyone away.  What will happen is that when your message goes out there into cyberspace, it will start to attract MORE of the guests you want to welcome and the others will be fade away naturally.  You won’t have to do anything.
    Step 2
    Once you’ve decided on WHO it is you most want to welcome, then you craft a message that calls them out, and you put that message everywhere online.  That means firstly, on your website.  Go take a look at your website now and read the first piece of text your visitor will see when they land there, and ask yourself these questions – am I calling to the guests I most want to welcome?  If I was that guest, would what I’m reading inspire me to stay and read more?
    If the answer is no to those two questions then you have work to do.
    Step 3
    Now that you have your ideal guests in mind, you’ll need to create some content for them to consume.  This can be in the form of blog posts, social media posts, and videos.  You’ll want to position yourself as the best source of information around for those guests, and online content is the way to do that.  Think about what content you’d like to create and play to your strengths.  If you like writing, do some blogs.  If you like talking, then video would be great for you.
    If you’ve liked this video, then hit the subscribe button to be the first to be notified when I post the next one, and if you’re curious to know how other B&Bs, guest houses and inns have put these basic steps in place to add at least 25% to their income in one season, while working less and having more fun, then click on the link below to register for my next Masterclass.
    Click on the link and I’ll see you there!
    Register here for my next Masterclass:  https://www.bedandbreakfast.com/masterclass/ (https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bedandbreakfast.com%2Fmasterclass%2F&stzid=UgzdGGk7GJ47NMZ6iSt4AaABAg&redir_token=DNyLl-ZNLTQ2xuio-M5fBo55fnl8MTU2MjYzODY0MEAxNTYyNTUyMjQw&event=comments&html_redirect=1)

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    Brand & Platform | How to Start a Bed and Breakfast Business

    Brand & Platform | How to Start a Bed and Breakfast Business

    Hello I’m Yvonne Halling and in this video I’m going to talk you about how to use two simple and timeless strategies that will have you standing out from the crowd, and attracting more of the guests you want to attract, without listing on any more of the big online travel agents. So if you’ve been wondering how you can be seen and heard among all the competition out there, then this video will help you.
    First, let’s look at why you’re not being seen or heard.
    When you list with the online travel agents, you upload photos, create a listing and determine your price.
    All the online platforms follow this procedure, and it’s pretty easy to do.
    But how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else?
    How do you get to stamp your personality on your listing, on those sites?
    And how do you convey your unique value to the guests who are looking for you, on those sites?
    The answer is you can’t.
    And because you can’t do this, your potential guests don’t know who to choose, so they look for the best price or the best deal.
    So you’ll be chosen on price.
    This makes for a very empty experience for both you and your guests.
    So what do you do?
    Two simple things:
    You need a brand and a platform.
    Let me explain.
    Your brand is not just your logo, it’s a combination of your logo, colours, images, your message and your values.  It’s what you stand for, in terms of what you offer and for whom.
    One you’ve got your brand sorted, you can then wave your flag all over the internet and it will carry with it the message and the experience you offer for a particular group of people who would love to stay with you, because of who you are and what you represent.
    You’re creating an asset that will do your work for you, while you’re doing something else.
    Next is your platform.
    Once you have your brand, you’ll need a platform.  This means a place from which you convey your brand.  It will consist of all your social media accounts from where you’ll build your very own customer list.
    Just having your customer list in your online booking system is not enough, because you cannot email to them, make offers to them or communicate with them when you want to.
    You’re going to need a CRM system or Customer Relationships Management system, a place from which you gather people, communicate with them, build relationships with them and make offers to them.
    My prediction is that B&Bs, guest houses, inns and small hotels without a brand or a platform will die off in the next few years as those that do pick this up, run with it and thrive.
    There’s still time left, and you can find out more on how to do this easily and quickly by joining me on my next Masterclass by clicking on the link below.
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    My Mission & Vision as a Bed and Breakfast Coach

    My Mission & Vision as a Bed and Breakfast Coach

    Hi I’m Yvonne Halling – Bed and Breakfast Coach

    Since 2013 I’ve been working with established B&Bs, guest houses and inns to increase their business by at least 25% in one season, while working less and having more fun, and with new owners to start off with the right strategy, structure and systems in place so they don’t fall prey to the online travel agents, or worse, lose all their savings in a business that just won’t work.

    I love this work where I get to witness transformations and breakthroughs on a regular basis, while owners realise that they are in charge, they decide, and they make the rules.

    And sadly, since 2013, I’ve also witnessed the rise of the power of the big online platforms who not only take money from owners in the form of commissions, but over time, undermine owners’ confidence, and in some cases take away the entire business, which is now not even viable without the OTAs.

    My mission is to return these businesses to their rightful owners and restore that confidence and joy which may have been stolen, and to allow those owners to feel a greater sense of certainty of income, give them a vehicle to express their own creativity and the tools and technology to run their business on their own terms for as long as they want to, for the guests they want to welcome

    My vision is to restore B&Bs, guest houses and inns worldwide to their rightful place in their local communities, where the new money they bring in via their guests is being used to support not only themselves, but other family businesses, such as bakers, butchers, restaurants, local attractions. 

    This money cannot come into those communities by any other means than via the B&Bs, and to allow anything from 15 – 35% to be skimmed off and funnelled into a tech giant often based in another country for no-one’s benefit but their own is nothing short of scandalous to me.

    I see people coming together building their own local platforms where the money stays in the communities where it belongs for the benefit of everyone in it, allowing greater creativity, innovation and prosperity for the future.

    I love to work with owners who are ready to change the way they’ve been doing things. Those who love a challenge and are ready to work hard to put strong foundations in place in order to reap the ongoing rewards. Owners who are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone. Those who are ready to be visible online, to become the expert in the eyes of their guests, so that they are the only choice for the guests they want to welcome.

    I love people who take fast action and commit to the process.

    If you want to be part of this vision that we’re creating, then leave me a message below.

    Book a FREE CONSULTATION here: https://meetme.so/YvonneHalling

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    Why I Do What I Do - Bed and Breakfast Coach Yvonne Halling

    Why I Do What I Do - Bed and Breakfast Coach Yvonne Halling

    Over the past 6 years I’ve been helping B&Bs, guest houses, inns and small hotels to increase their direct bookings, pay less in commissions to online travel agents, fill rooms in the low seasons, charge more and work less, freeing up their time to spend with those they love.

    The side effects of those changes have been more confidence, stronger boundaries, fewer disgruntled guests and the consequent negative reviews, and increased happiness.

    Clients like Marie, who in just one season, increased her turnover by 23%, Yvonne who increased hers by 38%, and Shelley by 67%.

    And John, who increased his turnover by 20% while being closed for 6 months.

    You can scroll down to read more comments from my clients.

    And then there’s the feeling of peace that comes when you put yourself in the driving seat of your business, and are no longer at the mercy of discount seekers, Airbnb or any other competition.

    All this and more is available to you too.

    But you may be wondering how I came to be doing this work.

    In 2000 I opened a B&B in rural France as a hobby, for me while my husband was travelling with his job. It was just for fun.

    In 2005, he was laid off, so we closed the B&B, rented out our home and returned to the UK and started a business. At that time the internet was exploding in the UK and there were gurus everywhere peddling internet marketing as the answer to everything.

    I spent a small fortune buying courses and mentoring from some of those gurus. I persisted and studied hard, learning all the marketing tricks in the book, but we still lost our business in the crash of 2008.

    Fast forward to January 2010 and we’re back in France, where my little hobby B&B business is suddenly our only source of income.

    So with the gas cut off and the bailiffs at the door with papers to re-possess our home, and no money in the bank, I decide to put all that internet marketing knowledge that I learned in the UK into my B&B business and within 2 years it was making over €100,000 

    I then put all my knowledge into an online group coaching and mentoring program called Bed and Breakfast Business Transformation which is where clients learn how to run their business their way.

    This year, I’m working with just 36 clients who want to finally take control of their time and their income, stop relying on the online travel agents, stop working 24/7 and make more money so they can enjoy their business, their guests and their lives.

    If you’re sick and tired of dealing with the type of guests the online travel agents attract, or guests who don’t read the description and cancellation policies and then complain about the accommodation not being what they expected, or having no time to yourself, working 14 hour days or even just overcoming your ignorance of technology, then let’s talk.

    Click on the link below to book a call with me, so I can assess what’s best for you.

    Book a FREE CONSULTATION here: https://meetme.so/YvonneHalling

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    How to Make Offers to Your Bed and Breakfast Client List

    How to Make Offers to Your Bed and Breakfast Client List

    Hello I’m Yvonne Halling of [www.bedandbreakfastcoach.com](www.bedandbreakastcoach.com) and this video is Part 4 in my series on how to use the internet to bring you more guests, more fun and more money, so if you’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by so much conflicting advice out there on how to really use the internet for your benefit, then this series of 4 videos will help you.

    Just to recap, there are 4 basic principles of using the internet to bring you more guests, and they are:

    #1 Build a list

    #2 Nurture and care for that list

    #3 Provide regular content for that list

    #4 Make offers to that list

    In Part 1 of this series we talked about why you need to build a list and I took you through the steps of how to build a list by identifying the guests you’d most love to welcome and where to find them on Facebook, and then creating what’s known as a “lead magnet” for them to download.

    In Part 2 I showed you why you need to nurture and care for your list by providing a series of emails that go out automatically once someone has “opted in”, so you build the know like and trust factor.

    And in Part 3 I showed you how to provide regular content for that list, so you stay top of mind.

    In this video, I’m going to show you how to make offers to your list. 

    Now that you’ve taken the trouble to gather new friends which means start building a list of people who are interested in what you offer, and you’ve built the know like and trust factor in your follow up, and you’re now providing regular content for your list to consume, you’ve now earned the right to make an offer to them.

    If you don’t bother with Steps 1,2 and 3 and you’re online going straight for the booking, it’s like expecting sex on the first date – you may get lucky, but you probably won’t.

    So how do you make an offer to your new people now on your list?

    Step #1

    Depending on how many people are there, and how long you’ve been building, will dictate what you do next. You could survey them and ask them what they’re interested in and then create that. If you do this you’re more likely to hit the jackpot, because you’re offering something they’re asking for.

    Step #2  

    If you don’t want to survey them you could offer a “first time discount code” especially because they’ve never been before and you want to show them what you’ve got. If you’re going this route, then use some of your reviews to back up what you say about yourself. Social proof is worth a lot more than what we say about ourselves.

    Step #3

    Make your offer time-limited so they have to take some action within a given time period or they miss out. Human nature hates missing out, so you’re appealing to their natural tendencies to say yes to your offer.

    If you’re feeling slightly squeamish about making offers to your list, then register now for my next Masterclass where I’ll show you how to do this with integrity, as well as other proven and tested strategies that will add at least 25% to your income in one season while you have more fun.

    Click on the link below to register now and I’ll see you there.

    And if you’ve liked this video, then hit the subscribe button to be the first to be notified when I post the next one.


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