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The podcast that dives deep into the unique journeys of some of the dopest entrepreneurs, business leaders and personalities I know! 

How I Got Here with Dreena Whitfield Dreena Whitfield

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The podcast that dives deep into the unique journeys of some of the dopest entrepreneurs, business leaders and personalities I know! 

    From Media Mogul to Wellness Advocate: The Necole Journey

    From Media Mogul to Wellness Advocate: The Necole Journey

    Necole Kane is the visionary force behind Necole Bitchie, xo Necole, and the new wellness brand, My Happy Flo. She started her career in entertainment news and celebrity gossip, eventually launching Necole Bitchie, which became the go-to black-focused celebrity website. After the success of Necole Bitchie, she rebranded to xo Necole, focusing on empowering black women with content on mental health, relationships, and more. In 2017, Will Packer acquired xo Necole. Necole has now launched My Happy Flo, a hormone balance supplement for women with periods.
    Key Takeaways:
    Necole started Necole Bitchie after moving to a small town and realizing her vision was bigger than working at Walmart.She grew Necole Bitchie to 20 million daily page views through consistency and dedication.The rebrand to xo Necole was driven by a desire to create a platform for black women to discuss topics beyond celebrity news.Necole's acquisition by Will Packer was a result of her viral video and a series of conversations over several months.She faced challenges during the acquisition process, including concerns about alignment and the future of her brand.Necole's latest venture, My Happy Flo, was inspired by her personal experiences with her mother's battle with breast cancer and her own studies in holistic health.My Happy Flo aims to provide black women with a hormone balance supplement that addresses common deficiencies and supports overall reproductive health.
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    In this Episode:
    In this episode, starting at 0:00:30, we delve into Necole Kane's fascinating journey from aspiring actress to digital media powerhouse. At 0:02:20, discover the inception of her influential blog Nicole Bitchy, followed by her strategic pivot to Exo Nicole at 0:04:02, highlighting her adaptive business acumen. Necole reveals her effective networking strategies at 0:05:33 and the pivotal viral interview with Chili at 0:06:11 that propelled her into the spotlight.
    The challenges and transformation from Necole Bitchie to xo Necole are candidly discussed at 0:07:40 and 0:08:47, providing insights into Necole's resilience and vision. A significant moment in her career is the acquisition of xo Necole by Will Packer in 2017, detailed at 0:10:57, marking a new chapter in her professional journey.
    Necole opens up about her personal struggles, including depression and fear of failure, at 0:12:21, and shares her insights on vision alignment and building the right team at 0:19:44. The episode also explores her venture into women's health with My Happy Flo, addressing the need for education around menstrual cycles and hormonal imbalances, touched upon at 0:25:21.
    Concluding at 0:34:55, Necole shares her excitement for the future of My Happy Flo and offers personal insights, including her advice to her younger self and her self-care activities, wrapping up with where to follow her journey on social media at 0:37:13.

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    Sitting Down with Christina Rice: The Passion and Purpose Behind OMNoire

    Sitting Down with Christina Rice: The Passion and Purpose Behind OMNoire

    In the episode, Christina Rice, the founder of OMNoire, shares her inspiring journey from a career in public relations to building a platform that redefines wellness and community for black women and women of color. She discusses her transition from PR to launching her own agency and the challenges she faced along the way. Christina also talks about the moment she discovered her passion for yoga and how it led her to create Omniwar. She shares her vision for the future of the brand and the importance of community and self-care in the wellness industry.
    Key Takeaways:
    Christina Rice transitioned from a career in public relations to launching her own agency before starting OMNoire.OMNoire is a platform that redefines wellness and community for black women and women of color.Christina's passion for yoga and her journey led her to create OMNoire as a safe space for black women to explore wellness and healing.OMNoire offers retreats, a home collection, and an academy to empower and support black women on their wellness journeys.Christina believes in the power of community and self-care and aims to create a one-stop wellness shop through OMNoire.
    Episode Outline:
    In this podcast episode, beginning at 0:00:30, we're introduced to Christina Rice, whose varied career journey is admired by host Dreena. From her high school dream of being an attorney, noted at 0:02:38, to opening a Nashville clothing store at 0:04:26, and transitioning to a PR career in New Jersey at 0:07:28, Christina's path is diverse and inspiring.
    A pivotal moment occurs at 0:10:59 when Christina starts her own agency after being laid off. This period also marks her wellness journey, as she discovers yoga and eventually becomes a certified teacher, a topic touched upon at 0:12:36. Christina's significant venture, Omnoire, aimed at healing for black women, is conceived in early 2016, highlighted at 0:13:32.
    The episode at 0:21:17 delves into the meaning behind "Omnoire" and Christina's achievements, including planning retreats and securing sponsorships. She shares her experience of focusing solely on Omnoire at 0:16:03 and attributes its success to community care and pioneering in the wellness industry at 0:25:33.
    Christina discusses expanding Omnoire into home products at 0:44:49 and her vision for it as a comprehensive wellness brand at 0:49:54. She offers advice to entrepreneurs at 0:51:22, emphasizing listening to one's inner voice. The episode wraps up around 0:57:46 with Christina sharing Bali's transformative impact on her wellness journey.
    Connect with Christina on....
    Instagram: @christinamrice
    Linktree: ChristinaRice

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    Excellence Unleashed: The Extraordinary Journey of Michelle Gainey in Event Planning

    Excellence Unleashed: The Extraordinary Journey of Michelle Gainey in Event Planning

    In this captivating podcast episode, join me as I delve into the extraordinary journey of Michelle Ganey, the brilliant mind behind Lamiga Events. From aspiring lawyer to event planning entrepreneur, Michelle's story is one of following your passion and embracing unconventional career paths. Get ready to be inspired by her insights on building a thriving business, finding a balance between work and family, and creating impactful event designs. Don't miss this empowering conversation on how to navigate the world of event planning with excellence and authenticity. Tune in now!
    - Michelle's journey from aspiring lawyer to event planner
    - The importance of family and work-life balance
    - Finding inspiration and setting price points in the industry
    - Creating a strong community and building relationships
    - Embracing niche markets and becoming an authority
    Episode Outline:
    In this latest episode of "How I Got Here with Dreena Whitfield," listeners are treated to the extraordinary story of Michelle Ganey, the creative mind behind Lamiga Events. [00:00:00] The episode begins with Dreena expressing her enthusiasm about having Michelle as a guest. [00:00:00] Dreena starts with an intriguing question to Michelle, asking about her high school yearbook prediction for her future. [00:00:37] Michelle reveals her initial ambition to become an attorney, a path quite different from her current career. [00:00:51] She shares that this aspiration stemmed from her childhood, inspired by the character Claire Huxtable from "The Cosby Show." [00:01:12] The discussion moves to Michelle's academic pursuits, highlighting her college degree in political science. [00:01:29] Michelle also discusses her decision to work full-time after college to support herself independently. [00:02:28]
    The episode then explores Michelle's transition into event planning, inspired by her personal experience with planning her wedding. [00:02:55] Michelle talks about the lack of established career paths in event planning 23 years ago and her initial focus on milestone celebrations. [00:02:55] Dreena shifts the conversation to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who juggle a full-time job with their passion projects. [00:05:15] Michelle reflects on the changes in the event planning industry, noting the influence of the movie "The Wedding Planner" and the rise of wedding blogs. [00:05:42] She recounts her experience from 2004 to 2007, when event planning was her side hustle, with a focus on milestone birthday celebrations. [00:11:00]
    A poignant moment in the episode occurs when Michelle shares advice she gave to a planner struggling to differentiate herself. [00:33:55] Michelle emphasizes the importance of leveraging one's unique qualities as a strength. [00:39:00] Dreena then inquires about the factors contributing to the success of Michelle and Lamiga Events. [00:40:28] The episode concludes with Michelle describing herself in one word and mentioning one of her legacy clients. [00:42:37]

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    Embracing Magic and Diversity: Kamilah Forbes' Journey in the Theater Industry

    Embracing Magic and Diversity: Kamilah Forbes' Journey in the Theater Industry

    In this captivating episode of How I Got Here, join host Dreena Whitfield as she sits down with Kamilah Forbes, the extraordinary executive producer of the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem. Prepare to be inspired as Kamilah takes us on a journey from her early days as a theater kid to her current role at the Apollo.
    Discover how Kamilah's passion for both medicine and acting led her on a unique path, ultimately solidifying her love for the theater. From participating in makeshift Star Wars plays to being cast as an Ewok, Kamilah shares the pivotal moments that shaped her desire to tell the stories of black and brown people in the theater.
    Explore the power of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and their transformative impact on Camila's career and personal growth. Learn how Howard University played a vital role in shaping her journey, providing her with lifelong friends and collaborators.
    Join us as Kamilah Forbes delves into the world of hip-hop theater and the creation of the Hip-Hop Theater Festival. Witness how she and her friends pioneered their own work and built a vibrant community around hip-hop theater.
    Experience the magic of the Apollo Theater as Kamilah shares her role in the institution's rich history. From working on renowned television shows to directing and producing for theater, Camila's journey is a testament to embracing one's passion and defying expectations.
    Uncover the importance of diversity and inclusion in the programming of the Apollo Theater. Kamilah Forbes highlights the need for aesthetic diversity, showcasing artists from different backgrounds and generations, as the theater strives to remain relevant in today's cultural conversation.
    Don't miss this thought-provoking episode as Kamilah Forbes opens up about the cultural impact of the Apollo Theater. Join her in discussing the challenges of building upon its established brand and her work in adapting Ta-Nehisi Coates' book, "Between the World and Me," into a live staged version at the Apollo.
    Discover the incredible journey behind the creation of the performance "Between the World and Me" and its timely release during the 2020 elections. Learn how Kamilah Forbes and her team pivoted amidst the pandemic to produce a powerful film version that ignited urgent conversations within the Black community.
    And be sure to stay tuned as Kamilah Forbes reveals the upcoming renovations and developments happening at the Apollo Theater. From new spaces to the highly anticipated production of "Soul Train," there is no shortage of excitement and innovation at this iconic institution.
    Join us on this captivating episode of How I Got Here as Dreena Whitfield and Kamilah Forbes delve into the magic, history, and legacy of the Apollo Theater. Brace yourself for an extraordinary conversation filled with inspiration, empowerment, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.
    - Kamilah Forbes' journey from aspiring doctor to theater producer
    - The power of art and healing
    - Early experiences in theater, including a Star Wars play
    - The impact of seeing "Once on This Island"
    - Changing career paths and the role of Howard University
    - The lack of representation in traditional theater
    - Creating the Hip Hop Theater Festival
    - Transitioning to the entertainment industry and working with influential artists
    - The importance of diversity and inclusion at the Apollo Theater
    - Redefining the perception of the Apollo Theater brand
    - Work-life balance as a working mother
    - Encounters with Black Santa on 125th Street
    - The magical experience of working at the Apollo Theater
    - Quickfire questions and insights into the hosts' favorites and personal quotes
    - Collaboration and the convergence of cultural arts and activism
    - Advice for up-and-coming artists
    - Future plans for the Apollo Theater, including the Soul...

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    Unconventional Paths to Success: Inspiring Journey of Define Bold Fitness CEO

    Unconventional Paths to Success: Inspiring Journey of Define Bold Fitness CEO

    In the latest episode of the How I Got Here podcast, host Dreena Whitfield sits down with Dayna Bolden, CEO of Define Bold Fitness, to discuss her inspiring journey from a Division One basketball player to a successful fitness entrepreneur. Dayna's story emphasizes the importance of following one's passion and embracing unexpected paths to success. The episode also delves into the rise of influencer careers and the challenges faced along the way. Dayna takes the opportunity to promote her fitness brand, Define Bold Fitness, and kindly asks for support. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and be inspired by Dayna's incredible journey.
    - Dayna's journey from basketball player to fitness brand CEO
    - Emphasizing the importance of following passion and unexpected paths to success
    - The rise of influencer careers and the importance of genuine impact
    - Building a successful brand and launching a collection
    - Taking risks and pursuing passion as a full-time influencer
    Notable QuotesI believe that the important thing is that we stay true to our values.
    Keywordsrelevant keywords, How I Got Here podcast, interview, Dayna Bolden, CEO, Define Bold Fitness, Division One basketball player, fitness brand, passion, unexpected paths to success, the rise of influencer careers, challenges, genuine impact, support, Drena Whitfield, multi-talented blogger, entrepreneur, influencer, self-care, self-love, empowerment, women worldwide, New York, Under Armour, marketing, athletic company, climbing the corporate ladder, influencer career, change agent, inspiring people, purpose, genuine impact, children's book, personal brand, content creation, documenting, a new collection, leggings, sports bra, zip-up jacket, retail, team, bulk content creation, documenting, growth, impact, community, social media, Define Bold Fitness.
    Connect with Dayna on....
    Instagram: @daynabolden
    Website: www.daynabolden.com

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    Corporate to Creative: The Inspirational Journey of Interior Design Entrepreneur, Rasheeda Gray

    Corporate to Creative: The Inspirational Journey of Interior Design Entrepreneur, Rasheeda Gray

    Welcome to the latest episode of "How I Got Here with Dreena Whitfield," where we delve deep into the inspiring stories of individuals who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields. In this captivating installment, we explore the fascinating journey of none other than Rasheeda Gray, an extraordinary entrepreneur and interior design maven.
    In this episode, Rasheeda sits down with Dreena to discuss her path to becoming an entrepreneur and the unexpected twists and turns along the way.
    From high school aspirations in the creative business world to a successful corporate career, Rasheeda shares her personal journey of self-discovery and finding her true passion. Tune in as she opens up about the influences that shaped her career choices, including her aunt's work in a corporate environment, a character on a TV show, and a communications course in high school.
    Rasheeda takes us through her transition from the insurance industry to interior design, showcasing the importance of embracing different experiences and constantly evolving. She shares her fears, doubts, and the financial preparations she made before taking the leap into entrepreneurship.
    Join us as we delve into the rollercoaster nature of entrepreneurship and the bravery it takes to pursue your dreams. We'll also explore the day-to-day life of an interior designer, the importance of building a portfolio, and tips for designing your own home on a budget.
    Don't miss out on this witty, inspiring, and relatable episode featuring the incredible journey of Rasheeda and her passion for interior design. Get ready to be motivated and empowered to chase your own dreams, no matter where life takes you. Tune in now and be inspired!
    - Rasheeda's background and career path
    - Early interests and experiences
    - Transitioning into interior design
    - Leaving a corporate job to start own business
    - Challenges and doubts of entrepreneurship
    - Growth of Gray Space Interiors and real estate development
    - Daily routine as an interior designer
    - Advice for entering the design industry
    - Importance of planning and measurement in design
    - Believing in oneself and building relationships
    - Exciting updates and upcoming projects
    Notable Quotes"You are crafting your career right now, even as a high school student. You just never know what your experiences will lead you to." - Rasheeda
    KeywordsKeywords: high school, 23 years ago, creative, business world, college, marketing, advertising, entrepreneur, curating, creating, painting, artist, interior design, space planning, sketching, apartment, white box, corporate job, risk taker, partner, health insurance, savings, liquid cash
    Episode Outline Rasheeda will be XYZ in ten years. [00:00:36] Trying different careers. [00:09:17] Knowing when to launch Gray Space interiors. [00:12:03] Planning the transition from corporate job to entrepreneurship. [00:12:38] Balancing purpose, passion, and stress. [00:15:24] Similarities between Rasheeda and Dreena. [00:15:56] Three tips for designing a home on a budget. [00:26:19] Goldman Sachs $10,000 small business program. [00:32:58]
    Connect with Rasheeda on....
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grayspaceinteriors/
    Website: https://grayspaceinteriors.com/

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4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

I Said Chyyy ,

Our journeys matter

It’s so impressive to see Black life expressed this way. I loved the stories of these women’s trajectories and all the unexpected support they’ve found — particularly from Black folk, as is the case for Lola’s story. Seeing that there is value, community, and profit in Black leaders investing in each other is profound. Awesome work, Dreena!

KeenaLaveen ,


Great interview!

MaQueba ,

Content that matters

If you want to hear something relatable that will add value, this is the perfect podcast for you. Conversations like these make things worthwhile!

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