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A show that helps you grow by sharing not just "WHAT" great leaders do but "HOW" they think so that you can make better decisions in your life and leadership.

How Leaders Think with Kenny Lange Kenny Lange

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A show that helps you grow by sharing not just "WHAT" great leaders do but "HOW" they think so that you can make better decisions in your life and leadership.

    S2:E5 | How McKenzie Reeves Decker Thinks About Embracing Your Own Leadership Style.

    S2:E5 | How McKenzie Reeves Decker Thinks About Embracing Your Own Leadership Style.

    On this episode of How Leaders Think, host Kenny Lange speaks with guest McKenzie Reeves Decker about the importance of self-care, defining leadership, transcending past mistakes, and thriving in an entrepreneurial environment. McKenzie talked about how taking breaks and engaging in non-work activities can help refresh the mind, improve productivity, and creativity.

    McKenzie also shared her experience of working with charismatic leaders who could inspire and bring people together, while she was more focused on execution and rising into leadership through her skills. She also discussed her definitions of leadership and entrepreneurship, which they see as related but not the same thing. McKenzie also talked about the System and Soul business framework she's been working on with the founders.

    Tune in to this insightful episode and find out how to arrive at your own conclusions about leadership and entrepreneurship.

    System and Soul website: https://systemandsoul.com
    McKenzie’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mckenzie-reeves-decker-67a1b262/

    [00:02:34] Definition of leadership and entrepreneurship shaped by nature and nurture, influenced by Southern Baptist culture and parent's business ownership. Sacrifice and hard work are assumed essential for success, but myths are being challenged.

    [00:06:10] Take breaks to refresh your thinking, have a life outside work, and prioritize health for yourself and your team. Benj's leadership helped the realization.

    [00:12:04] Person leads the team with challenges of age and cultural differences, strives to make own mark with caring leadership style, and learns to turn personal doubts into assets.

    [00:16:11] Soul and System is a framework for integrating business systems and unique value propositions. The speaker is a team member responsible for executing and guiding the company's objectives as a startup, which is both exciting and daunting.

    [00:19:01] Speaker worked for the John Maxwell Company (now Maxwell Leadership) and learned about leadership and self-management. She was an individual contributor but rose into leadership through execution. The current work environment requires self-direction and has greater consequences and returns.

    [00:23:17] Learned principles from books, felt like an imposter, leadership defined by the environment, John Maxwell's leadership communication style, and felt uncomfortable with public speaking.

    [00:25:42] Push through mental blockades with a success-only mindset; take care of oneself like a professional athlete; challenge perceptions of leadership styles.
    [00:31:50] Reflect on old beliefs, identify goals and doubts, and seek help from loved ones for mental clarity.

    [00:35:38] Efficiency and productivity require soft skills in addition to hard skills. It's not just about getting the job done.

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    S2:E4 | How Andy Christiansen Thinks About The Superpower of Being Interested in People

    S2:E4 | How Andy Christiansen Thinks About The Superpower of Being Interested in People

    In this episode of How Leaders Think, we explore the importance of autonomy and accountability for employees to feel motivated. We also delve into the hiring and retention crises facing many companies and how investing in employees can make a significant difference in the workplace. My guest, Andy Christiansen, emphasizes that being interested in others is crucial to good leadership and the importance of listening and being other-centered. We also touch on the false stories that leaders may believe about the world and the power of recognition and valuing employees. Join us as we discuss strategies for building relationships in the workplace and improving team morale.

    Andy's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andychristiansenpcc/
    Andy's Book "The 40:40 Principle: Your Road Map to Finding Life-Changing Mentors": https://www.amazon.com/40-Principle-Finding-Life-Changing-Mentors/dp/1449700713/
    Peter Drucker books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Peter-F.-Drucker/author/B000AP61TE

    [00:01:14] "Leadership Crisis: Are We Failing?"

    [00:09:00] "Unlocking the Power of Listening: One Cup at a Time"

    [00:12:00] Investing in People: The Solution to Hiring and Retention Crisis?

    [00:19:00] "Back to Basics: The Simple Secret to Employee Engagement"

    [00:25:56] "People Want to Win": The Importance of Leadership

    [00:30:56] "Make Meaningful Connections: Hear Their Stories Today"

    [00:35:44] "Prioritizing One-on-Ones Leads to Business Success"

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    S2:E3 | How John Grubbs Thinks About Selling Like a Wolf

    S2:E3 | How John Grubbs Thinks About Selling Like a Wolf

    On this episode of the How Leaders Think podcast, John Grubbs shares his experience of quickly being promoted to a management position and leading a team with a diverse range of ages. He discusses the challenges he faced, including how to address sanctioned incompetence in a demoralizing workplace.

    The conversation then shifts to Johns’s new book, “The Wolf Sales Model: Non-Relationship Selling," which focuses on the mindset, skills, and daily habits of a successful sales hunter. He also discusses the misconception that a client will buy from a salesperson if they become their friend first, and how the focus should be on offering value rather than creating a fake relationship.

    John also shares practical advice for sales reps, including how to ask the right questions and avoid falling into the trap of doing the bare minimum in the workplace. Tune in to learn more about the Wolf Sales Model and how to become a successful sales hunter.

    The Wolf Sales Model book: https://www.amazon.com/Wolf-Sales-Model-Non-Relationship-Selling/dp/B0BCD4ZLWQ/r

    [00:03:22] Carrot and stick management is outdated. Toxic workplace: lack of accountability. Coworkers cause disengagement.

    [00:05:21] Lack of employee engagement and accountability causing disengagement in workplaces.

    [00:07:13] Early promotion taught leader respect over being liked.

    [00:10:05] Build value before friendship in sales. Don't be disingenuous. Relationship comes after the sale.

    [00:11:32] Non-salespeople often have sales titles and are difficult to vet, leading to poor training outcomes.

    [00:13:37] Sales teams struggle to stay in discovery mode and uncover buyer emotions, leading to a lack of hunting skills in sales.

    [00:17:21] To effectively sell, ask open-ended questions and use calibrated language, such as "it seems like."

    [00:18:48] The article discusses how sales reps can dig deeper by asking the right questions and using labels. They are also advised to ask permission to take notes and clarify any misunderstandings. A false label may be used to re-engage an uninterested customer.

    [00:21:24] Creating a powerful sales statement with a focus on differentiation.

    [00:25:08] Find John Grubbs at JohnGrubbs.com or by searching for The Wolf Sales Model/ training. Focus on improving mindset, skills, and habits to be successful in sales. Try staying in question mode during meetings to improve discovery skills.

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    S2:E2 | How Jonathan D. Reynolds Thinks About Overcoming Achievement Addiction

    S2:E2 | How Jonathan D. Reynolds Thinks About Overcoming Achievement Addiction

    On this episode of How Leaders Think, my guest emphasizes the importance of celebrating goals and milestones. They suggest looking at the entire calendar year to identify points to celebrate and acknowledge that there will be multiple false summits along the way to a goal.
    The guest is Jonathan D. Reynolds, a CEO and best-selling author, who shares his perspective on celebrating accomplishments and navigating the tension between celebrating the present and painting a desirable future.
    Jonathan explores practical ways to incorporate celebrations into daily life and suggests starting with small steps like celebrating someone who has made an impact. High-drive leaders often struggle to take a break or celebrate because it seems like a lack of commitment to growth, but self-awareness is crucial for preventing exhaustion and demotivation among team members.
    Resources:Jonathan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanreynolds/Jonathan's Book, "Right Seats, Right People: A Leader's Guide to Hiring and Developing Top Performers": https://a.co/d/0RXmbh3
    [00:01:35] "Renew your mind to fight the trash"
    [00:05:49] "Balancing Future Vision with Present Gratitude"
    [00:08:53] "Discover Your Unique Personality Profile Statistic"
    [00:12:33] Budgeting for Celebration: Importance of Pausing to Celebrate
    [00:18:44] "Intrinsic Motivation: Emphasizing the Importance of Celebration"
    [00:22:14] "Uncomfortable growth: Celebrating success along the way"
    [00:26:25] "Small Gestures of Gratitude: Superpowers in Action"
    [00:30:41] "A Visionary Editor's Bold Hiring Mistake"

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    S2:E1 | How Benj Miller Thinks About The Keys to Effective and Sustainable Leadership

    S2:E1 | How Benj Miller Thinks About The Keys to Effective and Sustainable Leadership

    In this episode, we delve into the age-old question of how to lead and live without fear holding us back. Benj Miller provides valuable insights and strategies on how we can develop disciplines of thought and action to move forward on solid ground. We'll explore the power of possibility and gratitude, how to call out reality, and the importance of intentional reflection to develop a mindset that fosters growth and progress. Join us in this thought-provoking discussion and learn how to transform your leadership skills and mindset to unlock greater potential.
    The 261: https://the261.comSystem & Soul: https://systemandsoul.comBenj on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjmilleratl/
    [00:02:52] Charismatic leaders can be misleading and limit our own thinking.
    [00:03:55] Not all companies need to become a media company, but all companies need to become a talent management company for the next decade.
    [00:05:33] Leaders live with a sense of possibility and gratitude, focusing on what could be and what is, bringing out the best in people and avoiding bitter attitudes. Possibility allows for change and growth, while gratitude helps to maintain a positive perspective.
    [00:10:56] Defining good leaders as those worth following, the enemy is fear in society, with anxiety and curiosity being opposite reactions to possibility.
    [00:12:55] Limit risk, be inwardly sound, seize opportunities in times of fear.
    [00:14:46] Real estate attracts two types of people - successful entrepreneurs and risk-averse investors. Both see opportunity in downturns, but for different reasons.
    [00:16:30] Gratitude and possibility are like muscles that need intentional practice to grow. Taking time to reflect on accomplishments and goals is crucial.
    [00:19:16] Great leaders call out reality, allowing for possibility and gratitude.
    [00:22:05] Working the gratitude and possibility muscle can lead to transformative thinking and positive outcomes. Leaders can impact others by planting, watering, and caring for growth opportunities, but transformation comes when individuals start acting on these questions. Unlocking gratitude and possibility can help transform thinking, vocabulary, and futures.
    [00:25:12] Stop consuming fear-based media and create space for possibility and gratitude to grow.

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    S1:E5 | XO Conference 2020 Takeaways

    S1:E5 | XO Conference 2020 Takeaways

    The XO Conference is a marriage conference that has its keystone event on or around Valentine's Day every year. This year was full of great insights and encouragement and in this episode, I'll share a few key takeaways I found most valuable.

    • 39 min

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