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Host, Lindsay Dickhout, brings a wide variety of interesting topics to the table… from throwing parties, to living an awesome life, to being healthy & having fun ...if it’s awesome, we’re talking about it!

What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day, has now become a podcast! Learn from the experiences (and mistakes!) of this busy entrepreneur & mom. She’s sharing all the life hacks & tips she is learning on her journey to be AWESOME AT EVERYTHING!

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How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast Lindsay Dickhout

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Host, Lindsay Dickhout, brings a wide variety of interesting topics to the table… from throwing parties, to living an awesome life, to being healthy & having fun ...if it’s awesome, we’re talking about it!

What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day, has now become a podcast! Learn from the experiences (and mistakes!) of this busy entrepreneur & mom. She’s sharing all the life hacks & tips she is learning on her journey to be AWESOME AT EVERYTHING!

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    180. How To Be Awesome At Special Thanksgiving Moments

    180. How To Be Awesome At Special Thanksgiving Moments

    On today’s podcast, Lindsay talks about how she’s learned through the years that holidays can easily be overwhelming or even underwhelming.  It’s so much prep and set-up and planning… and often times it can feel like it’s just more work than it is fun.  On today’s podcast, she is sharing my favorite tips for enjoying the process and planning in a way that is comfortable for you and fun!  

    Also, activity ideas and ways to connect everyone.  And in a time that is more polarizing than ever, we are chatting about some tips on how to avoid family conflict and things to think about ahead of time so the whole day is nice and smooth.

    Lindsay really believes that little moments or ideas or traditions can make what would otherwise be pretty regular, extra ordinary and special and memorable.

    Today, we are talking about Thanksgiving and ways to make sure the day is awesome for you and the ones you love.

    **Here are some of the thoughts!**

    -Family thankful cards - nobody knows who they are from - pass them around and guess

    -Table cheers - what people are grateful for!

    -Cookie decorating
    Fun activity that gets everyone creating
    Or have some other interactive food / dessert plan!

    -Cute crafts - some adults will do it too!

    -Other thankful activities - especially for kids

    -Plan how to give back for the holidays with kids
    Talk about what you are grateful for and how you can help others this holiday season

    -Tips on managing the clean-up
    Clean as you go, do the minimum and do the rest the next day

    -How to enjoy the process and what to do when parts are painful
    When it’s painful- outsource, simplify or skip it!

    -Avoid conflict!
    This is not the day to hash out how the president is doing or what everyone things about vaccine mandates.  Not. The. Time!
    If you have someone who is known for poking the bear at this type of thing- give them a gentle heads up.

    If your group is into that sort of thing!

    Lindsay shares her favorite grateful quote at the moment.

    We all have so much to be grateful for because we are reading this and listening to this right now.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ones you love!!

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    179. How To Be Awesome At Pushing Yourself Physically

    179. How To Be Awesome At Pushing Yourself Physically

    Lindsay is obsessed with finding the extra gear in life.  That shift that you make that takes things in your life to the next level.  

    She believes that most of us are capable of a lot more than we think we are.  Like we literally have an extra gear.

    Most of us still have more in us.  But we often put up these invisible hurdles and tell ourselves that this is the most we can do with this or we can’t even attempt this because of this.

    Lindsay’s favorite way to push herself in all aspects of life… is to push herself physically.

    Because it pours over to alllll other areas of your life.  Because you’ve proven to yourself that you CAN do more than you thought you could.

    A physical change is the best way to push yourself in all ways of your life.

    Whether you feel like you’re in a rut, or just low on energy or patience with things you have to deal with… Lindsay thinks pushing yourself physically could be the answer, or part of it.

    Today, we are talking about ways you can push yourself physically to not only improve your health, but improve your overall fulfillment in life.  

    We get all these arrows shot us at all day.  You’re always dodging arrows.  

    This is why we need a few hours to ourselves to have the patience to deal with all those arrows.

    We have to push ourselves physically so we can be tough mentally.

    It’s that mental toughness… helps you push through.

    How do you identify if you are in a rut?
    When you want to get better and you are not. It’s easy to fall into comfortable habit.  It’s super difficult.

    Examples of pushing yourself physically ….

    -Running up hills

    -Running stairs

    -Taking the stairs at the doctors office

    -Cold showers


    -New/hard workout class


    CHEERS!!! To pushing yourself PHYSICALLY!

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    178. How To Be Awesome At Party Activities That Kids Love

    178. How To Be Awesome At Party Activities That Kids Love

    Let’s talk about party activities!  

    Today we are fully diving into fun activities for KIDS! Things to keep them busy and happy for the whole party.

    Giving you lots of ideas of how to keep kids of all ages entertained and how to set it up so it’s exactly what your birthday boy or girl like best too.

    How to set-up activities when you have a variety of ages of kids… and what the heck to do for older kids that’s not lame.

    So many ideas for you… some with vendors and some doing entirely on your own… and most of them aren’t pricey- just require a little creativity and advanced planning.

    If you are throwing a kids party, or a party of any kind where kids will be at, this episode is for you!

    The smallest things can make a party extra magical and Lindsay thinks often that’s in the activities.

    For kids parties and adults parties and parties with kids and adults… it’s great to have things for everyone to do.  

    We’re talking about using vendors for some of the activities and other times building the activity yourself.

    Lindsay talks about really trying to think about the person that the party is for and what would be the most fun for them… and usually those same things are what their guests will like too!  

    When she's doing a kids party where parents stay, she tries to have something fun for them to do as well.  Sometimes it’s a creative cocktail and food experience to match the theme… and other times like when she did a mermaid party for Presley she did hair braiding girl and a nail art girl come and we set up beauty stations for the moms!

    We’re talking about having enough to do so everyone is busy for the whole party and has the best time.

    You can do structured time for activities, Lindsay usually like more of a free play type situation.

    Start with what your kid likes most and what goes with the theme.


    Ball pit
    (OC vendor: ops@meshkids.co)

    Bounce house
    (OC vendor: hello@bouncecouture.com)

    Craft stations

    Treat stations - decorate your own cookies, pop tarts, cupcakes
    (OC vendor: bangpopshop@gmail.com)

    Candy bar

    Candy Cart
    (OC vendor: lisa@thecandycoach.com)

    Timree: OC artist! For paint lessons
    (OC vendor: info@timree.com)

    Slumber Tents:
    (OC vendor: www.sparklesanddreams.com)

    Photo Booth & frame decorating station
    (OC vendor: info@capturephotobooths.com)

    (OC vendor: cartoonslinger@gmail.com)

    Make your own pizzas
    (OC vendor: admin@sgtpepps.com)

    Create your own flower arrangements
    (OC vendor: mcarter64768@gmail.com)

    Slime making station with little pieces to add in to match the theme

    Design your own bag to carry all your goodies in (get bags from Forever 21 or H & M)

    Sand box

    Sled rides

    Horse and carriage rides

    Petting Zoo

    Color / paint a large structure

    Huge canvases for painting

    Surprise punch boards (I make my own out of shoe racks)

    Raffle with grab bags (must have fun prizes like gift cards and a gag gift!)

    Hot cocoa bar

    Chocolate fountain with make your own chocolate bars

    Foam machine


    Entertainment - hula dancers, mermaids, fairies, Blippi

    Tractor rides!

    There are endless ways you can make a party MAGICAL with activities!  We hope this podcast gave you LOTS of ideas!!

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    177. How To Be Awesome At Starting Your Day in the Best Way

    177. How To Be Awesome At Starting Your Day in the Best Way

    This podcast episode is ALL about the power of your mind and how you your approach to your days!
    And how it affects how you walk into situations and how it completely determines the outcome!!
    So often we get in routine and just keep doing the things we’ve always done. And - we find what we are looking for.
    If you wake up and you’re grumpy and you’re irritated and you’re thinking about that meeting that might be irritating.. you’re going to have a less than awesome day because you started out with that filter on.  Awesome things truly have no change of making their way through them.

    If you think god, I’m walking into a crappy day… it probably will be.  But if you’re like… today is going to be awesome OR today is going to be as awesome as it can be (given whatever is going on) it’s MUCH more likely to be.
    It think we subconsciously decide how we are going to approach our days… which turns into our weeks, our months and our years.  We decide the mood we are in and I’m telling you… the thoughts you think create the world in which you live in.  
    You can completely convince yourself that something is going to be awesome or completely s****y- and either way you’ll likely turn out to be right!
    Your thoughts control your road map of a day.
    Ask yourself...
    How are you using your mind to make you feel great or not?
    Your destiny is ultimately decided by the decision you made this morning. A huge decision.
    That is either - I’m going to get up, enter the world with no intention to get by or survive and go though the motions.
    I am going to get clear in this morning about what I am going after and who I want to be and what I am going to go out and be awesome at!
    The problem is most people don’t make this conscious decision.

    Here’s the HACK, the practical way to do this...
    THINK about the things you have coming up and ask yourself:
    How are you going to make that special?
    How are you going to be great at that?
    How do you want this experience to feel?
    How will you do this well?
    (SAVE THIS!)
    Usually we just GO ABOUT THE DAY… rather than SIT and think about how you are doing to do what you have ahead, well.
    There is so much power in realizing so much of what happens in our day is determined by our perspective going into it.
    CHEERS!  To the best intentional starts to your days!

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    176. How To Be Awesome Special Episode: Life Lessons at 40

    176. How To Be Awesome Special Episode: Life Lessons at 40

    In this podcast, Lindsay talks about the life lessons she’s learned in her first 40 years!

    Here are some of the highlights:

    -Everybody is the happiest when they get to do what they want to be doing.
    When you get to do want to be doing you’ve won.  

    -You’re going to be 90!!!
    Right now it’s not too late, but one day it will be.
    When you’re 120 and you’re not mobile- you can’t build that company you wanted, you can’t spend that time with your kid… it’s regret… and it paralyzing.

    -The ONLY decision that needs to be made is what will you regret LEAST when you’re 90

    -Don’t take NO for an answer.

    -Doing the right thing is always the right thing.
    It’s all about how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself.

    -Go to bed without crumbs.

    -You only have so much bandwidth!!!  

    -Learn what your body needs and make it a priority

    -Be vulnerable with those you love

    -Own your mistakes

    -Dont let your mistakes define you

    -EMBRACE hard things - it preps you for the world
    We are strong!!  We are just being sold that we aren’t ENOUGH.  
    You’re the best - go do shit!!

    -Have good reactions - don’t lose your cool

    -INHALE the good shit, exhale the bad shit

    -Watch what you say about yourself

    -Get in your 10s!!

    -Stop complaining - nobody cares!!!  Stop dwelling - nobody cares!  
    Own your shit!  We have a bigger chance than ever.

    -Protect your headspace

    -There are 2 acceptable outcomes (what Lindsay tells her kids)

    -Speed is so much more important than perfection.
    There is SO much opportunity - don't over think it and just MOVE!   There will never be a perfect time for most things.

    -LOVE your body

    -Carry an idea book - write it all down!!!

    -What you listen to and who you listen to is what you become

    -Eat like your life depends on it

    -MOVE your body everyday

    -Spend time with those who get it

    -Forgive the ones you love who think differently than you

    -A mistake repeated more than once is a decision
    -Paulo Coelho

    -Life changes.  You lose love.  You lose friends. You lose pieces of yourself that you would never image would be done.  And then.  Without even realizing it these pieces come back.  New love enters.  Better friends come along.  And a stronger, wiser you is staring back in the mirror.

    -If you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in hearing your feedback.

    -You don't get what you want, you only get what you must absolutely f*cking have.

    -The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

    -Don't sell out what you want most for what you want right now.  Its self control and it sucks!!

    -Don’t let others ruin your day.

    -Stop saying this was a shit year!!! You’ll attract more of that.  Decide what you want, make a plan and follow through on it - every. single. day.

    CHEERS to the next 40 years of lessons learned!

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    175. How To Be Awesome At Giving Yourself Grace

    175. How To Be Awesome At Giving Yourself Grace

    Today we’re talking about giving yourself grace… that space you sometimes need to mess up and not beat yourself up over it or have days when you just don't have as much energy to do all the things you want to do… 
    Lindsay talks about being an entrepreneur by nature and pushing herself and holding herself to high standards, like many of us.  
    But what she’s realized lately is often times her expectations were unrealistic- which she would have told you is a great thing- set super high goals because otherwise there is no way to achieve them.  But what she's realized is… she’s able to enjoy the journey more and embrace the beauty of evolving and use mistakes as learning opportunities… all the positive things that come when you give yourself grace. 
    Lindsay is now focusing on giving her best, based on my capacity that day and in that moment.  Perfection is not the goal and she's not competing with anyone else.  By giving herself this sort of self-compassion, it’s not making her weaker, it’s making her stronger because she’s showing more love to herself.  Slowing down just enough to enjoy the journey and have the space for rest and self-love and GRACE.  
    Here are some key points Lindsay talks about: 
    -Asking her kids… did you do your best today?  Then you did a great job.
    Leave it all on the field - you either won or you tried your best and it just didn’t work.  Either one of those options are acceptable.  Why aren’t we doing the same thing for ourselves? 
    -You need that physical and mental space to do it.
    -Know you’re not perfect and don’t aim to be.
    -Mess up and don’t feel badly - it’s a lesson learned.
    -Some days you don’t have as much energy or you don’t feel well - your best is going to be different on different days. 
    -When you set your expectations too high- then you often don’t reach them- then you stop believing yourself when you tell yourself you are going to do something.  
    This is where Lindsay got herself stuck!!  She talks about how she stopped believing she could achieve her goals because they weren’t realistic.
    -When we give ourselves grace, we release feelings of shame and regret so we can move forward with care and openness towards ourselves and others. 
    -The feeling of never doing enough or being enough.
    -In the moments when you’re being hard on yourself or talking negatively to yourself, ask, “Is this how I would treat my friend or a loved one?” If not, then that’s an indicator that it’s time to change your self-talk!
    -Burnout is the physical or mental collapse due to over work or stress. We have so many responsibilities and we are expected to be great at them all!!
    -Realize- are we putting these expectations on ourselves or are other people putting them on us?  Are we putting super high expectations of others? 
    -It can make you feel like you’re never doing enough or being enough.  
    -The goal is not perfection, its PROGRESS.
    -Tony Robbins says the secret to happiness in one word is PROGRESS.  
    "If you want to have ongoing joy and fulfillment in your life, the secret is just one word – progress. Progress equals happiness. While achievements and material things may excite you for the moment, the only thing that’s going to make you happy long-term is knowing that you’re making progress.
    To do this, you have to remember: While change is automatic – progress is not. Progress results from actively and consciously choosing to create a life you love; a life where you can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning because you are growing, contributing, impacting and serving.
    How do you start creating a life like that? By first learning that you don’t need an excuse to feel good – you can feel good for no reason."
    -Lindsay says, "I sometimes look around and I’m like oh my gosh I worked on the house

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487 Ratings

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