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The How To Be Awesome At Everything is a podcast about our journey to be the best that we can in everything we do. To be intentional about how we spend our time and how we treat our bodies and how the thoughts that we think and words that we say create the world that we live in. What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day has become a podcast with over one million downloads. Always with a growth mindset, Lindsay presents topics that she thinks are worth hitting pause on life to focus on. She shares her successes (and failures!) in business and in life and her journey to be awesome at everything.

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The How To Be Awesome At Everything is a podcast about our journey to be the best that we can in everything we do. To be intentional about how we spend our time and how we treat our bodies and how the thoughts that we think and words that we say create the world that we live in. What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day has become a podcast with over one million downloads. Always with a growth mindset, Lindsay presents topics that she thinks are worth hitting pause on life to focus on. She shares her successes (and failures!) in business and in life and her journey to be awesome at everything.

    281. How To Be Awesome At Weekend Adventures

    281. How To Be Awesome At Weekend Adventures

    I think most people would love to have more adventures and new experiences in life but the tricky part is… we get so busy with our routine and all the things that must get done in life, that often, we rarely go new places or try new things. 
    Which is why I absolutely love this idea by Jesse Iztler.  It’s part of his concept about building your life resume more than your professional resume.  He calls it the Kevins Rule, named after his friend Kevin who showed him how fulfilling it can be when you plan out new experiences. 
    Here’s how it works.  You put 6 new adventures on your calendar each year.  One every other month and it could be a day on the weekend or the entire weekend.  The point of this is that by intentionally adding this things to the calendar, you prioritize time with people you love plus more fun and learning.
    Being intentional with our calendar planning and putting these 6 mini adventures on the books allows us for 24 experiences (that we wouldn’t have otherwise) in the next 4 years. 
    It also sets us up to be proactive with how we spend our leisure time (advance planning) rather than reactive (planning around invitations that come your way.) 
    We’re planning out your 6 mini adventures for the year today. 

    Planning for 6 mini adventures per year allows for new experiences and challenges. By adding these days or weekends to your calendar, you prioritize time with people you love, fun and adventures. 
    Lots of ideas…

    Get a group together for a cooking class followed by dinner with wine pairing, visit a local farm and book an apple picking experience, find a local path and plan a hike, go camping for the weekend at a local spot, take a photography workshop class with friends, set-up a volunteering event to help people in need in your area, plan a day or weekend filled with local museums and art galleries, learn to kayak at a local river, road trip to a nearby city and plan shops and cafes to visit, plan a day long bike ride with a fun stop for lunch, plan a ride in a hot air balloon, get a group to go indoor rock climbing, book a rental cabin for the weekend, take the train on an adventure! 
    Cheers to alllll of your new adventures!! 

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    280. How To Be Awesome At Mastering The Last Hour Of Your Day

    280. How To Be Awesome At Mastering The Last Hour Of Your Day

    The last hour of your day is so important because it determines the quality of sleep that you get and how you approach the next day. 
    I’ve learned the most about this in my own life from doing things the wrong way to be honest. Staying up too late, eating too late or just sort of tinkering here and there and I couldn’t even tell you what I really did for those last 2 hours.
    All these things I did without intention and just because I was getting tired and just doing whatever slowly without a plan. 
    Taking all of this as lessons learned and on this journey to do everything with intention - now, having a plan for the last hour of the day.
    So even if you’re tired or you’ve run out of motivation for the day, when you plan things ahead of time with intention, you don’t have to get up the energy because you aren’t making the decision, you’re just following the plan that you designed. 
    It requires discipline, which is hard at first, but it gets sooo much easier to do when you see the benefits of these new awesome habits. 
    We are revamping bedtime. 

    From the book, 10X is Easier Than 2x:
    The final hour of the day determines the quality of your sleep as well as the quality of your next day. Over 90 percent of people are 2x at night, where they fall to unhealthy habits and consumption, especially random online scrolling.
    For 10x sleep, put your phone on airplane mode at least 30-60 minutes before bed. Write in your journal and include 3 wins you had that day.
    These wins can be any forms of learning or progress you had.
    Then after you’ve framed the day as a win, write down what you want for tomorrow. 
    Other tips:
    -Have a few other healthy wind down habits like meditate or stretch or a moment of connection with someone you love and then commit to sleep. Be excited and happy to fully shut down.
    -Create an optional environment - dark, cool and comfortable.
    -Having a healthy wind-down process is key. Avoid thinking about stressing topics and solve problems or have
    tricky discussions earlier in the day. In prioritizing sleep, we have to wrap things up and let things go earlier in the day. Do
    what needs to be done and say what needs to be said so you don’t go to bed with crumbs! You will sleep better without a
    racing mind when you go to sleep. Journal to wind down and figure out what else sets you up for the best nights sleep.  
    -Quality sleep over quantity of sleep - The quality of sleep is so much more important than the number of hours.

    -Get a schedule going - Have a set bedtime and wake time and don’t vary it too much or you’ll experience “jetlag."  
    -If you want to read more on this- Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. Many of these strategies were learned from this book.
    CHEERS to being intentional about how you end your day, for the most awesome days!! 

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    279. How To Be Awesome At Developing Deep Self Confidence

    279. How To Be Awesome At Developing Deep Self Confidence

    Today we are talking about deep self confidence. How to get it, what it feels like and how to make it attainable. I’m a big fan of taking complicated concepts and turning them into simple daily actions.   
    Here is how I define confidence. A belief in yourself and clarity of purpose. A feeling that is grounded in authenticity and comes from doing.
    Confidence is often talked about like this big feeling at the finish line, but that feels unattainable and hard to figure out how to make progress on. 
    My favorite quote about confidence is by Alex Hormozi.  He says “You don’t become confident by shouting affirmations in the mirror, but by having an undeniable stack of proof that you are who you say you are. Outwork your self doubt.”
    I love this way of thinking about confidence because it puts you in the drivers seat.  Your self confidence isn’t based on what other people think about what you are doing or some level of success, but it’s more about the process and more about what you do, than what you say. 

    When you feel this deep self confidence, it impacts all other areas of your life. You’re less likely to be offended and more likely to let little things go. You’re more likely to charge your big goals and less likely to let judgment slow you down. 
    It’s a superpower and we’re talking about how to tackle it! 

    Why have deep self confidence:
    -It makes you less affected by the opinions of others. 
    -It keeps you in control of your mood and happiness. 
    -It helps you communicate better because you feel comfortable expressing yourself clearly. 
    -It positions you as a leader rather than someone who is easily influenced. 
    -It makes you more adaptable as you trust in your ability to navigate change. 
    -It allows you the freedom to really pursue your passions. 
    How to get deep self confidence:
    -Put things on your daily habits like that move your towards your goals, personally and professionally. 
    -Every week, try new things, do hard things, continue to learn and push yourself. 
    -Since we know that confidence comes from doing, just keep doing things that align with your goals and priorities. 
    What it feels like to have deep self confidence: 
    -Confidence comes from doing the things you say you are doing to do. It’s this deep feeling of trusting yourself. 
    -You feel empowered. Like you can take on any challenges.
    -This sense of inner peace. You are comfortable with you are and trust in your own abilities. 
    -You’re optimist because you have a positive outlook and a strong foundation so you’re able to believe in a bright future. 
    -You’re fearless because you know you can handle whatever comes your way. 
    -You’re authentic because you’re running your own race. 
    -You set boundaries, especially with people who are negative or don’t make you feel great. You respect yourself enough to know your headspace is top priority. 
    -You're grateful because you appreciate the journey you’ve been on and the one you are on right now. 
    -You’re inspirational. When you know someone with deep self confidence, it makes you believe you can be the same way. 
    How to make progress on the daily: 
    -Follow the plan!
    -Make your list of tasks, then execute.
    -Avoid distractions and don’t talk yourself out of it. 
    -Set big goals, then focus on the daily actions, not the goals. 
    -Do what you tell yourself you are going to do. 
    -Set realistic habits so you are set-up for success. 
    CHEERS to embracing the things that bring you deep self confidence! 

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    278. How To Be Awesome When Someone Comes At You

    278. How To Be Awesome When Someone Comes At You

    I don't know what’s going on lately but I feel like I’ve been in several situations where someone is coming at me and I’ve had some friends who have had to deal with some pretty wild situations so I thought, yup, this needs to be a podcast episode. 

    Let’s define some terms. 
    By coming at you I mean - verbally trying to start something.
    It’s different than an argument because it’s like someone having a problem with you or just straight up casting judgment on you. 

    Our instant reaction is to respond and defend ourselves or get hot with them back… but here’s the thing, most of the time, it’s just not worth it. 

    So I think before we do anything we should ask ourselves, what would I gain from engaging? 

    We often respond out of emotion, but because we know our priority is protecting our happy headspace and our emotional energy, I think we need to approach it differently. 

    We are going through some awesome strategies today so the next time someone comes at you, you’re ready to handle it strategically rather than emotionally. 

    When this happens, here are your options… 

    1.  IGNORE 
    Literally say nothing.  Don't reply to the email or text or DM or walk away if in person. 

    2.  AGREE - it ends it!! 
    When you don't want to engage or if there is truth to what they are saying. 
    When we are insulted, pay attention to it.
    If there is something  that is true to it - then agree. And move on. 

    3. HASH IT OUT - onlyyyyyy if it’s really worth it! 
    Only if it’s someone in your inner circle that you love.
    90% of the time, it’s not worth it. 

    Alex Hormozi says 
    "The only insults that hurt are the ones we believe.”

    I tell myself… 
    I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

    When you get REALLY good at this… it becomes so powerful because it doesn’t affect you for more than a few minutes. 

    It’s almost additive because it feels so good to be able to control your emotions and you always win in the situation. 

    You can’t negotiate with crazy so don’t try- there’s no point! 

    It’s awesome and it saves you so much unnecessary headaches!! 
    Remember this the next time someone comes at you, take a minute and decide how you want to really handle it. 
    Have an awesome day!!

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    277. The Most Awesome Daily Habits To Feel Your Best

    277. The Most Awesome Daily Habits To Feel Your Best

    The goal of this episode is to give you lots of ideas of habits that you can add into your daily life that make you feel awesome. 

    I am super passionate about doing things with intention.  Not just going through the motions and routine of life but really being open to trying new things and being willing to change things up when you’re in a funk.

    I am equally passionate about designing your days so you love them. Not only looking forward to the weekend or the vacation out of town, but designing a life that feels exciting to you. 

    And the best way to do it is not with one big event, it’s with lots of tiny habits that you do everyday that add up to fulfilling days, weeks and months. 

    Let’s get to allll of the ideas of daily habits to feel your best. 

    One of the coolest things about social media is that I think you can really good ideas by seeing what other people do and what their days are like. 

    Make a list of your 10s!  Then plan to get them in! 

    Replies from IG…
    -Daily workouts
    -Eye patches every morning 
    -Intermittent fasting 
    -Acupuncture every week 
    -Audiobooks in the car 
    -Using planner to stay organized 
    -Yoga in the morning 
    -Skincare routine 
    -Quite time 
    -Time to read 
    -Morning coffee time 
    -Sunless tanning 

    My ideas…
    -Grounding - put your feet in the ground 
    -Have a really delicious last bite of food for the day 
    -Have a crazy comfortable bed that you can’t wait to get into 
    -Having a set bedtime and wake time 
    -Sauna can be so relaxing 
    -Have a 0 to 100 plan and a 100 to 0 plan 
    -Connecting with someone in your inner circle every single day 
    -Have a done tasking time - day is done- whatever carries over has to happen tomorrow 
    -Long hot shower with a podcast or YouTube video 
    -Hair care routine 

    By really thinking about the habits that really make us feel great, we make them a priority. Then we are more intentional about how we spend our time and we get so many more of them in each day.

    CHEERS to adding in habits that make you feel your best!  And you’re on your way to designing your awesome life!

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    276. How To Be Awesome At Having The Hard Conversation

    276. How To Be Awesome At Having The Hard Conversation

    Take a quick pause on what you’re doing right now to fully think about this question… what conversation should you have that you haven’t had yet?  
    What difficult conversation have you been avoiding? What should you tell someone that feels so hard but would relieve pressure or stress by doing it? 
    Often times we sacrifice what we really want OR we assume someone feels a certain way about something OR we don’t want to have to deal with a conflict or disappointing or upsetting someone… so we don’t have it.  Sometimes for weeks or months and sometimes for yearssss.
    It becomes normal not to actually have the hard conversation that would make something better. 
    Today is the wake up day on this - we are unpacking hard conversations. 

    We’re pulling wisdom from lots of people who have studied this topic today. 
    Starting with business strategist, Alex Hermozi. He said, “the life you want is in the other side of a few hard conversation and you’re living a life you hate because you’re too afraid to have them.”
    He says… 
    Whenever I feel anxious or insecure or sad 
    Im like- 
    What conversation do I need to have that im not having?
    Usually if you think for not that long 
    You’ll know - this is the conversation ive been putting off. 
    And then, just have it. 
    The time between when you know you need to have it and the time when you actually have it gets shorter and shorter.
    You dread it but after you do it - you’re like how many more of these can I have?!
    It’s like the freedom of it makes you crave more. 
    WHY have these talks?
    Your stress can literally kill you. 
    It’s not worth carrying this with you. 
    You will be 90 one day. 
    We can’t numb life and avoid these things. 
    The regret at 90 would be worse than the pain of having it now. 
    It might be horrible during. 
    But when you think about being 90 years old - you have the courage. 
    And whatever their reaction is - it’s like - I’m doing what I need to do and what I will regret least. 
    For relationships - sometimes things just keep going the way they’ve been and maybe you need to uncover something that happened that affects the entire relationship. 
    Often times you dread it - but maybe you were both assuming things - and it wasn’t accurate. 
    Your only regret will be not doing it sooner. 
    The pain of having these conversation is nothing compared to the gain that you get afterwards. 
    You need something to give you the springboard to do it - for me it’s the thinking of being 90 - and not having the same oppotunries that I do now.
    And we do not want regret at age 90. So let’s have those really hard conversations now. 
    You don't quit the job because you love who you work for - but no growth is there. 
    You’re deeply hurt by what a family member did but you just sit with it and let it grow. 
    You don’t talk to a friend because another friend had a dispute with them - so you’ve been loyal but it doesn’t make sense anymore and you want that friend back. 
    Your husband is consistently inconsiderate in a certain way and you just accept that that is how he is - but maybe you need to have the hard conversation! 
    Maybe you have a bad friend that you need to break up with? 
    You have these rapid periods of growth that happen because once you do it - you have courage to do the next one. 
    Maybe you break up with someone that you know you need to. 
    It SUCKS during and after but when you expand the time horizon, you’re like man I feel F-ing fantastic!!  Who else do I need to talk to? 
    I hope this episode makes you really ask the question - what conversation do I need to have that I’m not having? 
    CHEERS to embracing the uncomfortable and having the hard conversation as soon as possible!

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4.7 out of 5
590 Ratings

590 Ratings

KathPerry16 ,

So appreciate you!

Very sorry to hear about the loss of your father! Thank you for your vulnerability and thank you for reminding us to be intentional with our time and who we choose to spend it with!


Lindsay is the Best!!!

Somehow she seems to come out with a podcast that directly correlates to a current situation in my life. She is so positive and fun. I looooove her, she inspires me and when I need to “take a beat” (as she says) I turn her podcast on and it turns my day around for the better! Thank you Lindsay!!!

Happy2beMrs.E ,

This podcast has changed my life!

I am so grateful I found Lindsay’s podcast. I feel like her topics and what she specifically talks about in her podcasts speaks right to me. I love her outlook and her ethos on things. She challenges you and asks you to tackle problems a little different than we are used to, but none of it is far fetched. She encourages and motivates you to be better but stays realistic and compassionate to her listener. I already just adore her and know this podcast will become a trusted, comforting friend. 10/10 would recommend!

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