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The How To Be Awesome At Everything is a podcast about our journey to be the best that we can in everything we do. To be intentional about how we spend our time and how we treat our bodies and how the thoughts that we think and words that we say create the world that we live in. What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day has become a podcast with over one million downloads. Always with a growth mindset, Lindsay presents topics that she thinks are worth hitting pause on life to focus on. She shares her successes (and failures!) in business and in life and her journey to be awesome at everything.

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The How To Be Awesome At Everything is a podcast about our journey to be the best that we can in everything we do. To be intentional about how we spend our time and how we treat our bodies and how the thoughts that we think and words that we say create the world that we live in. What started as a folder of life lessons to share with her kids one day has become a podcast with over one million downloads. Always with a growth mindset, Lindsay presents topics that she thinks are worth hitting pause on life to focus on. She shares her successes (and failures!) in business and in life and her journey to be awesome at everything.

    252. How To Be Awesome At Living The Life That Makes You Feel Most Alive

    252. How To Be Awesome At Living The Life That Makes You Feel Most Alive

    This is a little wake-up, shake-up podcast about living the life that makes you feel the most alive. 
    That means… getting out of auto pilot for some parts of your life and changing things up.  Really looking at what you’re doing each day and how you’re spending your time.  What makes you feel most alive and what makes you feel most drained? 
    We have way more control than we think we do about how we design our lives.  Now, different people in different circumstances have obstacles to overcome or a path that’s just harder than other people to get there. 
    But, you are in control.  You can change your perspective.  You can change your situation.  
    If you’re not waking up most days, really jazzed about the day and what you’re about to do… it’s time to shake things up.  Because we’re not here to have regrets at age 90.  
    When you’re out of balance, and you’re going through the motions and you aren’t really LIVING for the majority of your days… I have a reset hack for you. 

    A few things that Lindsay talks about:

    -Let’s decide today is going to be a shake up day. 
    -If you are in a rut or overwhelmed or underwhelmed…. 
    We need to interrupt your patterns and automatic nature of how you go through your day. 

    -I joke that my least favorite word is “fine” because it’s so neutral. I’d rather be mad than fine. At least there is some emotion there. 
    -In my life, I feel like this when I’m in the car too much - driving my kids all over.  I personally don’t feel alive on the freeway.  When there is too much of it, I know I need to adjust before I feel like my days are just on repeat and where do the hours even go.
    -I have friends that I know have the same feelings about their corporate job.
    Sometimes it happens in marriage or if you’re at college and not pursuing what you want.
    Or maybe you have decided you didn’t make the choices you wanted and now you are past the time to make those choices - I’m just a big believer in - the right time is NOW and it’s never really actually too late to start the thing.  Whatever it is. 
    -I’m going to share quotes from some of my favorite people on this topic at the end.
    -But for me, I need a hack.  Something that I can do when I start to feel like this.  So here it is for this! 
    -Lyrics to one of my favorite songs…
    Living by Dierks Bentley 
    Some days you just breath in
    Just try to break even
    Sometimes your heart's
    Poundin' out of your chest
    Sometimes it's just beatin'
    Some days you just forget
    What all you've been given
    Some days you just get back
    Yeah, some days you're just alive
    Some days you're livin'
    Some days you're livin'
    Like you never die
    Blue's a little bluer up in the sky
    You're high's a little high
    You feel that fire you've been missing
    Some days you're living
    It'a beautiful world sometimes I don't see so clear
    Some days you start singin'
    And you don't need a reason
    Sometimes the world's just right
    Your clear eyes ain't even blinkin'
    Got a heart full of grateful
    For all you've been given
    Some days you just get by
    Yeah, some days you're just alive
    Some days you're livin' (ooh) mm hmm
    Some days you're livin' (ooh) yeah
    Livin' like you'll never die

    -Take yourself out of the day to day and look at your life as if you were a drone. 
    Get out of your own head and world and look at your days and life and see what’s working and what’s off.
    -We all have small moments like this - and sometimes bigger life shake up moments when we feel like we’ve taken the wrong path. 
    -Make a list - brain dump! 
    -Episode 210 is about losing numbing habits- essential listen after this one! 
    Mel Robbins talks about… every day when you wake up - you decide who you’re going to be.
    -And I think, the lens you are going to see things through.  
    -If you don’t decide who

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    251. How To Be Awesome At Making Mailbox Money

    251. How To Be Awesome At Making Mailbox Money

    I’m adding in more entrepreneur podcast episodes because I think - aside from all the other stuff we talk about on this podcast - protecting your happy headspace and moving your body, getting sunlight, plenty of sleep and nutrition… making more money can positively change your life because you get life freedom which equals happiness. 

    So today, we’re talking about my favorite type of money to make- mailbox money. 

    Because you work really hard for a period of time on a project, then.. you let it fly and get paid- usually for a long time if not forever.  

    Mailbox money is term to describe passive income meaning you aren’t trading your time for money.  Which is the smartest way to do it - hence my favorite. 

    There are lots of ways to make passive income - from real estate investments or rental properties… but in this podcast, we are focusing ways that you can make passive income - without a big investment and that you can do from home. 

    You don’t have to have a business background or a certain degree… you just have to have a great idea and the willingness to work hard and keep doing the hard things over and over until they work. 

    We’re talking specifically about selling digital products and affiliate marketing.  

    Which are so much more exciting than they sound!

    -Here are a few things Lindsay talks about in this podcast! 
    What are digital products? 
    Things like online courses, digital downloads, e-books

    -So you take something that you know really well, something you are an expert on, and create a digital something that people can buy to learn more. 
    You just have to be a few steps beyond other people! 
    What are you great at?  What could you teach? 
    Could be something you spent 10 years learning- or something you just know really well. 

    -The best and most successful ones are ones where you can identify your audience, so you can maximize people who are searching for it - and use Google Adwords to target them, in addition to social media. 
    And ones that are a specific niche work great- you don’t want to be too broad. 

    -And!  Affiliate marketing links!
    Like To Know it/ Reward Style 
    Amazon Affiliates 

    -Link anything on the internet and get paid! 

    -It takes time to build but it’s long game 

    -Some of this is straight passive income - like you do a blog post and post it and then it lives on - but other things are mostly passive income as I call it - where you remind people about it and post on it and it.  You’r working smart and getting commission on things you recommend to people. 

    -Think about who you follow and why.  Who you follow that if they post something - you’re likely to buy it! 

    -Find your own angle! 

    -Here’s why I’m so excited about the things.  My team and I have created a blueprint and we’ve used it to help build lifestyle brands for the women that I mentor and let me tell you - it is FIRE!

    And it works in all industries. 

    Once I saw this working I was like whoa I need to really set this up so women can see what’s possible.

    I do a 3 month lifestyle brand building package where we do it like this - 
    (And you could do this yourself too!) 

    1st month- Start podcast 
    Create a website 

    2nd month- Create online course 
    Set-up affiliate marketing 

    3rd month- Create media deck
    Create social media strategy
    Professional signatures for emails 
    Email templates for reach out

    -This all builds your lifestyle brand- to do whatever you want with. 

    -Use a podcast to drive interest! 

    -Another podcast episode coming soon all about how to make money from a podcast specifically.  Another topic I love! 

    To work with Lindsay and her team- check out 
    Or email Lindsay@HowToBeAwesomeAtEverything.com
    Or ping her on insta @LindsaysCloud 


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    250. How To Be Awesome At Florida Theme Parks

    250. How To Be Awesome At Florida Theme Parks

    Today, I’m sharing all the best tips for when you are headed to the theme parks in Florida.
    We just got back from a week in Orlando and I learned so many things about the parks and the area and the hotels…. I’m so excited to share.
    Whether you have a trip coming up, or you’re thinking about going to Orlando, this podcast episode has all the info you need to know. 
    We’re talking rides, food, heat, timing, planning, clothing, strollers and more. 
    The Universal parks and the Disney parks… Universal City Walk and Disney Springs… so much FUN to get into- let’s go! 

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    249. How To Be Awesome At Doing The Hard Thing Consistently

    249. How To Be Awesome At Doing The Hard Thing Consistently

    How To Be Awesome At Doing The Hard Thing Consistently.. oftentimes without seeing results or many results… but continuing to do it anyway. 
    It’s what I think is actually the secret to being successful at most things. 
    Most people try the thing - whatever that is - sending sales emails, lifting weights, eating healthy, starting a side business, tuning out anything negative, losing weight… but don’t keep going it long enough. 
    First we need to make sure the goal is the right goal for you.  After that, we’re set… we just have to keep doing the things, over and over, that we know will get us there.  To be able to have a very clear focus on what needs to be done and have the mental toughness to not quit when you don’t see immediate results. 
    Here’s how you do it - you set-up a system to focus on and enjoy the process rather than focus on the end goal of trophy or reward. 
    Today’s podcast is all about how to consistently do the hard things.
    Because here’s the thing - if you commit and really give full effort and do it long enough - it would be completely unrealistic to not see progress and growth. 
    I’m telling you the secret sauce in getting what you want is doing the hard thing over and over and over again, even when you don’t see results yet.  It’s the ability to avoid distraction, ignore outside noise, delay gratification and keep doing the hard things required to make awesome things happen.  

    I’ve worked with so many very successful entrepreneurs and now I’m having daily calls with women who are really building and growing and progressing personally and professionally and the common denominator is not an intense early morning routine or inherited money to invest or a high level academic education. 
    While those can sometimes be a factor, it’s more the ability of these women to wake up and keep doing the hard thing. 

    Same goes with fitness or lifting weights.  For most of us, it takes so damn long to see results.  So it’s not easy to keep going.  It’s hard to do hard things without seeing or feeling the reward as soon as we want. 
    Here are some of the key points Lindsay talks about in this episode: 

    -Keep getting uncomfortable 
    -Enjoy the process - even when it’s painful 
    -Realize that it would be unrealistic to think you won’t see change and progress if you keep going.
    Most people quit before they even have a chance. 
    -Head down, blinders on.  Your opinion is the only one that matters right now and it doesn’t matter what other people are doing. 
    -Listen to David Goggins and Andrew Huberman for more in depth on this
    -Expect discomfort and embrace it. 
    It’s all about managing expectations. 
    Goggins says “embrace the suck” 
    -Create a solid plan 
    -Build it into your schedule or routine 
    -Decide and commit - there’s no decision to be made - just need to execute 
    -Hold yourself accountable 

    -Hard work becomes harder when you’re doing it for the result or reward or end goal 
    -Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University
    -Andrew Huberman talks about a Stanford study - kids liked to draw and gave them a reward - like a sticker when they drew. Then they stopped giving them the sticker- then they were less likely to draw because they didnt get the reward anymore. 
    When we receive rewards - or give ourselves rewards- we associate less pleasure to it. 
    -According to Huberman, dopamine is released in response to experiences that are pleasurable or rewarding, such as eating delicious food or achieving a goal. Dopamine helps to reinforce these behaviors, making it more likely that we will repeat them in the future.
    -If you get a peak in dopamine from a reward - it lowers baseline
    -Makes you do it for the rewards
    -Growth Mindset - striving is the end goal - we are always g

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    248. How To Be Awesome At Shopping For Healthy Foods

    248. How To Be Awesome At Shopping For Healthy Foods

    Today we are talking about healthy grocery store shopping tips!  So many thoughts and ideas for you on how to really shop for foods to make meals and snacks that fuel your body and give you energy and that are satisfying and delish to you. 

    For so many years I would roam the grocery store not really knowing which items contained clean ingredients and were the highest quality without GMOs or MSG or seed oils or excessive sugar… some the things we want to avoid. 

    I’ve invested so much time and money into getting my very non-formal education in nutrition and just overall mental and physical health and how what we put in our bodies, affects everything about us. 

    Let’s pow wow about all things healthy at the grocery store!  


    Do delivery!!  This way you are intentional about what you get and don’t forget the essentials.  Plus you spend less. 

    When going in person or shopping online- think about shopping around the perimeter. 

    Get a few go-to healthy meals that you cook each week so it is less overwhelming. 

    Focus on protein!  This is what fills you up and gives you energy!  Lean proteins and healthy fats!

    Low sugar is key!

    No seed oils.

    For grains and breads! 

    Use the Bobby Approved app.

    Learn to read labels. 

    Consider food testing to see what you may be allergic or sensitive to. 

    Buy organic when possible and avoid GMOs. 

    Eggs & milk- organic and pasture raised
    Chicken- organic (pasture raised or free-range even better) 
    Beef- organic and grass fed 
    Fish- wild caught 

    Track what makes you feel great and what makes you feel sluggish or bloated. 

    Use the 80/20 rule!  Life is to enjoy!  Eat and drink and celebrate!  80% of the time clean, 20% less restricted and more of what you really feel like. 

    Find healthy swaps to things you love - muffins or cookies. 

    Eat at home more - eat out less. 

    Bring your own dressings or desserts out with you. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s fun! 

    Choosing healthy foods at the grocery store is the first step to eating healthier overall.  You set yourself up to WIN and feel great doing it.  No dieting, no going hungry… it’s a lifestyle of choosing foods that fuel your body and make you feel AWESOME!!

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    247. How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Adult Bullies

    247. How To Be Awesome At Dealing With Adult Bullies

    We spend a ton of time on this podcast talking about ignoring negativity, and avoiding toxic people. 
    But what about when you’re in a situation where someone targets you repeatedly. Maybe they are intimidating or controlling, unruly or condescending or shaming.  We’re talking about adult bullying.   Something that 30% of adults say that they have experienced.
    Lindsay is sharing the story about why she's recently done a deep dive into this and how one of her best friends was being bullied for so long and finally enough was enough and it was time for us, her friends, to stand up to her bully too. 
    We are likely to deal with some sort of adult bullying in our lives so we need strong strategies for how to deal with it. 
    This is an uplifting talk about standing up to people who try to push you around or shame you or are constantly condescending. 
    When to ignore them, when to confront them and ways to take control of the situation.
    Nobody deserves to be bullied and even though we know it is usually a THEM problem not an US problem, we still have to deal with it.  That’s what we’re hashing out today. 
    Lindsay explains that she is not an expert of course - but her job is to bring up topics she thinks are important to pause life and focus on. 
    This deep dive started because of one of Lindsay’s good friends being bullied by an adult - for a long time.  It came to a point where enough is enough. 
    Here are some of the things that Lindsay talks about: 
    -Examples of bullies:
    Family member 
    Someone in your social circle 
    Bullying can come in many forms! 
    -someone who targets you repeatedly 
    -someone who to be intimidating or controlling, unruly or condescending or shaming. 
    -Keep your distance from bullies 
    Avoid engagement unless you have to
    Avoid it if you can, sometimes they will just stop or go away 
    -Don’t react!
    Ignore them 3 times and they will stop 
    They are trying to push your buttons 
    They get the advantage when you react and lose your cool 
    90% of bullying stops if you don’t react to them 3 times in a row
    You are feeding them if you react.  That’s the whole point- that’s what they want. 
    -Take your insecurities and get comfortable with them. 
    If someone or people try to pick on you about specific things. 
    It takes the power away from people who try to bully you. 
    What can you change? 
    What can you not change but you can change how you think about it? 
    Maybe I’m not in the financial place I want to be now but life is long and I’m on my way. 
    You might have the insecurities your whole life so you might as well deal with them now. If it’s 
    Ya I’m not the smartest at that … or the best at that skill… but I am really good at a lot of other things. 
    Become secure in what you are not secure with.
    -Write it down!
    Even if you never need it or use it! 
    It can be beneficial in SO MANY ways.
    Especially if it’s a family member - journalling what happened and when and how you felt will help you track the problem over time. 
    And worst case if you need to report it to a supervisor or HR or the police. 
    Start a journal just for this.  There is no downside. 
    Don’t leave it out - keep it secure.  Pop emails or screenshots in a folder if needed. 
    They can make you feel crazy- you will see all your evidence and history. No mind manipulation here. 
    -If you need to stand up to them- be assertive 
    If you must interact, be strong and assertive. 
    If you must interact with them regularly, make sure you are the one that sets the tone of the relationship. 
    -Set-up consequences 
    If it’s a situation that works for this, set boundaries.
    This works mainly with friends or family. 
    This behavior is not acceptable, if it continues, you will not be welcome in our circle. 
    -Master things that give you confidence to giv

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4.7 out of 5
566 Ratings

566 Ratings

Katie3008 ,

Perfect Length

Short, sweet, and to the point. Lindsay has a wrath of knowledge to share and values your time making sure to get straight to the point!

Judov2 ,

I have a podcast to!!!!!!!!

I hate it

kabdhxkwnv ,

the best!

Lindsay truly has it all figured out! Love this podcast, and have learned SO many tricks to make life go a little easier :)

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