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We interview successful professional artists including painters, sculptors, photographers and other fine artists. We talk about the business of art and what it takes to succeed.

How to Sell Art: The Abundant Artist Podcast Cory Huff, TheAbundantArtist.com, How to Sell Art Online

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We interview successful professional artists including painters, sculptors, photographers and other fine artists. We talk about the business of art and what it takes to succeed.

    Interview with Patrick Hall

    Interview with Patrick Hall

    In this episode:
    00:45- How Patrick went from an MFA to opening a cabinet shop and working as a general contractor
    7:09- How Patrick grew his design/build business
    12:52- How working with fabricators and manufacturers has informed Patrick's art-making methods
    13:47- Patrick explains what "fabrication" means in the context of design/build work
    19:10- How Patrick has made the transition from contracting to creating fine art clay pottery
    21:49- How 2D art is different from 3D art, and the unique challenges of each type of work
    24:09- Where Patrick is headed next with his art
    27:40- Patrick describes the state of being "in the zone" that he reaches when working in clay
    30:45- How Patrick learned to manage the logistics of a busy practice and business

    • 34 min
    Finding Your Thing with Maggi McDonald

    Finding Your Thing with Maggi McDonald

    In this episode:
    4:35- Maggi shares about how she created a Skillshare class on how artists can create flat lay images for social media... and what a flat lay is.
    11:03- How Maggi's background and training in retail merchandising led her to realize she wanted to be an artist.
    13:42- What a typical day looks like for Maggi, who has been painting full-time for four years.
    23:53- Book recommendations on setting energetic and creative boundaries.
    25:27- As a chronic overachiever, Maggi shares some strategies for coping with those tendencies without burning out.
    33:45- Why Maggi has chosen to put her artwork on as many art marketplace websites as possible.
    41:03- Social media partnerships that have been important for Maggi's business, how she formed them, and what she's looking for in business partnerships at this stage of her career.
    46:10- Before Maggi began creating art full-time, she ran a small cake business from her kitchen. She shares how she stumbled across cakes as an art form, and how that experience has informed the work she's doing now.

    • 52 min
    Interview with Nancy & Jarrod, Founders of Art Lovers Australia

    Interview with Nancy & Jarrod, Founders of Art Lovers Australia

    In this episode, we cover:
    00:48- What Nancy & Jarrod took away from the Business of Art Conference
    4:10- Where Nancy & Jarrod will take the conference next
    5:30- How Art Lovers Australia was started
    8:55- Nancy & Jarrod have a very hands-on approach with their artists, which is unusual for a gallery. They share why they operate this way and what it looks like.
    15:10- The industry and Internet changed rapidly, and Art Lovers Australia works hard to keep up and change their recommendations accordingly. A great example of this is SEO best practices.
    16:30- Jarrod and Nancy pull back the curtain on what gallery owners spend their time doing (what are galleries doing to earn their percentage of the sales?)
    21:21- Jarrod and Nancy both come from very different art backgrounds. They share their individual journeys that brought them to Art Lovers Australia.
    28:40- Why Jarrod & Nancy decided to launch the Business of Art Conference
    34:38- Why artists need to aim high if they hope to make it as professionals
    37:42- Cory's biggest takeaway from the Business of Art conference

    • 40 min
    Trusting Yourself with Amica Whincop

    Trusting Yourself with Amica Whincop

    In this episode, we cover:
    2:58- How growing up on an island contributed to Amica's creativity and how she views the world
    4:30- Amica shares about her journey from creating "safe" predictable work to make walls pretty to venturing out into creating her own new work
    9:25- The catalyst that encouraged Amica to start sharing her new original work with the world
    15:08- What Amica's daily work routine looks like, including how she documents her process and the program she uses to catalog her artwork and upload it to her website
    20:55- How Amica tells the story of each piece on her blog, social media, and newsletter
    21:36- What Amica's listening to in her studio
    24:00- How Amica promotes her business, and how she transitioned from selling in galleries to selling her art herself
    34:55- How Amica came across some of the unconventional tools and methods that she uses to make her art
    37:20- How Amica writes her social media posts and newsletter in a way that engages her audience, and why she doesn't explicitly ask for sales
    41:58- What Amica is working on next
    Steal Like an Artist* by Austin Kleon
    Art Galleria
    A Color Story app
    *affiliate link

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    Strategies for Gallery Success with Photographer Jeffrey Stoner

    Strategies for Gallery Success with Photographer Jeffrey Stoner

    In this episode, we cover:
    0:35- How Cory met Jeffrey
    1:45- How Jeffrey made the decision to go into full-time photography
    3:45- How Jeffrey leverages a specific kind of tourism- grown adults without kids in tow- to increase his gallery sales
    4:35- How Jeffrey identifies which galleries may fit well with his business plan
    5:45- Jeffrey's "secret shopper" method of evaluating galleries
    6:30- There is no way to accurately judge a person's amount of wealth and likelihood of buying art simply by their appearance
    10:20- A different gallery model charges artists a small rent, then takes a smaller commission than a conventional gallery and encourages artists to market themselves. This model is more collaborative- is it better?
    12:40- Being reliable and easy to work with will improve your overall opportunities with galleries. The "basics" of professionalism will help artists stand out.
    17:20- Including personal extra touches in shipped art is always a good idea
    18:05- Which social media platforms Jeffrey is spending the most time on
    19:00- Jeffrey shares how he got involved in producing published photo books
    22:25- Jeffrey's advice for up and coming artists: make art that resonates with a large group of collectors, and be willing to create a series of art with a theme

    • 25 min
    Betty Krause on How to Connect With Collectors on Social Media

    Betty Krause on How to Connect With Collectors on Social Media

    In this episode, we cover:
    0:40- What Betty is currently doing with art galleries and how she's selling her art
    2:30- How Betty tells a story with social media in order to sell her art and connect with collectors
    5:25- How Betty, who used to be very shy as a child, cultivated her comfort interacting on social media and her approachability
    6:45- Betty refers to her work as acrylic painting with mark making- she explains why she identifies her art this way
    8:35- How Betty came to better understand her audience and how to connect with them
    10:45- Betty caters to two different audiences- she shares why she hasn't focused exclusively on the higher-end audience
    12:30- Advice for artists who hesitate to use social media or share images of themselves with their art.
    15:05- How often artists should post on social media
    18:00- How Betty's social media interactions translate into sales
    20:00- Focusing on getting new followers vs. focusing on putting out good work
    24:45- The different tools that Betty has been experimenting with on Instagram and Facebook
    26:40- Betty's advice for artists getting started

    • 28 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
87 Ratings

87 Ratings

Malia888 ,

your interview with Ann Rae

APPLAUSE and thank you! I'm a life-long artist who has muddled through marketing for such a long time. I've recently had the pleasure of working with Ann Rae, and I'm THRILLED that both of you have overcome the mindset hurdle and started to carve out a path - awesome! I love your interview style, you're clear and succinct - asking the right questions (or at least the ones I wanted you to ask). thank you again - I've just subscribed to my first podcast ever, yours!

ScottH108 ,

down-to-earth inspiration

First: Cory I'm so glad you have restarted the podcast after many months hiatus-- I've really been enjoying catching up on several years of back episodes - glad there will be more!

Second: This series features loads of insightful interviews with guests I, as an artist just getting started in business, can relate to. I sometimes find the episode titles a little off-putting. They seem "hyped" to me. But then I listen to the episode and find the guests have a lot of humility and real-world experience to share. Cory Huff does a fine job keeping the interviews focused, practical, and kind. Very valuable.

V_eronica ,

BEST business-end podcast for artists!

I rate this podcast on the level of Impact Theory, The Tim Ferriss Show, and all others for the amount of actionable information it brings to the table. Cory Huff is an exceptional interviewer and has a knack for choosing guests who bring intelligence, insight, and outside-the-box ideas to the table. I've read all of the common marketing/business books from Gary V to Carnegie to Godin, and The Abundant Artist builds on that platform with artist-specific information that breaks all the molds.

Thank you, Cory and team. You are doing an incredible job bringing your gifts to the world.

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