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HR Insights - The Podcast from Elliott Scott HR. Topical discussions with and for our global HR community.

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HR Insights - The Podcast from Elliott Scott HR. Topical discussions with and for our global HR community.

    Series 3: 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trends

    Series 3: 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trends

    We are thrilled to be launching the third series of HR Insights - The Podcast with returning guest Sasha Scott, CEO & Founder, Inclusive Group. Sasha is an expert in her field, she understands the commercial drivers behind reducing bias within the workplace and the critical need to promote and sustain inclusive workplace cultures in order to attract and retain talent. Sasha has been recognised by the Global Diversity List as a Top 10 Diversity Consultant. 
    Emily Ramji has passed the baton over to a new host for this series, CEO & Owner of Elliott Scott HR, Stuart Elliott. Stuart is very excited to chat with all the fantastic HR guests we have lined up this series and we thank Emily for her hard work in hosting our previous seasons.  
    Our two prior episodes with Sasha remain the most popular with our listeners. In this episode she and Stuart reflect on which of 2021’s predicted trends were realised and what she sees being key in DEI for 2022.  
    Key Timestamps: ​ 
     6.00: The challenges around Inclusion & Diversity in 2022 and the trends realised in 2021  
    13.15: What trends are most prominent globally? 
    15.15: Why measuring diversity is critical  
    16.54: Reluctance towards providing information about identity   
    19.40: The challenges with gathering diversity data  
    21.05: Organisations refocusing on EDI and ESG intersections after the Pandemic  
    25.57: ERG Fatigue 
    27.52: How inclusive is hybrid working? 
    32.10: How DEI candidates can gauge how invested the leadership team are in DEI 
    36.05: How to be inclusive with your language  
    41.36: Sasha’s key predicted DEI trend for 2022  

    • 43 min
    Series 3: Are Annual Performance Reviews a Thing of the Past?

    Series 3: Are Annual Performance Reviews a Thing of the Past?

    Our next episode of HR Insights – The Podcast is out now! Stuart Elliott chats to Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd, an employee performance management system that is unique in aiming to help managers get the best from their team members. 
    Appraisd began in Roly’s garden shed where he combined his experience working as an HR and business analyst with his interest in coding. He began with the kernel of an idea: an employee-first approach to performance and development; something that employees would find genuinely useful, something HR would be proud of implementing and something managers would find a blessed relief from the tired and out-dated appraisal forms they were used to. Since then the company has grown substantially.  
    In this episode Stuart and Roly question whether the annual performance review process is outdated, the pain points around them and Roly shares various ideas around how career conversations could be structured instead.   

    Key timestamps:  
    6.20: A few years ago annual performance reviews were reported to be things of the past, why are they still around? 10.10: How career conversations could be structured  12.02: 95% of managers are unhappy with the traditional performance review process, why? 15.08: Advice for conducting performance reviews remotely  20.50: Employee engagement pulse surveys and tech – what Roly and Stuart are seeing people do differently in the market  26.23: Statistics show the positive impact flexible working has had on employees, what is the response to companies who want people back in the office five days a week? 29.59: Roly’s key piece of advice to HR on the performance review process   

    • 33 min
    Series 3: Change Management for a Changing World

    Series 3: Change Management for a Changing World

    This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, our host Stuart Elliott is speaking to Friska Wirya, Principal Owner of Fresh by Friska.  
    Friska is a change management expert who turns sceptical stakeholders into involved participants who want to co-create change in their organisations. She’s led change efforts for the digital transformation of a large ASX-listed miner, spearheaded changes impacting 23,000 stakeholders and a $42m tech implementation for the world’s largest policing jurisdiction. 

    In today’s episode Stuart and Friska discuss change management in the changing world we find ourselves in, tools to effectively generate and communicate change across the organisation and also manage leaders wellbeing during a large scale process.   
    Key timestamps: 
    4.40: How to manage change fatigue  7.10: The team dynamic in a hybrid environment  8.49: Top tips for change management in the current uncertain climate  12.40: Company communication on change through video updates  14.58: Building engagement capital 16.17: Tools to get employees involved & engaged in change workshops 20.19: Dealing with someone who dominates conversations 22.19: Advice to employees going through culture change in the hybrid environment and companies who have done this well  24.30: Tools to identify your company culture  28.50: Leaders wellbeing during large scale change   

    • 34 min
    Series 3: Learnings from a Global HR Career with HRD Rhona Moodly

    Series 3: Learnings from a Global HR Career with HRD Rhona Moodly

    This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, our host Stuart Elliott is chatting to Rhona Moodly, Human Resources Director, EMEA. Rhona is an international Senior Business Executive with truly global experience and perspective who has lived in the Middle East and Europe. She has worked and led teams across the multiple geographies of the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Middle East, and the developed markets of Europe and North America.   
    Rhona is the first of a selection of exclusive guests on this series of the podcast who are internal HR professionals. They will be sharing an inside of view of the current trends and what they are seeing and experiencing in the HR world. Stuart and Rhona speak about her path to becoming an HR professional, her global career and through this how she’s seen HR differ between the regions and lessons learnt from her overseas experience.

    Key timestamps: 
    ·      7.35: Rhona’s career trajectory into HR and Talent Acquisition 
    ·      9.28: Becoming an HR Generalist 
    ·      10.30: Growing up in South Africa 
    ·      11.45: Being empowered to bring about change in an organisation 
    ·      12.45: Rhona’s global career and how she’s seen HR differ between the regions 
    ·      18.35: Three lessons from Rhona’s overseas experiences 
    ·      21.58: Working style changes following Covid 
    ·      26.43: Rhona’s view on hybrid working – is the office dead?
    ·      30.06: What’s ahead for HR?
    ·      34.21: Advice for up and coming HR professionals 

    • 38 min
    Series 3: The Power of HR Data in Driving Organisational Change

    Series 3: The Power of HR Data in Driving Organisational Change

    This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, our host Stuart Elliott is speaking to Jordan Pettman, Head of Organisation Analytics and Insights at London Stock Exchange Group. Jordan has worked in People Analytics for around a decade, as both a consultant working with leading organisations all over the world, and in-house at his current role with LSEG. Prior to this he worked at Nestlé, where one of his projects was recently published in the Excellence in People Analytics book.    
    Stuart and Jordan discuss how data is a widely accepted part of our everyday lives, the value of being a data driven organisation, how it can create the right change when you speak the language of the company and how collecting employees data is vital in creating an inclusive and diverse organisation.   
    Key Timestamps:  
    9.00: How data has become a part of our lives  13.14: A case study on speaking the language of the organisation to make data driven decisions from Jordan’s time at Nestlé 20.10: Being data driven vs data supported   21.42: The impact of GDPR - what if most employees start to refuse to give their data to the organisation?  27.02: Is data helping businesses become more inclusive?  32.42: Educating the organisation on the behaviours needed to reach objectives  

    • 35 min
    Series 3: Employee Experience - Treating Your Employees Like Customers

    Series 3: Employee Experience - Treating Your Employees Like Customers

    We’re excited to share the latest episode of HR Insights – The Podcast with you. This week our host Stuart Elliott speaks with Bianca Stringuini, Head of People Experience and Culture at KPMG. For the past 15 years Bianca has been responsible for creating and implementing I&D, Wellbeing, Engagement and Change Management strategies for Fortune 500 companies across multiple markets. She currently leads the People Experience and Culture team at KPMG in Singapore, where their aim is to create the best employee value proposition and experience to everyone in an inclusive and human centric manner. 
    In this episode Stuart and Bianca discuss how to build and implement an effective employee experience and company culture, the importance of incorporating inclusion, wellbeing and change into this and how to seek feedback and learn what your company's employees want and need. 

    Key Timestamps: 
    ·      4.04: What is employee experience? 
    ·      7.19: Addressing employee experience in your company 
    ·      8.46: How to create a culture that employees value 
    ·      10.44: The rise in importance of employee wellbeing 
    ·      15.00: Building an inclusive employee experience 
    ·      16.37: How often should company's review their culture? 
    ·      18.47: Gauging your company's culture 
    ·      20.43: Role modelling your company values through behaviour 
    ·      22.13: Company culture in a hybrid working environment 
    ·      25.44: Can you build culture in a fully remote organisation? 
    ·      28.00: Three tips for any company currently reviewing their employee experience

    • 31 min

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5.0 out of 5
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2 Ratings

LadyLacey80 ,

Good game Elliot Scott

Episode 1 done. A great listen and some great powerful words of wisdom from Sacha. Look forward to the rest of the episodes.

Also from the intro where Stuart talks about talent and retention, would be great to hear later on in 2020 if that has played out as predicted and what he/Eliott Scott has observed - anything new to share.
Thanks team.

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