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Humor and the Abject is a podcast about contemporary art hosted by Sean J Patrick Carney.

Humor and the Abject Podcast Sean J Patrick Carney

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Humor and the Abject is a podcast about contemporary art hosted by Sean J Patrick Carney.

    112: Christopher Michlig and Oliver Payne

    112: Christopher Michlig and Oliver Payne

    It’s slime time. In 2022, artists Christopher Michlig and Oliver Payne released, respectively, the book File Under: Slime and the film A Brief History of Slime. At the time, each was completely unaware of the other’s slime-related research. On this episode, they join to discuss peak slime culture of the 1980s and 90s, the recent resurgence of slime through YouTube and TikTok, California as a cultural funnel and filter, and the Goop lifestyle. The outro music is “Mind Fulla Slime” by Mean Jeans. ///

    Purchase Michlig’s book through Hat & Beard Press here:
    https://hatandbeard.com/products/file-under-slime-by-christopher-michlig ///

    View Payne’s video here:
    https://vimeo.com/684376655 ///

    • 56 min
    111: Adam Khalil

    111: Adam Khalil

    Filmmaker and artist Adam Khalil joins the podcast to talk collaboration, nonlinear time, irony’s extant potential, and the aesthetics of Indigenous cinema. Among Khalil’s many film projects are Nosferasta: First Bite (2021), Empty Metal (2018), and INAATE/SE/ (2016). Khalil is a co-founder of the public secret society New Red Order, which you can get involved with by dialing 1 (888) NEW-RED1. If you’re in Michigan, Khalil will be screening films and speaking at a variety of events as part of GVSU’s Arts Celebration this month. See the full calendar here: https://tinyurl.com/khalilgvsu

    • 1 hr 5 min
    110: Elvia Wilk

    110: Elvia Wilk

    New York writer Elvia Wilk joins to discuss her recent collection of essays on ecologies, “Death By Landscape” (Soft Skull Press, 2022). Using an accessible approach she calls “fan-nonfiction,” Wilk’s latest book catalouges and considers a diverse group of writers, while ruminating on plant-becoming, slow apocalypses, mysticism, LARPing, trauma, the New Weird, consent, and black holes. The outro music is “Planta” by Soda Stereo.

    Purchase “Death By Landscape,” as well as Wilk’s 2019 debut novel “Oval,” through Soft Skull Press:


    • 47 min
    109: Ian A. Vanek (Japanther)

    109: Ian A. Vanek (Japanther)

    Humor and the Abject has a special treat for all you screedlers out there: an interview with Japanther co-founder Ian Vanek. He’s about to release “Puppy Dog Ice Cream,” a new book all about Japanther’s 13-year run, published by Outlandish Press. We talked about buzzing, vibing, and dancing; Brooklyn DIY in the mid-00s; one-man motorcycle/sampler tours; the rainy charm of the Pacific Northwest; blissing the fuck out; playing a show in a castle with Penny Rimbaud of Crass (who bit them); how to make your band a sculpture, and a whole lot more. The outro music is Ian’s current band HOWARDIAN, reworking a Genesis classic.

    Pre-order your copy of “Puppy Dog Ice Cream” today:

    • 1 hr 6 min
    108: The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe) #13

    108: The DSA Podcast (Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe) #13

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, babyyyyyyyy. It’s the lucky thirteenth episode of the DSA Podcast, starring your pals Darcie, Sean, and Azikiwe. To celebrate, the power trio ripped into some of the most important topics of the day including Jeff Bezos delivering packages to the moon, raccoon roommates, fighting a cat, Alec Baldwin sightings, and more. The outro music is “True Romance” by Tiger Army.

    • 58 min
    107: Charlie Markbreiter

    107: Charlie Markbreiter

    New York writer Charlie Markbreiter (@BerlantBro) has written about contemporary art, humor, and edgelordism for The New Inquiry, Artforum, Baffler, Momus, and Garage, among others. On this week’s episode, we talked about their interest in comedy and humorlessness; a recent interview they conducted with scholar Lauren Berlant; why the NYMPHOWARS podcast subverts right wing and liberal expectations; gimmickry, social justice, and being annoying; and the impotent self-destruction of Jackass. The outro music is “Delete Yourself!” by Atari Teenage Riot.

    Read Charlie’s interview with Lauren Berlant here:

    Read Charlie’s article on NYMPHOWARS here:

    • 53 min

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4.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

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The host has four names. Wow.

Besides the obvious name thing this is very good podcast and a podcast I deserve.

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Long time fan

First time subscriber and review because you got peter bd on. Staffonly works for NPR

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including this podcast in my undergrad thesis bibliography

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