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Humorless Queers is a podcast with your friendly neighborhood queers, Kade Crockford and Alexis Goldstein. We cover wall street, mass surveillance, bank malfeasance, privacy violations, and unaccountable government actors...but in a way that doesn\'t make you want to die. Usually. We try to keep you laughing, even through the bad news.

HUMORLESS QUEERS Alexis Goldstein and Kade Crockford

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Humorless Queers is a podcast with your friendly neighborhood queers, Kade Crockford and Alexis Goldstein. We cover wall street, mass surveillance, bank malfeasance, privacy violations, and unaccountable government actors...but in a way that doesn\'t make you want to die. Usually. We try to keep you laughing, even through the bad news.

    Coping with stress during the election and the pandemic (e83)

    Coping with stress during the election and the pandemic (e83)

    Election week is finally here, and if you’re like us, you’re probably freaking out. We have all already been stressed, experiencing a sort of collective trauma as the nation has lost 220,000 people and counting to the pandemic. This episode, Alexis talks to social worker and researcher Leah Goldstein (her sister) about what the pandemic has done both those she works with in clinical practice, but also to all of us broadly.

    This episode is full of tips for how to cope in a healthy way with our stress and anxiety — be it community, being kind to ourselves, pausing and breathing, checking the facts, or, giving our inner negative voice a name (like “Denise”), and telling them to shut up.

    • 37 min
    Defund the Police with Tracey Corder (e82)

    Defund the Police with Tracey Corder (e82)

    We speak to Tracey Corder, a Campaign Coordinator for Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE), organizer and political strategist, about the ongoing work to defund the police. We also talk to Tracey about ACRE’s police brutality bonds report, and discuss the power of protest and lessons from the 2020 primary. And Kade highlights the recent 13-0 vote in the Boston city council to ban facial surveillance.


    Police Brutality Bonds: How Wall Street Profits  from Police Violence (ACRE)

    Bloc: Black leaders organizing for communities (Twitter: @blocbyblocMKE)

    BLOC conducts year round door knocking to ask “what would it look like for your neighborhood to thrive?”

    LIT – Leaders Igniting Transformation (Twitter: @LITMKE)

    LIT worked for a 25 million divestment from policing campaign

    Liberate MKE (Twitter: @liberatemke)

    Able to achieve reducing the police budget by over $900,000 from what the Mayor proposed and close to $15 million less than they requested.

    BOP: Black Organizing Project (Twitter: @BlackOrgProject)

    BOP is fighting to get police out of Oakland schools

    Robert Williams was wrongfully arrested because of flawed face recognition technology, and held for 30 hours. Watch an interview with Williams here.

    Black Lives Matter: Reform or Revolution? 

    Talk by Michael Kebede, Policy Counsel at the ACLU of Maine. 

    Joy Buolamwini, founder the Algorithmic Justice League

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Fighting Inequality with Dr. Arati Kreibich (e81)

    Fighting Inequality with Dr. Arati Kreibich (e81)

    We talk with Dr. Arati Kreibich who is running in NJ-5th’s Democratic primary on July 7th. She supports Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and against the influence of corporate money on government. She critiques some of inequities inherent in our response to the pandemic thus far, from bailing out corporate actors but only giving a one-time payment to individuals.

    We also discuss how her primary opponent has asked that one of the Fed rescue programs be expanded to purchase assets from predatory installment lenders backed by a private equity giant.

    On the second half of the show, we discuss how inequality is a policy decision: Canada, the UK, Europe are all choosing to put conditions on the bailouts and keep workers on payroll. We talk through all the ways structural inequality is further exacerbated with the unequal pandemic response. We also review how House Democratic Leadership narrowed the student debt cancellation in the Heroes Act, and speculate what it would take for the markets’ equity asset bubble to burst.

    Finally, we make some recommendations for films and even video games.


    ​Dr. Arati Kreibich for Congress

    Wall Street-Friendly Lawmakers Sought Bailout For Shady Lenders (Huff Post)

    Private Equity, Lobbying the U.S. for Help, Is Mostly Hearing ‘No’ (NYTimes)

    • 59 min
    What’s up with oil? (e80)

    What’s up with oil? (e80)

    We explain how oil prices went negative. Along the way, we explain what a commodity is, how futures work, and why Russia may have started a price war in order to bankrupt U.S. oil producers.

    The specifics of how futures for light sweet crude oil work led to the dramatic price collapse, as those holding the futures contract for physical delivery of crude oil in May became increasingly desperate to sell it.


    A Big Oil Bailout Would Be the Opposite of the Green New Deal We Need – Alexis for Truthout

    “The ongoing economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic has caused oil demand to plunge worldwide. On March 6, Russia withdrew from its pact with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and began producing more oil, driving the price of oil down even further. Russia may have been motivated, at least in part, by a desire to hurt U.S. shale oil producers. And while some, like Mexico, took steps to protect themselves against just such a price collapse, U.S. oil producers were loaded up with debt and totally vulnerable to a sudden drop in oil prices. By April 1, Whiting Petroleum Corp. became the first major U.S. fracking company to file for bankruptcy since the pandemic began, with many analysts predicting more bankruptcies to come.

    …Energy companies make up a whopping 13 percent of the lowest-rated, riskiest kind of corporate debt. And for 10 out of the last 11 years, energy companies accounted for the majority of the junk bond debt. Why should the Fed reward a decade of bad bets by oil companies?

    Pandemic Crisis, Systemic Decline: Why Exploiting the COVID-19 Crisis Will Not Save the Oil, Gas, and Plastic Industries (April 2020) – the Center for International Environmental Law

    The Big Oil Money Pit – Friends of the Earth

    Russia Takes Aim at U.S. Shale Oil Producers – WSJ

    What are junk bonds

    • 46 min
    FREE THEM ALL (e79)

    FREE THEM ALL (e79)

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    Existing health and economic disparities are crushing. The virus is making things a million times worse.

    Who has to work right now? Who can work from home? Who has lost their jobs? Massive overlap between people of color and service workers. Massive overlap in NYC between neighborhoods with lots of people of color, COVID-19 infected people, and people who work in the service industry.

    We start off with the EARN IT Act, legislation that would give the government a backdoor to kill encryption.  We also discuss how Congress picked winners and losers in their student debt relief in the third coronavirus package. And we put out a call to action to free people from cages during the pandemic. And Alexis discusses Trump manipulating the stock market with lies about oil production cut “deals” between Russia and Saudi Arabia that…didn’t exist.


    New York State Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou’s speech on why she was voting against Cuomo’s budget to cut medicaid during a pandemic: https://twitter.com/NelStamp/status/1246164294867312640. Chip her $5 here.


    The EARN IT Act Violates the Constitution

    Location Data Says It All: Staying at Home During Coronavirus Is a Luxury, The New York Times,  By Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Denise Lu and Gabriel J.X. Dance

    A barrel of oil is now cheaper than a pint of beer in Canada

    Organizations nationwide are pushing to free people from ICE and criminal detention. Here are ways you can take action in New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC, collated by abolitionist leader Mariame Kaba:

    * Take action in Washington DC — call script & social media kit at http://bit.ly/freedcnow

    * Take action in New York at http://freethemall4publichealth.org ; https://twitter.com/RAPPcampaign/status/1245715054420471809?s=20;

    * Illinois https://twitter.com/endmoneybond/status/1245754631726059520?s=20 and https://t.co/GYQcDrxurM?amp=1

    * Pennsylvania: https://twitter.com/AmistadLaw/status/1245328246364868608/photo/1

    * Detention Watch’s call for action on immigration detention: https://twitter.com/DetentionWatch/status/1245697633865383936/photo/3

    • 1 hr 15 min
    WTF just happened with the Senate COVID19 vote? (E78)

    WTF just happened with the Senate COVID19 vote? (E78)

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    We discuss the McConnell 3.0 corporate bailout bonanza bill that failed in the Senate thanks to Democratic opposition. We talk about what happens next on the COVID19 response in the House. And we look at the way support for Cancelling Student Debt as an economic stimulus has been quickly gaining steam.


    Maxine Waters: Proposed Legislative Responses to COVID-19

    There are 16 Senate Dems on the record in favor of cancelling student debt as a part of any stimulus, INCLUDING Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The list is:

    * Warren, Brown, Durbin, Sanders, Duckworth, Reed, Blumenthal, Gillibrand, Van Hollen, Merkley, Baldwin, Harris, Markey, Booker, Shaheen, Menendez. (These are the folks who signed a Warren/Brown letter)

    There are 30 House Dems on the record in favor, INCLUDING House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters:

    * Chair Waters including cancelling a minimum of $10,000 in federal student loans are a part of her proposal

    * A Rep Ayanna Pressley/Ilhan Omar letter supporting cancelling student debt in the stimulus got 27 signers (29 total).

    You can send your lawmakers (House and Senate) an email using Student Debt Crisis’ petition: https://studentdebtcrisis.org/cancel-student-debt-stimulate-economy/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
90 Ratings

90 Ratings

rdela ,

Joyfully aware and tuned in

Come for the searingly insightful, unflinching analysis of news and politics through the lens of organizing for social and economic justice. Stay for the lucid dissection of corrupt machinations and bleak warnings with deadpan gallows humor and incredulous exuberance.

shale00 ,

Just the right amount of everything

I love how there’s no time wasted on explaining why we should hold leftie views — it’s just a given. It’s exactly the right amount and depth of informative, where I want to know enough to be informed but I don’t need long tangents with details (which Kade and Alexis are more than capable of, but too self-aware to ever veer into boring or indulgent territory). Their evaluation of the 2020 candidates was smart, entertaining and I learned a TON. I listened this morning already dropped little tidbits in conversation maybe ten times since. I feel smart and motivated
and entertained. Great use of time.

Pax1117 ,

Climate Change Miss

Really enjoy this podcast overall, but the climate change episode was a big miss for me. As someone who studies climate change in their career and who has been working on climate change issues since 2012. it is mind boggling that a guest could come on the show and claim that Bernie Sanders is the best Democratic candidate on climate. This is false on its face and reveals an unflattering and unhelpful pro-Sanders bias. I like Sanders just fine, but to not even mention Jay Inslee, who has said repeatedly that he’s in the race only for climate, and has tried to pass climate legislation in Washington (no other candidate can say that they’ve actually tried to pass and implement climate policy) is absurd. Not to mention the utter lack of coverage on the actual stakes of climate change. Glad the hosts tried to expand the discussion, but there are a bunch of other people that would have been more useful to interview who study this issue in detail rather than as flyby pundits.

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