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The weekly podcast discussing ways to provide food security by tapping into mankind's inherent and instinctual nature to find, preserve and store food.

Hunt Gather Grow Eat Jason Akers

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The weekly podcast discussing ways to provide food security by tapping into mankind's inherent and instinctual nature to find, preserve and store food.

    Episode 38 The Ethics and Morality of Hunting and Killing

    Episode 38 The Ethics and Morality of Hunting and Killing

    In today's podcast I wanted to tackle another philosophical question:  Is it ok to hunt and kill?

    Well the answer for me is a resounding YES!  But I have a code that I hunt and kill by and I think that helps keep one grounded with a solid conscience about it. 

    *Why I feel its healthy to challenge your beliefs about this subject.

    *The difference between apathy and myopic thought and the similarities.  I can't identify with people who make a decision and then justify it with no challenge.

    *Why we kill.  Are we intended to be carnivores, herbivores or omnivores?  NONE OF THE ABOVE!

    *The myths about killing and hunting.

    We have to "honor" the animal.  You don't honor something by killing it.
    Hunters wound and kill many many animals.  Total BS.
    Shooting an animal causes it pain.  A losing effort to personify something that isn't human.

    *My problem with people that kill by proxy and then look down upon hunters. 

    *Why I'm a traditionalist snob in some aspects and why I no longer hunt for sport.  No judgements on those who do.

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    Episode 37 GMO: Good or Evil?

    Episode 37 GMO: Good or Evil?

    In today's episode I revisit the whole GMO debate.  I ask a lot of questions and hopefully I answer some.  I have to insist that anyone commenting here listen to the entire episode first.  I will not address comments from people who clearly did not listen to the episode. 

    Tune it to hear:

    *How GMOs are actually made.  The process itself is a little scary but for the most part benign (except for the results of course).

    *How do they get the genetic material out?  How do they get the new genetic material in?

    *The different types of GMO.  Transgenic is the least of your worries!

    *Notice how many steps in making a GMO.  The more steps, the more room for error.

    *Some of the potential problems with GMOs in my opinion.

    *Why BT toxin accumulation is not a real concern in my eyes except for the fact that it points to poor testing methods, dishonesty in Agribiz, and the potential for effects on the human body in the future.

    *How GMOs can really, severely, alter the world in a negative way. 

    *The tactics of the GMO advocates.

    *How GMO's will be sold to the public in the future.  1.  Boutique GMOs - Do something novel, build a cult around it, market it to death (literally).  2.  Forced Crisis, Forced Solution - Cause a problem and let people beg you to help.  3.  Government mandate - Think the government can't dictate what a majority of farmers plant?  Let them stop subsidies and see how the masses respond.

    *Some things we can do to make our voices heard.  (I'm one week soda free!).

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    Episode 36 My Homestead Plans

    Episode 36 My Homestead Plans

    I'm on my way to Seven Springs, PA to present at The Mother Earth News Fair but I was able get a show recorded and in the queue.  In today's episode I talk (as promised) about some of my plans for my homestead. 

    I was originally going to call this my permaculture plan but I think I've started working on more of a system basis.  I'm thinking less about how to keep a system going and more about keeping all of the systems working and playing off each other.

    *I built the chicken house and run, what next? 

    *I want a pig pen but I'm also going to pasture them or as Joel Salatin calls it "Acorn-finished" or pigaerators.

    *My tough choice between having enough land for a cow or two.

    *Some of the wild resources I have right next to my land and how I plan to utilize them.

    *All of my animals are going to work just by being animals.  Fertlizing things downhill, weeding, working the soil, etc.

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    Episode 35 Scouting the Deer Woods

    Episode 35 Scouting the Deer Woods

    I said I'd talk about my livestock and foraging plans for my land on today's episode but I got bit by the deer hunting bug really badly so I wanted to take the opportunity and talk about scouting for deer on today's episode.

    *The definition of and goals of scouting.

    *What to look for and more importantly, how to look for it.  You need to feel like you are hunted.

    *What matters to deer should matter to you.  Food, water, cover, etc.

    *What deer and water have in common.

    *Why safety is paramount and how scouting makes you safer.

    *If you choose not to hunt this year but want to, why not scout.  It will make you better when you do decide to hunt.

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    Episode 34 Livestock Housing

    Episode 34 Livestock Housing

    Well folks I'm back finally after a bit of a bout with burnout.  Today I decided to talk about one of the things that helped burn me out and that's building and designing livestock housing.
    I had a heck of a time building my chicken house and I talk about it a lot today but in the context of some design considerations that helped me at least get a good idea of what I wanted even if I had trouble delivering in the end.

    *Containment and Exclusion - You not only have to worry about your animals not getting out but also keeping animals you don't want out.  This is pretty evident with chickens and smaller livestock because there are many things that eat them. 
    *Comfort and Protection - You have to make sure your housing is appropriate for your climate and that its adaptable.  Also make use of existing land features to gain the best advantage.
    *Access - Both for you and them.  I look at this two ways and I try to incorporate both access for me when I need it but also access to things like nests or hay feeding areas without disturbing the animals if I find it necessary.
    *Materials/Cost and Durability - You want your housing to last right?  Well there is a thin line between durable enough and damn expensive. 

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    Episode 33 Is Raising Meat Sustainable?

    Episode 33 Is Raising Meat Sustainable?

    Based on something I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago I realized that there might be some misconceptions on the part of myself and maybe some other people out there about the sustainability of raising animals for meat.  So, while travelling from house to house during my move I pondered these points.  This episode has poor production values but I wanted to get something out after so long an absence.

    *My stance on human-caused global warming.

    *You may not think meat animals have an effect on global warming (or that it even is caused by Carbon) but does it have any other side effects?

    *The things that have allowed meat animals to exist in the numbers they do.  You can't love hate GMO's and Big Ag and assume you are entitled to your daily share of beef!

    *Why my ancestors (and probably yours too) never raised animals for meat but rather for other protein sources (eggs, milk).  Meat was a byproduct and was enjoyed sparingly. 

    *Learn why meat dictated the date of Christmas!

    *What are some alternatives?

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12 Ratings

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