I Need Blue Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

RJ Morten ,

Powerful stories and excellent interactions!!!!

The emotional and physical scars remain but the healing comes from testimonies. This is a great podcast with an awesome host.

Donna Bollinger ,


I was honored to be interviewed by Jen Lee. Her podcast shares, essential stories for people to learn, recover, and expand their horizons. I have a very high regard for all first responders, military personnel, and anyone with the courage to protect and care for other people. Jen’s podcast, I Need Blue, is ingenious and she’s inspiring others to care and share! Every episode brings relief and gratitude for someone who boldly tells their story of overcoming. Jen spreads light, love, and joy, with her calming voice and intriguing questions that satisfy our curiosity about how people survive traumatic experiences. The podcasts are inspiring because the guests often become better citizens as a result of what they went through and realize how much we all need each other to survive.

MD Kitchen ,

Great host on a Great platform

Jen is amazing. She is authentic and draws you in on every episode. She allows her guest to open up and tell their story in a nonjudgmental way. She has a great message on safety and I am honored to have been interviewed by her. I am very appreciative of meeting her and to work along side of her to spread her message and her platform.

Mimi Helene ,

Real stories told from the survivors!

Compassionate and authentic, this podcast features real-life stories from survivors of crime and trauma. I am inspired by survivors and this podcast proves you are stronger than you think. The host Jen has a calm and easy to listen to voice while guiding her guests through their story. Start with S1 Episode 1 to hear her alarming story then go on to listen to the compelling ones that follow!

alex callner ,


Jennifer is wonderful. She took a negative and turned it into a positive. She worked through her own harrowing experience and is helping others to work through theirs by giving them a voice.
Victims and families are about to find and share resources and know they are not alone.

kens barbie doll ,


Jenn is the most compassionate caring person. Has since through her own trauma worked through her own situation.
Now is helping other survivors share their stories. So thankful for her understanding/caring and work in the community is now touching so many lives.
She is very authentic in her listening skills and trusting her is 100% in her story and listening to others now in her podcast .

Debra Mayer ,

All episodes

Jen has brought awareness to so many . Her podcast are real people with real life trauma to let others know they are not alone in their trauma. Her podcast allow us to understand what happens in real life to some of the most horrific situations. Her guest are real and raw in their testimony. They bring awareness in the most proactive situation with honesty.

KLou@SOS ,

One to follow!!

Such an informative and inspirational host! Jen is a true hero herself, after surviving an armed robbery, but her bravest moments have been starting this podcast and sharing the incredible stories of countless survivors. She continues to educate us all on the harsh reality of trauma, but also the wonderful kindness of others, especially our BLUE!

JaxIzzy16 ,


I like the information. It’s real life situations providing examples of trauma. I never realized how common domestic violence is. The guests are strong and brave. Inspiring.

chilllee64 ,

Support law enforcement

It’s a variety of topics and I never know what to expect which I like. I appreciate how our law enforcement is included. It’s true, you never know how much we need them, until you do. Great job and I look forward to see what is next.