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e2j01d ,

"Fixing Tennis" - A JOKE

Finally, I said to myself as I heard the news, a podcast episode dedicated to the sport I love, tennis. Forty-five minutes spent in pure enjoyment listening to a thoughtful discussion of what could improve the quality and reception of the game.

Oh, how could I have been so naïve?

The Bs in BnBwBnB - that is, Bina and Brady - clearly were unprepared from the outset. Even non-tennis fans should remember the epic match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was clearly the WIMBLEDON final of 2008, not Roland Garros, and was won by Nadal 9-7 in the final set, not 15-16 as Brady so erroneously declared. Historians of the game, titles of which neither host could boast, will note that the scoring, albeit strange, serves as a proud vestige of the game's origin in the jeu de paume sport and the positioning of a player with each respective point he earned on the court (and yes that pun was fully intended).

In addition to the egregious assumptions of tennis facts, the hosts' suggestions to "fix" the sport were equally if not drastically more absurd. Including new surfaces to include the likes of ice and lava? Really? A little lesson in physics wouldn't hurt, fellas. And creating tennis teams? Have we not heard of USTA-sponsored leagues? What is perhaps most laughable is that they even suggest getting rid of the tennis fans in stadiums. Other than those who watch golf, I cannot think of another group of observers who are more polite, respectful, and quiet.

If I were to concede one tennis "fix," I suppose I could support golden retrievers replacing ballkids. That would be pretty gosh darn adorable.

Sigh. To say I finished the episode disappointed would be an understatement. My search to find an acceptable tennis podcast continues.

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