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Taking on subjects that appear boring and explaining why they’re actually awesome.

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Taking on subjects that appear boring and explaining why they’re actually awesome.

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4.1 out of 5
1.2K Ratings

1.2K Ratings

PinkFlowers99<3 ,

Listen to Episode #15 Extinct Hockey

It is golden. My favorite episode I've ever listened to of any podcast ever.

Mike4391 ,

Not a fan of the newer format

Loved he first few episodes, didn’t care for the newer format.


Adam Davidson is a terrible, immoral person

This podcast had so much potential. Turning everyday things into fascinating objects is a fabulous task. But Adam Davidson seems like a terrible person. In addition to constantly defending capitalism, which seems like his sole aim in life (as in Planet Money), he ruins truly great concepts. For example, he thinks that rationality is basically siwndling other people or acting in one's own interest regardless of whether or not it affects others negatively. This might be the crudest, most selfish account of rationality I have ever heard, and runs in direct contradistinction to every satisfying account of reason that I know. Rationality is not about me, it is not harming others to my advantage. It is aligning oneself with the internal reason of the world, the cosmological reason that articulates the overall rational organization of everything. Rationality if about considering how everything is organized in a relatively harmonious way. It is irrational to abstract myself from this and consider only my personal interests. To swap a sort of instrumental reason for true reason, and to try to convince listeners of this, is so dangerous and morally problematic that I will never listen to a word this immoral person ever says. NPR should never allow him on the radio again. To my ears, there is not much difference between the disgusting virtiol that Sean Hannity spews as Adam Davidson tries to hide in his seemingly less offensive tone of voice.

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