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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

    Where Will This End? - WAN Show November 25, 2022

    Where Will This End? - WAN Show November 25, 2022

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    Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 NOTE: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change)

    0:00 Chapters

    1:13 Intro - Dark Mode

    1:42 Topic #1 - Mercedes's EV acceleration subscription

    1:50 Linus on Alex's stance

    3:20 Everything is included, so why lock features?

    5:33 Shareholders & revenue, discussing automobile companies

    8:14 Trickle-down economics, Linus's perspective on taxes

    14:26 New Jersey banned similar vehicle subscriptions

    16:16 Homelessness, Elon Musk on $6B "solving world hunger"

    18:42 Devil's advocate on Mercedes charge & warranty costs

    20:30 Subscription offers up to 24% more horsepower

    22:18 Topic #2 - Intel's On-Demand Sapphire Rapids CPUs

    25:08 Discussing Ai 1 airbag vest's subscription pricing

    27:16 Topic #3 - eufy uploads pictures without user consent

    28:31 Facial recognition, snapshot of feed

    29:09 eufy replies: "this is for notifications," disproved instantly

    30:10 Remotely start a stream of unencrypted feeds via VLC

    31:47 Recapping the controversy, LTT is done with Anker

    33:51 Does the Smart Scale send "pictures" to the Chinese government?

    36:13 Luke's girlfriend's interactable robot vacuum

    37:05 LTTStore Black Friday deal

    37:44 Sponsors

    45:25 Floatplane roast on Luke not buying anything

    46:54 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #2

    47:05 Elon on "Freedom of speech is NOT freedom of reach" policy

    49:20 Elon's poll on reinstating suspended accounts, delaying Blue Verified

    51:29 Elon's poll on offering "amnesty" to the banned, Blue to launch on December 2nd

    53:07 Luke's hot takes on Twitter & news on social media

    56:34 Balenciaga's controversial children campaign

    1:02:10 LTTStore wallet & tie ideas

    1:04:13 LTTstore tie design, FP poll: do you wear ties?

    1:06:38 LTTStore wallet & passport case design

    1:09:26 Merch Messages #1

    1:09:54 What is on Linus's & Luke's Christmas lists?

    1:15:57 Would have Luke hired Linus for LukeTechTips?

    1:17:12 Topic #5 - Meta focuses on AI

    1:17:41 Linus on machine learning versus AI

    1:19:43 Cicero AI, performs greatly in the game Diplomacy

    1:22:18 Linus discusses Google Assistant's voice recognition

    1:22:57 Galactica AI, generates scientific "answers"

    1:26:22 Linus explains his stance on machine learning

    1:27:20 Topic #6 - Marvel "used to be good"

    1:30:58 SOLIDWORKS to sponsor an LTT video

    1:33:32 Merch Messages #2

    1:36:00 LTT content are mostly "top-end" complaint

    1:39:18 LTT's audio production video explained

    1:39:57 Why are companies becoming more abrasive to our wallets?

    1:40:43 Thanksgiving holiday traditions

    1:42:28 Thoughts on an alternative to car subscriptions

    1:43:20 What does Linus wish to accomplish in 10-20 years?

    1:45:01 Labs to host a trustworthy UserBenchMark competitor?

    1:45:45 Luke stops Linus from showcasing beta Labs site

    1:48:46 Creating an environment where people can freely criticize?

    1:56:40 GoXLR mixer, Luke's experience

    1:57:48 Why Linus hasn't done mystery science theater, thoughts on Disney & Star Wars

    2:01:52 Update on the Floatplane as a service idea

    2:03:05 Twitch losing streaming credits

    2:04:21 Delaying content with other creators if one does not receive a sample?

    2:05:24 LTTStore Backpack bundle in the future

    2:06:10 Outro

    • 1 hr 59 min
    We've Made Some Big Mistakes - WAN Show November 18, 2022

    We've Made Some Big Mistakes - WAN Show November 18, 2022

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

    0:00 Chapters

    1:48 Intro

    2:13 Topic #1 - Mistakes on LTT's RTX 4080 video

    2:48 4080 sold out, pricing, advocating for change

    8:15 Linus counters community arguments

    13:32 High last-gen emphasis in the review

    14:46 Lack of AMD discussions in the review

    15:29 Linus apologizes, reasons his decisions

    16:36 AMD cards not priced well, discussing competition

    19:07 Topic #2 - Linus & Luke 30 day Arc challenge

    19:24 Linus's & Luke's power "mods"

    22:46 Linus's disappointment on VR, reaching staff

    25:04 Luke's idea to Linus's Arc & Linux systems

    26:33 Linus & Luke streamed gaming on Arc

    28:32 LTTStore customer support delays ft. Luke's bird

    30:16 Labeled shipments show as shipping when not

    32:45 LTTStore's Retro Polar Fleece

    33:44 Topic #3 - The last seven days in Twitter

    34:32 Luke on companies firing/hiring

    37:36 Engineer corrects Elon, gets fired

    41:52 Luke meets Twitter employee in Serbia

    42:42 Linus on at-will, Luke hushes birds

    44:02 Badge system removed, "public" Slack channel

    45:36 Blind, a better localized anonymous version of LinkedIn

    47:16 Elon response, end-to-end DM encryption

    49:34 "Be extremely hardcore or leave"

    52:12 Employees locked out after blue badge removal

    52:28 Sponsors

    55:36 Companies should hire employees, discussing Visas

    56:18 Discussing Luke's bird & feeding

    57:04 Sponsor continued

    57:44 Linus to head off to an event

    58:22 LMG & Creators Warehouse hiring many positions

    59:28 Topic #4 - FTX collapses, Riley writing in the doc

    1:01:06 Merch Messages #1

    1:01:36 Luke on dive computers

    1:03:37 Any advantage to 2 PCI-Es on larger GPUs?

    1:05:54 Riley takes over, everything goes downhill

    1:09:26 Riley on writing the doc, Luke on coverage

    1:12:04 Riley on Twitter's viability & usability

    1:14:20 Discussing Andor

    1:16:24 Discussing Taskmaster

    1:18:15 Luke explains FTX, owner playing LOL during conference calls

    1:21:06 Binance backed out bailing FTX out

    1:23:10 Regulating cryptocurrency defeated its purpose

    1:26:42 Luke on losing coins VS losing value

    1:28:42 Topic #5 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    1:29:32 Luke's favorite Pokémon

    1:32:58 Game graphics & performance issues, Switch & emulation

    1:39:49 Topic #6 - DOOM Eternal OST controversy

    1:41:04 Summarizing OST release, Marty's reddit post

    1:43:25 Mick Gordon's detailed rebuttal, game developing

    1:48:44 Luke on gaming scenes & gamers review-bombing

    1:52:38 Topic #7 - PeopleMakeGames calls Valve out on gambling

    1:54:48 Twitch banning unregulated gambling content

    1:56:56 CS:GO gambling sites thrive, discussing loot boxes

    1:59:36 Why doesn't Valve do anything against this?

    2:01:32 AK-47 Case Hardened #661 sold for $400,000

    2:04:02 Whose responsibility is this? ft. Luke hushing birds

    2:09:16 Video Game Attorney on platforms manipulating drops

    2:11:28 Topic #8 - Apple sued for collecting data in Apple apps

    2:14:54 Riley on Apple misleading users & lack of privacy

    2:17:16 Did Luke believe Apple's security?

    2:20:28 Merch Messages #2

    2:20:48 Using external GPUs for Blender

    2:30:14 Outro

    • 2 hr 27 min
    Verified WAN Show - WAN Show November 11, 2022

    Verified WAN Show - WAN Show November 11, 2022

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

    0:00 Chapters

    1:44 Intro

    2:17 Topic #1 - Twitter changes & controversies

    3:32 Impersonators, Eli Elly And Co stock impacted

    9:30 $8 Twitter Blue, major staff changes

    14:30 Head of T&S, CISO & CO resigned, discussing impersonators

    17:13 Potential Twitter bankruptcy, unprofitable advertisers

    19:45 Elon sold $4Bn of Tesla stock

    21:12 Topic #2 - Meta fires 13% of workforce

    22:26 Investors question Meta's future, Luke on AR/VR trend

    27:27 Linus on tech companies laying off staff trend

    28:01 Floatplane & Labs hiring

    28:25 Discussing sustainability of alternate decentralised web

    31:56 Discord came in as a good answer, Twitter Blue V.S. Discord Nitro

    35:35 Was Elon's prior success an accident, or his arrogance?

    41:14 Topic #3 - NVIDIA relaunches RTX "4080 12GB" as 4070Ti

    41:41 Discussing un-launch, specs & MSRP

    42:32 4070Ti/4070 to release in January 2023

    42:47 4080 16GB MSRP, NVIDIA's "requests" to AIBs, EVGA leaving

    45:03 2060 & 2060 SUPER discontinued Should we be mad?

    47:59 LTTStore 1,000/100/1 piece CPU puzzle

    53:56 Crewneck sweater clearance sale

    54:37 Shoelace update

    55:31 Sponsors

    59:50 Topic #4 - Ash Ketchum finally won PWC after 25 years

    1:02:16 Linus on being excited over fictional characters

    1:05:06 Luke leaves, FP comment on script & rules, Bell-cam

    1:06:03 Topic #5 - Founder of Oculus creates a "lethal headset"

    1:08:24 Linus on paintball & risk versus reward

    1:10:51 Fun comes with real consequences

    1:12:44 Topic #6 - Logitech G Cloud review sample

    1:14:13 Logitech reached out to LMG for a sponsorship

    1:15:58 Main concerns with the G Cloud

    1:17:36 Would you consider G Cloud as a Steam Deck user?

    1:18:19 Topic #7 - DeviantArt's DreamUp AI

    1:22:03 Merch Messages #1

    1:22:11 Follow up to cardboard PC challenge video idea

    1:23:29 Weird or random requests from sponsors

    1:24:29 Touch-type, young generation less tech-literate

    1:25:11 If Luke was a higher up, would Linus be hired for LukeTechTips?

    1:25:50 What's up with video aspect ratios?

    1:27:20 Hot Ones, can Linus eat spicy food?

    1:28:37 Linus finds his favorite Tweet of all time

    1:30:55 EV cars as e-waste when replacing batteries?

    1:33:38 Mastodon as a decentralised alternative to Twitter

    1:34:54 Leaking fun LTTStore possible products

    1:36:29 Benchmarking VR games?

    1:37:29 Employee monitoring software, countries Linus traveled to

    1:44:51 Sites, services and games Linus & Bell miss

    1:58:29 Moore Threads Chinese video cards

    1:59:27 Linus friendship & relationship advice

    2:01:13 Bad habit Linus didn't know he had

    2:02:05 If people forgot LTT, can you rebuild a large new channel?

    2:04:07 Thoughts on the direction of car infotainment system

    2:08:02 Hackers accessing info video idea

    2:08:45 Porsche order update

    2:09:29 What would a "good Internet" be like?

    2:10:43 How to improve LTTStore experience in Europe?

    2:14:19 AMD's Genoa Epyc CPUs, Linus in Supermicro videos

    2:15:15 Fire & explosion proof Li ion battery video idea

    2:16:01 Poll results: hard mode or easy mode for puzzles

    2:16:52 Shopify dashboard sidebar issues on Z Fold 4

    2:17:23 Outro

    • 2 hr 15 min
    I'm Frankly Disgusted - WAN Show November 4, 2022

    I'm Frankly Disgusted - WAN Show November 4, 2022

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

    0:00 Chapters

    1:30 Intro

    1:56 Topic #1 - Intel on Demand: Software Defined Silicon

    5:01 Luke's response, LTT's video on PANTONE

    8:14 Community reactions, Linus on Intel's stock value

    14:10 Topic #2 - Tech Quotes's video on tech companies behavior

    17:28 Unrealistic review requests by tech companies

    22:22 Company is upset due to sponsored video's background light

    25:22 Embargo dates, recalling Hardware Unboxed's controversy

    28:02 GIGABYTE & NVIDIA upset at an AMD mention

    32:03 Discussing solutions against large companies

    36:02 Tech Quotes in chat, #Respect_ME_PC_Community

    36:44 Topic #3 - Twitter changes after Elon's acquisition

    37:16 Twitter Blue to cost $8/m

    38:35 Public figures' secondary tag

    42:06 Elon Musk impersonators, videos behind paywall

    45:45 Elon lays off employees, Elon V.S. California

    48:58 Linus tracks stocks, FP poll on Twitter Blue

    53:12 Advertisers like stability, two billionaires now control text media

    56:22 Sponsors

    1:01:14 Topic #4 - Apple downgrades AirPods ANC in 4E71

    1:02:16 Discussing troll-lawsuit for patent infringement

    1:05:06 LTTStore's new color block hoodie

    1:09:02 Topic #5 - Luke in France, Shadow Power Upgrade

    1:18:34 LTTStore cat bed mockups

    1:19:46 Topic #6 - AMD's RDNA 3

    1:20:28 RX 7900 XTX, extrapolated performance graphs

    1:23:16 Would this improve competition?

    1:24:22 Jongerow on 12VHPWR, native cable burn too

    1:26:51 Merch Messages #1

    1:27:11 To consider open sourcing FloatPlane

    1:27:54 Videos Linus regret making due to lack of knowledge ft Linus's open fly

    1:29:44 What EV or Hybrid to buy under $100,000 CAD?

    1:34:36 Burn-in issues with OLED ROG Swift PG42UQ

    1:35:22 Advantages Vancouver has that made LMG great

    1:36:22 Combatting room heat via further computers

    1:37:34 Would Linus allow his kids to work on LMG?

    1:39:53 Should Intel or AMD invest in ARM?

    1:40:28 Board games family nights with Linus

    1:41:33 Home lab content idea

    1:42:28 How are LMG videos quality controlled?

    1:45:12 Are issues with AMD drivers "over"?

    1:45:48 Does Linus's & Luke's families watch their content?

    1:47:48 Stick with $500 on Roku TV, or invest more?

    1:49:36 Rain flaps & waterproofing LTTStore backpack

    1:50:37 Thoughts on the Sims series

    1:52:18 ARC GPU for Plex hardware encoding

    1:53:02 AYANEO 2 & GPD Win 4

    1:54:32 Discussing direct storage for GPUs

    1:55:12 Black shaft LTTStore screwdriver update

    1:55:38 Screwdriver case or bit packs

    1:55:59 Zipper pulls for LTTStore backpack

    1:56:20 Did LMG consider covering printers?

    1:57:02 Most expensive yet useless mistake when building LTT

    2:01:44 Intel's E V.S. P cores for gaming & browsing

    2:02:04 Organizing trades for the house

    2:03:50 Outro

    • 2 hr 1 min
    Gamer's GPUs Are Melting - WAN Show October 28, 2022

    Gamer's GPUs Are Melting - WAN Show October 28, 2022

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

    0:00 Chapters

    1:26 Intro

    1:52 Topic #1 - RTX 4090's 12VHPWR adapters melting

    2:50 Paraphrasing Igor's Labs' findings

    5:08 Third party connectors, CableMod's instructions

    7:34 Linus skips RTX 4000 for his PC, reasoning behind it

    10:58 Topic #2 - AMD's Radeon RX 7000 series

    11:14 AMD's "Radeon 7xxx" will not feature 12VHPWR

    12:36 Linus on the word "left-angle" & adapter orientation

    14:38 Luke discusses very old hardware with FP

    15:36 LTT's video on increasing performance of AMD GPUs

    17:12 Employees replace NVIDIA GPUs with AMD, couldn't tell a difference

    18:49 AMD's history with drivers, Linus's experience with AMD

    24:02 AMD's Radeon 7000 release, rolling for PCs idea

    27:38 Topic #3 - Whether to purchase NCIX domain

    28:51 Self-service PC building station

    32:28 NCIX domain to expire soon™, LTTStoreNotCom

    35:03 Retail V.S.industrial property in Vancouver

    38:19 What to do with the domain? NCIX Labs & abbreviations

    41:28 FP Poll - Does NCIX sound techie? ft. Turnip, odd suggestions

    44:50 YouTube Super Chats still broken, Luke's grammatical mistakes

    52:32 Sponsor - Corsair

    53:46 Sponsor - Zoho One

    54:31 Sponsor - AnyDesk

    55:09 Merch Messages #1

    55:23 Evolution of technology in classrooms

    1:02:58 How are the adopted cats doing?

    1:05:42 LTTStore new Blank T-Shirt merch

    1:08:31 Explaining the prices of blank & printed t-shirts

    1:10:56 LTTStore mystery men sweatpants

    1:11:38 Topic #4 - Elon Musk acquires Twitter for $44B

    1:13:39 Twitter developers locked out of the code base for auditing

    1:15:28 Jack Dorsey's Bluesky, discussing trending on twitter

    1:17:06 How much will Twitter change after the acquisition? Dogecoin spiking

    1:21:54 Continuing to use Twitter, is the internet ready for ID tokens?

    1:24:12 Upsides & downsides of toxicity on Twitter

    1:28:10 Topic #5 - Adobe to replace Pantone colors with black

    1:29:08 Pantone's subscription, possible workarounds

    1:32:36 Creator's Warehouse story, trademarked Canadian Anthem phrase, inflation

    1:37:25 Topic #6 - JASCO now works with home assistant via Z-Wave

    1:42:34 Topic #7 - Arm to change its business model

    1:44:36 Topic #8 - YouTube to separate Shorts & normal videos

    1:46:07 Merch Messages #2

    1:48:24 Would LMG become a game publisher? Linus on investing

    1:55:56 Thoughts on Nebula, Floatplane & Curiosity Stream

    2:01:19 How Luke deals with burnout

    2:03:42 Would NVIDIA double-down or release a 12VHPWR V2?

    2:07:36 Discussing loved or disliked finished games, shows or movies

    2:16:32 Advice for studying better against procrastination

    2:24:13 What exciting projects is labs working on?

    2:26:17 Fun things to do in Vancouver, LTX Expo's distance to the ocean

    2:27:52 Favorite sets made for LTT videos

    2:29:48 What NCIX stood for in the past

    2:31:36 Design & build process for logistics

    2:39:47 Piece of media that inspired Luke

    2:42:00 Double taking on a birth date in a resume

    2:43:43 Any AAA studio would capture Tarkov's magic?

    2:44:47 LTTStore CPU design puzzle from videos

    2:45:26 What do you feel is getting worse in the tech industry?

    2:46:54 To look into YouTube ads further

    2:49:23 Outro

    • 2 hr 49 min
    YouTube Backstabbed Me - WAN Show October 21, 2022

    YouTube Backstabbed Me - WAN Show October 21, 2022

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change

    0:00 Chapters

    1:51 Intro

    2:19 Linus has no swear button, Luke on painkillers

    3:07 Topic #1 - YouTube raises Family Premium price

    4:36 Discussing Premium costs on iOS platforms

    6:22 Why is this allowed?

    9:16 Manifest - Coincidental timing? FP subscriptions

    16:12 Does Premium help content creators?

    20:14 Watchable resolution, Vimeo, Premium watch time

    22:11 Lack of concern with pushing users to ad-blocking

    27:20 Linus on the Family Premium service ft bullying

    32:12 Topic #2 - Intel's 13th Gen, Raptor Lake

    33:10 Multithreading, FP polling

    35:52 Linus on expenses of 3D models, Luke used Milkshape 3D

    38:04 LTTStore restocked JerryRigKnife, deal of the week

    38:19 LTTStore shoelaces for sale

    40:05 Power consumption, +1kWh of draw is possible

    41:34 LTT's video on using Ryzen & RTX on a 550 Watt PSU

    43:08 Undervolting can save actual electrical costs now

    45:57 Solar panels & Canada's hydroelectric power

    47:30 Why Linus is now 2D

    47:50 Advantages with Intel's 13th Gen

    48:21 What is with the errors in LTT videos lately?

    52:54 Topic #3 - LinusTechTips: Español edition

    50:24 Sponsors

    54:24 Cogwheel has audio tracks for languages

    56:13 Showcasing LTT's Ryzen video in Spanish

    57:20 Reactions from the community

    1:02:00 LTT has a translation service in China

    1:03:52 LTT Hindi could be possible

    1:04:35 Topic #4 - Comcast shuts down G4 TV

    1:04:57 Why was G4 TV nostalgic, casts, price budget

    1:12:42 Outfits to hire those who worked in G4 TV

    1:14:25 G4 TV e-mail, Linus & Luke on gaming content

    1:27:45 EA shutting down servers for many games

    1:33:11 Luke on sharing source code of dying games

    1:36:00 Topic #5 - Ye buys Parler after social media bans

    1:38:35 Ye's controversies, Elon plans to drop Twitter staff

    1:40:48 Topic #6 - Google focuses on first party hardware

    1:42:00 Effects of Google abandoning android partners

    1:42:46 Luke on quality of Google hardware

    1:44:13 Merch Messages #1

    1:44:24 Ubisoft bringing ANNO 1800 to consoles

    1:46:05 Plans for Linus's smart home ft Luke's hot take

    1:50:17 Gaming memories to recreate with children

    1:54:48 Testing IOPS on the $1M server, LTTStore blanks

    1:57:50 Daily driving the new AirPods Pro

    1:58:26 LTTStore cologne idea

    2:04:38 Limited by not having a tech-related degree?

    2:09:51 Outro

    • 2 hr 10 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
870 Ratings

870 Ratings

MichaelAT07 ,

Great tech podcast

I’ve listened to all the episodes available and this podcast is great. The hosts are funny and engaging, and the news coverage is that perfect balance between subjective and objective. Keep up the great work!

like_a_kraus ,

Excellent Show, Subpar Ad-Spots

No offense to the person who records the reading of the sponsor spots, but it it lackluster. I prefer the hosts reading them on the spot and live. It is certainly more entertaining and engaging for me.

Dans1213 ,

A really great show overall

The show is great. I love listening to it while I’m riding my bike or working. The hosts are knowledgeable in most of the things they are talking about and it is nice to listen to if you’re into tech stuff.

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