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Podcast by @RightAfterGoT.

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3.9 out of 5
96 Ratings

96 Ratings

Whelmed ,

Add H2O

Great pod. Thanks.
Pro tip: have some water near by. Smacking dry mouth into the mic gets in the way of your interesting analysis.

tnjigg ,

S8 - Are we watching the same show?

These guys shouldn’t have an instant reaction, they really need to think before they speak. They go scene by scene with no intropection on emotions for any of the characters. Yes I was tricked by Dany because everyone she burnt were bad people and it seemed OK (never blinked when Khal Drogo crowned her brother) but remember when she promised to the Dothraki to burn all the lords in their stone tents, remember when she burned to Tarlys just because they wouldn’t kneel. Makes perfect sense to me. Cercie woke the DRAGON!

PJBradley2 ,

Okay podcast

The hosts are alright. Kind of stereotypical bro talk. At least they don’t get into how the show is racist or sexist or something. But it’s basically just a play by play of the episode. They don’t have much deep knowledge of the show or books. (They pronounce Daenerys duh-nair-EE-us. It’s not daenerius. It’s duh-nair-iss. You’d think if you have a podcast about a show you’d be able to pronounce the main characters name.)
BUT they do drop an episode the night of the show airing. So that’s nice. It’s the best aspect of the show. And it’s listenable all in all. Plus they don’t hate the show like 75% of other GoT podcasts.

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