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Previously Gifted is a ~relatable~ podcast about learning to adult. Let's talk about juggling work, college, relationships, and Netflix binges!

Previously Gifted Podcast Tiffany Ferguson

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Previously Gifted is a ~relatable~ podcast about learning to adult. Let's talk about juggling work, college, relationships, and Netflix binges!

    We're Engaged!

    We're Engaged!

    Nathan and I are engaged, wowie!! hear the proposal story and some of our thoughts on marriage & weddings in general.
    time stamps!
    0:00 - intro
    1:20 - our relationship, living together
    4:54 - did we discuss marriage before the proposal?
    8:05 - why get married?
    13:55 - picking the ring, early plans
    29:44 - Nathan's various proposal ideas
    35:05 - the final idea
    36:30 - the proposal story!!
    52:00 - still surreal
    54:55 - is being engaged going to change anything? name change?
    57:14 - initial thoughts on wedding size, location, and timing?

    • 1 hr 3 min
    discussing our job experiences

    discussing our job experiences

    Nathan and I are back to discuss our various job experiences!
    time stamps:
    0:00 - intro
    1:49 - just gamer things
    10:16 - invisalign drama
    12:40 - shout out to Nicole Rafiee for inspiring this topic
    13:40 - ear cleaning & hair plucking tangent
    16:49 - more earwax discussion.... I'm sorry lmao
    19:14 - Tiffany's first job, cashier at produce store
    26:34 - Nathan's first job, at garden center cafe
    37:15 - Tiffany, cashier at The Habit Burger
    47:20 - Nathan, cook at seafood restaurant
    57:43 - Tiffany, staff at birthday party place
    1:19:32 - Nathan, at a university bar
    1:23:23 - Tiffany, work study & cafe in New Orleans
    1:27:10 - Tiffany, unemployed in NY, daycare attempt, then Starbucks
    1:34:00 - kthanksbye!!

    • 1 hr 35 min
    what should "the left" do now? (a political episode!)

    what should "the left" do now? (a political episode!)

    a political update episode! what ideology / label do I claim? what are my thoughts on & expectations for Biden's administration? stay tuned!!
    0:00 - intro
    1:34 - my sleep schedule is wrecked
    4:55 - my recent night routine
    7:50 - the laundry struggle
    16:28 - new icebreaker segment??
    17:50 - what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
    21:04 - my ideology / political compass
    30:40 - electoral politics
    35:57 - lack of enthusiasm for Biden
    37:17 - hero worship of politicians
    38:09 - feelings after Biden's nomination and general election win
    40:48 - what I expect from Biden's admin
    44:49 - should we withhold votes from terrible dems?
    45:37 - I took a long political survey call
    48:55 - thoughts on Andrew Yang for NYC mayor?
    59:00 - do I have friends with different political beliefs?
    1:04:49 - handling family members with different politics
    1:10:02 - how education impacts kids' political beliefs
    1:12:42 - getting involved with your community, mutual aid, etc

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Baby Fever! (answering hypothetical "future parent" q's with Nathan)

    Baby Fever! (answering hypothetical "future parent" q's with Nathan)

    My boyfriend and I discuss our answers to hypothetical, future parenting questions. ** we are not pregnant or planning to be any time soon btw!!** but still thought it'd be fun to talk about because I have serious baby fever right now lmao. Hope y'all enjoy!!

    • 1 hr 19 min
    I'm Graduating! Final Thoughts on College

    I'm Graduating! Final Thoughts on College

    will this be my last ever college-themed episode?? bittersweet. Y'all asked me many questions about college, so let's discuss!! "is college a scam? why is financial aid such a mess? how do you stop procrastinating?" and many more Q's :)

    • 1 hr 17 min
    2020 in Review (goals, music, & movies)

    2020 in Review (goals, music, & movies)

    Let's go over my 2020 goals (and any for 2021??), my Spotify Wrapped, and some of my fav things I watched this year.

    • 1 hr 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
279 Ratings

279 Ratings

Minor who shall not be named! ,

#relatable un-ironically 🙃

This podcast is great for new podcast users or YA listeners like me. I found it through YouTube (check out Tiffany Ferg) and I appreciate how this is less ridged than Internet Analysis with a smooth flow. The wonderful host’s honest, interesting, and off-topic-“silly” side note will keep me listening. The intro bop and goodbyes through the breaks are the chefs kiss to it all. I strongly recommend.

Angry dude 3433345 ,

5 stars

Tiffany is funny, relatable, and smart. She talks about relevant and relatable subject matter. I enjoy listening to her podcasts.

katfraser26 ,

Amazing podcast!

I discovered Tiffany’s YouTube channel awhile ago and absolutely loved it! I recently got into podcasts and Tiffany’s is by far the best in my opinion. She is relatable, funny, smart, and honest! I really like how she doesn’t sugar coat things that are tough. PG is all I have been talking about the past week or so!!

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